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Poster of the Aha!NOW review of Icegram WordPress plugin

UPDATE: We are not using the Icegram plugin anymore. You may not be able to view some examples in the review that we had created using the plugin features. Instead, you will only see the shortcodes because the Icegram plugin is not installed on this blog.

This is a post for all WordPress and non-WordPress bloggers. If you haven’t started blogging but plan to do so, then you need to bookmark this post.

Talking about your blog, the most important aspect, besides quality content – is the engagement of visitors.

Even the blogs that have quality content and an impressive design, either fail to hold the visitors longer on the blog, or are unsuccessful in informing them about the other goodies on the blog.

This is where Icegram comes into the picture.

It provides you with features that help to decrease bounce rate, increase engagement, and grab your visitors’ attention.

The best thing about Icegram is that it is a free WorldPress plugin. Yes, you read it right – it’s a free plugin that you can use for a lifetime!

But you can use it even on non-WordPress blogs.

If you are interested, read further.

Home page screenshot of Icegram website


What Is Icegram WordPress Plugin

Icegram is the ultimate WordPress plugin to capture leads and connect with your audience.

This is what the makers of Icegram say, but I too came to agree upon as I started using it.

It is a marketing and retargeting tool, with the primary purpose to engage and convert your visitors.

It helps to sell your products, services, affiliates, or blog features to your blog visitors by bringing these into their notice.

Icegram does not display simple banners. Instead, it displays messages that are bundled with targeting rules.

So, these messages act as per your requirements.

That’s right; you make them behave however you want them to, being in total control.

I’m sure you encountered such messages when you visited this blog.

There are many possibilities or ways of making effective and efficient delivery of your message.

These are called campaigns.

Apart from the various targeting rules, you can use different themes that Icegram provides within these campaigns.


You can choose your layouts and formatting options, and even add multimedia content like audios and videos.

There are many reasons to use Icegram on your WordPress blog (and remotely use it on non-WordPress blogs as well), as you will read below.

Animation of the free Icegram WordPress plugin features

This animation gives you a glimpse of what you can do
with the free Icegram WordPress plugin.

Why Use The Icegram WordPress Plugin

Icegram is free, but so are many other WordPress plugins. I know you’d say that!

The features that Icegram provides may be present in a few other WordPress plugins, but they may not be free in the real sense.

What makes Icegram different is that it has four features, which are generally available as separate plugins. In other words, Icegram is a 4-in-1 plugin (as you will find later, it’s much more than that!).

Icegram adds four major marketing features to your blog. They are:

  • Popups
  • Header/Footer Bars
  • Toast Notifications
  • Messengers

Speaking of myself, I always wanted to have these features on my blog. But I didn’t want to install so many plugins for the various features.

Therefore, when Icegram contacted me to try their plugin, I did and made no delay in installing it on Aha!NOW.

Here are two more reasons to use Icegram:

  • It is full featured with no limitations
  • It does not come with any forceful display of Icegram branding

You may have come across some free WordPress plugins that offer full functionality, but only for a limited duration, or only in their pro or premium plans.

Even if they offer full functionality, as long as you use their free plugin, you’ve to exhibit their branding on your blog.

This does not happen when you use the free Icegram WordPress plugin. You can create unlimited messages and campaigns, and use it for lifetime.

There are three more advantages of Icegram:

  • It can integrate with all major mailing list, newsletter, optin, CRM, form services
  • You can embed forms in Icegram messages using shortcodes
  • Icegram is responsive and includes smart, responsive template designs

You may come to like Icegram and find many other reasons to use it as you learn more about it.

And yes, even if it is a WordPress plugin, you can extend its features to non-WordPress blogs. Read further to know more.

The Icegram WordPress plugin has many more features available as free and premium add-ons.

How To Use Icegram WordPress Plugin

Learning to use the Icegram features is not difficult, but it depends on your degree of comfort and expertise with WordPress.

I felt the need of a simpler and clearer step-by-step approach to using the plugin. I could not clearly understand some concepts.

But don’t worry; I got you covered with my comprehensive and exhaustive review to help you set up your campaign in minutes! You can also treat this as a mini-guide or your manual to Icegram. 🙂

In a nutshell, all you need to do is:

  • Create messages
  • Add targeting rules to create a campaign

That’s it! Publish and experience the campaign live on your blog.

Let’s first understand the basics of Icegram.


Messages are at the base of all marketing and re-targeting campaigns that you will create using Icegram.

They are like banners, but more than that.

You can have an image, title, body text, button with a call-to-action (CTA) text, destination link, different themes, and different behavior settings for these messages.

To create a campaign, you first need to create a message.

