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Pakistan Kids Killing – Put An End to Violence

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    Harleena Singh
    To our brothers and sisters across the border and the world
    Black day in the history of humanity. We mourn the inhuman act, and condemn the killings.
    “Taliban gunmen stormed a military-run school in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday, killing 141 people, in the worst attack to hit the country in years.
    The overwhelming majority of the victims were students at the army public school, which has children and teenagers in grades 1-10. Nearly 132 of the dead were children and another nine were staff members.
    There were seven attackers, who all wore explosive vests. They didn’t appear to want to take anyone hostage but instead started firing indiscriminately when they entered the school.”
    Read more here – http://www.huffingtonpost.in/2014/12/16/pak-terror-attack_n_6331670.html
    Image of candle with black background and kids as flames at bottom
    The sparks live on, merging with the good spirit to prevail, let’s get together to abolish the darkness with our spirit of love and peace. ~ Aha!NOW
    Why do people target the kids to take revenge? What do they gain from doing that? Will that give them happiness and peace?
    This is utterly insensible and inhuman. No religion teaches you to kill – they all preach peace.
    Those who cannot understand this, are probably not religious and not humans.
    Our condolences are with the families of the innocent children who became the victim of maniacs.
    This violence should end. We need to radiate and perpetuate love and peace.
    How do you suggest we deal with such situations?
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    Abrar Mohi Shafee

    Oh my! I couldn’t say a word. Kids who’re smaller than me got killed. 🙁

    A minute of silence for me.

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    Rohan Chaubey

    How tragic this would be for the victims as well as their families. I fail to understand what do they get for doing such cowardly act. 😥

    May God grant them eternal rest. May God give the families of victims much needed support and courage to survive this terrible situation. May God heal the deep wounds of the innocents, caused by these attacks. 😥

    #PrayForPakistan #IndiaWithPakistan

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    Vinay Kachhara

    @abrar, there have been many incidents in the past where children have been killed. But this was the most brutal and barbaric act.

    I appreciate your sentiments and silence, but I think this needs more from and out of us all.

    We all need to voice against such evils and root them out of our world. The questions is how…

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    Abrar Mohi Shafee


    Yes, indeed. I’ve heard many incidents and many kill before. My heart really feels pity for them.

    The only way to stop these brutal kills would be rising voices against, as you explained. But same question from me, how?

    I wish, there would be some online events where we can rise awareness, voices against them. At least what we can do. But not sure what would be its consequence or will it make any difference. 🙁

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    Vinay Kachhara

    Revenge – they did it to take revenge of the punishment they met with for their wrong deeds, @rohanchaubey. This itself is a nuisance, but how they did what they did is inhuman. I think even animals won’t ever do this.

    This is indeed tragic and we need to do more than just offer sympathy. At least we can put in more words and spread the message to end the violence. Thanks for your comment and support.

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      Sivaramakrishnan M

      @Vinay Sir, We keep saying what will it take to realize these people will not stop doing things like this and people must now be on the offensive to try and thwart these attacks and destroy these radical factions much more so than they are now. I saw this coming, not necessarily in Pakistan but there will be many more events like this/it may happen in our surroundings also. We can’t do anything ?.
      Or until this kind of incidents reaches to government and after that these things can ?

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    Nathaniel Kidd

    I agree with Harleena, anyone who is killing kids (our future) is not human nor religious in my opinion. We are talking about the future generations. All we have to fight back with is our minds, bodies, and our will.

    I believe that one thing we can do is pray for peace but also here in the United States I believe we can bring this incident to the forefront by continuing to talk about it and not let it just be another news story.

    An example of that are all of the protests that are going on right now in the United States about the killing of a man on the streets by a policeman by using an illegal choke hold. These protests have causes such an uproar and disruption that the police have been forced to purchase body cameras and wear them because that has been one of the demands of the protest. These body cameras costs over 2 million dollars already and there is a great chance that there will be criminal prosecution as well.

    I believe we have to have the same passion and LOVE for the entire world and here in the U.S. we should protest and speak loudly about anything of this nature that is so inhumane. Maybe this would put some pressure on their government to do something. We can’t let the lives of innocent children be so brutally taken. We also have the power of social media, and I cannot think of a better cause to promote!

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    Harleena Singh

    I’m glad Nathaniel that you chose to speak because most people prefer to remain silent on these issues and events. Of course, with such incidents we are polluting and corrupting the future generations. The dent humanity receives with such incidents sets precedents for such inhumanly events in the future.

    An eye for an eye is a tribal and medieval rule and holds no value in today’s world. We know the only way to move forward is to talk, resolve issues with understanding, forgive and forget, let go, and secure a better and positive future. Killing children leads to nowhere and is one of the most disgusting and devilish acts.

    Pray, talk, converse, discuss, and make people understand the facts, the reality, the repercussions, and our responsibility. As you point out with the example of the Ferguson protesters, people have the power and we need to use it to set things right. At least what we can do is teach and preach the right things, tell people to love and not hate, to talk and not to use violence.

