Keep Moving Forward – My 3rd Blog Anniversary

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birthday balloon means keep moving forward

Life is a journey where you just have to keep moving forward. There’s no turning back. I’d say blogging has similarity with this quality of life – you keep on blogging and there’s no stopping.

Your goals and path often modify and transform – don’t they? Therefore, as life progresses, you keep changing and evolving to get better.

I’m a progressive blogger too, and I’ve reached a yet new milestone. My blog turns 3 years old today on Christmas!

The whole world will celebrate Aha!NOW’s third Blogoversary! Just kidding. 🙂 It’s Christmas – you’ll celebrate, along with New Year’s that’d follow up soon.

These events symbolically tell us to keep hope and believe in change.

They tell us to keep moving forward, keep faith, keep trying, and keep changing, because success comes to only those who believe and make the efforts.

I’m glad to have made continuous efforts for three years, and I’m happy with what I’ve learned along the way.

Oh, it’s not money that I’ve earned much, but the love and respect of the people and the wonderful bloggers.

I’ve learned to be a better human being, a better blogger, and a better writer. I’d say I’ve done my job, but I’m not fully satisfied because there’s a lot more to be accomplished

As a blogger and a writer, I feel there’s a lot more to learn. Life is full of learning and there’s always a steep upward curve, isn’t it? I wonder if we would ever reach a plateau where there’s nothing more to learn in blogging.

There’s still miles and miles to go, yet this milestone is important for me and for Aha!NOW.

“Forward momentum. That’s my new motto. No regrets. And no going back.” ~ Gayle Forman


What Did I Achieve to Keep Moving Forward

Achievements are any person’s biggest incentives and motivators. They’re the fruits of labor and rewards of service.

What I achieve helps me keep moving forward to achieve more and keep improving Aha!NOW.

Besides the invaluable love and respect of my admirers, friends, and followers, I think it’s time I recount the material progress I made in terms of my blog’s statistics.

I did tell you my blog story in the second blogoversary post. I’ll make a comparison of the facts and assess how far I’ve come or progressed in one year.

[table width=”400″ colwidth=”100|100|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”] Item,Till Dec12,Till Dec13,Increase
Alexa Traffic Rank,77000,31000,59%

Not only this, there has been a phenomenal 200% increase in the blog’s site traffic in terms of page views, visits, and unique visitors respectively.

This seems pretty cool. Of course, it could’ve gotten better if I’d increased the frequency of blog posts to thrice a week or more. But then that would’ve dearly cost me my health.

Why? Well, you know why. It’s the length of my posts and comments. It’s just that I take lots of time and effort to work on my posts and comments.

I believe in giving my readers ALL the possible information about a particular topic when they visit my blog, and reply to each comment, just as I’m talking to someone who visits my home 🙂

But I did get the tag of “commenting superstar” with my sole guest post about blog commenting on Adrienne’s blog, the engagement superstar herself.


Recently, Asaolu did a case study about social sharing on me and few bloggers called me the “mother of all bloggers”!

Well, I admit that I’m not worthy of such a title, as that should be used for a blogger who knows it all, which I don’t, and it makes me feel old too!!. LOL! 🙂

There were few other interviews taken by various bloggers , and I’ve put them all up in the About page of the blog.

“To move forward, you have to leave the past behind” ~ Susannah Cahalan

Social Shares and Comments

Didn’t I tell you that it’s the social sharing and blog commenting that has largely helped bringing my blog to the place where it is, besides the content.

This directly implies that it’s the readers of Aha!NOW, the wonderful blog community, and the social media fans and followers that need to be thanked for being generous engagers and promoters.

In fact, this year my blog on average, received about 890 social shares per post on the major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Stumble Upon.

The more you share, the more I keep moving forward. Without your social push, the blog will remain stagnant.

This year, averagely each post has had 72 comments.

Many people have told me that I’ve an engaging blog community, and I’m proud of this fact. It’s the commenters of Aha!NOW that need to be appreciated.

I’ve more stats and I’d show them in a table format so it’s easy to understand.

[table width=”500″ colwidth=”150|150|150″ colalign=”left|left|left”] Aspect, Post, Stat
Most shared Post,9 Early signs of an abusive relationship,All social shares combined
Most commented Post,How to make a successful blog in 3 simple ways,151 comments
Most viewed Post,9 Early signs of an abusive relationship,10000 views
Most Tweets,How to create life options for yourself,2.1k Twitter shares
Most Google +1s,15 breast cancer prevention tips for men and women,200 G+ likes
Most on FB,Early signs of an abusive relationship,4.5k likes and shares

Just to let you know, I used the free WordPress plugin WP Social Stats to retrieve the social data. Trust me to sit and count and compare each post and the social shares! 🙂

I found a nifty WordPress plugin Advanced Blog Metrics that can help you get your blog metrics. I got to know that on average, the length of comments on Aha!NOW is 120 words and the post length is about 1627 words.

Top Commenter

One blog metric most bloggers of the Aha!NOW blogging community would want to know is who was the top commenter of Aha!NOW for the year 2013.

Well, it was a close tie! Therefore, I’d say there were five loyal members of my blogging community. They are Corina, Babanature, Adrienne, Debbie, and Sylviane!

Others who often commented and shared their valuable opinions on Aha!NOW were Hiten, Donna, Mayura, Lisa, and Carolyn.

I’d say these are the top ten commenters of my blog and I’m proud of them, besides being thankful for their love and support always.

Want to become a part – then join up the blog community, and subscribe to the blog so that you never miss a post! I’d love to have you over!

“Change has to come for life to struggle forward.” ~ Helen Hollick

climbing finger symbol of keep moving forward

What’s Left to Achieve and Move Forward

It doesn’t always happen that everything goes as per your plan. Life is like that.

However, the down times don’t dishearten me and subdue my spirits. I’ll keep moving forward and keep giving my best wherever possible.

For a long time I wanted to have interviews and reviews on my blog.

I also wanted experts in various fields related to life and the other mentioned niches, to use Aha!NOW as a platform to extend their help to people through their knowledge and experience.

However, the one aspect I’m lacking in terribly is generating revenue from the blog.

Actually, as I’ve stated many times before, I never thought of earning money from the blog, because I didn’t want to divert from my aim of genuinely helping people.

But now I’m thinking of finding decent ways to make money so as to make Aha!NOW self sufficient. I’d be investing more on it and the extra revenue would certainly help me to deliver more and better services to my readers.

What’s New on Aha!NOW

Every year should’ve something new that makes change obvious and apparent, isn’t it? That’s how you keep moving forward. Yes, there’ll be a few new things you’ll see on Aha!NOW.


I’d pick up and interview one special person in a month on Aha!NOW. This person could be a blogger, an activist, an entrepreneur, or an expert on some specific topic related to the categories on Aha!NOW.

The members of my blog community will get preference, so those who’re regular readers and contributors of Aha!NOW, get yourself ready for a special feature on you!

I plan to have these interviews based more on the personal life of the person because the professional aspect you already read all over. I want you to connect with them through their life and struggles.


This year onward, I’m implementing banner advertisements on my blog at select positions. I’ll make sure they do not hamper your viewing experience in any way.

I’ll only approve of Ads that I believe go with the ethos and values of Aha!NOW and the valued community and readers.

I’ve put up a new Advertise page on the blog. Any interested person can fill up the form and ask for the advertising details. I’ll soon be offering an advertising kit as well.

I’d also be accepting sponsored posts, including reviews, but there’ll be many strings attached to them.

Honestly, I deliberated a lot on this aspect. It was difficult to decide whether to have them or not. I get numerous offers for guest posts and sponsored posts everyday but I don’t approve of them.

I’d make no compromise with the quality of the sponsored post, so I decided that I’ll write them myself. Further, I’d not allow just any link to go with the post, which obviously will be clearly marked as a sponsored post.

I won’t let you as a reader of Aha!NOW, be misled, and certainly won’t permit links of any product or service that does not deserve to be promoted.

Aha!NOW Branding

I must confess that I’ve fallen in love with Aha!NOW. It’s been my baby, and now it’s growing!. So, it needs to have its own name and fame, don’t you think so?

I’ve created social profiles in the name of Aha!NOW. I request all my present fans and followers of Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to follow, like, and circle the new profiles of my blog, Aha!NOW.

I need and want to make more changes on this blog, but I can’t do that without your help. You’re the guardians of Aha!NOW, and I’m sure you too want it to grow.

So, here’s what you need to do.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” ~ Walt Disney

girl wishing with three flowers

Future Plans of Aha!NOW

Without mincing any words, I’d be unhesitant to say that the future of Aha!NOW depends on you, the reader.

Accordingly, the future plans for Aha!NOW would be made after I find out what you want or don’t want. After all, this blog has to be based on your needs and likes.

Your contribution will help me make my blog and posts more interesting and relevant to you. That’s the only way we can move forward, when we are in it together.

I’d like you to help me draft my strategy and plans for Aha!NOW for the coming year by taking a reader’s survey.

Click here to take survey

You’ll be taken to the Survey Monkey site where I’ve a set of questions for you to answer in an objective format. That means, you just need to choose an option from the given set of choices.

It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete the survey, where you’d be telling me about yourself, and your likes or dislikes.

Don’t worry – this survey will be completely anonymous, which means that I’ll not get to know who has filled which form. This would help me to look into your suggestions objectively and make a fair assessment and decide how I would be moving forward with the blog.

So, are you game? Then click on this link. Thanks in advance for being a supporter.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” ~ Henry Ford

I’ve so many ideas and I wish I could implement them all on this blog. I just might, slow and steady does it, isn’t it? I dream of taking Aha!NOW to new frontiers and reach greater heights.

I hope my present plans kick off successfully and I get more funds and time to spend on the blog. I also pray that your wishes also get fulfilled with the coming New Year.

I wish you can take a break and rejuvenate in these holidays. I’ll be taking one too to work on ALL the above new developments as they involve a lot of planning

I would be back early next year now with my new post. Till then, be with your loved ones and enjoy yourselves.

Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! 🙂

Happy Holidays!

Over to you –

Did you take the survey? What do you think of the Aha!NOW growth story and its new plans? What things do you do to keep moving forward in life and in blogging? Share in the comments.

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  1. gud stuff…..I also like the idea of positioning the blog to be self sustaining. I’ve always advocated for bloggers to go beyond posting good posts and driving traffic. Learning to monetize a blog is actually the secret to blogging success.

  2. First of all congo. Blog Anniversary…
    Im following you mam and you articles are wroth reading and valuable..So, ahead and make more updates Im waiting from you more articles …

  3. Hi Harleena,
    I am sorry I am too late here to congratulate you at this joyous occasion. Though I was not there from the beginning, i am so happy that i found out such a wonderful blogger to connect with the activities of Aha!Now. 🙂 It’s really interesting to note that your blog’s birthday falls on that wonderful day called Christmas. And I liked your reason for it 
    It’s is really amazing to note the developments in this informative place. Indeed a great round up with lot of info about your blog statistic and other activities. I appreciate your patience to attend each and every response you receive. Though it’s a tedious job you do it very religiously, I really appreciate this, since a newbie comes and post a comment and he or she receive a response to it, definitely that will be a great encouragement to them and I am sure they turn back to the place to check in to find out more activates. I am sure the reader’s response is the vital part of any blog and a blogger should not neglect to respond back, though sometimes it may not be a pleasant one. Your decision in this regard is much appreciated. As you said there is another side too, some bloggers never respond to your comments. Yes, it happened to me several times, though we regularly visit and post our response some bloggers never turn to that side or say a word, this is not a good trend in blogging. Few professionals may think that they are settled or firmly put their feet on the blogging world, why to bother about such comments of newbies! This attitude is very discouraging.
    The new titles few showered upon you is indeed true and you need not worry about the age factor there take it as a challenge, you are eligible for those titles. Keep moving, the New Year’s new plan I just read, and good to know that you have a great plan for the year 2014. May God help you to fulfill its well in the days ahead. Yes, miles to go and miles to go. We Wish You All The Best. Have A Happy and Healthy Blogging Days Ahead!
    Keep informed
    Best Regards

  4. Wow what a post Harleena. that was an epic one and it took me a while to read but am grateful I did so thank you for sharing your thoughts!
    I will deffo be adding those plugins you mentioned although i am trying not to add to many as I just got my blog page load speed to 400ms now after it was 6 – 10 seconds a week ago.