However, messages can work standalone. I mean, even if they are not a part of any campaign. I explained it in a later section, where we create messages.

As mentioned before, there are four types of messages: Popups, Action Bars, Toasts, and Messengers.

Read more about these messages in the image given below:

Infographic of the types of Icegram messages

For every message that you create, you’ll get a drop down box and options of the four types of messages to choose from.

Icegram message window shown the four basic message types

You can use the same message for different campaigns.

There are more message types available as premium add-ons.


Campaigns are messages combined with rules to govern their actions or behavior.

In a campaign, you can use one message type or have all the message types altogether. They can be arranged in a sequence.

For example, you can first show a popup, and then an action bar. This can be followed by a toast notification, and lastly end with a messenger.

You can also target a message especially for certain type of visitors, devices, pages, etc.

Campaigns are meant to carry out a specific purpose or task. You can have more than one campaign on a page.

Read more about campaigns in the image given below:

Infographic showing the Icegram campaign information

Now that you know the basics of Icegram, let’s go ahead and install Icegram onto the blog, and create our marketing and re-targeting campaigns.

The basic Icegram WordPress plugin as reviewed below is FREE. You can download it and use like any other free plugin.

Review of Icegram WordPress Plugin Features

We download Icegram just like any other free WordPress plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.

Just go to plugins, click on “Add New”, and type in the plugin name. Do read the plugin details before installing.

Installation WordPress window for Icegram plugin

After installation, you will see a welcome window.

There, you have the option of editing and publishing a readymade campaign, which lies in the draft mode. You can preview it to get the feel of how the Icegram messages look on your screen.

Also, as you can see in the below image, you get pre-created and published messages demonstrating the basic four types of messages.

Message page of Icegram plugin with four sample messages

Studying these will give you an idea of creating them yourself.

You just need to edit and modify them as per your requirements.

Remember that the messages will not be live on the site even if they are published, until they are added in a campaign or used through their shortcodes.

I will go ahead and create a new message to show it you.

Just click on “Create New”. You can also use the dashboard sidebar options.

Dashboard sidebar menu of Icegram WordPress plugin

However, before you get ahead with the task of creating messages and campaigns, you first need to plan what you want to do and achieve.

Without proper planning, your efforts and the useful features of the Icegram plugin may go waste.

Creating a Message

When you create a new message, you get a form as shown in the image below.

If you checkout all the four readymade messages, they all have a form of almost the same format.

The only choices you need to make are in the form options of “Type” and “Theme”.

The “Type” option helps you choose to create a message type from the four given options of the drop down menu, namely action bar, messenger, popup, and toast.

You can choose only one type for one message.

Each message type has its own themes to choose from.

Demo of Icegram message creation

If the message type has an option of animation, you see an additional “Animation” option. And if the message type has placement option, you see a form option called “Position”.

In the above demo, I created an action bar for this Icegram review post. I entered that heading at the topmost field to give a name to this message.

As you can see, I chose the “type” as “Action Bar”, “Solid” as the “Theme”, and the “Position” as bottom of the screen placement marked by a blue square.

I filled up the rest of the form options as per my requirements, and these options are self-explanatory. Besides, you also get online tips if you hover the mouse over the question marks, in the black circles.

Remember that you can override the color you’ve chosen in the message, from the options in your campaign.

You can see a “Headline Generator” button besides the “Headline” form option with the text “Give Me Another Headline.”

(Advice: If you already wrote a headline, copy it before clicking on this button)

It will help generate better and effective headlines by offering some successful sentence styles with blanks, which can be filled as per your requirement.

You also get the facility to show the messages on your site using shortcodes for each message, if you do not want to create a campaign.

Just go to Appearance > Widgets.

Choose the text widget and add it to any of the existing “Widget Areas”.

Copy and paste your message shortcode in the text widget.

Your message will be displayed on your site, but you cannot apply any targeting rules to it since it is not part of any campaign.

After creating and publishing a message of one type, you can click on “Create New” and create a message of another type.

You can create as many messages as you like.

With the premium add-ons, you get to use some targeting rules and even sequencing with the messages alone, without creating campaigns.

Creating a Campaign

The readymade campaign has all the four message types in it for you.

You can create your own campaign by clicking on “Add New Campaign”.

Sample campaign of Icegram WordPress plugin

Campaigns are created to add the targeting rules to the messages.

I can display a message without creating a campaign, but I will not be able to control its behavior or on-screen result.

Suppose, I only want the logged-in users to see a specific message on their mobiles, after a certain duration, only on selected pages, on specific dates, and don’t want them to see the message again if they have seen it once.

Only targeting rules can help you achieve this behavior functionality, and you need to create a campaign for this purpose.

