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My third book The Blind Blogger's NYC Adventures is finally here!

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    Maxwell Ivey

    Hello group; After many delays both personal, physical, and professional me and my editor Lorraine Reguly have finally brought the book about my Amtrak adventure to New York City to the world. It’s now available on Amazon and my website. It has a forward by Maura Sweeney the Happiness Ambassador. It’s part travel story, part self-help book, and always entertaining. It’s full of the wide eyed wonder and brutal honesty I’m known for. I’m also told it reads like a compilation of letters written to a good friend back home. I’m very proud of the book and hope it sells a lot of copies and helps a lot of people. I’m still seeking additional book reviews and interviews if you are interested. Of course, I would provide you with a review copy of the book. Thanks to all my friends here for your continued love and support without which I wouldn’t have been able to finish this book. Love you all, Max http://www.theblindblogger.net/books/nyc-adventures

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