    All I got at the moment is the stats from the Jetpack plugin atm but I may take that off as i always have the Google analytics anyway!
    Saying that I may take it off now.

    Right that’s done it’s gone and I just installed Advanced Blog Metrics so thanks for that!Yep I took part in your survey and i have shared out the post on G+ and Twitter for you!

    Was going to ask though have you thought about redesigning your blog this year seeing as it’s 3 years out if so let me know I would be more than happy to help a fellow blogger like yourself!

    I see your using cloudflare which is great but have you thought about using maxcdn and w3 total cache as well as I just tested your site on pingdom and its taking 5 seconds to load! plus you got 146 requests have a look at my latest post on speed there are a few things on there you may not have considered!

    Looks like you got some bit plans for the blog this year and I’m excited to see what you come up with!
    Happy New Year Harleena

    – Phillip

  5. Congratulations! Must say you’ve done so very well in 3 years. Not many will achieve what you have achieved thus far. It’s a reward for your hard work and dedication.

    I also like the idea of positioning the blog to be self sustaining. I’ve always advocated for bloggers to go beyond posting good posts and driving traffic. Learning to monetize a blog is actually the secret to blogging success. Your plans to have ads on the site is a good move in the right direction. I’m very sure that you will soon begin to see some good bids.

  6. Congratulations on three years of blogging and oh my gosh those are interesting stats you shared! I wish you more and more success in all your endeavors this year!

    I can only dream to be as successful as you are…you are indeed the “mother of all bloggers”.

    I try to keep up with you and others like Adrienne, Donna, Lisa and others but gosh it’s tough. I don’t know how you do it but I’m determined to get it down one day. 🙂

    Speaking of stats, thanks for sharing the plugin with us…I’m going to have to install it myself.

    And what a wonderful surprise to see my name mentioned in your post, thank you so much for the mention! I’m so glad we’ve become friends as well!

    Good for you that you have gotten some great plans for your blog, I wish you all the success with that! It’s an exciting venture isn’t it?

    Congratulations once again Harleena! Wishing you many many more great years for Aha! Now :).

    Have a great new week ahead!

  7. Wow Harleena,

    Congratulations on a job well done. You are so successful and such a wonderful mentor to many in this online biz. You are so genuine and sincere. It shows and your readers connect with you. Love it. I am fortunate that I have been able to connect with you in quite a few of our network tribes but I still feel like the two of us have a lot of getting to know each other. = ) I’m looking forward to that. I’m so happy and proud of you. Congrats. Your hard work is paying off.

    I got a feeling the two of us are going to get to know each other more this year through I’m Every Woman. Here’s to 2014, Harleena. BTW—I responded to your question in todays upcoming segment I did at my site. Not linking it here, that is not what I am here for. = )



  8. Hey Harleena,

    Happy new year 2014

    Great Stats regarding your blog, I wish you best of luck for Years to come, impressive fb stats, hard work always pays at one point, and people realize at some point of time, people like you always stand as role models and guides for others
    Once again best of luck and keep going

  9. Hi Harleena,
    amazing stats!

    Congratulations for your 3rd anniversary.
    I see that your social numbers increased in an incredible way!

    I think that investing in relationships is time so well spent.
    Both for business and for personal improvement.

    And you are doing such a great job!

    So again, congratulations and my best wishes for a
    fantastic 2014!

  10. I understand this is coming too late, but I can’t just leave without saying congratulations and happy blogging career.
    This is my first visit to your blog, I always see you around Asaolu blog and which to check you out today. Before I read your post, the first thing that caugth my attention was the numbers of social shares on the articles. Indeed, you’ve come along way in blogging.
    I will always visit from now upwards. Keep it up, I wish you the best.
    Thanks for sharing Harleen.

  11. Hi Harleena!

    First off happy 3rd anniversary!

    Looking at your status, you inspired me to another level. Wow, just looking at your Alexa. That give me a renewed inspiration to keep my blog going and work towards that goal. You must be very proud.

    The Ah-Ha now brand is definitely growing! You have worked so hard on it and you continue to inspire other bloggers like myself to keep this journey going.

    It’s been awhile but I’ll stop by soon! Take care! 🙂

  12. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. 3 years and ever increasing stats is a huge accomplishment and well deserved for all of your hard work. Wishing you the best in 2014.

  13. Congratulations, Harleena for your well-deserved success! Your posts are epic and clearly demonstrate how much you care about your readers. I love the quotes you included as well. They are so motivating as are you. You’ve had the opportunity to touch so many lives – here’s to many more years of great success for you and Aha Now!

  14. Congratulations on your 3rd blogiversary! What an achievement, Harlenna!

    I know we only recently connected, thanks to the darling Corina and you are a true inspiration. You have definitely build an impressive community and that is something to be incredibly proud of. I hope to some day people able to have similar stats and most importantly – quality content with a truly vibrant community. My life has been a little hectic since Fall and I had to cut back on some of my commenting. I need to ramp that back up because it really does make a huge difference. It takes a lot of time but I really do enjoy connecting with other bloggers. There are so many great ones who so graciously share their wisdom. Congrats again and here’s to another great year for Aha Now!

  15. Hi Harleena,

    Congratulations on your 3 years. Sorry I am slow with this comment, but I too took a break from blogging over the holidays.
    What can I say other than I am proud to know you. You have made me feel so at home when it comes to your blog. Also when little things come up like my link not coming across right you guided me on fixing the problem.

    You are a very wise lady and it warms my heart to have been lucky enough to find you in this crazy internet world that has been created.

    Thank you for always sharing your wisdom and understanding. You have ask me to follow you on twitter and believe me I have tried. My account got hacked into back in 2012 and I have never been able to get it fix, so that I can follow others. (I have tried)

    I would like to ask you if you do all the technical work on your blog or have someone else does it? It is always neat and clean looking.

    As for making money you need to take your post and make a book from them. It would be a very wonderful book I believe.

    You deserve the very best and again thank you for always showing you care and I can tell it comes from the heart. Also thank you very much for the link in this post.

    Oh i shall check into the WP Social Stats plugin. Looks like it would be great.

    Thank you again and wishing you the best year ever and many blessing to you.
    I send hugs with this comment to you. 🙂

  16. Congratulations on 3 years! Harleena the success of your blog is due to one thing: how much you care. You care to write a thoughtful post that thoroughly explores a topic. You care enough to respond to every commenter as a person. We feel it. It’s a beautiful thing. You deserve every bit of your success and I’m glad you are taking care of your health too!

  17. Hey Harleena,

    Congrats on all your success! You sure have reached a milestone. Many bloggers come and go as you mentioned. You came, are still here and doing very well.

    This is my first time stopping by but it surely will not be the last. After reading several of your post you absolutely have a new fan.

    Take care Harleena

  18. Hey Harleena,

    Happy Belated Blogiversy, New Year, and of course Christmas. All I have to say is, when I grow up I want to be just like you. You have accomplished a lot with you blog. Just from looking at your stats, it gave me inspiration to improve. I’ll definitely look into the plugins you recommended.

    I’m actually honored to say that i’m one of the people that has helped make your blog what it is and plan to keep on doing it. I look forward to your future plans for your blog. It’s been a great inspiration for me and I definitely like the fact that your posts got my gears turning!

    Thanks for all your posts and I know you’ll have a prosperous New Year!

  19. Hello Harleena,
    Happy new year, Happy third anniversary for you Blog and congratulation for great achievements, those upper benchmarks are proof of your hardworking and this success is also motivation for others 🙂 May Allah give you more success in future..

  20. Hello Harleena,

    Happy New Year! Congratulations on your anniversary.
    Isn’t it exciting as a new year arrives and we look back, measure our progress, determine what we need to do to be better?

    That’s where I’m at, after just having a year of blogging. I’m looking forward and looking at ways to improve. I like how you’ve shown the statistics for your reach and engagement.

    I was looking at WordPress year end for 2013 and I’ve made it to 145 countries. Hopefully by this year’s end, that will have increased significantly.

    I plan to keep my strategy the same. Write from the heart, and help as many as I can along the way.

    All the very best to you in all your endeavors. If I can help you in any way, just drop me a line.

    Warm Regards,

  21. Congratulations! You’ve accomplished and created something wonderful and I have no doubt it will continue to thrive. I wish you much continued success and growth.

  22. Hello Harleena,
    HappY third anniversary for your blog 🙂

    Wish your blog succeed and grow higher and higher in the upcoming year.
    My first comment in your blog 🙂

  23. Hey Harleena,
    Sorry for coming over late. I read this post weeks back but have been offline as I told you in the mail. I even tried the survey but couldn’t complete it due to network slowness. However, I just completed it a few minutes ago 😉

    I’m so excited about your step to monetize this blog even more. This will make sure the blog sponsors itself. It’s a huge community and I’m sure it will generate the kind of income it deserves.

    Congratulations on keeping on for 3 solid years. I wish you many more successful and money making years 😉

    Happy New Year to you, family and your blogging community

    1. Hi Enstine,

      Not a problem at all, and sorry for replying late too- just recovered from flu and the holiday fever 😉

      I am glad you took the survey, which would only help me to better the blog as it’s based on what the people want to read more here. Aha…I knew you would feel that ways, and even though we’d chatted about it on Facebook a few months back but it never really struck me that I too could do it, till I realized the time I have now begun spending on the blog. I think it only makes sense to shift a little attention to that aspect too, and I’d surely need ALL your guidance and help as how to go about it because no one is a master in making money from their blogs as much as you. The community is wonderful, but I don’t think they are the ones who think much of money, like me I guess 🙂

      Thank you so much for your kind wishes, and I wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year as well 🙂

  24. Hi Harleena,

    Congrats on the 3 year milestone.

    I believe that your commenting and community involvement have been a big factor in your success. I see your comments all over the place. And I very much appreciate the comments you leave on my blog.

    I’ve also noticed that you’re active in social mentions. This is an area I need to become more involved in. I’m going to have to block out time for this in the new year. 🙂

    Wishing you a very prosperous and rewarding 2014,


    1. Hi Cole,

      Thank you for your kind wishes, and sorry for the delay in replying, just been down with flu 🙂

      You are absolutely right about that. The blog community here and the comments is what makes this blog what it is there. I cannot forget the presence of social media which has helped me reach where I am today – not boasting, but just stating a very true fact. So, more than anything else, I have the people and readers of the blog to thank for all of this.

      Ah…I wish I had more hours in the day and another pair of hands to spend more time commenting, but one can only do as much as we possibly can. And believe me when I say that every spare minute I get, goes in commenting, whether in replying to comments on my blog or visiting other blogs, especially those who visit mine first, but with the number of comments increasing, you certainly cannot cover everyone, each time, so it happens in bits and pieces. 🙂

      Yes indeed, having a strong social media presence and being a little on each of the main ones a little each day is important nowadays I think because the audience there is very different from the usual readers we get on our blogs, and they want to hear you too! Do that, and you’d surely notice a good change too.

      Thanks for stopping by, and wishing you the very best for this year 🙂

  25. Hi Harleena….I just found your website after learning of your being listed in the 100 Top Self-Improvement Sites for 2013. Congratulations. And congratulations on your third year anniversary. I too blog and am at 2.5 years so I know somewhat the time, energy and commitment that such a site requires. I too ask myself many of the questions you raise and answer and again it is such an individual reflection of each of us which way we go. I appreciate your honesty and look forward to the directions you explore in the future. Happy New Year to us all! ~Kathy

    1. Welcome to the blog Kathy!

      Sorry for the delay in replying – just recovering from flu, and I’m glad am back to blogging now 🙂

      Thank you for the kind wishes, and it’s surely nice to know about you and your blogging journey too. To keep moving forward, as a blogger, you do need to be committed and consistent, and have lots of patience too, isn’t it? I hope to put all these plans into action in this year, so my fingers are surely crossed 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year as well 🙂

  26. Congratzzz, seriously you have done a great job.As a blogger you have shown a tremendous growth in your blog alexa, comments and i hope you will be keep going like this in future. Good Luck 🙂

    1. Welcome to the blog Priyansh!

      Thank you for your kind wishes, and yes, the growth has been good I’d say and I too was surprised with the stats as I saw them all compiled for the first time, thanks to the plugin used.

