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PP: Couples Are Intrigued On Learning How To Love Unconditionally

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    Vernon Layne

    Love. You can see it all around you. But can you see it in yourself? When others aren’t living up to your expectations can you still love them? You can if you have unconditional self acceptance.

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    Couples Are Intrigued On Learning How To Love Unconditionally

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    Harleena Singh

    Nicely written, Vernon 🙂

    Yes, Valentine’s over and it’s a good time to think about love and one’s expectations about it. As I mentioned, loving ourselves is easy for some, but what matters is how we learn to love selflessly and go beyond the usual expectations we have from each other, which leads to differences and frustrations, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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      Vernon Layne

      Hi Harleena,

      Loving people have to be taught at a young age just like being responsible.
      Children watch how they parents love each other and pick up on that.
      But then sometimes the most loving parents have the most selfish children.
      I don’t know…lol

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    A nice and full of “food for thought” post.

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