Let’s “Edit” this draft sample campaign to understand the Icegram campaigns.

Here is how you create a campaign:

  • Give a name to the campaign
  • Add a pre-existing message or create a new one
  • Complete the settings of the message
  • Add more messages/message types if required
  • Complete the settings of all the messages
  • Add time in “Show after” if you want the messages to appear at different times
  • Define the targeting rules that all the messages will follow

Edit window of a Icegram camapign

You learned how to create a message and complete its settings in the previous section.

Additionally, you can have many messages displayed at different intervals.

The basic targeting rules are self-explanatory.

  • You can choose where to show the messages on your site, as you even have the option to exclude specific pages, or show only on specific pages or posts.
  • You can even schedule the campaign for specific date or dates, show on all or any one of the commonly used devices for browsing, namely mobile, tablet, and desktop/laptop.
  • You can further segment your audience in three categories – logged-in users, not logged-in users, or all users. This is helpful for registration-enabled and membership sites like Aha!NOW.
  • Lastly, you can set a re-targeting duration to display the campaign again, after it is once shown or clicked.

Once you have created and published a campaign, you can click on “Duplicate” to create its copy to start a new campaign, or create a new one right from the start by clicking on “Add New Campaign”.

Remember, that you don’t have to create messages in the “Message” section and then arrive in the “Campaign” section.

You can create messages while creating a new campaign in the “Campaign” section, and those will also appear in the “Message” section.

That’s all about the Free Icegram WordPress review.

You get more behavior and targeting rules with the premium add-ons.

Icegram WordPress Plugin Premium Extensions And Add-ons

I was just kiddin’! The real review just got started, that was just the trailer. 🙂

Icegram has more goodies to offer you.

Some are free, and for some you need to pay a little.

But these free and premium add-ons really add a range of functionalities to your marketing campaigns.

Non-WordPress bloggers too will know how to make use of this WordPress plugin on their blogs.

Let me help you understand the premium add-ons and extensions better.

Clicking on “Add-ons” in the dashboard sidebar will bring you to this screen:

Add-ons page of Icegram WordPress plugin

Presently Icegram offers 11 premium add-ons and 2 free add-ons that you can use along with your free Icegram WordPress plugin.

These extensions and add-ons range from $7 to $25 for annual subscriptions.

If you want them all, then you can opt for the Icegram Super Bundle that comes at a bargain price of $49 for a single site.

For details, visit the Icegram website.

(Icegram presently does not have an affiliate program, so there are no affiliate links in this post. Just letting you know. :))

Let’s briefly analyze the add-ons.

Remote and Interstitial add-ons are not a part of the free Icegram Super Bundle that was offered to us, so we cannot review them.

How to Add the Icegram Extensions and Add-ons

Once on the Add-ons page of the Icegram website, click on the Add-on you want to download, choose the license type, and click on “Add to cart”.

After that click on “View Cart”, and then click on “proceed to checkout.”

On the check out page, fill in your billing details, read and check the terms & conditions, and click on “Place Order.”

If it’s a paid Add-on, you’ll need to make the payment online. (But if you are a lucky Aha!NOW reader, you can get it for FREE!)

On the new checkout page, you will find the plugin file link to download, in a zip format.

(If you ordered the Icegram Super Bundle, you can re-visit your download section anytime by clicking on “Login to My Account.”)

Then go to your blog dashboard sidebar > Plugins > Add New > Upload plugin > and click on “Choose File”.

Choose the Add-on zip file you just downloaded and click on “Install Now.” Then, activate the plugin.

(Advice: If you use a caching plugin, then you may need to empty the cache)

You need to repeat the process for all add-ons.

The Free Icegram Add-ons

You can download two Icegram WordPress plugin free add-ons – “Analytics” and “Theme Pack 1”.

Banner for Icegram free add-ons


After installing and activating the “Analytics” plugin, you can view the impressions, clicks (conversions), and the conversion ratio (%) of your campaigns or messages.

This data appears on the “Messages” and “Campaigns” overview pages as “Quick Stats”, and also at the top of the individual campaigns and messages as shown below:

Screenshot of Icegram analytics

(You can reset the stats by clicking on the blue circle)

Theme Pack 1

After installing and activating the “Theme Pack 1” plugin, view the “Theme” option in every message type.

You will find new message templates to use in your Icegram campaigns.

Once you have downloaded Icegram and Icegram’s add-ons, even the premium ones, you can use it for a lifetime. Even if your yearly subscription ends, you can continue using the add-ons. For more details, contact Icegram.

The Premium Icegram Add-ons

You can download eleven Icegram WordPress plugin premium add-ons. However, if you are an “Icegram Super Bundle” user, you will have to pay extra for the “Remote” and “Interstitial” Add-ons.