      I appreciate your wishes. BTW – DO get yourself a Gravatar so we know who we are talking to. I see your image on your blog, so perhaps using the same email ID would do the trick 🙂

  27. Congratulation! I wish you a good luck ahead. Making a blog is the easiest thing in this world, but the hardest this is to continue what you are doing. Every day many sites and blogs get expired, but those are the real blogger who continues after all ups and downs….. Good luck Harleena! 🙂

    1. Welcome to the blog Mona!

      Yes indeed, creating a blog is the easy part, but to sustain and run a blog is what takes a lot time, patience, and effort too. However, if you are determined and plan things out, it is pretty possible, isn’t it? I agree with you there – sites close or bloggers fail, but there are various reasons for those too, most of which come down to one thing perhaps, that they run too fast initially and tire out, while blogging should be enjoyed and take your own time – slow and stead does it 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us 🙂

  28. Hi Harleena,

    What an accomplishment you’ve done here. Your progress is just incredible and you should really write a tutorial about the steps you’ve taken to make such a rapid progress, especially with a blog that doesn’t even talk about blogging or marketing. Very impressive.

    I’m very glad that I’m among the most frequent commenters.

    I had plan to come here a few days ago, but kind of late again 🙂

    All the best to you and to your blog, even though it doesn’t seem that you need much luck, you’ve got what you need already.

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      Thanks so much for your wishes and words of appreciation. 🙂

      Honestly speaking, I really wouldn’t know what to write in the tutorial, if I sat to write about the progress of this blog, except to thank the people for being so supportive and liking the posts. Of course, social media has a huge part in making this blog rise to where it is, so it IS all thanks to people, especially the readers of the blog and lovely friend’s like you and so many others.

      Oh yes…you are a very important part of this blog and I appreciate you taking out the time to stop by here each time. I think that’s what makes the Blogosphere such a wonderful place to be in as we get to learn and share from each other, isn’t it? Ah…don’t worry – this holiday season just doesn’t seem to be getting over – I had my long break at bit too long, thanks to my recent flu, though glad it’s over now.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I DO need all the wishes with the new things I’ve planned for this year. Happy New Year to you as well 🙂

  29. Hello ma’am,

    Firstly, many many congratulations for reaching at such a great pace and that too at such an excellent level. Your journey indeed is a remarkable and inspiring one.

    On a serious note a lot many things can be learned from oyu. It is very well said that HardWork always shines out and that is what has happened in your case too. I am proud to find one Indian inspiration that too a woman in the world of blogging.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. 🙂

    1. Hi Charmie,

      Thank you for your kind words and wishes 🙂

      Yes indeed, hard work always pays, and there are no two ways about that. I think the more you write the better you become, and the more you blog the more you learn about blogging too, some things that have worked for me I’d say. I do appreciate your inspiring words that help me to proceed ahead 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you all the success in blogging as well. Happy New Year 🙂

  30. Hello Harleea,
    Congratulations for a successful 3 years, no doubt you are one of the most successful bloggers of India. And your stats are awesome.

    1. Hi Swapnil,

      Thank you so much for your wishes and your kind words, though I know there are much better bloggers in the country. I guess I am just another learner and happy to be as one. Yes indeed, these stats impressed me too 🙂

      I appreciate you stopping by. Happy New Year 🙂

  31. Congrats on the 3 year anniversary.

    What’s scary is just how many people don’t even make it through their first year so you’ve smacked those folks all over the place. And your growth is just amazing; you’re showing how the power of social networking can get you blogging success. Keep it going and I’ll be looking forward to year 4 for you.

    1. Hi Mitch,

      Thank you for your kind wishes, and so sorry for the late reply – just been a little under the weather 🙂

      I agree with you there, so perhaps reaching 3 years is an achievement in itself. I guess being consistent and persistent is the key factor there. Oh yes…the power of social media cannot be denied, and for me at least, it’s always worked wonders, though one really need to work hard to promote ones post all over!

      Thanks so much for your kind wishes, and wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year too 🙂

  32. You are a superstar, Harleena.

    I only met you recently through the blogging community, but since then, I have heard your name mentioned a numerous occasions. You certainly have done well and you are an inspiration to us all. I admire you and your efforts to brings up posts and articles that raise up our outlook on life. Thank you for that. Peace

    1. Hi Jeanne,

      Ah…thanks for saying that, though I’m just another blogger learning my way around 🙂

      It’s kind of you to say that, and it’s just people who are too kind I would say to mention me in their posts, perhaps due to my long comments that reach anywhere before I do!

      Thanks for your kind words of appreciation and for stopping by today. Wishing you a very happy and Prosperous New Year as well 🙂

  33. Hi Queen,

    I must say and will always say your blog inspires me a lot. I love growth and seeing people like you and knowing that someday my blog will grow to become as cool as yours keeps me going. You motivate people with what you do and sow a great seed with your articles, I will keep coming here as long as I have internet connection. I appreciate you and may the good Lord continue to strengthen you.


    1. Hi Bob,

      Lol…I loved the way you addressed me…but this queen has been down with flu for a while, so sorry for the late reply today. 🙂

      Absolutely! Hard work always pays, and I know you have a wonderful blog, which is slowly growing too, so just keep going the way you are and you will do wonders.

      I appreciate you saying that, and it’s wonderful people like you who make this blog what it is today and inspire me to keep writing as well, so I need to thank you all for it 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 🙂

  34. Wouldn’t be saying much Harleena, I think I’ve heard a good run on your blog in 2013, Happy anniversary.

    To be candid, you’ve actually strategized good plans towards the success of Aha!Now and i’m happy to know about that. Good plans, great steps and everything is just working perfectly well. You’ve taught me well on post sharing, and i’ll make it a course to fill this year. i think i’ll be doing some guest post on your blog this year.. only if you’ll allow me. Thanks for this insightful post and have a fun filled New year.

    1. Hi Asaolu,

      Thank you so much for your kind wishes 🙂

      Yes indeed, I hope to keep moving forward with these plans in this year, and would surely need all the support and help of wonderful friend’s like you. Ah…I appreciate you saying that, though I am no teacher but a learner myself i’d say. I guess that’s what makes the Blogosphere such a lovely place that you can learn from each other, isn’t it?

      This year is nearly full up, but I’d surely keep you in mind and let you know. Take care 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’d stop by soon – just got over flu a few days back. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  35. Hi Harleena,

    I finally made it by but congratulations for celebrating your third anniversary. I can’t believe you actually started your blog on Christmas day. My goodness, that’s usually the last thing on people’s minds. I know you’re a very proud Mom though and as we both know, most people don’t make it this far and have achieved as much as you have.

    I believe that the topics you share are so helpful and informative for almost anyone. Okay, so I might not be able to exactly relate to being a Mom or taking care of my family but health and wellness are huge topics that everyone really wants to know more about if possible.

    Let’s not forget the kind of person that you are as well. Very giving and loving so people want to support you with your awesome blog because of all the help you provide for us all.

    Thank you for that mention by the way and I once again was so honored that you graced my blog with such a killer guest post. Yeah I know, I shouldn’t use that word but it was and it’s got over 300 comments so I think it speaks for itself.

    With me having this time off I haven’t even begun to think where I want to go in the coming year. I know I have to start thinking about that soon so I applaud you for already considering everything you’ve shared with us here.

    Not that you need it in any way but I wish you the very best in this new year and know that you’ll achieve everything you set your mind to. I’m looking forward to hearing your results next year at this same time too and as I already know, that will be at the blink of an eye the way time is flying by for me.

    Congratulations again Harleena for the success you’ve had with your blog and I wish you much more in this new year.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Please don’t worry about coming by late, because I know you too weren’t well, just like I wasn’t a few days back, though I’m glad I’m sitting to catch up with things finally. I guess my break got a lot longer than yours 🙂

      Yes, been three years, and Christmas was the day we started it. Perhaps we don’t celebrate it the way you all do, so it was the day so well known for that we decided to start this blog that day. The journey’s been a lovely one, full of ups and downs, but that’s just how you learn it all, isn’t it?

      Thank you for saying that – my time to blush now! I know perhaps relating to being a Mom or wife isn’t something you could relate to, though when I started this blog, it was targeting the family and parenting niche, which only got better as the niches increased surprisingly as people started liking and wanting me to write on the topics mentioned here so far.

      This blog truly exists because of the people and the love they shower, for which I feel truly blessed. I feel so horrible at times for not being able to make it to their blogs because of the lack of time, and sometimes catching up with pending comments. But believe me when I say that each spare moment that I get in the day, just goes in commenting, whether in replying to comments here, or else my return visits to their blogs, but it still lies pending!

      There was no question of not mentioning you because you are always here, even though a few of my posts don’t really relate to you. I’m glad you liked that first guest post of mine, and yes, people are so kind to grace it with their comments. Not to mention the wonderful time I also had replying to the comments and interactions.

      I know this time of the year is all about the direction or changes we want to make on our blogs – anything new and for the better, is always welcomed. I hope all that I planned out I can implement, which the year ahead would show us. Oh yes…I certainly need all your blessings and wishes to carry out the new things in store, and I hope you got a little time to take the survey too as it would only help me better my blog as per the liking of what people want.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind wishes. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  36. Hello Harleena,

    I originally found your site through Susan Neal. Then Adrienne Smith. And now just today, I see another comment of yours on yet another website we seem to both read.

    It seems all roads have been leading me here. 🙂

    Congratulations on your third year with this blog and all your wonderful achievements. I’ve been blogging for a while, but didn’t really take it seriously until recently. Now I am also in the process of building something.

    It is inspiration to see you and all those other lovely women out there who are not only wonderful and successful writers but allow such a supportive community to exist.

    Looking forward to reading more (and now I’m onto see your lists of 30 recommended bloggers.)

    Happy new year and all the best!


    1. Welcome to the blog Leigh – nice to have you over!

      I think we need to thank Sue and Adrienne for connecting us, and I’m glad you stopped by here today 🙂

      Thank you for your warm wishes, and I think three years is a pretty long time if you ask me. Nice to know about your blogging journey, and it’s great that you are working on other things as well, can’t wait to hear more about it!

      I agree with you there, and this blog exists because of the wonderful readers and blog community members, so I have a lot to be thankful for I’d say. Ah…glad you enjoyed that list honoring the men and women too, and the other posts on this blog. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year as well 🙂

  37. Hi mam,

    First of all I would like to congratulate you for having such a successful journey with ahaNOW. I’ve been following your blog from the last couple of weeks and I must say you are really a great writer. You’ve got a permanent visitor to your blog now 🙂

    I’m new to blogging and seeing your and other bloggers success story motivates and inspires me to write more content. I will be soon coming on to wordpress and host some techy site.

    Coming to your blog again, i wish ahaNOW to get more success in the coming future.

    I am very delighted to hear that you will be coming up with ad slots on your site. For new bloggers like me its really very helpful in getting our blog established to the blogging world and reach to large blogging communites. 🙂

    Thanks mam for providing such help and congratulations for your blogs 3rd anniversary. 🙂

    Iftekhar Ahmed

    1. Welcome to the blog Iftekhar!

      Thank you for your kind words, and it’s great to have you over as well 🙂

      Nice to hear about your new sites, and I think the more you write, the better you become. I say this because that’s just what happened with me when I started writing and blogging more.

      I’d never thought of making money through this blog until now, and though ad slots I’d tried earlier, but never went full-fledged. I would be of course trying out various ways from this year, and shall hope for the best. With times, things happen – and I’m sure you’d reach great success, so wishing you the best for that. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and for your wishes as well 🙂

  38. Hello Harleena !

    Your blogs statistics are simply awesome and this proves that you’ve worked extremely hard to make this awesome blog what it is today .To be honest , its very hard to have more than 1000 true fans on social media sites as a blogger. According to me , having more than 1000 fans indicates that the blog is very famous and the owner of the blog is a celebrity in the blogosphere and your blog is one of the few blogs that i’m a fan of.The tips that you share through aha-now are excellent and very helpful . Congratulations for 3rd anniversary and Happy New Year to you and your family !