    You’re right that people can put the pressure on governments and we have seen the power of the social media in what happened in the middle east recently. If 7 billion people condemn the act and join in solidarity to stop such heinous and inhuman crimes, it will put pressure on the rest few thousands of perpetrators and make them feel powerless and eventually desert their wrong path and ways.

    This is possible in today’s world of advanced technology, it only requires, as you mentioned, the will of people.

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    Mi Muba

    Have been in trauma since yesterday, unable to do any kind of work, Ganghez Khan was the cruelest ruler in history but I never read any story of his barbarism of this level.

    The biggest tragedy is that we are still unable to point our real and common enemies including terrorism, poverty, backwardness and extremism.

    The way people all around the world are reacting to this tragic incident is the only ray of hope that shows humanity is still in this world.

    Thanks a lot for sharing

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      Harleena Singh

      I can understand your grief and trauma Mi Muba. This incident has stirred the world.

      Contrary to the expectations of the terrorists, this has invoked humanity and made people come together instead of getting scared. You’re right, this is the height of barbarism and the world needs to make sure that there isn’t a repeat of such incidents anywhere.

      As I wrote in the post, jealousy, anger, revenge, violence and all lead to no where, and these are the sins or signs of evil – our real enemies. These make people unhappy, and unhappiness breeds other evils or problems of terrorism and backwardness.

      Before some irresponsible fractions try to plunge the world back into the medieval ages, the world needs to get together to sort out the issues and move forward into the age of happiness and peace.

      That being said, my heart goes to all the parents and families of the innocent children, who were the future of our world. May their souls rest in peace.

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    Swadhin Agrawal

    Hello Harleena madam and fellow Ahaians,
    This is the most tragic case in my entire life. I heard it on the TV while I was having dinner and even though my mother requested me to eat more I couldn’t gulp another chunk of food after hearing the news.

    So sad, So unfortunate…the terrorists have shown that they are not the own of anyone. Not even of the small children. Blood has the same color either this side or that side bloodshed is bloodshed.

    I mean to what level can they put themselves down? For sure one can guarantee if you are atleast above 12-14 you know what is wrong and what is right and to kill someone…God!

    At the deepest they also know it is wrong. WHy are they doing it..to what degree their brains have been washed. Even if we beat a child in anger, we feel guilty of it while sleeping (I do and I know most will be doing) and they killed children who were so innocent. And THAT many children..oh my God.

    If I was a soldier and I was ordered to kill them, still I would spare their children and they Lord.

    Anyways its a shame we don’t act! candle marches and rally’s are another symbol saying yes we are helpless come tomorrow to kill a few more. How many terrorists would be their in the world, 1 crore, 2 crore, or 20 crore I guess not more than that. Its a small thing for a country even and in order for the world as ONE figure its like killing an ant…Why don’t we just kill them once and for all.

    We start fighting at some countries mar’s expenditure, we feel jealous if a country tests his nuclear weapon..One country is so vigilant upon other country’s progress why don’t we spare a minute to be such vigilant for each other’s sorrows and act finally.

    My prayers are with the parents and family…God bless them :'(

    Thanks for this medium I really wanted a platform to speak out my mind..if I have hurt someone or someone’s feelings..please forgive me and delete this comment.

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      Harleena Singh

      Yes @swadhin , this was indeed a tragic incident. This brutality was unforgiving. And you’re right that blood is blood, whether its Indian or Pakistani or that of any other country, such bloodshed is not acceptable.

      When revenge is on your mind, you become immune to emotions and if you are made to believe what you are doing is good, then you don’t feel bad at all. It’s all about your belief, will, and the level of consciousness. If you lack in control of any of these, then you’re susceptible to fall for the dark path.

      I can understand that you are upset but we should not be carried away by the disturbing emotions. Violence is never a solution. Killing does not root out the problems. You need to deal with the problem at the root level and at the same time safeguard ourselves.

      It’s true that nations should come together in harmony to cooperate and care for each other instead of trying to win over each other in competition. These are the times when people need to speak out and let the governments know their views.

      Thank you for expressing yourself though I can make out you got too emotional doing that. We need to keep our cool yet carry on with our task of trying to bring happiness ans peace on earth.

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    Sasidhar Kareti

    Don’t know how many Malala Yousafzais were left the earth before they could being any change in their country. How could such stupid Hum-animals think that they can serve their country by doing this barbaric act? How could they save their people by doing this? on innocent children!

    My deep condolences to all those families who lost their little buds before they blossom.

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      Harleena Singh

      Yes @sasikareti, in the words of Malala, even one person can make a difference. So, each one of us can make a difference. You don’t have to depend on any one, and if you want change – then just go ahead and start working towards that.

      It’s true that this was a barbaric act. But those barbarians were made to believe that they are serving their people by doing what they did. It’s sad what these humans did, which even the animals won’t do to their flock. Thanks for sharing your views.

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    Sivaramakrishnan M

    A terrible tragedy. However, this is an OPPORTUNITY for the normal thinking people of Pakistan to rally around fighting the radicals. All clear thinking people of any religion will condemn this act of evil. So now we must see what the government and people of Pakistan say and more importantly, what they DO about it.

