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  • 3 Reasons Why Doing Homework is a Waste of Time

    Picture of a frustrated girl who thinks doing homework is a waste of timeStudents are often burdened with doing homework assignments. But, it is possible to use this time instead for doing other productive tasks or even for intended procrastination, which may in-turn help increase productivity. Here's a viewpoint on why doing homework is a waste of time and how it should be used otherwise. Read more…

  • Strong is the New Sexy: 7 Ways to Feel Sexy Postpartum

    A mother standing with her baby showing strong is the new sexy postpartumBeing a mother is a blissful experience. However, after having your baby you may feel you've lost your sheen. But this is just a temporary passing phase and you can end up feeling like a new woman a lot quicker than you think. Here are some ways to bring your sexy self back to life. Read more…

  • 6 Ways Charity Can Improve Your Health

    Ways Charity Can Improve Your HealthBesides the physical aspects of well-being, the mental or psychological factors also impact your health. Read how charity can help you attain a peace of mind and a sense of purpose in life that helps improve your health. Charity can also bring you happiness and instill a sense of self-worth that uplifts your spirit. Read more…

  • Guide to Making Money with Rental Properties

    House with a key as guide to making money with rental propertiesIf you want to make money, then you should consider the real estate market. Did you know that people are making money with rental properties? Yes, purchasing rental properties is a good investment as well as good source of revenue. Here's a mini guide to making money with rental properties to help you understand better. Read more…



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