Behavior Triggers

After installing and activating the “Behavior Triggers” plugin, you get new triggers to show or hide your messages and campaigns.

This image will explain it all to you.

Behavior trigger screen options

I tried the “Exit intent” to display an invitation to the Aha!NOW Blog Community, but you can do so many things using these behavior triggers. Just use your imagination!

Take your mouse to the end of the screen if you haven’t done that till now, to experience the exit intent behavior trigger.


After installing and activating the “Inline” plugin, you find this new option under the “Type” drop down menu.

Message type option for inline message

Yes, this is your fifth message type with which you can bring a message box anywhere on your page or post.

Inline positions of the Icegram Inline message type

As you can see above, you can place your inline message box before header, before page content, after page content, before post content, after post content, and after footer.

You can also use it anywhere on your page or post using shortcode, as I’ve done below and throughout this part of the post (You need to click on the CTA button of all the inline messages):

[icegram messages=”15434″]

(Checkout the page, that opens in a new tab)

I like this, don’t you too?

CTA Actions

After installing and activating the “CTA Actions” plugin, you get a new “Button Action” option above the “Message Body”.

CTA actions options in the message type page

You can now associate an action of your choice with the CTA button like open the link in the post or in a new tab, submit the form simply or via AJAX, show another message, or hide the message.

Check out one of the CTA Actions below!

[icegram messages=”15441″]

Well, what do you say? 🙂


After installing and activating the “Stickies” plugin, you get a sixth message type!

It’s just a sticky with different templates and animations. All I can say is to check this out.

[icegram messages=”15448″]

Aha! That’s really cute. 🙂

(If you’re on a mobile or tablet, you may not be able to see this stickie.)

After installing and activating the “Sidebars” plugin, you get a seventh message type, and that’s a sidebar.

The story of sidebar is explained below. 🙂

[icegram messages=”15453″]

This works great on mobiles and tablets too!

(That offer you just saw is real, go for it!)

Geo Targeting

After installing and activating the “Geo Targeting” plugin, geographical location based targeting rules are added to campaigns.

This is how it looks on your campaign.

Geo targeting options of the Icegram plugin

You’ve the option to specifically display your message to one or few select countries or global regions.


After installing and activating the “Overlay” plugin, you get an eigth message type – the overlay.

As evident by its name, this message covers your entire screen. See it for yourself.

[icegram messages=”15469″]

Be Blessed! 🙂


After installing and activating the “Badges” plugin, you are on ninth heaven. 🙂 This is the ninth message type that you have at your disposal.

So, it’s time to reward you. 🙂

[icegram messages=”15473″]

You deserve it!


Okay, this is the last of the message types that the Icegram premium add-ons provide. Yes, it’s the tenth one.

Here’s is what I’ve for you.

[icegram messages=”15477″]

Thank you for reading this review.

Oh, I need to tell you one more thing.

Even the non-WordPress bloggers can make use of the Icegram WordPress plugin.

For that purpose, you need to have one WordPress blog where you can install Icegram. And then get the “Remote” premium add-on to show the Icegram campaigns on your remote WordPress or non-WordPress sites.

Icegram remote menu screenshot

Read here for more information.

Also, do read the “Ideas & Inspiration” page on the Icegram site, see the working demos, and go through the posts on the Icegram blog to dig out more information on the Icregram WordPress plugin.


I’m impressed with the functionality of the Icegram WordPress plugin, even with that of its free version.


Icegram is studded with stars, and its up to your imagination to reach out to them.

There are many more things you can do with Icegram than what’s shown in this review.

I give Icegram full marks and it’s definitely worth your money.


I had a few doubts, and the Icegram support was quick to clear the picture to me.

At first, I could not completely understand how to make best and full use of the features Icegram offers.

I had to give sometime to study and use it thoroughly. But with this review, you won’t even have to do that!

There are hardly any cons, and I’m sure Icegram is going to get better with addition of more features and improvement in the future.

UPDATE: We are not using the Icegram plugin anymore. You may not be able to view some examples in the review that we had created using the plugin features. Instead, you will only see the shortcodes because the Icegram plugin is not installed on this blog.

You may download the FREE Icegram WordPress plugin today, try it out as explained in this post.

Do let me know what you think of this review.

Over to You –

What do you think of the Icegram WordPress plugin? Would you want to have it on your blog? Which is your favorite Icegram premium add-on? Share in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Icegram

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  1. We had to stop using the plugin on all our sites. We were getting warning messages via e-mail from WordPress saying our sites were unstable due to the plugin. When trying to edit a campaign, the Icegram plugin would not respond. We just deleted the plugin. Anyone know of a good competitor plugin, that does the same thing?

