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New Gem Status And Rank System At The ABC

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    Vinay Kachhara

    Dear Ahaians,

    We want you to have an exciting and interesting experience on the ABC. That is why we reward you with points for all your community activities.

    Now, we have introduced ranks for all community members, who are the gems of the ABC.

    Well, not all gems are equal, so we have created a heirarchy of gem ranks. Each month, you will get the opportunity to climb the community leaderboard starting from a newbie to a less popular gem, to the most expensive and popular gem.

    The gem ranks from lower to higher are:

    (No Logo)

    Big logo of Aha Topaz rank one of the ABC


    Big logo of Aha Sapphire rank of the ABC


    Big logo of Aha Emerald rank of the ABC


    Big logo of Aha Ruby rank of the ABC


    Big logo of Aha Diamond rank of the ABC



    We have created points slabs for each gem rank, which we will keep as a secret, because we want you to receive your ranks as a surprise. 🙂

    All community gems are important, but a diamond is the king of all gems!

    Each gem rank is associated with a logo, which will be displayed in the leaderboard, your member profile, and also on the comments of the Aha!NOW blog posts.

    Each log is inscribed with a numeral from 1 to 5. The logo will change as your gem rank changes and as you earn more points.

    You will stand out from the rest, be proud to show your gem status, and happy to see your progress. 🙂

    This is not all, as there is more to come. Each day till January 12th, when the first post of the year will be published on Aha!NOW, there will be changes and additions on the blog and the community.

    So, keep coming and check out the announcements being made. 🙂

    All reward points are now set to “zero”. A new leaderboard starts from today. You may want to accumulate as may points as possible because with the exciting upcoming features, you can make good use of them.

    Also, all your points accumulated throughout 2015 make you eligible for the MegaGiveaway in the year end, just as we had last year.

    More later. 🙂

    Have a wonderful year ahead!

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