    1. Hi Pramod,

      Thanks for saying that, though as I’ve been saying all along, it’s never the work of one person but the combined efforts of the blog readers and wonderful friend’s like you that make the stats reach where they are, so I need to thank all of YOU for these numbers 🙂

      Ah…you make my day with your kind and warm words, Pramod, but I am no celebrity and just another blogger who loves to keep learning and progressing forward. And perhaps trying out new things this year might show me some new things in life too.

      Thanks for your warm wishes, and wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 🙂

  39. Even though I don’t comment much, I always have my eye on you in one way or the other! How can I not, you are everywhere! 🙂

    I feel that you deserve to make money from your blog, and there is nothing wrong with helping others while making money at the same time. I hope your income grows just as your other stats have grown.

    1. Hi Bellaisa,

      Lol…that’s a good one! Well, honestly speaking, this time I really had a nice long break and have hardly been around. Just gearing up with new plans for the coming year, for the blog as you can see from the post.

      I agree with you there, though sometimes people tend to shift their focus only on making money and forget their other aim, and I never wanted to do that – divert my attention. But now with the amount of time I’m spending online working on this blog, I guess it does make sense to earn a little more from it for the efforts put. I’d be chalking out a way where I can do a little of both, though helping others through my post would always remain my top priority as always.

      Thanks so much for your kind wishes. Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. 🙂

  40. Congratulations Harleena on the success of your blog! I’ve gone back to work full time this year and haven’t had as much time to stop by or work on my own blog for that matter!! You are clearly on the right road to success and I learned a lot by reading your post today!
    Cheers and Happy New Year!!

    1. Hi Betsy – nice to have you back after long 🙂

      Thanks so much for your kind wishes. Ah…no wonder you are so busy, though I hope you took a little break from your work for these holidays. These are just a few things I had in mind since a long time, but before I went ahead with them, I wanted to share them with my readers.

      Thanks for stopping by, and wishing you a very Happy New Year as well 🙂

  41. Hello Harleena,
    Congratulation and Happy new year. Your blog is cool. I like to read new blogs. I visited your blog first time and now I need to continue to read your blog. Your blog design is nice. Reading is my hobby. I also like to meet new bloggers.

    1. Welcome to the blog Kashyap!

      Thank you for your kind words, and I’m glad you like my blog and all that I write. Yes indeed, you will meet many new bloggers on this blog if you keep visiting it often. Do keep coming, and have a nice day 🙂

  42. Hello Harleena Singh,

    Its great to know that Aha-now is celebrating 3rd anniversary. Your blogoversary is more enjoyment as it is celebrated with Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

    I thought that I should be in top comment list but I missed the chance. Next time I’ll sure grab it. But I am happy that you added me in top men bloggers list. It is so much for me.

    Your site is just 3 years old but you achieved lot. I wish you continue you success blog journey in the upcoming year.

    Here is a wishing that
    the coming year is a glorious one
    that rewards all your
    future endeavors with success.

    1. Hi Ahsan,

      Oh yes…it’s been three years of blogging and truly an amazing journey as well, and celebrating it on Christmas along with New Year’s is what makes it all the more enjoyable. 🙂

      Ah…no worries at all and I’m sure next time you’d be there. This list is ever since the blog was created and perhaps you joined late, though you are a very important part of the blog and I hope you know that. You certainly deserved to be on that list of top men bloggers dear friend for your contributions.

      Thank you for your kind wishes, though all of this is not possible without wonderful blogging friend’s like you and so many others, so I need to thank YOU all instead. Wishing you a very Happy New Year 🙂

  43. Happy anniversary Harleena! You’ve accomplished a great deal this past year. Good for you, hard work really does pay off. Here’s to a new year and even more success!

    Have a wonderful New Year’s Day!

    1. Welcome to the blog Corinne – good to have you over!

      Thank you for your kind wishes, and yes, hard work and sincere efforts do pay, though it’s also the support and presence of my readers and blogging community that’s made this blog what it is today.

      Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year as well 🙂

  44. Congratulations Harleena on your 300th blog post!

    Yes, I took the survey and it was a delight to help you out. You are always helping others and deserve the same.

    I want to first thank you for the mention above. I so enjoyed meeting your readers as one of your guests. Actually I was quite honored!

    You have grown so much with this blog and now it is time to start making money from it.

    Your time spent on giving great content and so much help to others deserves more than recognition. Remember the Pareto Principle where there is 80% content and 20% selling? Yes, its time my friend.

    I know you started this to help others. I learned a long time ago when I was in school studying to be a psychologist that when people pay you for something, they pay more attention to it and take it more seriously than when it is free.

    Yes, you give great free advice all the time, but I think it is time to put a plan of action into turning this blog to some sales my friend.

    We are all out here helping one another and as soon as you roll out with anything, please let me know so I can shout it out for you. We are a family of bloggers and that’s just what we do.

    Wishing you the very best,



    1. Hi Donna,

      Thanks SO much for your kind words and wishes 🙂

      I’m glad you took the survey, and I’m sorry to have taken a little more of your time in that but you know I value your opinion and this would surely help me decide on a lot of factors for the blog.

      Ah…don’t say that…and I wish I could have done something more for you and for my other guest. Not to mention, that you are most welcome to be my guest anytime you would like to, the doors of this blog are always open for you.

      Honestly speaking, the little I made earlier through the few advts was enough for sustaining this blog. But with the hours I’m now spending on this blog, including the posts, comments and social media etc., it makes sense to earn a bit more from it as I’ve certainly reduced my other writing projects, so perhaps it would compensate well that ways. I just wanted to share it with my readers before I ‘tried’ my hand at it first of course. You are right about the Pareto Principle, and perhaps it’s time now.

      I shall remember your words of wisdom about taking paid stuff more seriously as compared to the free one. I think I did mention this once to you that my hubby always tells me to try my hand at coaching people too, but I just don’t know how I’d ever be able to do that, but certainly something worth considering for the future.

      I agree with you totally – we ARE a small family, and that’s what makes the Blogosphere such a lovely compact place to be in, so we need to be there for each other, whenever need be.

      Thanks so much for your help and support, which I value a great deal dear friend. Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 🙂

  45. You have really a long way and luckily its also my 2nd blog anniversary and i can also say i have come a long way, this is time to earn from the hard work, you deserve it and i hope you keep growing in both quality and size.

    Every time i see your blog i often tell myself its that blog for long commenting and this has actually been one of your greatest branding strategies which you may not have noticed but then i know you won’t lose it because its part of you and i marvel at how often you do it and how you do it.

    Aha-Now is an awesome brand and i foresee even a brighter future for this blog, i pray God gives you the wisdom and strength to keep going on and the ability to attract even more audience and grow bigger and stronger.

    Of course i can’t compete with the people that write very long comments here, so let me keep it this short, keep up the good job and enjoy your harvest soon.

    1. Hi Nwosu – nice to have you back 🙂

      Thank you for your wishes, and congratulations as well for your blog anniversary as well – I guess we share the same date, is it? 🙂

      Ah…you are right…I never really notice my comments or their length because that’s a part of how I have always done it (the comments) from the very start, or perhaps I just like to talk through my comments as it’s kind of a mini-conversation I have with the commenter, and online, this is the only real way we can really talk, isn’t it? But I like the way you called it a branding strategy….I like that and I need to give more thoughts on this too. Yes, it does take time and effort, but then who said commenting was easy, the real way of commenting I meant.

      You say it all within your few lines too dear friend, and you certainly don’t need to write long comments for that. 🙂

      Thank you for your kind and warm wishes, and I wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New year as well 🙂

  46. Happy Third Blog Anniversary Harleena,

    I only just found your blog this year and I have to tell you I absolutely love it. Being a newbie blogger, it is nice to have a genuine and really hard working blogger to have has a role model. Aha now is truly more than just a blog and I would certainly call it a community. Honestly, I have as much fun reading through all the comments on your posts as I do reading your blog posts. You do a really through job with all the topics and more important that being simply entertaining, they make me ponder over the topics that you bring up.

    Congratulations once again 🙂

    1. Hi Shefali,

      Thank you so much for your kind wishes 🙂

      Yes indeed, it’s been a pleasure knowing you and your blog too. Ah…thank you for saying that – you just made my day a lot brighter with your words! But I think what makes the Blogosphere such a wonderful place for new and seasoned bloggers is the fact that we can all learn from each other and get better, isn’t it?

      Oh yes… I value the community members a great deal because it’s due to them this blog exists in the real sense. Lol…I agree with you there, and I think each commenter has their own view point, which adds a lot to the blog post itself – more the merrier 🙂 Honestly speaking, I never know what I’m going to write about myself till a few days ago, so it’s kind of interesting to just take a niche that inspires me and write on it.

      Thanks for stopping by, and wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 🙂

  47. Oh! No… In my enthusiasm, I forgot to tell you that aha now is very well designed, soothing to the eyes and most important; without much clutter! I have yet to read it thoroughly. Will certainly do that and also share it on Facebook.

    1. Lol…no worries at all, and thanks for saying that. Glad you like my blog and everything else about it. Just go through the categories under the ‘Blogging’ niche right on top because some posts might help you in your blogging journey. Oh yes…I don’t like clutter myself and need to still remove more of it from here.

      Thanks once again 🙂

  48. Congratulations on the 3rd anniversary of aha now! I have so much in my mind, yet wondering if I should wait before I ask you. No, no I mustn’t wait any longer. I have been trying to maintain a blog for years but except on blogger or word press, haven’t been able to create a truly worthwhile blog.

    I request you to write one, which will guide a serious blogger about the technical details such as ‘whom to contact for creating a blog website’, ‘how to generate a blog in the search engines’, ‘how to… well, I will stop here cause you would know what-all is needed to build such a blog.

    Kindly guide people like me…

    1. Welcome to the blog Chandrashekhar!

      Thank you for your kind wishes 🙂

      You are absolutely free to ask me anything on this blog, or even direct it to the community members here. Coming to your question – it takes time and effort, along with being consistent and patient – to maintain a blog. It took me time too to reach where this blog is today, but the journey has been a worthwhile one because I’ve learnt such a lot all this while.

      Although there are many blog posts you can easily find online if you search on Google for them, just as you asked me here, that will answer your questions, I’d surely write on these topics, especially keeping new bloggers in mind. Do have a look on Google too.

      Creating a blog is fun, and you really don’t have to contact anyone, just do it yourself because the free themes on Blogger and WordPress are very simple. If I can do it, so can you. I hope you read an earlier post about – check it out as it might help you. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us 🙂

  49. Sorry I’m a bit late to this party, Harleena – many, many congratulations on reaching this important milestone. And well done for all your achievements over the past year. Your blog has come on in leaps and bounds and I know that’s down to your commitment and incredibly hard work. The fact that you care so much for your readers comes across loud and clear in all your posts and comments, but I know that this is often at some personal cost.

    I admire you for the way you’re reviewing your blog so objectively at this stage and I think you’re right to think about ways in which you can generate more income from it. I have every confidence that you’ll do so in such a way that the quality of the blog will not be adversely affected. There’s no reason why you can’t continue to help people while still earning some money at the same time.

    I’ve completed your survey – I think that’s a really good idea, to get the views of your readers, so you can take them into account as you move forward. I hope lots of people do take the survey, to give you as full a picture as possible. You have some great ideas for continuing to grow and develop the blog – It think you already have a very strong brand and I’m sure it will continue to thrive.

    I wish you every happiness and success in the forthcoming year, Harleena – way to go, my friend! 🙂

    1. Hi Sue,

      You are never late dear friend – the doors are always open anytime you visit 🙂

      Thank you for saying that, and for your lovely wishes. I agree about the hard work and effort we all put into our blogs, and that goes for you too. But I don’t think all of this is possible without the support of true friend’s like you and so many others, as well as the readers who make the blog what it is, isn’t it? So, I need to thank all of YOU for making this blog what it is today. Ah…you know me too well, and yes, sometimes you go way too ahead for giving more to your readers at the sake of your health, time, and even sleep and I am guilty of that. I hope to change things in the coming year for sure.