  2. Bought the plugin in Nov. 21 and it seemed stable but when I updated plugins 2/22 things got ugly. Two other plugins stopped working correctly. After searching for problems for an hour or more I just deactivating the Icegram plugin. Immediately the other plugins went back to performing properly. When contacting Icegram all I got was a run around about the other plugins and that they needed access to my site to review issues. Never will give access to 3rd party company. I asked for a refund and even a partial refund after they said only refunds are offered 30 days from purchase date. NO REFUNDS- I deleted their plugin! Wasted 199.00!!

  3. Hi Vinay,

    We have just started with Icegram and would really appreciate more on your problems with the Behavor Triggers and if these problems are being investigated by Icegram?

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    1. Hey Adegoke,

      Good to have you onboard Icegram. I’m glad you find Icegram worth it. One piece of advice, Icegram has many features so keep experimenting with which feature appeals the most to your website visitors and use that to increase conversions. As for your query on multiple sites there are two ways you can implement Icegram on them.

      1) Using the Icegram Multi Site License for Add-ons ( as core Icegram is free). Multi- Site Licenses Support upto 5 sites. Whereas, Deeloper Site License supports maximum 25 sites.

      2)Now if you want to have a centralized control of Icegram messages running on multiple sites right from one place itself it is advisable to get the IG Remote Add-on. It gives you centralized control on Icegram messages from one website itself.

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      1. Andrea, this plugin turned me a dunce for hours. I kept coming back to test it over and over again. I couldn’t read and neither could I concentrate on all I was doing.
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        1. Hey Adegoke,

          Looking into your needs I’ll definitely advice you to go in for the add-on IG Remote. In this all you have to do is install Icegram on our WordPress site. This site on which IG Remote is installed will become your main site from where you can control Icegram messages that are displayed on anyother website. You get a dashboard so it becomes easier for you to edit,modify and track campaigns. Also using IG Remote Icegram messages can be shown on anyother platform like Drupal,Magento, Joomla etc.
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    I’ll share it 🙂


  18. Hey All,

    I’m Andrea. And I find myself lucky to be a part of this wonderful Community Aha!Now. Firstly, I’d like to thank Vinay for this exceptionally detailed post on Icegram. You’ve touched every facet of Icegram so beautifully that I’m sure there are no doubts/ queries related to Icegram and its usefulness in any readers minds. Thank you for what I call ‘The Most Comprehensive Review’ of Icegram till date! Truly appreciated by the whole team of Icegram.
    Secondly, I will reach out to the amazing audience out here.People who have read/commented/shared/installed/experimented Icegram, I’m very grateful for giving Icegram your valuable time. It was a treat to read through the comments and I’m glad that Icegram is being loved at Aha. It would be really great if you guys could also drop us some of your honest reviews on WordPress. It will really mean a lot to the whole team 🙂
    Another minor thing, as I belong to the team of Icegram I’m open to any sort of questions you guys may have related to it. Drop me a message and I will get back to y’all asap.
    Thank you for all the support and love!

  19. Hey Vinay,

    All I have to say is wow! And actually I wanted to try out another opt in form that does popups and then I ran into this blog post. I can’t believe all the features you get for free! For all that you get $49 for the full features it sounds you’re getting more for your money either way it goes. This was a great review and it is definitely going to be a great reference for me to come back to after I install the plugin!

    I came to you before, but I have to admit again that I keep getting locked out of ABC. It’s my fault and I need to be more active on the site. Could you tell me how I can unlock it so I can get in? Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Thanks for sharing this information! I hope you have a great rest of the week!

  20. Hi Vinay and Harleena, I have promoted on all three social media’s. Would love to win this. I soooo need to sort out my pop up boxes. I will give the free version of this a go and let you know how I went. Thanks for the great review.
    Cheers Julie

  21. Hello Vinay,
    What a nice review done here on Icegram.
    I did saw a popup the last time i came and i must confess that i did love the neatness of the popup ad which i did comment about. But i never knew the name of the awesome plugin was icegram.
    i do have one question; is it friendly with our blog speed? Because i hate plugins that takes resources.

    Thanks and do have a blessed week ahead.

    1. Hey Babanature,

      Thank you for your kind words. Icegram is indeed friendly with the blog speed and we haven’t got any complaints about that from any of our users. You can safely give it a go!


  22. Hi Vinay,

    Wow, Icegram seems amazing. Someone very creative came up with all of these inventive, yet unobtrusive, ways to get the readers’ attention. The sticky note in the bottom left corner of the page is adorable. I can see a lot of uses for the different tools that Icegram provides.

