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You’ll enjoy this one!

I’m so lucky to have had an opportunity to interview one of the pioneers of Internet marketing. He’s also one of the earliest professional bloggers.

He’s none other than Yaro Starak.

He told me his online money making strategy and answered my questions about his personal life and views too. I want to share this all with you.

You can even listen to the interview podcast and read the entire interview transcript here:

The Aha!NOW Chat with Yaro Starak [Interview]


The Aha!NOW Chat with Yaro Starak [Interview – Part 2]

If you’re serious about making money blogging and want to learn from the master, then you just can’t miss this interview.

It has got lot of insights and lessons that will give you the vision of the strategy you should create to make money online as a blogger.

For your convenience, I’ve created a PDF of this very special interview and I’m giving it to you for FREE.


It’s a 35-page, 12,000+ words interview with Yaro Starak, who’s a pioneer professional blogger and entrepreneur, and who makes great money from blogging.

In this two-post interview with him and asked him 20 questions. Readers have been stumped with his answers.

This is a great resource for bloggers and whoever wants to make money blogging.

Don’t believe me? Look at what other people are saying about this interview.

“Gosh, the way this interview spoke to me! I can see where Yaro is coming from here and truly found a lot of inspiration.

What you and Yaro just gave out is what some would have placed a price tag on – and it would have been alright for it is well worth it.” – Tope

This got me glued to the screen. A lot of meat that has to be consumed over and over again Harleena! This is an inspirational manual for bloggers as you said in the introduction.” – Enstine Muki

“One of the most informative and inspirational interviews I ever heard during slight span of two years of my blogging journey.

This is not an interview. It’s a small thesis on money blogging and its changing dynamics in 2014.” – Mi Muba

“Very powerful talk by Yaro. He really has a great deal of clarity on what he is doing and what he is suggesting! Enjoyed it very much!” – Kumar Gauraw

“This is a wealth of information you have here! I agree with everything he said because it is the truth. It’s hard to choose a favorite because all the advice he gave was on point.” – Maketta

“Loved the interview of Yaro Starak.This one again is another great set of ideas that Yaro is giving on how to set up blogging business.” – Shalu Sharma

“This interview fills with all great info and guidance we want. This will help to get success in the future.” – Nikhil Waghdhare

“I just downloaded the PDF. Great Info here, required for all fellow bloggers.” – Philips

“It is really a good motivational post. Every blogger should know the success story of Yaro.” – Ravi Chahar

And this is not all. Here’s the master himself giving his stamp of appreciation for what you’ll find for FREE in this PDF that I want to give you.

You have certainly put together one of the most comprehensive two-part interview series I have ever done. You went above and beyond with all the pictures and detailed questions.
I hope we managed to help many of your readers come away with some “aha” moments 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? Just download this FREE PDF.

Thank you for reading. Hope you make the best of the information in this FREE PDF.

Wishing you success in your efforts to make money by blogging. 🙂

~ Harleena Singh


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