10 Original Birthday Surprise Ideas that You Can Use

Wanting to be innovative in gifting someone for birthday? Try these birthday surprise ideas and make the day exciting and memorable for the birthday person.
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Birthdays are special days when you make your dear and loved ones feel special. There are many ways you can do that. You can send a video message or a message on the radio! Have a surprise party or a trip. Can’t think of any more innovative ideas? Read to know more such birthday surprise ideas to let your special person have a memorable birthday. ~ Ed.

10 Original Birthday Surprise Ideas that You Can Use

Have you ever wondered what the most appropriate birthday surprise is?

If you have a custom of organizing something new and different every year, then this article is especially suitable for you. Here you will find ten unique ways to present your warmest birthday wishes to your loved one, bringing innovation and creativity to the process of preparing birthday surprises.

And last but not least, to create a magical and unforgettable memory for your favorite birthday girl or boy!


10 Birthday Surprise ideas

Besides a gift related to the hobby of the birthday person, the other best thing is a flower bouquet. Even writing and hiding special notes can make it exciting and special. Here are all the birthday surprise ideas that may work for you.

Group Video with Wishes

This is the perfect birthday surprise that you can give to someone who is far away from you. For instance, your friend lives in another country and you will not be able to attend their birthday party. In that case, this idea is terribly appropriate.

As you can guess from the title itself, these will be wishes made by a whole group of people. Implementation is very easy – you need to contact all his/her close friends, relatives, and family members. Ask them to record a short video with their phone, which is about 15-30 seconds and in a fun way to greet the birthday one.

Once you’ve received all the videos, combine them into a single clip, and add a music pad using an online application. It will take minutes. You can only vaguely suspect how surprised the birthday boy/girl will be and how much fun they will have while watching the video with people dear to them.

Thematically Arranged Birthday Flower Bouquet

As soon as we hear the words bouquet of flowers for a birthday, fresh blooms, colorful ribbons, and bright wrapping papers immediately appear in our minds. And what do you think about thematically decorated arrangements such as a birthday cake made of flowers or a bouquet arranged in a container that says Happy Birthday?

Undoubtedly, this both traditional and elegant gesture is hard to miss. Giving flowers for a birthday speaks of attention to detail and a real attachment to the birthday boy/girl. In case you have decided to bet on the classics and need flower delivery for birthdays, remember that the easiest way to get such a wonderful present is to order it online. If you wonder where to do so, TodayFlowerDelivery provides flower delivery service to any corner in the United States.

Hidden Notes

It is also quite a fun and exciting surprise that is suitable for any age and any type of birthday. In each note, write a message related to the birthday boy/girl. You can write wishes which are funny, emotional, touching and remind of happy experiences together.

Use everything you think will make this person’s day exciting and special. Of course, after writing all these messages, you should hide the notes in objects that the person uses daily or in places that your dear one certainly spends some time of their day, such as a desk, near the sofa, next to the coffee machine, etc.

The effect comes from the fact that it is not just a note, but a series. Imagine the excitement you will deliver to the one who celebrates throughout the day if he/she periodically finds notes in their diary, bag, pen, suit pocket, and elsewhere.

Greeting on the Radio

Have you thought about greeting your loved one on the radio? And why not include it in one of those radio shows in the morning blocks that play out various funny plots according to the interests of the birthday boy/girl and sometimes even slightly stress them before they reveal themselves?

If you haven’t tried it yet, this can certainly be an exciting way to start this special celebration. Sometimes it is possible, even with a greeting on the radio with a suitable song, for the hosts to call the birthday one and greet them on your behalf.

The key to this kind of surprise lies in knowing your special one – what do they like to do in their spare time. Do you know how they unload, what gives them pleasure, or what fills them with positive thoughts and energy?

The possibilities here are endless according to human hobbies, and they can be anything from an acoustic guitar, through an experience as a gun shooting lesson or a drawing (handmade lesson) for the more artistic natures.