      I think we all need to review our blogs, the purpose of why we blog, and are we really achieving what we set out to do at the start. Taking the survey was something I read is recommended to be done once a year, so this was my first one, and I also wanted to see how I can make the blog better by knowing what people really like. Yes indeed, I intend to help people just as I do, though if one can earn a little through the time spent blogging, why not give it a try – just something I wanted to share with my readers before I went ahead with it 🙂

      Glad you took the survey, and sorry for the little extra time you had to spend on it, which I know is tough to take out nowadays for anyone. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to have a few people take the survey, so shall keep it open for a month or so before I can gather the data and perhaps write a post on all that I found, which would help to decide on a lot of things too.

      Thanks so much for your lovely wishes, and you know that I appreciate and value your friendship. Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year as well 🙂

  50. Good day, Harleena; Congratulations on your blog’s third anniversary! You’ve certainly made great strides since last year; very impressive! I always enjoy reading your articles and wish you much success for the future. It’s difficult to decide how best to earn money through blogging and I hope it works out to your satisfaction. (Not there yet myself.) Also took part in your survey – skipped a couple of questions, as I’m a little pressed for time at the moment. Looking forward to reading your future material. Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Thanks so much for your wishes 🙂

      Yes indeed, these look pretty good, and thanks to the plugin that I got to see them myself just a few days back! It’s always nice to hear that, Debbie, and feels like the purpose of my blogging is accomplished.

      I know what you mean, and it’s surely something I’m going to ‘try’ my hand in too, so I guess you’d know also how it’s all going from my experience, that’s what friend’s are for. Never tried making money from my blog, but with the time one spends here nowadays, no harm thinking on those lines because my other work certainly takes a little back seat, especially when you deal with numerous comments all day. I’m glad you took the survey that’d help me decide what direction I should take the blog to now, or perhaps let it remain as it is, and also to know which parts need improvement.

      Thanks for stopping by, and wishing you a very Happy New Year as well 🙂

  51. Woohoo! Congrats Harleena! The level of engagement here is unparalled on the web. Your heady numbers prove this. Keep doing what you do 😉 As for your frequency I feel that based on how much you respond, and the depth of your comment responses, things are working just fine for you.

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thank you for your kind wishes 🙂

      I agree with you there for which I have my readers to thank more than anything or anyone else. I guess I got a little lucky with those posts or perhaps they went viral, something I didn’t know about myself till I installed that plugin a few days back, so a good surprise for me too. Ah…I wish I had more hours in the day, or more hands so that I could visit ALL the blogs, especially the ones who comment here, but with the limited time in hand, I try to do my best. I know I owe you a visit too dear friend, shall stop by soon after I end these comments 🙂

      Thanks once again, and wishing you a Happy New Year, well in advance 🙂

  52. Congratulations on your 3rd year. It has been a good experience networking with you and following your blog closely to get everything I need to know on personal development and relationships and many more!

    Though I haven’t been active like I used to, but I can confirm to you that I do follow all your blog posts.
    All in all, this blog is 10/10 for me and my family.

    1. Hi Seun – nice to have you back after long 🙂

      Thank you for your kind wishes 🙂

      Yes indeed, the associations been a nice one, though I know you remain rather involved nowadays or perhaps your little one doesn’t leave you for… but that’s the joy of being a parent as well, isn’t it? I’m glad you find time to go through my posts, which is enough for me dear friend. Keep in touch, and keep coming, whenever you get a little time away.

      Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year 🙂

  53. Ring The bell , sound the Alarm AHA-Now is 3, Harleena i must admit i have really learn so many things from your blog, so am not really surprised on how far Aha now is growing, in fact i expect it to have grow more better than this, i know its just a matter of time, you will be surprised at how much Aha-now have grown….

    I thought you must have written more than 500post on aha now, i really love the way you take your time to always write a better and supernatural content.. You have done well…..

    Am sorry for commenting late, i just had a tight fight with malaria, now everything is getting better..

    King Regards
    Compliment of the season,
    Temilola Globalwalyy

    1. Hi Temilola,

      Lol…that’s such a lovely way to say it all. 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words dear friend, but as I have been saying all along, the growth of this blog, whatever little it’s been, is ALL thanks to wonderful readers and friend’s like you and so many others, and the continuous love and support you have shown all this while. So, it’s never the effort of one person, but always the combined effort, so thanks to all of you, and we always learn from each other, don’t we? That’s what makes the Blogosphere such a lovely place to be in.

      Oh…not reached 500 as yet, but with time I hope to. Yes indeed, I do take time to write my posts and the comments too, and the effort pays off when they are appreciated and liked by people.

      No worries about commenting late – just take care of your health and be well – keep moving forward in your life as well 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and wishing you a very Happy New Year, well in advance 🙂

  54. Hi Harleena

    Congratulations on your third year. You have ambitious plans for your blog. Yeah, the real thorn in the issue is not generating enough money to pay for the efforts one puts out. Not sure what the best way to do that is. I think everyone has to find what works for them and what they are comfortable with.

    I don’t blame you holding standards for anyone wanting to post on your site. I have been asked a number of different times, but not so sure I care to share my site.

    Took your survey. Probably a good way to see exactly what some think, even if it is not the majority. Would definitely give you a direction to go in, even if your numbers don’t reflect the opinion.

    I had my third year in September and the reason I started and what it has become are two different things. Where it will take me I am not totally sure at this time. I have given up on some sites I have no heart for and when 3 others are up for renewal in Feb and April, they will no longer exist. My life has changed that much over the past year, that they are no longer relevant to what I care about writing about. I suppose that is progress, well it least it narrows things down for me.

    Happy Holidays


    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your kind wishes 🙂

      Not all that ambitious, but slowly progressing towards trying something new and making a few changes for the better perhaps. Absolutely! If the amount of time we spend blogging doesn’t pay off somewhere, it becomes tough to manage things. I’m not very sure of what would work on this blog too because I’ve never considered making money from blogging so far, but perhaps it’s time now to give it a try and see how it goes, especially when we see so many people doing it already.

      Yes, there are certainly no compromises we can make where sharing our blogs are concerned or the types of posts we’d like to have on our blogs. It has be something that’s related and liked by the readers, or else it’s got no meaning. Glad you took the survey, which is recommended by many bloggers to have at least once a year to better your blog – my first one!

      I remember your blog anniversary in September too, and I think most of us start with a different purpose and it often turns out to be something different in the end, or perhaps because we give more thought to develop it further. I agree that it’s tough to manage too many, which is one reason I stopped posting on my writing blog, though it’s still with me, just in case I can squeeze in time for that, but I wonder! Oh yes….any change for the better in your personal life is progress for me, the professional aspect comes later.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Happy Holidays to you and yours as well 🙂

  55. Hello Harleena,

    Congratulations on the milestone: three days is definitely not 3 weeks! Your blog really deserves to be celebrated. It’s not easy achieving such great successes – you deserve the praise!

    I also concur with your monetization efforts! One has to make a blog self sufficient even of no external rewards are sought! I only wish that you publish more frequently!

    I wish you a more prosperous new year!


    1. Hi Terungwa,

      Thanks for your warm wishes, and yes indeed, blogging for 3 years is an achievement for me because I enjoyed my journey so far 🙂

      I think it all depends a lot on how we all measure success, whether it’s related to the posts, comments, shares, ranks or anything else. For me, it’s the love of people that really keeps me going, so I need to thank them for the success of this blog. Yes, I hope the monetization part takes off, though I’m still learning how to go about it all. I guess with time and effort, things should take shape. Ah…your wishes shall soon be granted because I’m working on getting the twice a week schedule on now from the coming year, though balancing things so that it works well for everyone 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and wishing you a very Happy New Year as well 🙂

  56. Congratulations Harleena.

    Your achievements are awesome, and I really enjoy your blog and the way you write. I don’t have your structure and I am currently working on a strategy for 2014 to help me grow. It’s hard to actually grow, if you don’t measure your growth and if you don’t have a plan on what you’re going to achieve. That’s something I’ll be working on in 2014.

    Great job.

    – Jens

    1. Hi Jens,

      Thank you for your kind wishes 🙂

      It bring me immense happiness to read you dear friend, especially when I know you yourself write so beautifully, so the feelings mutual I’d say. I think each one of us has our own style and that’s what makes the Blogosphere so wonderful because of the variety it offers all of us, isn’t it? I agree with you about growth there, and you need to assess your own through such plugin or tools once in a while to make out where you really stand and what parts of your blog need improvisation.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you every success in the coming year. Happy New Year, well in advance 🙂

  57. Congratulations of the success and growth, although I’ve only come across your blog in recent months thanks to Triberr I’m sure glad I did.

    1. Hi Ed,

      Thank you for your kind wishes. Yes indeed, even though we’ve known each other rather recently, we’re surely thankful to Triberr for the great connections one manages to make there, isn’t it? I’d soon stop by at your blog too, once I’m through with these comments!

      Thanks for stopping by, and Happy New Year, well in advance 🙂

  58. 3 years of blogging? That is quite an achievement (no..that would be an understatement…3 years is awesome…awesome work!).

    Congratulations, Harleena 🙂

    I have taken the survey (although I didn’t complete all the fields). I do like this blog the way it is. The posts are a bit lengthy, but unlike other blogs, your posts offer real value (not just ‘fluff’), so the length isn’t much of a problem.

    Anyways, I hope you have much more success in the coming year! Good luck 🙂

    Much thanks for sharing the plugin. I was looking for a plugin to keep track of my social shares. I had already bought another premium plugin. I knew I shouldn’t have rushed it..I was planning to buy it next week, but went ahead and bought it last week. I have installed the plugin you recommend and it seems to perform fine. I am going to get a refund on the plugin I bought. Why spend money on a product when there is a free product that serves the same function?

    Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful end of the year 🙂 Merry (late) Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Jeevan,

      Oh yes…it feel great to have completed 3 years, without taking a break for more than a few days! Thanks for your wishes 🙂

      I’m glad you took the survey, and thank you for saying that you like the blog the way it is, which makes me feel that I’m on the right track. Ah…length problem I might reconsider, though Google now prefers posts that are 2000+ or longer I think. A combination of long and short posts would be ideal I think.

      I’ve never really used this social share plugin earlier, except a few days back when I wanted to gather the above mentioned data to share it with everyone here. Sorry to hear about the one you had to purchase (I guess I’ve never brought any such plugin earlier because you find a lot of the free ones, provided you spend time looking up each one!) a similar plugin, though if they can refund the amount, you might be able to save up a little, or else go with the one you have – no worries.

      Thanks once again for your kind wishes, and wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. 🙂

      BTW- Congrats on your new blog – I can’t wait to read the first post on 1st Jan – I saw it 😉

      1. 2000+ words, huh?

        I am planning to keep a one-post per week schedule. I am still thinking about it…I am planning to write book reviews – reviews on books I read. Encourages me to read more books and analyze it 😀 I don’t want to mix these posts with my (normal) posts, so I might publish more than one post per week (for certain weeks).

        Of course, one post per week means lengthier posts (I don’t think I have written any 2000 word posts, so it would certainly be a challenge).

        Yeah, I didn’t check the WordPress repository for any free plugin. I will keep that tip in mind, it will be useful the next time I buy a plugin 😀 They have refunded the plugin, so it’s all good 😀

        No mention 🙂 Wishing you the same 😀

        Thank you!

        1. Yes, that’s what I’ve read on a lot of blogs Jeevan 🙂

          That would be a good pace I think, though it’s suggested (as you probably know) to have a faster pace when you are starting a blog so that it ranks faster, something I never know and perhaps wouldn’t care much about as I didn’t worry about the rank all that much. Book reviews of course would be great and you do need time for that. I think you can hit and try what works for you or try a combination, no need to have any hard and fast rules till you are comfortable with the pace you like and want, isn’t it?

          Don’t worry, I don’t think weaving words would be a problem for you, once you write pillar posts as you mentioned. Mine sometimes touch 2500 – 3000 words and then I think I should call them tutorials or guides…lol…but that gets too long and I waste time to make them shorter later. 🙂

          Oh yes…always check the WP plugins as there are several good free ones online. Honestly speaking, I have yet to purchase anything for this blog, except the very basics to set up the blog long back, so it’s good if we can do that without spending much, isn’t it? Ah…good they refunded the amount, which again is rare, so nice.

