Ibogaine Treatment: A Unique Remedy for Severe Addiction

Among the alternative treatments for addiction, ibogaine treatment is considered to have the potential to help get rid of addiction completely. Here is all the information you want to know about ibogaine and ibogaine treatment, how it works, and how you can find the best place for ibogaine treatment.
Ibogaine treatment for severe addiction

Drug addiction is bad, and you must root it out. There are many types of addiction treatment. One of them is ibogaine treatment. This sponsored post is only for informative purposes and it gives you an insight into the ibogaine treatment and its works. ~ Ed.


With the current opioid epidemic on our hand, more alternative treatments for addiction are being considered. One lesser-known treatment for heroin and opiate addiction uses a psychoactive substance called Ibogaine. We know this as ibogaine treatment. But what exactly is ibogaine?


Ibogaine: A Psychedelic Medicine

Ibogaine is a powerful hallucinogenic substance extracted from the root of the iboga vine (Tabernanthe iboga), a perennial rainforest shrub native to Central Africa. A powerful brew made from the plant has been an important element in religious ceremonies and other important rites of passage for centuries.

However, in recent years, ibogaine has received attention for its potential to treat heroin addiction, as well as dependence on alcohol, meth, cocaine, and other addictive substances. It has also shown promise for those struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental disorders.

The use of psychedelic drugs for the treatment of addiction isn’t new. In fact, LSD and other hallucinogens were used experimentally during the 1950s and 1960s. But experimentation came to an end as hallucinogenic drugs became illegal.

There is still much to be learned about ibogaine as a treatment for addiction. Fortunately, qualified researchers are conducting studies in Mexico and various countries around the world.

Traveling for Treatment

Ibogaine is illegal in the United States and has earned the classification of a Schedule I Controlled Substance. It is a designation reserved for drugs with no accepted medical use and a high-risk for abuse.

Those who wish to undergo ibogaine treatments for addiction must be willing to travel to other countries. It is estimated that there are at least 20 to 30 ibogaine clinics in various countries around the world. But many Americans choose to travel to Mexico where there are a large number of clinics within a short distance of the border.

Those who travel for treatments must be aware that clinics are usually unregulated. In some cases, “guides” and not physicians administer the drug.

An ibogaine treatment often cost several thousand dollars. But it might be worth the expense, especially for those who find that treatment options in the United States are unsatisfactory, or conventional treatment just hasn’t worked. Many addicts turn to ibogaine when treatment has become a revolving door of failure and frustration.

Many addicts who have benefited from ibogaine treatment report profound psychological and spiritual healing accompanied by new self-awareness and a complete absence of cravings. However, like any drug treatment, ibogaine carries with it no guarantee. But its ability to remove a majority of withdrawal symptoms in a very short time makes it promising.

How Ibogaine Treatments Work

So far, experts aren’t sure exactly how ibogaine works. But it appears to affect the same areas of the brain that have been damaged by years of drug or alcohol abuse. In simple terms, ibogaine treatments are thought to “rewire” the brain of the addicted person.

Treatments vary, but they typically take 12 to 24 hours, beginning when withdrawal symptoms are at their peak. People usually show up a couple of days ahead of time and treatments begin at different intervals depending on which drug the addict was using before treatment.

Users initially experience a “waking dream,” a dreamlike state in which they are alert and able to respond to questions. During this “waking dream” the individual remains in a prone position to prevent nausea and direct the focus to images and visions in the dream.

This is followed by a period of eight to 20 hours, in which the drug gradually wears off, and the person has an opportunity to reflect on experiences observed. Many say this is when they gain insight that helps them modify behavior and overcome addiction.

Will Ibogaine Work for You?

Ibogaine shows potential, but it isn’t a miracle cure. You must still do the hard work to change old habits and ways of thinking if you want to stay clean for the long-term. A positive support system of friends and/or family is critical. Counseling and support groups or 12-Step programs are often helpful.

Be aware that ibogaine doesn’t come without potential problems that can include unpleasant side effects, fatigue, nausea, and slight tremors. At its worst, ibogaine can cause heart palpitations—which is why experts strongly recommend treatment at a medical facility.

Ibogaine use is highly controversial, primarily because of the deaths reported during medical studies in the 1990s. However, these studies also determined that the majority of ibogaine related fatalities were due to pre-existing medical issues. Issues such as liver disease or heart problems, or from the fatal interaction of ibogaine taken with other illegal substances.

Tips on Choosing an Ibogaine Treatment Center

In spite of its potential benefits, ibogaine is an extremely powerful substance, and its use shouldn’t be taken lightly. The drug is dangerous so never use it for recreational purposes.

If you are considering ibogaine treatment, take time to do your homework. There are many reputable treatment clinics around the world, but there are also many non-medical facilities that claim to offer ibogaine. Here are a few things to consider:


Ask questions, but don’t rely on a website. Pick up the phone and call. Was the person answering the phone friendly and knowledgeable?

Keep in mind that just like traditional treatment centers, ibogaine clinics run the gamut from basic treatment with no bells and whistles to a hospital-like environment or a full-blown luxury treatment. A clean, well-appointed clinic is a necessity, but a spa-like atmosphere isn’t a requirement for quality treatment.

Make sure that only qualified medical practitioner administer Ibogaine under their supervision. Ensure the clinic has a full medical staff on hand at all times, including professionally trained physicians and nurses. Many ibogaine treatment centers do not have actual medical doctors on staff.

A reputable clinic will also offer various medical tests such as EKG screening and certain blood tests before treatment begins. Medical testing is the best way to minimize or eliminate dangerous side effects.

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Wrapping Up

Ibogaine treatment is not for everyone.

However, we currently live in a major drug crisis. Addicts need to educate themselves and find the right treatment that works for them.

Addiction can be very scary, however, there is hope. Always talk to a medical professional before making any decisions about alternative drug treatment methods.

Over to you –

What are your thoughts about Ibogaine treatment? Share in the comments.


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  1. I totally agree that it is important to seek the opinion of a medical practitioner first before using this medication to ensure that you will not be experiencing any side effects and to have an idea if you are a good candidate for it. With this in mind, I will make sure that my cousin will consult an expert before taking this treatment to keep him from getting complications. He wanted to take this treatment because he has expressed his desire to stop his addiction since his family has already been having financial problems because of him. Thanks for the tips!

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