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Children of Divorce

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    Vernon Layne

    It happens. Parents divorce and go their separate ways. But what about the children who had no choice in the matter? Who’s making sure they are okay?

    When I divorced from my first wife I didn’t know how it would effect my children. We are still working through some of the scars it caused them. What do you think is the best way to support children who parents have divorced? And if your parents have divorced how are you getting through it?

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    Ajay Pai


    HI Vernon, the parents here should act/ behave normally with the kids. They should be given the same love and affection as if nothing happened amongst the parents. Having said this, am unsure, whether the parents would be able to provide the same care and affection to their kids as the entire equation has now changed post-divorce.

    I do not think that the scars can be undone from those little hearts. When we talk about tolerance/ compassion/ being selfless and such mannerisms, why is that the divorce becomes the only option. Is there no other amicable way that this issue can be answered to? or any other way of reconciling?

    Divorce is such a painful procedure. I believe that the parents should be in constant touch with their kids and try to be a part of all their activities wherever the parents’ presence is required.

    Am awaiting to see the revert to your discussion from other group members too.

    Am sure Vernon, you are an optimist and a believer. Hence, am doubly sure that you would definitely work out for a way to make your kids feel better.

    My love for your kids, Vernon. Do pass the message to them. After all now we are a family.

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      Vernon Layne

      Hi Ajay,

      You are right when you say that parents show continue to show love and support for their children in a time like a divorce. Sometimes parents are so bitter during a divorce that they forget about their children because they are too focus on what they want.

      Often children feel abandon or not important. I know that’s what my daughter told me that was the way she felt. Although it’s been awhile since my divorce we are building a strong relationship and it’s slowing coming together.

      Yes we are a family here and I want you to know that I appreciate all the love you have shown me.

      Thanks my friend!

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