          Thanks once again and all the best for your new blog 🙂

          1. Of course. I still haven’t finalized anything. But, ultimate decision will depend upon my class schedule (Plus, I just transferred to a university, need to check how hard the classes are before I commit to write 2 or 3 posts per week).

            Yes, indeed. I am planning to experiment around with my publishing schedule.

            Hopefully 😀 I have no problem in writing, as long as I have an interest in the topic. Sometimes, I lose that interest (feel that the tips that I write has already been written by hundreds of other bloggers. Of course, not everyone has seen those tips).

            I don’t try to go with the uniqueness argument (honestly, the posts aren’t unique unless you put your heart in it, and not a lot of people do that).

            I will certainly keep that in mind 😀

            No mention, and thanks 🙂

    1. Welcome to the blog Majharul – good to see you here!

      Thank you for your kind wishes, and of course, you must be proud to be a blogger, because they rock!! I wish you joy, happiness, and success in your blogging journey as well. Remember, consistency and commitment always pay 🙂

  59. Great achievements and I just saw your most shared post, Its incredible. Great work done till now. I wish you all the success in further years of blogging. 🙂

    1. Hi Atish,

      Thank you for your kind words and wishes 🙂

      Yes, those posts became viral, something that I also learned about rather recently, once I installed this plugin – though I was seeing the shares often on FB and other social networks but one doesn’t keep a count as such till you see it all together.

      Ah…I need all you well wishes for sure because all this is going to be a pretty new arena for me, but worth giving it a try 🙂

      Thanks once again, and wishing you and Rekha a very Happy and Prosperous New Year as well 🙂

  60. Hi Harleena,

    You are a mentor to me from afar; I’m not a fan of having a multi-niche blog, because my thought of line is that it wont be full of quality, but your blog proved otherwise.

    I’m just shocked to hear that the revenues from your blog are not much…i think you need to work more on this area.

    I wish you the very best this coming year…and please, do take care of your health very well.


    1. Hi James,

      Ah…thanks for saying that dear friend, though I’m still a learner myself 🙂

      I agree about having such thoughts about a multi-niche blog but I think it all depends if your niches are related, or you can connect one with the other and choose just those, or perhaps I got a little lucky with my blog and it’s working well so far!

      Honestly speaking, I never ever tried to earn anything from this blog because my purpose was very different. It was just to help people through my life and blogging experience in some way or the other, but with the time I’m now spending on it, I think I should think a little about making a little money from it too, isn’t it? Oh yes…once I work on it, perhaps it would give results. Yes indeed, health before anything else, which also means limited time online! I wonder how it would all fit in then 😉

      Thanks for stopping by, and wishing you a very Happy New Year 🙂

  61. Harleena ma’am, many congratulations!

    Is Aha-Now only 3 year-old, really? Let me tell you, each post on your blog is very encouraging and useful in daily life. I use your blog as a guide to daily life. Only 3 years and your blog is ruling hearts, literally. The statistics are impressive, but compliments you receive from everybody are great.

    Still you deserve more respect than that. I kept reading your posts and comments but I was afraid to comment/appreciate/thank, seeing your ‘commenting superstar’ level, LOL. I promise I won’t be too lazy and will keep giving you feedback.

    Keep it up, Harleena ma’am. Thank you so much on behalf of everybody, for working hard selflessly to make our lives easy.

    1. Welcome to the blog Jignesh – nice to have you over!

      Yes indeed, it’s 3 years old. Well, I’m glad you like what I write and use these posts to inspire you in some way, and that brings me immense joy and satisfaction as it’s almost like the purpose of my blogging is accomplished. Honestly speaking, I never knew these stats myself as it’s the first time that I used this plugin to find it all out, and where the compliments are concerned, I think people are so very generous in their kind words, so it’s them I need to thank 🙂

      Lol…Oh…don’t worry ever about dropping by and leaving a comment to say ‘Hello’! The doors of this blog are always open for anyone and everyone, and to say what they wish to, irrespective of the length of the comment. So keep coming over, now that you’ve started.

      Thanks for stopping by, and Happy New Year, well in advance 🙂

  62. Congratulations and continued success to you Harleena.

    May 2014 bring you much happiness, good health and prosperity. It’s been quite a year here for me, and as I approach my 3-year blogiversary in February, I’m taking time to evaluate, take stock and change direction somewhat.
    Cheers! Kaarina

    1. Hi Kaarina,

      Thank you SO much for your lovely wishes 🙂

      Ah…nice to know that your Blogs Anniversary too is approaching, so I wish you continued success and prosperity too in the coming year, and the 4th year for your blog! It’s good to plan things and keep moving forward in life, and similar should be the case with our blogs, isn’t it? That’s what one would call to be progressive, and moving on 🙂

      Thanks once again for taking out the time to stop by here today. Happy holidays 🙂

  63. Congratulations Harleena on 3 years. You are a great writer and love your topics – we never know what will be coming next. I love that plugin that shows all your top social shares. I will have to check it out too. Thanks for sharing that wish us and for all you do. You always amaze me as one of the first commentors at many blogs including my own. I wish you great success in the next 3 years Harleena.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for your wishes and kind words 🙂

      I agree with you there, and that’s thanks to the varied niches on the blog perhaps. I also never know what I’d write on till I really get down to writing it – more the merrier as they say. Ah…I too just found this plugin and used it for the first time get these stats, an eye-opener for me that I wanted to share with everyone here. I think I just get a little lucky with the time zones, nothing else, which is why you all see me as the first one to comment on many blogs, including yours.

      Thanks once again for being a part of my blogging journey. Happy Holidays 🙂

  64. Hi Harleena,

    Lots of congratulations to you on achieving this milestone of 3rd blog anniversary.Surely it must ne really hard work to bring aha-now to this level.I wonder how you manage all this, because you are omnipresent-superb comments,thought provoking and interesting posts and wonderful work on the social media.

    It is really a great job done by you.And yes after all this hard work you surely deserve a fair amount of revenue.After all the bottom-lines are very important. I want to ask you a question that from starting of the blog you were so confident as now or you also faced difficulties or got disheartened at times in between?

    Any way hats off to you for doing the great job.Thanks

    1. Hi Nitesh,

      Thank you for your warm wishes 🙂

      Yes, blogging is never easy if you are really taking it seriously or doing it with an aim to help people because in such cases you go all out, without any second thoughts about the time spent or the effort put into it all. Lol…no – no, not really omnipresent but yes, it does take me all day just taking care of comments, social media, and the writing of the posts, which is one reason I reduced their frequency to once a week for a while so that I can sit and reply to ALL the comments on the blog, which includes going back to my older posts and taking care of those comments also.

      Honestly speaking, I never thought about making money from the blog because my purpose was just to help others through the little experience I had, but with the amount of time I’m now spending on the blog, which reduces my other work in hand, there’s no harm trying to see if one can make a little amount that would make do for it all, isn’t it?

      Good question! I was confident of what I wrote from the very beginning – being a writer, and then I started doing more research for my posts because I wanted to give complete information to my readers so that they didn’t have to go elsewhere for a similar matter and found it all here. The only time I face difficulty is when I have no idea about the codes, or the tech aspect of the blog, or feel disheartened when I am not able to cope with everything all at once, for which I slowed things now. But I’m glad I have my hubby’s support with me throughout, who’s got a much better tech brain than mine so he handles that aspect for me when I fall into trouble. So, things are never easy for anyone, and they get tougher as your blog grows or starts ranking better with numerous comments to take care of and the social media presence to maintain. But then that’s part and parcel of blogging, and who said it was all a piece of cake! 🙂

      Thanks so much for your kind wishes and constant support 🙂

  65. Hi, Harleena Mam,

    Congratulations for unstoppable three years of your blogging achievements and same time Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. 🙂

    I know it’s not an easy task of delivering such a wonderful work with perfection. Everywhere you put your heart that attracts your reader’s attention. And they enjoy every bit of your writing and comments. The world is celebrating Christmas and moving in the spirit of very warm and beautiful new year and Aha!Now is celebrating 3rd blogiversary.

    This is a co-incidence that your blogiversarry falls on Christmas and I have another co-incident that my site which provides help to job seeker has completed its first year on web and sharing its anniversary with Aha!Now and Christmas. Haha!

    Seriously, it’s your hard-work and consistent effort what paid off and brings you at this stage of achievements.
    I love the idea of having an interview section at your blog. It definitely will engage copious readers. All the best for your all future plans.

    I enjoy quotes and especially by Ford, just because,his life is a big example of moving forward together. I hope Aha!Now moves forward at every stage of blogging.

    Thank You very much for sharing a lovely post on the eve of Christmas. 🙂
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!

    1. Hi Kumar,

      Thanks SO much for your lovely wishes, and congratulations on the first anniversary of your site as well – feels great, doesn’t it? 🙂

      Yes indeed, it’s not easy to write with perfection and I think it’s good if we can keep trying to do our best in the best way possible so that we are a little close to delivering matter that’s helpful to the people, which is most important. I do hope they enjoy my posts, and the comments are all thanks to wonderful friend’s like you, who keep the spirit of this blog alive.

      Hard work always pays, though in some cases it might take a while for which you need to be patient, yet remain consistent in your work without giving up hope, isn’t it? Interviews and the other few things mentioned were in the pipeline since a long time, but before I came up with any changes, I wanted to inform my readers, and also wanted to take their views, thus the little survey that was included, which I hope you took so that it gives me a clear understanding about the plans and needs of my readers.

      Ah…I love quotes too as you already know and see from all my posts, which must have a few, and I think the keep moving forward ones are nice to boost your self-esteem and give a nice push to you.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year as well 🙂

  66. Harleena, ever since I started blogging and visiting your blog, I’ve always known how serious you are.

    True, your posts are always a complete tutorial and your comments too are like short posts which explains another aspect wish might be missing out in your post 🙂 . I do enjoy all of that.

    Before I started blogging, I heard all sort of stories about how people fail before their first year which made me kind of scared, but I was determined to do it and if Aha!Now is three years old, then it means it has always been moving forward. This alone is a great step to helping me move on and believing in a successful future.

    For the future of Aha!Now, I really love the idea of an interview. I started my blog with that part too and have interviewed a few people on it and it is actually something I and my loyal readers enjoy. As a matter of fact, I have been thinking of interviewing you on my blog. 🙂 .

    I am very much impressed with your success and I know 2014 will be a better year for you as you shall achieve more than you have this year.
    Do have a wonderful stay,
    Happy New Year in Advance.

    1. Hi Ngah,

      Well, thank you for saying that, and yes, I am truly committed to my readers and to myself too 🙂

      Lol…sorry for that! But I guess with time, the readers of the blog and even those who are new and join in, have got used to the long posts and comments, though I know I should aim for writing short posts too sometimes. However, Google now prefers posts that are 2000+ words I read, or perhaps a combination of long and short posts works best. Regarding the comments, I think I can never mince my words to fit within 1-2 lines, or I like to say it all, just as if I’m having a conversation with the person who left a comment.

      I agree with you about people giving up too soon, and most of them aren’t patient enough to bear the little ups and downs that come along with being a blogger. But what pays is being consistent and committed, and of course, if your posts are helpful too, you are on the right path. I’m glad you could find a little inspiration from my blogging journey of these past few years. It’s the first time that I sat down to dig out the stats and counts, to let everyone know that things keep moving forward though we might not realize it till we see them ourselves.

      I’m glad you like the ideas of interviews, something that’s been on my mind since long but I want to have them nicely planned and carved specifically with the personality of the blogger. Ah..thank you for saying that and I’d be honored to give an interview once I’m through with a few pending ones in hand.

      Thanks so much for your warm wishes, and as I keep saying, this blog wouldn’t have been without the help and support of all you wonderful friend’s, so I thank and appreciate all of you. Happy New Year to you as well 🙂

  67. Hi Harleena,

    Congrats on that! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    I wish you all the best and many in the future.

    Your blog is great and you are reallu a great writer. Believe it or not, you are one blog site I read a lot even though not included in my niche.

    Well done on that!

    Take care and keep on touch ya!