    Although I don’t try to generate revenue for The Wonder of Tech, I often want to highlight information for my readers. Sometimes important information is missed if it’s buried in a paragraph so Icegram would be an effective way to get the point across to my readers well beyond using bold or italics text.

    Thanks so much for letting us know about Icegram, Vinay. I will be checking it out!

    1. Hi Vinay, I’m circling back to first of all thank you for this excellent tutorial and the giveaway. I was so excited to win and have chosen the stickies add-on and installed it. I followed your excellent advice on how to install and use Icegram and can’t wait to publish my first post using Icegram.

      A couple of questions. First, I created a Sticky message and Saved it but do I have to click Publish to have it show in my post? Second, I want to be sure I understand the subscription model. You did a great job of saying that the messages won’t disappear if I don’t have a subscription any more. So that means when (and if) my subscription lapses, I won’t be able to make new ones, right?

      Thanks again for letting us know about this awesome plugin!

      1. Hi Carolyn,

        Congratulations on choosing our bloggers favorite add-on Stickies.
        As for your queries:
        1)Yes, you need to publish the sticky inorder to make it live on your post.
        2)The subscription model simply means – you will get updates for one year. You have to renew subscription if you want the updates to continue. However, you can continue using stickies and creating new ones even without renewing the subscription.
        (But I’d highly recommend a renewal as we keep working out on various improvements and also make our add-ons compatible with the ever changing WordPress versions. Regular updates will ensure that Stickies works just fine with other plugins on your site and most importantly the version of WordPress you use.)

        Anyother query feel free to reach out!

  23. Hello Vinay Kachhara,

    Hope you are well. The Icegram WordPress Plugin seems awesome tool for WordPress user. I have to say that it has all kinds of features which a blogger needs to highlight his article to readers. Its not easy to find such Plugin which has lots of features in free version. I love its sidebar, sticker & notification bar. It attracts everyone.

    Thanks for share 🙂

  24. Hi Vinay,

    Wow, that’s a really well covered review for this plugin.

    I had never heard of it, and not sure I could use it at this time, but I will bookmark this info.

    Thank you for sharing.

  25. I also had never heard of the plugin and am extremely glad that you reviewed it. This had to be one of the better reviews I have seen for any product. Because of the review I have downloaded it and added it to my blog. I am going to get busy and set it up. Just what I have seen so far and from what I saw in the review this is going to be one of my recommended plugins. I did all the sharing you mentioned not just for the contest but because it is a plugin worth sharing.

  26. Hi Vinay, and might I add: WOW! What a great review of this plugin (which I had never ever heard of). No crappy review but a really indepth look at this plugin (which, by the way, looks like an incredible product). Thanks for your entertaining way of letting us know about this plugin! Really loved reading every single line of text (which I hardly ever do). Do well!

  27. Hi Vinay,

    After looking at the post, one word that came to mind was it’s just awesome. I don’t think any company even provide such detailed review in their documents 🙂 Truly amazing sir !!

    IceGram is something different from others as it provide the plugin for all types of blogs and sites. And of course by using this we can increase the lead. Definitely i am going to try this. Thanks for sharing.


  28. Okay, I have to say this – this is a really awesome plugin.
    And yo have published the best review of the plugin and shown each and every feature of the plugin.

    Adding CTA and popups and banners on a blog is not a simple task. You have to find the right spot for maximizing the conversions and with Icegram, I am sure we can track everything and test it for the best conversion.

    Thanks for the review, Harleena.
    I might buy the plugin in a week or two!

    Thanks again! 🙂

  29. This is really a detailed review of this plugin.

    Footer bar if one feature I would determinately like to explore if given a chance! Given that I haven’t come across plugins with this feature though I have started using header bar feature on my blog.

    Geo Targeting is yet another cool feature I haven’t come across with most of the present plugins.

    However, I was actually looking for one particular features to grow my email list i.e. an opt-in form for individual downloads that bloggers tend to provide in posts like templates, pdfs, etc. that is relevant to that post alone. For example- if somebody clicks download template then they must have the option of downloading only that template and not the general freebies or anything related to other posts.

    Can anybody suggest any plugins with such a feature.

  30. Hi Vinay,

    First of all, WOW! what a detailed post. I am sure it took you atleast 4-6 hours to write it and ensure you got it all right! Kudos to you 🙂

    Best of all, I love the timing of the post 🙂 Just a few days back, I have been trying the SumoMe plugin which offers almost the same features. But looking at your detailed explanation and benefits, I have no doubt that Icegram is superior 😀

    The features seem to combine the best techniques for engagement and conversion of audience. And I love the way they function on aha-now. What I’ll do is give the plugin a shot this week and see how it feels 🙂 I’m pretty excited and am fairly confident that Icegram will the plugin of my choice soon!

