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Here’s the where, why, and what about advertising on Aha!NOW.

Where to advertise on Aha!NOW 

You can advertise on Aha!NOW using the options as mentioned below:

Banner Advertisements:

1. Sidebar Top [ATF] (300×250 pixels)

2. Sidebar Bottom Sticky (300×250 pixels)

3. Before Content [Top of post] (300×250 pixels)

4. After Content [Bottom of post] (300×250 pixels)

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Promotional Posts:

We can also help you promote your products or services by writing reviews. For more details, please fill up the form below to contact us.

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Social media promotion package also available. Ask for details.

Why advertise on Aha!NOW 

You should advertise on Aha!NOW because –

1) It is an authority on personal development/life/self-help

2) It is popular among bloggers

3) It has good site metrics

4) It has a huge social media following

5) It has great outreach

6) It has good site interaction

7) It has an engaging community

Aha!NOW is a multi-niche blog. Primarily, Aha!NOW is a popular life, self-development, and SELF-help blog.

It’s a complete development blog that covers the personal, social, and professional aspects of one’s life.

People visit Aha!NOW to seek information about all aspects of life, and they love the fact that they get it all at one place. Aha!NOW also proudly hosts one of the upcoming and already popular blogging community.

Aha!NOW has a dynamic blog community, called the Aha!NOW Blog Community (the ABC). It is a real community with real members and real engagement. It is also the perfect place to promote your blog, products, and services to bloggers and non-bloggers from around the world.
Two logos of the Top 10 Best personal development blog award

Aha!NOW has achieved the distinction of being one of the Top 10 personal development blogs in the world, two years in a row. Read more about the blog at the About page.

Aha!NOW caters to a wide gamut of readership who’re interested in posts on topics related to self-development, life, health, relationship, and family. And even blogging.

Aha!NOW has been acknowledged and praised as one of the quality blogs that offers thoughtful, meaningful, and helpful content. 

Here is the latest report of the Aha!NOW statistics that will give you more reasons to advertise here.

Statistics – 

According to the latest figures of September 2018, Aha!NOW has:-

Social Profile (108,000+ authentic fans and followers) –

Google+ : 24,000+
Twitter : 19,500+
Facebook: 5,000+
Pinterest: 38,000+
LinkedIn: 21,000+
Instagram: 1,000+

In September 2018, Aha!NOW received visitors from 169 countries. The top 5 countries from where most visitors flock to Aha!NOW are:

1. US
2. India
3. UK
4. Canada
5. Australia


Alexa Global Rank – 222,000+
Page Authority (PA) – 50
Domain Authority (DA) – 47

Aha!NOW has –

450+ published posts
23,000+ comments

Aha!NOW is 8 years old. It was started in the year 2010.

What to do to advertise on Aha!NOW 

Only serious queries are entertained. You’re requested to include information about your company or site in the email.

If you’re interested to have your posts or review on Aha!NOW, then please fill up the form given below.


I’ll send you the further details including the prevailing rates and terms and conditions on the receipt of this completely filled form.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Be happy and have a great day! 🙂