Welcome To The ABC


Group of people welcoming the new member with a signboard

Thank you for registering at the Aha!NOW Blog Community (The ABC).

You need to take a few more steps to attain active membership of the ABC. They are:


1) Please check your mail account of the email address you have registered with and click on the “Activation Link” in the email sent from “Aha!NOW & ABC”.

If you do not find the mail in your “Inbox”, please check for it in the “Spam” folder and “Unspam” it. It is advised to add the email to your “Contacts” list of your mail account.

2) After activation of your membership, please log in with your “Username” and password. (Please do NOT use your email address for login).

Your login details along with a link to this page will be sent to your registered email address as soon as you activate your account.

3) Upon login after activation, you will be redirected to your member profile page. (link: http://www.aha-now.com/members/your-username/profile/ ,where your-username is the username that you have registered with on the ABC.)

Alternatively, go to the top right corner of your monitor screen, hover your mouse over “Howdy, {your name}”.

The user flyout menu of the ABC at the top right habd corner.

Hover your mouse over “Profile” and select “Change Profile Photo” from another flyout menu.

4) If you did not upload your photo during registration, you can do so now. Else, you can also use your Gravatar.com email address, which will automatically update your profile with the photo you have registered at Gravatar.com.

Please remember that the ABC has a policy requiring all the community members to display their real photo in the profile.

If you do not complete this step, we may terminate your membership.

5) Next, you need to completely fill up your member profile. Select “Profile” from the above shown menu, and choose “Edit”.

Try to fill in as many options as possible. If you are a blogger, you can only fill in your personal blog URL. If you are not a blogger or a commercial website owner, or a company employee, please leave the Blog field blank.

6) After completing your profile, go to the “Activity” option and please send a public activity update or a private message to the admin (@admin) informing that you’ve completed your profile.

It is quite possible that we will notice your updated profile ourselves and take the next step without you requiring to do anything at your end.

7) After receiving your message or observing that your member profile is complete with a mandatory personal real photo, we will fully activate your ABC membership, authorizing you to actively participate in the community forums.

If you do not upload your photo, you will not be able to participate in the forum activity.

8) The first thing that you will need to do now is to “Introduce Yourself” to the community members.

You can do so by going to the Top Menu > Community > Forums > Introduce Yourself. Alternatively, just follow this link – http://www.aha-now.com/forum/general-forum/general-member-area/introduce/.

When you introduce yourself, just write briefly about yourself (at least 3-4 lines). Please make sure that your introduction is original and not copied from any where. If you have a blog, you can also briefly write about it, without dropping any links. You can suggest the readers to visit your profile and checkout your site and social links.

9) Finally, make friends by sending them friendship requests.

These are the nine short steps you need to take after registering yourself at the ABC.

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To know more about how to ask questions or share your wisdom to help others, click here.

If you face any problem at any time, please do not hesitate to contact the admin (@admin) through the ABC or email at admin(at)aha-now.com, or use the blog contact page.

Hope you have a great time on the ABC! 🙂


Please read the Terms of Use, if you haven’t done so.

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