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  • Having an affair after marriage is not uncommon. It’s not only men who’ve extramarital affairs, women too have affairs with other men while being married. We get many queries on our blog asking how to know if my […]

    • Wow Harleena,

      You have successfully mapped out all the reasons why people have affairs. Plus more importantly, how to recognize those tell tail signs. In a previous marriage my husband had an affair. My gut feeling told me so, and on top of that the sex was minimum. Plus we didn’t talk much anymore. I couldn’t confront him unless I had proof. One day his “girlfriend” called and we had a long and lovely talk because he told her he was single. Ergo…the x in husband.


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  • You always wanted to be successful. And you also know what you need to do to attain success. Yes, you need to have a goal or plan and be more productive. But you can only be more productive if you’re focused or […]

    • Hi Harleena,
      I found this post’s notifications on the pages of BizSugar and posted the following comment there.
      Happy to read Vishal’s post on your esteemed page.
      Hey, those 6 ways are indeed essential to be followed to focus more on the work you do. Yes, as you said in this distracting world many things around us will get distracted very badly, I am sure these proven ways are excellent to overcome these problems. Great tips shared by the Guest author.
      I do follow most of them mentioned except the #2 in the list. Indeed that is a great distraction! Thanks for the shout out!

      • Thanks Phil. Glad to hear that you follow the techniques mentioned. Would love to know if there’s something different you do, and how it works for you.

    • Thanks Vinitha. Would love to hear how the rest of the steps work out for you when you try them.

    • Hi Vishal,
      I’m not much on coincident. I believe things happen for a reason.
      This have to be my third blog I have read on focus.
      Matter of fact, Harleena wrote on it some years ago that resonated in my heart because staying focus is hard for me these days.
      I bookmarked it.
      I love the tips you gave here.
      In particular the 5 seconds counting down rule.
      I think it will help me get started.
      Getting started has always been a thorn in my side.
      I’m currently trying to optimize my blog speed and it has been challenging because I know nothing about coding so I procrastinate knowing I need to fight through.
      This post will help me along with all the others I’ve read on focus.
      I will see you around.
      Good job on this one too!

      • Thanks for the kind words Vernon. Indeed, the 5-Second Rule is my favorite rule too. Just like you, starting has been my Achilles’ Heel, and this rule has helped me overcome it to an extent.

        As far as procrastination is concerned, I think if you break the larger goal of blog optimization for speed into smaller steps and set a timeline for them, you’ll progress faster and enjoy the activity too. Do read up about SMART goals. They should really be useful.

    • Thanks KJ. Glad you believe in digital detoxes.

      Indeed, we wear busyness like a badge, but it’s like being a proud chain-smoker. Digital detox days are difficult because we try reaching the peak right at the outset, like doing 100 pushups on the first day of the gym.

      Slow and steady wins the race. Good luck 🙂

    • Hi Cori. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

      #4 is my favorite too. And we call could do with more of #6. Once we overcome FOMO, it becomes easier to do so. Good luck for your endeavors to try these out, and thanks for passing them on.


    • Thanks Ahsanul. I wish you the best to implement the points mentioned in the post.

    • Absolutely, Max. In fact, we’ve got to step back and relax for more than a minute.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ryan. I admire your willpower to not give into the herd and install apps which cause huge disruptions in our daily work. And you’re spot on about raising energy through exercise.

      Hope your 10-mile run went well.


  • If you are anything like me you probably grew up believing lies about not only life but about yourself.
    I wrote a post that will help you sort through the confusion and get to your truth by looking within.
    You can read the full post here:

    Where Can You Run, Except to God?

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  • Marriage is often taken for granted. We think we know all and get into it without learning how to make it work. Understanding marriage should be the first most important task if you want to live a happy married […]

    • Hi Vinay,

      Marriage is wonderful when both parties see it as more than human, but spiritual. We become one in spirit. When my husband is away…even for a day, I feel empty sometimes. When he returns I feel whole again. The same goes with him.
      It is not all bliss, but it is a journey that we both are on and grow emotionally, intellectually and more than that, spiritually.


    • Hey Vinay,

      Though I am not married still I know what it takes to keep a marriage work. I see my friends fighting for the stupid things.

      It’s about communicating with each and understanding the differences. I agree that it’s a contract which needs to get renewed every day.

      Glad to read these points.

    • Hi Vinay,
      You touched on some good points here that I most certainly agree with.
      I always tell people my wife is my best friend. We laugh play and flirt with each other.
      I just did a YouTube video called Love Makes Sacrifices and that’s what I truly believe is one of the keys to a healthy marriage.
      Marriage becomes hard when we put what we want before our spouses needs.
      Loving my wife is a part of me loving myself.
      When we learn to accept our partners’ shortcoming and flaws the marriage to me starts to become fun because there is less judging and criticizing.
      Both parties can be who they really are.
      Great post!

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