5 Advantages of Hiring an Independent Insurance Agent

To purchase the best suited insurance plan, you need the help of an independent insurance agent. They can help compare the policies of different companies.
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Insurance is essential. But there are so many options in the market, so which one should you purchase? An independent insurance agent may help you better in this aspect. This is because they can offer you more choices, thus may save you time and money. Here are more reasons consulting an independent insurance agent may be the way to go. ~ Ed.

5 Advantages Of Hiring An Independent Insurance Agent

Purchasing insurance can be confusing as it is a critical component in assuring one’s financial security. This time, you’re not just buying a grocery item. You’re buying a promise of protection that will guarantee you financial coverage in the event of a claim. 

However, you might find yourself overwhelmed and bewildering with lots of different choices and broad types of insurance without knowing for sure which one will offer the best possible value of protection.

Due to this reason, it would be wise to use independent insurance agents’ services to assure you’re choosing the right insurance plan. Here’s an in-depth discussion for better understanding:


What is an Independent Insurance Agent

Independent insurance agent refers to an insurance agent that sells insurance policies from multiple companies rather than tied into selling products from one single insurance company.

These agents are not employed solely by one specific insurance company; instead, they are entitled to receive commissions for the policies which they managed to sell.

Rather than buying from a captive insurance agent (an insurance agent who works for one company), it is more beneficial for us to consult with an independent agent because they will be able to quickly check on several insurance policies and prices across various companies all at once.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consult With Independent Insurance Agent To Choose The Right Insurance Plan

So, the next question is what are the major advantages someone would benefit from thorough consulting with an independent insurance agent? Here are five points of why hiring an independent insurance agent is considered a great move for your insurance needs.

Providing Choices

Since independent insurance agents represent various insurance policies from several companies, they will provide you with diverse coverage options and price points. Two insurance companies offer products from the same type of insurance policies that may differ in price and scope of coverage.

In the course of this area, your independent agent can help you compare the best product with the best rate to meet your needs.

Saving Money and Time

With more choices from multiple insurance companies, you’ll have the privilege to compare similar insurance policies with different ranges of prices. In practice, this comparison will result in saving more of your money.

Furthermore, you can also get many quotes at one time, and thus, it’s undeniably time-saving to hire an independent insurance agent for your convenience and productivity.  

They are Licensed Professional

Utilizing an independent agent to work for you is highly beneficial as he/she is a licensed professional, thus having these legal obligations and one of which is to behave ethically and professionally. As an independent agent, one needs to pass a specific licensing exam and even for some countries, these people are obligated to fulfill the state continuing education requirement.

The knowledge obtained from these certifications is needed to assess complications, exclusions, complexities, and other technical terms that common people may have a hard time figuring out into a more simple and understandable language.  

Personalized Services

An independent insurance agent will regularly check and review whether your insurance coverage needs an update or changes to suit your current needs and situation. For example, in the event of you having a new baby, starting a new business, or purchasing a new house, your agent should get informed to get your insurance coverage updated with your life changes.

Many clients benefitted from this personalized service and value the individualized attention given and thus makes independent agents’ services increase their own popularity.    

Assisting with the Claims

Another benefit of working with an independent insurance agent is that he/she will help you file claims and navigate the claim process faster than the insurance provider itself. Your agent will further assist to guide you on the claim procedures, translate confusing insurance language and even advocate on your behalf if problems occur during the process.

All of these actions strongly correlate to ensure customers’ satisfaction and thus determine the success of an agent in this service-based industry.

Summing Up

Independent insurance agent acts as a professional who doesn’t work for one specific company, which makes his/her suggestions unbiased and s/he is here to represent you, instead of the company.

Ultimately, this factor makes the agent can be your ‘safety net’, meaning they will serve as your advocate in the event of finding the perfect protection, questioning the policies, or claiming process.


All in all, a reliable independent agent can help you get the best insurance plan across multiple companies with a fair claim resolution that’s just right for you.

Over to You

Have you ever used the services of an independent insurance agent before? What are the pros and cons? Share your story down below. We’d be curious to hear and so does our reader.


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