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Guest Post Guidelines


I’d like you to kindly read the following guidelines carefully. I might be forced to reject your article if it does not meet any of these guidelines.

Before publishing your guest post on Aha!NOW, you need to be a registered member of the Aha!NOW Blog Community. Your guest post will stay published on Aha!NOW as long as you’re an active member of its community.

First, please register yourself, fill up your profile, and then read these guidelines to write your impressive guest post for the wonderful  Aha!NOW audience.

Topic and Post Specifics

1. Please write on topics that are related to my blog, and I’d prefer you share the post idea and summary with me before writing and sending the final post.

2. Kindly write a post about something that is not covered on my blog. Please submit posts that present new ideas that are not seen elsewhere online. The post should not be about promoting yourself, your product, or your blog.

3. Your post should cover the topic in detail and be of help to the readers. It should be preferably between 1500 to 2000 words. It should be written in a MS Word document.

4. You should have a personal blog from a related niche only. However, there can be exceptions to this rule as per my discretion. People having only a commercial website are not eligible to guest post.

5. Your post must be well-written in simple English that is easy to understand and read.

Originality and Correctness

6. The content of your post must be original and you should be its genuine author. It should not be a spun article and should not have been published anywhere else, including on your own blog or website.

7. The post should pass all tests for plagiarism using the popular plagiarism software.

8. Your post must be grammatically correct, should be structured with small sentences, and be without any spelling errors.

9. The post should respect copyrights of the content in the post. Infringement of copyright will lead to removal of the blog post without any notice.

10. Also, by submitting your post to Aha!NOW, you give me the copyright ownership of the post to avoid duplicate content issue. This means you’ll not be able to publish the post anywhere else in future.

Formatting and Editing

11. Please break the content into easy-to-digest small portions. Also, kindly make paragraphs of not more than two sentences each, which makes it easier to read.

12. After submitting your article summary you’re requested to wait for my suggestions and then start writing the post.

13. As the author of the article, you would be responsible for the making edits before the final submission. I’ll finally supervise and edit the article for its correctness, format, and relevancy.

14. If the post requires major changes, you’ll be asked to rewrite it as per my suggestions.

15. I reserve the right to add additional information if I find it essential to make the post more relevant to my blog readers.


16. You’re requested not to use any kind of affiliate links in the content of the post. Such posts would be out rightly rejected.

17. I allow the guest posts to include a maximum of two links in the author’s bio, and both should point to only blogs owned by you. These will be ‘no follow’ backlinks. I’ve the right to make any changes as per my discretion.

18. Links to irrelevant sites, whether owned or not, are not allowed. Since I do not allow keyword-rich anchor texts, the link anchor word would be only the site’s name.

19. The links in the bio will point to the homepage of your own blogs/websites.

20. I reserve the right to add contextual links to the related articles from my blog in the content of the guest post.

Image and Author Bio

21. Kindly send the links of 3-4 pictures that are related to the post, along with the article. As a rule, I don’t allow the guest authors to use their personal pictures in the post.

22. I reserve the right to choose the picture to go with the post, though I’d try to go with your preference if possible.

23. Please make sure that the pictures are free to use and modify, and are preferably under Creative Commons License for free attribution and distribution.

24. I’d prefer that you’ve your own avatar registered with so that I can use your Gravatar image. Your email address linked to your Gravatar account will be used for comment notifications.

25. Kindly include an author bio of not more than 50 words. It should not contain more than two backlinks.

Commenting and Social Promotion

26. As a guest blogger, you are expected to interact and reply to your guest post’s comments at my blog in a timely and good manner. You’re required to do that for as long as the comments keep coming.

27. You’re also required to promote your guest post extensively on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest) to your fans and followers.

28. If you fail to reply to the comments as explained above, I will have the right to remove your backlinks from the post, or the entire post itself.

29. After submitting your post pitch, kindly give me about a week’s time before I can revert to you to convey my thoughts about your post.

30. Your submission of the article is not a guarantee of it getting approved and published. I shall let you know if the post can be published or not along with its reasons thereof.


Guest Posting Disclosure

As the author of the blog post that you submit to, you agree that the post and its content are product of your own work, and that it is not plagiarized in any way.

You also agree that you have the copyright or the written permission to use the images in the guest post. After submission of the guest post, you agree that it would not be republished in any capacity. will have the sole right to use the post and its content.

By submitting guest blog post content, you agree that, its owners or managers, will in no way be held liable in copyright complaints or violations and that you, personally, accept full responsibility for the content submitted. If the guest post is not approved and published, the author will retain the right to publish it elsewhere.

If any of the above mentioned conditions and guidelines are not met, the owners and managers of have the right to either remove your post or its links from the blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read this before submitting your post summary.



Updated: August 26, 2014