    1. Hi Reginald,

      Thank you so much for your lovely wishes 🙂

      Ah…your words make me reach seventh heaven, Reginald, though I always like myself to be called a learner because I know there’s such a lot to accomplish still. I think that’s what makes the Blogosphere such a lovely place as we can visit each others blogs and learn SO much from one another, isn’t it? I learn a great deal from yours, and look at the heights your blogs gone to in such a short time span – commendable indeed!

      I love to hear that, and I’m glad you enjoy what I write, though I know it’s a far cry from your niche. I guess that also speaks for the various comments from unrelated niche bloggers I get on this blog because perhaps all these topics are related to our lives and affect us in some way or the other, isn’t it?

      Thanks for your warm words and wishes, they mean a lot to me. Hope you are taking it off, and enjoying your little break too! Happy Holidays 🙂

  68. Merry Christmas Harleena,

    And, happy anniversary to your blog. You’ve really achieved much this year and, i’m indeed happy for you. If things continue going this way then, you will soon become a greater blogger.

    You see, hard work pays and, you deserve all the results you’re getting because, you worked for it. I don’t have much to say right now but, i will only wish you more good things in 2014 and always. May Aha-now continue to grow as the days passes by.

    I’m in the village right now so, i don’t really have much time. My sister will get married on 30th and, im inviting you.


    1. Hi Theodore,

      Thank you for your lovely wishes, though all of this would have been incomplete without the support of wonderful friend’s like you 🙂

      Ah…I never aimed to become a great or successful blogger like so many others, because my purpose was just to help people and that’s why I started this blog. But somehow things took shape and the blogs reached where it is today, and I just have people to thank for that because the readers are what makes a blog, isn’t it?

      I agree with you there – hard work does pay, and so does patience, which we all need to have. Ah…I read about your sisters wedding and may He grant her all the joy and happiness in her married life. I know your presence in the village is so very required being her elder brother and a responsible son, so take care and be well dear friend. I wish I could’ve flown and reached there for the wedding, but I accept the invitation and will certainly be there in spirit 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind wishes. Happy Holidays to you and yours 🙂

  69. Hello Harleena,

    Congratulation on your blog anniversary. Your blog has indeed matured enough to jump on to the next stage.

    Getting direct ad for your blog is indeed a nice way to go and it ca increase the revenue of your blog. Ah… sponsored post is also my all time favorite and i am sure you’re going to love that area of blogging, but doing a proper investigation on the links before accepting is indeed a wise choice.

    I haven’t go through your survey but amma do that once i finish dropping my comment :). Thanks for the kind mentioned and also, i wish you more success and best achievement in the blogging world and your other jobs :).

    Do have a blessed holiday…

    1. Hi Babanature,

      Thanks so much for your kind wishes. Yes, I also thought that it’s perhaps high time that a step to move forward be taken 🙂

      I haven’t really tried the advertisements as yet, though I keep getting a lot of offers but somehow they never clicked with the theme of the blog or weren’t what I would like to have on the blog, so never went ahead with them. Similarly with sponsored posts, which perhaps you are pretty good at, but as you mentioned, you really need to be careful about the links before you accept just anything, and again, I would prefer to have them only if and when it’s something related to the blog categories.

      I hope you took the survey as that would help me better my blog as I value my readers a great deal, and there is no one better than them to guide me right through. I value your feedback a great deal, and of course you had to be mentioned for being such an integral part of the blog.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind wishes. Hope you have a lovely holiday, and wishing you a very Happy New Year as well 🙂

  70. Hi Harleena,

    CONGRATULATIONS on your 3rd Blogoversary!!!!!! WOW…what an anniversary that falls on Christmas!! 🙂

    Wow…you are just amazing!! I admire you a lot. Your website is more than a blog, it is a magazine!! How many people who can manage a magazine? Not too many people who will last this long and keep it going for 3 years. You have done an incredible job as far as the design of the website, the maintenance, the SEO, the posts and answering comments faithfully.

    To me you are the “Queen of Comments.” Not only your posts are quality and so as your comments. You really poured out your heart and soul. And that’s is so wonderful about you. You are one-of-a-kind. Some of the blogs I visited in the past, I commented in their blog and mind you, it is not that their receiving tons of comments coz I don’t see much comments and they’re beginner, I’d leave a long comment and my comment remained unanswered.

    Like Mitch Mitchell said when he did a guest post on Adrienne’s, it is the PRIDE. And so I learned from him, he said before he leaves a comment on someone’s blog, he makes sure that the blog owner answers all her comments. And now those who IGNORED my comments and didn’t bother answering it, I don’t even bother coming back. I can understand if they get 1000 comments a day but not. These are the bloggers who doesn’t have too many comments on their blogs and you know they’re not receiving bizillion comments in a day either and have time to answer it.

    So you used WP Social Stats to see all the stats comparison, I bookmarked this post on my Pocket. Thanks for telling me.

    Me too. Incorporating “interviews” are one of the things I would wanna add to my blog. But I’m not quite ready. Reading 5 blogs a day and commenting 5 times a day takes a lot of my energy already besides a screaming baby in my house, LOL. But I did write my goals. To interview a blogger can be time consuming. First, you have to study their blog. Really get to know them. Then a good interviewer ask questions that they cannot find on his/her website. That means the question should be UNIQUE each time you interview different people and not ask questions that are generic.

    Sounds great. Looks like your blog is going for a better future. An advertising kit is excellent. I pray that you will prosper in the year 2014. I support you 100%.

    Me too. I won’t be posting again until January 1st which falls on a Wednesday the day I normally update my blog. Take all the time you need and rejuvenate yourself my friend. Thank you so much for friendship and your great support.

    Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!!!!!! May God bless and keep you!!!


    1. Hi Angela,

      Thank YOU so much for your warm wishes! Yes, it falls on Christmas – reminds me of the time when I put up the first post three years back, just randomly thinking it was a nice day to start off, and nothing else in mind, and see where it’s all reached within this time 🙂

      Aww…you make me reach seventh heaven with your lovely words each time dear friend, and yes, though it’s not easy to manage so many niches as on this Blogozine, but perhaps I can relate to each part of these niches myself as they relate to our lives, I can write about them, which I’m sure you’d be able to as well if you get down to it.

      Honestly speaking, all that you mentioned, takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. Being an awesome blogger yourself, you know it all. Yet, we keep trying and learning, and keep moving forward, isn’t it? I’ve learnt a lot from you and many others these past years. I think each blog has so much to teach us, every visit to a new blog or page teaches me something new, so I need to thank every person around for teaching me so much, which has helped me implement it all on this blog, though I know there’s so much more to do with it, which I’m ready to take on in the coming year now.

      Ah…that’s a title I’ve been given in the Blogosphere, but look who’s talking! Have you seen your comments dear friend – they are perhaps longer than mine and hold so much of value too. I think when we write from our hearts, the words just flow, don’t they? So, whether it’s in our posts or comments, we can always have so much to talk about, or perhaps we are big chatters 😉

      I know what you mean by not getting your comments replied, more so if they are new bloggers who don’t even get those many comments. I guess a lot of it depends on the bloggers attitude, their commitment and the fact whether they want to spend the time to reply to the comment and build relationships! I see a lot of the newbies have this problem where they don’t have time, but nor do we! Yet, it’s our commitment to our readers and the will to do it, which makes us reply to each comment. But I’ve not had the time to reply to a lot of my earlier post comments too and that still plays on my mind, which was one main reason to reduce my blog posts to once a week, so that I find time to reply to the comments at least, and this little break, I’d just be sitting to do that!

      I liked what Mitch mentioned, and I also believe that, though not always do the same. I like to encourage the new blogger who perhaps have never received any comment all this while by leaving mine at their blog, because I can never forget the first few months when I started off and had no one comment on my blog! Yes, we all look for interactive blogs where the blogging community is very strong, just like Adrienne has, and she surely has worked pretty hard for it, making sure to reply instantly and visit each ones blogs too – shes an inspiration!

      Yes, these plugins I tried for the first time myself a few days back, just to gather these stats, which I think we should once in a while as they show us things about our blog in one glance. Interviews were on my mind since a long time but I was waiting for the right time perhaps, though we know there is never a right time till we make one! I know your situation, and I agree with a little one around, it’s tough already to deal with more of what we can handle. I think interviews are kind of personal interaction with bloggers that others can learn a lot from, though you need to frame your questions based on the blogger. It’s a little relief where comments are concerned though, in case you don’t also reply to the comments of the interview along with the person being interviewed. I agree, the questions needs to be based on the bloggers personality more than anything else, and creating unique questions based on the blogger itself will be a task, but something different that the blogger and the readers will like also perhaps. Once a month is a good start, and I have my blogging community full of people I know for starters, including you! 🙂

      I’d been thinking of advertisements as I keep getting a lot of emails for it, and sponsored posts too, though never went ahead with it all as my purpose was never to earn money. But with the time I’m spending now on the blog, which is literally ALL my time, it makes it tough to handle my writing projects alongside, which I might slow down if this picks up, so lets hope for the best. It’s all going to be a hit and trial for a while to see how it goes, and I certainly cannot go ahead without the help and support of ALL of you.

      Ah…seems like I’m going to take it off longer than you, and with our long talk above, you know just why! You have fun with your family, because you certainly deserve the break, and they need ALL of you to themselves 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and adding so much value to the post. Wishing you a very Happy New Year – I appreciate you a great deal 🙂

  71. Sounds like you’ve had a fantastic year – learned a lot, played a lot, moved forward a lot. Congratulations on your 3rd Blogoversary. I took a bit of a step backwards last year in terms of blogging, because it was more important to me to spend time with my new baby… but sometimes steps backwards can be steps forward, too.

    1. Welcome to the blog Tat!

      Each year has been a learning experience for me, and perhaps now is the time one can think of moving forward. Thank you for your kind wishes 🙂

      Absolutely! There are priorities in life we need to take care, and a new baby – needs your undivided attention. I’m so glad you took it slow and are back now. Preference should always be your family, just as I keep saying each time. Yes indeed, sometimes a step backward is a huge step forward, and this step your child will always appreciate you took 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us 🙂

  72. Merry Christmas Harleena. Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog. Well done! 🙂

    It’s been a pleasure reading and commenting. I like what you’ve got lined up for the future. Sounds fantastic! I know that your blog will grow from strength to strength. 🙂

    I completed the survey.

    Enjoy the rest of the Christmas period.:-)

    1. Hi June,

      Hope you had a lovely Christmas as well. Thanks so much for your words of inspiration, which is what keeps me going 🙂

      It’s indeed been a pleasure knowing you and so many other bloggers in the Blogosphere, which makes it all worthwhile. Yes, a lot lined up for sure, and I hope I just get down and take care of it all, though I’d take my own time as I don’t want to rush through it all. Slow and steady does it, just as the wise say!

      It will grow hopefully, but not without your support dear friend. I need you ALL to be a part of my journey. Glad you took the survey that would help me decide on a lot of things.

      Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Holidays to you and yours 🙂

  73. That’s a lot of stats. Looks like you have everything under control. As Tim Feriss said, “You can’t improve what you can’t measure.” Since you are measuring almost everything, you shouldn’t have problems improving the areas that need improvement. Happy Blog Anniversary! All the best in 2014. I am sure your wonderful community will keep growing.

    1. Welcome to the blog Churchill – good to have you over 🙂

      Lots of stats indeed, and I just discovered these plugins that helped me gather it all up. I needed to measure things, which we should all do once in a while, so that I could find out the who, where, and what of the blog. I guess it shows you things all in a single glance and you know the areas that need to be worked on, just as you mentioned. And I certainly wanted to mention those who have been a part of my blogging journey, isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind wishes. Yes, this blogging community surely rocks! Happy Holidays, and wishing you the best for the coming year. 🙂

  74. Hi Harleena,

    Many Congratulations for the third anniversary of your blog! Wishing you many more and may Divine blessings be with you for all the success you dream of.

    There is no doubt that you have put your hear and soul into this blog. I truly appreciate your efforts and look forward to many more meaningful posts in the coming year.


