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  • Desk Drawer Project I I have decided to choose a word for the year. The word I’ve chosen is “simple.” I am hoping this word will help me to remain focused on a certain type of project throughout the year.

    With that in mind, I want to provide you with simple projects that will make a huge impact on the way you live in your space and the way you organize your space,…[Read more]

  • I hope you had a great start to the New Year!

    I’m back from my blogging break and all geared up for achieving the goals for this year.

    I’m sure you also have your goals to achieve, don’t you? One of them […]

    • Hey Harleena and John,

      Great interview here!

      One major thing that holds a lot of people back is the they try to do too many things at one time. This was my problem as well.

      The answer you gave in Question 3 is vital. You want to stay focus on one thing, learn everything you need and be patient with the results.

      Once you figure it all out you can move on to the next strategy. This may seem like it wouldn’t be productive, but ironically it is.

      Thanks for the share! Have a great week!

      • Hi Sherman,

        So glad you liked the interview 🙂

        I agree with you there, though multi-tasking is something that work from home moms cannot do without either!

        Being focused and productive is what matters, and I am sure John’s course is all about how to achieve that.

        Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

    • Hey John and Harleena,

      I have met John around two years ago he listed me in one of his posts. I was so thrilled to see me at John’s blog.

      I didn’t know the story behind his success. He really pushed the limits and proved it.

      I like how John has explained the use of Twitter. From the marketing point of view, it’s important to make a plan, spend a plenty of time on Twitter.

      Thanks Harleena so such an inspirational interview with John.

      Hope you both are enjoying the day.

      • Hi Ravi,

        Good to know that you already know John 🙂

        He’s all over the web I feel, as he’s been online for years now. Yes, I think none of us knew more about him, till we asked him through this interview, and his answers do inspire us, don’t they?

        So glad you liked the little Twitter takeaways John’s shared with us here. Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      Thanks so for introducing us to John Paul’s story. What an inspiring journey and it reminds me that his story is what the journey of entrepreneur is all about!

      I’ve always been active on Twitter, and next to LinkedIn, it’s my top social media “go to” site.

      For years, I just didn’t get it.

      Today, I have conversations with people all the time. When you think about communication, it’s the little stuff that can be so important. From a “Thank You” to a “How are you?” to complimenting someone’s work.

      The exposure that Twitter provides is massive. In a short-time, my audience on Twitter continues to explode as does the traffic from it.

      I agree with John Paul, there is no secret formula. Just common sense, engagement, and relationship building opportunities that come from it that lead to traffic through more social shares.

      Thanks for sharing his inspiring story!!!

      ~ Don

      • Hi Don,

        Good to have you back 🙂

        So glad you liked this interview with John, which I agree is very inspiring. True – most solo entrepreneur’s start from scratch, don’t they?

        I agree with you there – I think when we started using Twitter, way back, most of us were novices. It’s only with time and knowledge that we begin learning the real way to leverage Twitter or any other social media platform. Of course, it’s not easy being all over, but whatever works best for each of us, should be tapped.

        That is exactly what John is so good at – he builds relationships over Twitter, and is the one person I’ve known for years, who will ALWAYS reply and thank, even for a single like (leave alone a comment!) – and I am seeing him do the same on other social networks as well.

        Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

    • Hi Harleena and John. Nice interview! This Chunky Sharing System sounds great. I’m one of those who probably uses twitter all wrong. I don’t have the time to be on everyday but when I’m on, I try to share relevant posts. My stats have grown but very slowly. I don’t look for new people to follow very often. Sounds like I need a little twitter refresh. I’ll take a look at your videos, John. Thank you for the inspiration. I like that you have started up the interview series, Harleena.

      • Hi Lisa,

        So glad you liked the interview with John 🙂

        Yes, the chunky sharing system is really full of chunks of knowledge I’d say! I can understand how it can all get, and even though we try our best to be there as much as we can, I wonder how many of us are really progressing in the right direction. I’m sure you’d love John’s video and his course. He’s surely a pro when it comes to Twitter!

        Yes, the interview series were overdue and glad they are back with a bang now! Stay tuned for another one next month.

        Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Good to have you back, and so glad you liked the interview with John 🙂

      Yes, it’s coming up today, and we hope to see you there! I’m sure you are going to enjoy it.

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

    • Hi Cori,

      So glad you know John through Twitter and LinkedIn, and more now through this inspiring interview. 🙂

      Yes indeed, reading about the stories of how a blogger or entrepreneur started off, motivates us, isn’t it? I guess being bloggers, we can easily relate.

      I’m sure you’d love the course. True – learning has no limits, and if we can all benefit from John’s course, nothing like it.

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it. 🙂

    • Hi Bren,

      So glad you liked this interview with John 🙂

      Oh yes! I agree with you about Lisa – she surely knows all the ins and outs of Twitter, and we do learn a lot from her posts about Twitter.

      Just as I was telling Don, I think most of us have moved ahead with Twitter through hits and trials, and taken up the best ways that worked for us. However, either it takes too long or perhaps it’s not the right direction, which is where John’s course would help – as he has taken years to study and experiment with his own experiences on Twitter, and then come up with it all.

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it. 🙂

    • Hi John,

      Nice to see you here on Harleena’s place. Wow what a wonderful interview!

      I almost jumped out of my seat when you stated that you were using Twitter all wrong. Me Too! Well until pretty recently. Now I can understand it and how to market on that platform. It took me long enough lol.

      I love interviews because we not only get to know what you do but who you are and you are amazing!


    • Nice interview.

      I’ve interacted with John briefly (very briefly) on Facebook.

      I’m curious to know which scheduling tool he recommends using.

  • It’s that time of the year when the magazines, mewspapers and online blogs are full of weight loss and detox diet plans.

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  • Hey Sonal,

    I decided not to repost that detox diet plan after all. When I started to search for the nutrition coach, whose diet you said it was, I found it posted on a few other sites as well.

    Thanks anyway.


  • Every couple should know that the key to a better, thriving and healthy sex life is COMMUNICATION.

    Nevertheless, it is not just communication, but a planned and constructed communication that makes a difference. To maintain proper bedroom behaviour and make your partner feel comfortable in that ambience is an art and is something which should not…[Read more]

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  • Children believe What They Are Taught

    Childhood is a tender age. The mind of child is impressionable. They believe everything that they are taught.

    Religion preaches them to “Believe. Do not question. Have faith.”

    Some Religious teachings can be harmful. Teachings Can Be Harmful.

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