    Just saw the innocent children s and parents. and very sad thing They shot one of the teachers in the head and then set her on fire and shouted “God is great!”

    If God is great, why God intends tell those terrorist to do this , If God is great it should taken the act of evil things from them.

    Peace for ever 🙁 :'(

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    Harleena Singh

    Siva, @keenblogger, these perpetrators were not religious and they were just taking a revenge. They used the name and cause of religion but they had different motives. No religion preaches, encourages, or supports such evil acts.

    If you talk of God, He has His own mysterious ways of dealing with the creation and the world. What we need to understand and be careful about is not to let these people make mockery of any religion. Such extremists and terrorists have no God and no religion. This was a barbaric act by barbarians and I’m sure it will be condemned and acted upon even by the government and people of Pakistan.

    Thank you for sharing your views.

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    Nikshep D Apasangi

    Dear AHAians,

    The reason why I did not respond immediately to the question was I didn’t have answers myself. Yes it is tragic and a cowardly act. But my question to self was what is the root cause of this violence?

    First, the people who attacked the children have been fed distorted messages of an otherwise pure and peaceful religion. The people who have been systematically brainwashing them in the name of religion, revenge and a false sense of community ought to be removed first.

    And these people who use religion as a tool for power are not seen in plain sight. They have been around for long using their money and resources to spread terror. Therefore the immediate action is a collaboration between Intelligence agencies of the world. They need to put their paranoia for each other aside and systematically get to the key people who fund these operations. This will take time but will eventually remove distortion of religion.

    Second and the more difficult task is internal transformation of people’s psyche. To transform their minds from a violence seeking mode to a peace loving mode. This will again need the co-operation of like minded people such as our community of AHAians to slowly and gently spread the message of peace. Start encouraging people of these regions to blog about their experiences in their own language and share it with the world.

    The moment we spread the light of awareness, their darkness will slowly start fading. Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, I have a Dream. A dream that the entire planet and it’s citizens will live and respect each other in a state of peace, harmony and co-operation!

    Amen! Inshallah!
    Sarveh Janah Sukhino Bhavantu!


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    Larry Frank

    It so touching,
    Why on earth should people take revenge on children? :/ death is inevitable though, but dieing at such young age is so uncalled for 🙁

    The world was meant for us all to live in, but unfortunately, it’s turned into something else, it’s now a place where we don’t know what will happen in the next minute.

    Something similar happened in Nigeria some moths ago when gun men attacked a school in the northern part of Nigeria, and took over 200 girls hostage, and till now, nobody knows where these innocent girls are. 🙁

    My deep condolence to families who lost a person in the attack..

    It’s just inhuman. 🙁

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    Swadhin Agrawal

    yes you are right madam, I got too much carried away. Lol Now when I read the comment I feel I was weird during that time.

    Yes you are again right we should work out to solve this in harmony. Harmony..well I doubt if they too think the same!

    But yes its also a fact that we cannot sink upto they did,, it would then make no difference between us and them. We have to keep calm and solve the matter intelligently and civilized manner.

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    Vinay Kachhara

    @keenblogger (Siva), yes, it’s time that governments wake up and nations get together to take some action and employ all possible ways to root out the problem. The initiative has to come from Pakistan itself.

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    Vinay Kachhara

    Hi @nikshep, well philosophically and spiritually speaking, the root cause of all problems is unhappiness. This in turn is due to the fact that we don’t understand our true self. Also, the negative elements like hatred, jealousy, ego etc. give rise to anger and violence.

    Historically speaking, the root cause of this particular incident was revenge and nothing else. Yes, the attackers were brainwashed and its sad that people can forget everything and go to such extents.

    Thanks for offering your suggestions and all I can say is that where there is a will, there is a way.

    I think you’re right about the internal transformation of people’s psyche. Actually, that’s the key solution to this problem. Those who can believe in violence, can believe in peace too. For that, you need equally or more influential people and reasons than the ones that make these people step over the dark side.

    Blogging is indeed a liberating and powerful force that can help change the minds of people. However, it is not accessible by the common people of most countries. But, you’re right that we all need to become the lightworkers and spread the light in any which way as possible. The dreams will really come true but that needs contribution and participation by one and all. Thanks.

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    Vinay Kachhara

    Hi @larryfrank,

    People sometimes become unreasonable. This mostly happens when anger and ego override their reason and senses. They start creating their own logic and act without truly understanding the problem or even their own self.

    You’re right that life always had the element of an unsure future, but it has become more unsure now. Yes, the incident of kidnapping of school girls in Nigeria was tragic too. It’s surprising and strange that those kids are still untraceable till today. I guess this can’t happen without the help of local people.

    Thanks for expressing your sentiments and views and for taking part in the discussion.

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    Rohan Chaubey

    I recently followed up this news and came across something which shocked me.

    Recently Hafiz Saeed said,”Modi is shedding crocodile tears , he is real culprit behind Peshawar attack.”

    How many of you think that people are purposely trying to spoil the relationship between the neighboring states- India and Pakistan?

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