    1. Hi Balroop,

      Thank you SO much for you kind wishes. This blog wouldn’t have been where it is today had it not been for lovely friend’s like you and the readers of the blog 🙂

      Yes indeed, I try to put in my best in each post, though I’m rarely satisfied and keep feeling I could have done better even after a post is published! I guess we should keep striving to get better, and learning should never stop, isn’t it? Hope to make myself better in the coming year.

      Thanks for stopping by and your constant support – much appreciated. Happy New Year to you as well 🙂

  75. Happy Blog-Anniversary Harleena!

    You’ve achieved greatness and your blog stats prove that. I’m really looking forward to reading what you come up with in 2014! Happy Holidays!


    1. Hi Bren,

      Thanks so much for your wishes. Ah…those stats did surprise me too as I just got to know about it all once I installed the plugin for it, 3-4 days back. Yes, there’s a lot planned out for the coming year, and I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I can handle it all.

      Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Holidays to you and Titan as well 🙂

  76. Hiii Harleena mam,

    “Happy Blog Anniversary”. This is the result of your Hard work that is now in this level. I hope you are going to do much much better changes in features. i really love to visit almost every day and like the post on social sites.

    I enjoyed the survey process. Thanks mam 🙂

    1. Hi Amit – nice to have you back 🙂

      Thank you for saying that, but it’s never the blog owners work – instead, the appreciation and effort of the readers too that help a blog reach where it does, so cheers to all my blogging friend’s and readers for being a part of the blog. I’m glad you are a regular visitor, which is more than enough for me, and I hope you keep reading my posts too.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad you took the survey too. Happy Holidays 🙂

  77. Hi Harleena,

    First of all, happy third anniversary for your blog 🙂

    It is great to see that one’s hard work is payed for! And indeed those achievements needed hard work to accomplish.
    I also like the way that you planned the next year regarding your blog. It is wise to set at the end of each year to evaluate what have been achieved, and set clear goals for the next year.

    Once again, congratulations,
    And Happy holidays for all 🙂


    1. Welcome to the blog Dima!

      Thank you for your warm wishes 🙂

      Hard work always pays, doesn’t it? Yes, sometimes the results show up a little later than usual, but we need to keep at it and not give up! I think once you have things planned out, you can chalk out all you need to do to move forward or take your blog to the next level. Perhaps the time’s come to do that, though I know I’m just learning a great deal myself, but that’s what makes the Blogosphere such a lovely place because you have such a wonderful blogging community of friend’s who are always there to help you when need be.

      Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Holidays to you as well. I’d soon visit your blog once I’m through with the comments on this post 🙂

      1. Thank you Harleena for the warm welcome 🙂
        You are right! SEO is no exception for taking sometime to get results. Sometimes months, but it deserve the hard work, indeed!

        I will be waiting for your visit to my blog, you are most welcomed 🙂

        1. Absolutely Dima!

          You can actually do a lot without SEO and I have so many posts written just from my heart, without really bothering about SEO and other such things, and they have done very well, somehow! Yes, everything needs hard work, but then who said you can achieve anything without it too, isn’t it? I’d surely drop by as soon as I’m through with these comments.

          Thanks once again 🙂

  78. Hi Harleena,
    Congratulations for completing 3 years of blogging. In short, I should say “Superb achievement”. Wish you complete 3 decades at least in blogging. “Happy Blogging Day” and Happy Holidays.

    1. Hi Abir,

      Thank you for your kind wishes. Yes indeed, achieving yet another milestone does bring me immense happiness, though as I keep saying, it’s always the readers of the blog that help it in moving forward, so they need to be cheered for it too.

      Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Holidays as well 🙂

      BTW – Grab yourself a Gravatar, so that we know who we are talking to 🙂

  79. I think you have done a wonderful job of the blog and it shows that. As far as generating revenue from the blog is concerned, its possible to make a decent sum as you have a highly engaged community. Wish you all the best in the next year. And congratulations.

    1. Hi Shalu,

      Thank you for saying that, though it’s always the readers who appreciate the work, so it’s them who need to be thanked more 🙂

      I know we talked a little about that, and others too have mentioned the same to me. More so, if I’m spending nearly ALL my time in blogging, which nearly makes me a full-time blogger, why not try to earn a little from it, so that it starts paying too. You know it does, and I believe you dear friend, so hope for the best.

      Thanks for stopping by, and wishing you a very Happy New Year as well. 🙂

  80. Hi Harleena,

    Congratulations on your 3rd blogiversary! I am about a month behind you and am so glad we are on this journey together. I’m excited about your new direction in 2014. I will be supporting you as you take a turn in your blogging journey in the coming year.

    Best wishes for much continued success, Harleena. Your stats are very impressive (though the table isn’t showing for me) and you certainly deserve every success you’ve had. You’ve worked hard and well throughout these three years, Harleena and it’s paid off for you.

    I took the survey and hope others will too.

    Enjoy your fourth year, Harleena!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you SO much for your warm wishes 🙂

      Oh yes…I remember that, though you post so much more and are truly an inspiration for many of us. Just makes me wonder as to how you manage it all! It was on my mind since a long time, all of these new plans, but I wanted a special occasion to start it all off from and nothing better than the anniversary to move ahead with the plans. Rest assured, nothing is ever possible without the help and support of wonderful friend’s like you – I’m so blessed to have you in my life, Carolyn.

      Sorry for the table error earlier, I think it was a small plugin problem that I took care of as soon as you mentioned it. I must admit, the stats surprised me too, and I didn’t know we could check them out through these plugins, so much more to learn! I think most professional bloggers work hard, and if their hard work pays off at the end of the day, their blogging journey is a success I’d say. Mine is taking a good turn, though lots more to do.

      Glad you took the survey, which many bloggers suggest we should have on our blogs, at least once a year. Also, I wanted to mainly know whether all that I share is something people like, and their suggestions I do value a great deal, which would help me take the blog to greater heights.

      Thanks SO much for being such a vital part of my blogging journey, Carolyn. I appreciate you a great deal. Happy Holidays 🙂

  81. Hi Harleena,

    Congratulations on your 3rd blog anniversary! It’s wonderful to see how Aha!Now has grown from strength to strength, and I wish you the very best with your plans for the new year. I look forward to following you and supporting in anyway I can.

    Harleena, you certainly do deserve all the credit given to you to by others in the blogosphere. Your work ethic is tremendous and you’re a highly respected blogger who is a model example to others. I certainly continue to learn a lot from you and your approach to blogging and commenting. Thanks very much for the mention and do expect many more comments from me in the new year! 🙂

    I’ve just completed the survey and hope you find the responses useful.

    Congratulations once again and wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Hiten,

      Thank you so much for your kind wishes 🙂

      Yes indeed, once I collected these stats myself, which was just one day before I sat to write post, I was kind of happy too with the gradual progress the blog has made over time. Oh…just by being here each time, you are doing much more than support me and my blog dear friend, and I appreciate you for all your efforts. This blog wouldn’t have been where it is today, had it not been for lovely friend’s like you 🙂

      Ah…I think people are too kind to link up to the blog or the mentions one keeps getting in so many places. Your words make me reach the sky, Hiten – thank you for saying that! The learning aspect I think is something we do from each other, just as I learn so much when I visit your awesome blog too, not to mention the several books you’ve written so far – commendable indeed.

      You are most welcome. That’s what the stats showed, and it’s always a pleasure to have you over and share your wisdom with us. Glad you took the survey, which I’d surely be checking out later to see what my readers prefer and how to take this blog to the next level, something recommended to be done yearly by others.

      Thank you so much for being a part of my blog, and wishing you a very Happy New Year as well 🙂

  82. Hey Harleena,

    Happy blogiversary for your wonderful blog dear 🙂 Hoping to hear most of your blogging dreams were came true when I land here on the 4th anniversary!

    It’s really awesome to celebrate such an anniversary along with the Christmas spirit and joy of New Year around. Isn’t it? Mmm… Joyous days! But I know they are busy enough for you 😉

    You made it all happen by yourself with your awesome readers’ support Harleena 🙂 I know how busy you were and I can still see heap of work left for you. But you always made your readers the first priority and I’m sure everyone grateful for that. You would find no one left empty handed 🙂

    Very interesting how you got your 2014 planned already 🙂 More and more new changes to be go live and extra income is indeed a wise decision. I’m still amazed how you do it all alone and still managed to embrace more work. Mother of all bloggers? 😉 Now I see the point of such a definition. BTW I’d always find you as the symbol of love and kindness.

    Further, I’m really glad you gonna invest more time on your health too, so we all can make sure you gonna blog continuously without any health issues to bother your journey. Well, you taught us the value of health 😉

    I’m sorry to wear you out with compliments (Sorry, if I did ;)), but you always deserve ’em dear 🙂 I just can go on and on about my lovely blogging friends who become close friends, including you, but never stop 😀

    Thank you so much for the kind mention and I’m surprised to see myself mentioned in there as I have been visiting this blog just for about one and half years Harleena 🙂 I still remember mentioning you that “I’ll comment on posts where I can relate” 😀 Was I sleep-TWEETING?

    BTW I have no doubt you will find how I responded to your survey dear 😀 lol… Seems I can’t be anonymous enough!

    Wishin’ you HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a very Happy New Year, my friend!

    Oh c’mon! No blogging now 😉


    1. Hi Mayura,

      Thanks SO much for your lovely wishes, and all the help and support you’ve shown all these years 🙂

      Yes indeed, it’s good to celebrate it during these holidays and it takes me back in time when I started this blog on Christmas – just thought it was a nice day to make things move forward, and there’s been NO looking back since then. Oh yes… I need to run away from my blog if I want to really take a break myself. 😉

      It does take a lot of time and effort, and being an awesome blogger yourself, you know better, isn’t it? But it’s never the effort of the blog owner itself that makes it successful, it’s always the loyal readers and the lovely blog community members that make it what it is. So, I need to thank ALL of you for always being here and sharing these posts each time. I am indeed grateful, and the credit goes to all of you 🙂

      I do keep my readers always before me, and I keep trying my best to reply to their comments, but sometimes you are just caught up with so much other work at home and other places that you wish you had more hours in the day, or more hands to do it all. I am running SO late in my return visit too this time, but I’m glad I am taking a few days off, when I shall do the needful, or else I just feel so guilty.

      The advertising and earning aspect is something I’ve never considered until now, but a few friend’s suggested to do the same sometime back. I thought perhaps now is the time that I can start with that because of the time I actually spend on the blog, which leaves me hardly time in taking up my writing projects as before. So, if one can do the same from the blog, why not give it a try. No, I’m really not alone as my hubby’s always behind me as my pillar of strength and manages the tech aspect of the blog, as I always mention. I might just make him write a post one fine day (I’m trying to get him into the blog, but an uphill task to convince him!!)

      Yes, someone did call me that and surprised me too, though I always feel I am better off being a learner than a mother of all bloggers, which I am surely not. That’s their kindness in a ways I think, nothing else. Aww…thanks for saying that- you just made my day!

      Health is wealth, and it really is, though most bloggers, including me, tend to neglect it. That’s going to be my New Year’s resolution now, to concentrate first on my health and take up other things later, though I know it’s a tough one for me to follow. So, if I visit all your blogs a little later than usual, please understand why! (Still wondering how to take out the time to manage it all within the limited hours one gets!)

      Oh…you know you have the freedom to say what you like here – in praise (joking)! That makes me reach seventh heaven and is good for anyone’s morale. I know bloggers like us never stop, and our little Tweet chats are a proof of that, isn’t it? Is it just one and half years? I thought you were always there, which shows how deeply associated you are with this blog Mayura, or perhaps your comments show up on nearly every post as per the widget I used. Lol…and you can relate SO well to almost any topic I write about, which shows your knowledge and interest on so many categories.

      Ah…I hope you took the survey, though I never know who’s filled what in it, but it’s recommended to have one survey per year, as I read it on a few blogs, so just thought it was time to find out what my readers like or dislike and how I can make this blog better, and how can I help them further.

      I wish I could honestly take a looooong break too! But you know the work I have piled up, though I do manage a few hours always when my kids drag me for a little outing, so one’s got to be grateful for each moment, isn’t it? Lots to do, in these coming days to welcome the New Year with new hopes and new changes 🙂

      Thanks SO much for your lovely comment, and wishing you and your family Happy Holidays too. I appreciate you and our friendship 🙂

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