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PP: Detox Diet Plan for post party season

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    Sonal Talwar

    You all partied out and had a blast eating and drinking on New Year’s Eve. But post the food and alcohol bingeing, it’s now time to flush the toxins out.

    “With excessive partying during the festive season we ingest chemicals of all kinds, more sugar and refined foods, and abuse ourselves with various drinks and processed foods, which put extra pressure on our organs. It’s very important to remove this strain from our bodies.” , says nutrition expert Naini Setalvad.

    So, follow a detox diet plan to help clean your body after the party season, says an expert.

    Read the full post at: http://healthfundaa.com/detox-diet-plan-post-party-season/

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    Sandy Halliday

    Hi Sonal,

    You’ve probably seen that I left you a comment about this excellent detox plan.
    I wondered if I could reprint it on my blog if I gave you a link back to your site and a credit to the nutritional coach whose plan it is?

    I would probably make a few additions to it like an explanation of what paneer and amla juice is for my American readers and a bit more about the use of wheatgrass juice as mentioned on day 5 as it can be potent if you are not used to it.

    Let me know if you agree.



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    Sonal Talwar

    Hi Sandy

    Ya sure you can re-post it with a link to my blog.


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    Sandy Halliday

    Hey Sonal,

    I decided not to repost that detox diet plan after all. When I started to search for the nutrition coach, whose diet you said it was, I found it posted on a few other sites as well.

    Thanks anyway.


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