    Thank you once again for writing such amazing content!

  31. Hello Vinay and Harleena! OH MY What an Incredible Review on this Icegram WordPress Plugin And a Giveaway to boot

    Of course I never heard of this before and cannot believe what it all does, even for free. Sweet! I am excited to add this to my blog and see what it all does.

    I do see your little pop up message right here HOW COOL IS THAT? And this is done with the free version to Right?

    Well I will be book marking this site because I am sure I am going to be needing some help with this one..

    Thanks for the review.. Chery :))

  32. Hi Vinay

    I am excited about this plugin and I have been searching for this kind for months. The first thing that makes me thrilled about ICEGRAM is that it has all the features that is used by its expensive counterparts.

    When I installed it, the documents are so easy to read and understand. I am commenting to say thank you for an awesome review and telling us about this plugin. I will comment again after testing it out. Have a wonderful week

  33. Hi Vinay sir,
    That was an awesome review of one of the best plugins ever. I really played along the post and felt bad because it ended soon. lol just kidding.

    I have used Icegram’s free version previously and I liked it. Its free version is also more than enough but whe you are ready to invest a few bucks it gives plenty of awesome features as you described in the post.

    The main reason I am not using icegram is that there pop up doesn’t have a dedicated smart appearance that tracks when the visitor is nearing to close/minimize the tab. Its there for sumome that is also a much hyped free plugin. – may be I could not find that feature if its there kindly let me know.

    Thank you and have a great week ahead. 🙂

    1. Hi Swadhin,

      Thank you for your appreciation about Icegram’s core features. We’re glad you liked it and feel it’s more than enough. As you rightly pointed out, our whole plan with our low priced premium add-ons was to provide plenty useful features that any website owner can readily afford.And it is already catching up, for which we are thankful to all the people who love Icegram.
      The popup feature that you are looking out for i.e tracking when the visitor is about to close/minimize the tab’ is available in one of our premium add-ons ‘ Behavior Triggers’ we call it the exit intent feature.
      Do check it out. It could be yours as it is already up on the Aha!Now Giveaway Prizes.
      P.S. It’s also our most sold out add-on. Let me know what you think about it..

      1. Hi Andrea,
        Thats so nice of you to take part in the communication. Yes I love icegram and have previously used it though that was for a few days because I did not have the exit intent addon as you said and my readers felt it obstusive to force a pop up to them after X minutes at a time when they are at their reading best.Now that I know you have it as a premium add-on I am looking fforward to use it.
        I am glad you are being so innovative with your products. Thanks 🙂

        1. Thank you Swadhin for all the appreciation. Icegram initially started off as an engagement tool with basic core features but thanks to our users and well wishers who are constantly experimenting/ suggesting with Icegram do we get ideas to make it even better. We value each suggestion that comes our way and try to implement it to the best of our capabilities. I hope you enjoy the exit intent feature. You could also drop in a feedback, we’d love to hear about your experience!

  34. Hi Vinay

    One of the superb reviews I ever read. Not saying as the formality but the way you grabbed the readers attention by first declaring the plugin fully free and then very lovingly annouced it does have a premium part also. You are a gem of online marketer man. 🙂

    I did not have any adverse feeling just knowing that it has a premium part also because in free version almost all the wonderful benefits have mesmerized me. It almost covered all the ideas which I want to execute at my blog to engage my readers in different offers which I am soon going to offer to them.

    Despite its more than several features you never intermix any and one can enumerate each option without referring back to the post.

    The biggest fiesta of the post is its give-away offer and one needs not to turn the table for participating in it. Because of the awesomeness of the posts here most of the readers regularly do these four tasks as you put them now as a requirement to participate in the lucky draw.

    Once again I do appreciate your extensive research and hard work to create such a comprehensive review.

    Thanks for sharing

    Have a very productive week.

  35. Hello Vinay Sir,

    What a wonderful and detailed review post. I just loved it. This seems a must have plugin for all bloggers. I would love to have the premium version soon. Hope I could win this giveaway and enjoy my blogging more.

    I’ve just downloaded the free version and it has amazing features at free version too.

    I liked the all add-ons/features of this plugin. “Stickies” and “Geo targeting” features are attracting me more here. All the add-ons are helpful here. This can grab more user attention. I think, I will become a fan of this “Icegram plugin”.

    Thanks for the wonderful review. It was really helpful. Have a wonderful day ahead!

  36. Hello Vinay Sir,

    Icegram plugin is just amazing to use.
    The main reason why i love this plugin is the simplicity of the plugin and the its effectiveness. I think this will very much helpful to increase more no of visitors and yes! it will decrease the bounce rate.

