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Community Activity Achievement Badges

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    Vinay Kachhara

    Dear Ahaians,

    In continuation with the additions and improvements on the ABC, we have introduced few more badges and logos.

    We have always appreciated your engagements and interactions, and the way you carry out your duties and responsibilities.

    Besides rewarding your community actitivities with points, here are a few badges that you can produdly showcase in your profile.

    Icon of Aha Ref badge for referrers

     AhaRef Badge –
    This badge is given to the Ahaians, who refer new members to the community. The referred visitor should signup or register in the ABC, and become an active member of the community.

    Logo of Aha Group Admin AhaGrad Badge –
    This badge is given to the ABC Group Admins. These Ahaians graduated as top of the gems of the ABC, and now dutifully carry out the responsibilities of their group management.

    Icon of Aha Guest Badge AhaGuest Badge –
    This badge is given to the Ahaians, who have been guest bloggers at Aha!NOW. These Ahaians may have earned the guest post through the leaderboard or lucky draws.

    There will be more additions to this list with time. You will be duly informed as and when we add more achievement badges.


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