    Frankly speaking, this is a baap of all the plugin reviews. The details is so much clear and easy to understand. Heads off for this sir.

    I want to mention two more plugin here. I use WP Conversion boxes and WP Hello Bar. I think both of the plugin is also very good and free to use. These plugins give my blog a professional looks. And its the time to try ICEGRAM.
    Thanks for this detailed review post Sir.
    -Happy Blogging.

  37. Hi Vinay Sir,
    Thank you so much for the review.
    I was looking for a great pop up plugin. Experimented a lot but got desperate.
    This is also a surprise pack for me as it’s not only a pop up plugin.
    But a lead generating one. Thank you so much again sir. I read the last gem post and eagerly waiting for this post.
    You certainly touched all the aspects and came up with a wonderful review.
    Thank you so much for creating ABC as well. I got some sincere, supportive friends there.
    Rahul Krishnan

  38. Icegram seems to be an amazing plugin. This is the first time I got to know about it. Pop-ups can definitely be useful and that’s why I may soon try out Icegram.

    The most amazing thing is that you have done a honest review of Icegram. I have not tried it, and I already know the pros the cons of it which is just because of this blog post written by you Vinay.

    I hope that you’ll keep reviewing more plugins at your blog. I also try to make my blog readers know about some of the most useful plugins.

  39. Hi Vinay,
    I kept waiting for “the catch” thhat seems to inevitably sneak up on every free plugin. Here it doesn’t seem like there’s one.

    Seriously – this is exactly the thing I’ve been looking for. I’ve been looking for was to increase engagement and time on site, and the incredibly flexibility and sheer power of Icegram looks like I’ll be able to do that. Until now I’d just been going through old posts and improving interlinking & CTAs.

    I enjoyed the interestinng buttons available – also tried them all out. I’ll be very curious to see if some entrepriising blogger is able to come up with a way to capitalize on all this expanded functionality. The sidebar seems the most standard, but I can see the sticky note function coming in handy for a bog like mine where I often make jokes people might not understand.

    Tweeted, commented and shared on G+ – question though, my Google profile is only visible to friends – is that okay for the contest?

    Well, time to install this plugin and put it through the paces. Thanks for sharing this resource with the ABC community.

    1. Hi AJ,

      Yeah, I too do that because most free things have a “catch”. Honestly, Icegram does not have any hidden strings. They have clearly mentioned on their website that they only mean to earn from the addons, their basic version will always be free for unlimited use for lifetime, and they have kept the rates low so that more and more people can benefit from the incredible features of Icegram. I liked that.

      I’m sure it will help you a lot. No harm trying out a free version. There’s no “catch” here too! 🙂 Check them all out on all different forms of media, it works great everywhere. You’re creative and it’d be interesting to see how you use the Icegram features.

      As for the promotion on social media, I just added the word “publicly”. 🙂 Also, besides Twitter and G+, you need to share on Facebook too. I think I missed it earlier on.

      All the best and do keep us updated with your progress or even if you have any questions or problems that you face. We can have some expert help right here on Aha!NOW. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the quick reply Vinay, I’ve now posted publically on all 3 of my social media profiles. Do you need links or anything?

  40. Hi Vinay sir,

    Oh, this plugin sounds so much fun. And I even tried each button and I love the way the forms come up and appear. Especially the sidebar and the stickies. The badges too are so cute. OMG! Every Add-on can be used so creatively.

    Also, I liked the activities you lined up for non-ABC members… Like completing the incomplete Tweet. I found them so interesting that I too did it. 😛

    I was impressed the first day itself when I saw a pop up, toast notification and footer bar on Aha!Now. That’s really nice. 🙂

    One word to describe this plugin features – Awesome!

    Nice review and the best part was clicking and actually see the working of each add-on. 🙂

    1. Hi Rohan,

      It’s great to know that you enjoyed this review and had fun. To be honest, I too had fun creating this review. I tried a few creative ways, but then simultaneously, I got many more ideas to bring up the messages. Your creativity and imagination is the limit to make the best and full use of the Icegram plugin.

      Cute and awesome are just the right words. Let’s see what others come up with. 🙂 Oh, by the way, you too are supposed to complete the 3 eligibility requirements as I’ve explicitly written in the post that “This eligibility requirement is also for the ABC member to earn their Icegram giveaway.”

      So, go ahead do that rest too, and have more fun! 🙂

      1. Oh thanks for pointing that italicized line. I got confused with the GEMS of ABC Jan post and this one.

        Okay, Tweeted, G+ share is always and commented. 🙂

        I will share this with my non-ABC blogger friends as well as they have really great looking WordPress blogs and this plugin might make their blog look even more great! 🙂

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