Video – Surprise

You may already be familiar with the idea of ​​making a slide video with photos of various interesting and fun moments. It is generally easy to do but requires a little time to prepare and collect materials. Find very old photos of the birthday boy/girl, you can even collect photos from their childhood.

If this person is your friend, family member or relative, this will make your task much easier, because you will certainly find suitable photos in your archives or in the social profiles of the birthday one.

You can assemble the video yourself with the help of video creation and editing software or go to a specialized studio, where for a modest amount they will give a professional look to the video and bring additional emotion to the one who celebrates. The work and effort you put into preparation will surely make your person feel very special and happy.


Unplanned Trip

Does the title confuse you? An unplanned trip? How is this possible to do this successfully? This idea is more suitable for young people. All you have to do is rent a car (if you don’t have your own), call a few other close friends of the birthday boy/girl who are ready to support your idea.

Once the preparation is ready, call the one who has a birthday, congratulate them on their holiday, and finally ask them to come out with you. He/she will surely be thrilled to see a whole group of close friends greet them with smiles and probably sing “Happy Birthday”. Specify that no one has the right to say “NO” to the trip you have secured for the day and you should all leave immediately. Can you imagine how much excitement and emotion this unexpected message will bring?

Sometimes unplanned events are most successful. Spend the day together in lots of laughter, jokes, and smiles. What better gift than shared happy moments and beautiful memories for a lifetime?

Surprise at the Door

This is an idea suitable for all those people who want to surprise a friend, partner, or someone who lives near them. What you need to do is buy a birthday present or just flowers. Pack it as you see fit and hang it on the door with a card message attached. This is definitely one of the sweetest surprises you can give someone. Furthermore, it is less shocking than some of the others on the current list.

This idea came from a movie in which the protagonist planned the surprise in a slightly different way. He arranges for several strangers and random people to visit his girlfriend’s house one by one and give her a bouquet. One after another, they gave her bouquets, and when she asked who was behind it all, they just smiled and left. Finally, of course, our hero rings the doorbell himself and presents a single red rose with a wish for a “Happy Birthday”. The girl is extremely impressed by all the attention and organization that he has prepared only for her. Romantic and sweet, but probably it still works nowadays.

Surprise Party

We are absolutely sure that you know how exactly to plan a surprise birthday party. This idea is old, but always relevant and believe us, long remembered. Just give a call to some friends, relatives, and colleagues of the birthday boy or girl. Let them know that you are planning a party to surprise them for the celebration.

You can even invite people that the ones who celebrate would least expect to see, but at the same time would be very happy to be present. Ask your “accomplices” in the organization to be at the party at the appointed time and to help you get everything needed for the perfect surprise. Here is an additional idea as well – have you ever thought of a mask birthday surprise?

Caricature / Sketch

Make a spectacular birthday present by ordering a sketch or cartoon to be made from their photo. Surely the one who celebrates will be surprised to see their cartoon or sketch. This is an original and at the same time easy to implement and low budget idea.

In addition, the cartoon may depict other elements characteristic of the birthday boy or girl. For example, what about illustrating a cat if your friend is a cat lover or a bicycle if they spend their free time riding a bike in the park?

Summing Up

Whether you intend to organize a surprise for a man or a woman for their birthday, the listed ideas are suitable for you.

The ten proposals I’ve mentioned are easy to implement and do not have a detrimental effect on your budget, and most importantly – demonstrate your affection and love for someone dear to your heart.

Whichever one you choose – giving a themed bouquet of flowers for a birthday or a video – surprise, we guarantee you that your gesture will be highly appreciated. So do not waste any more time, but think which of your loved ones are about to celebrate soon!

Over to you

And you, what surprises do you organize for your friends’ birthdays? Feel free to share some ideas and impressions in the comments below.


Disclaimer: Though the views expressed are of the author’s own, this article has been checked for its authenticity of information and resource links provided for a better and deeper understanding of the subject matter. However, you're suggested to make your diligent research and consult subject experts to decide what is best for you. If you spot any factual errors, spelling, or grammatical mistakes in the article, please report at [email protected]. Thanks.

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  1. Wow, I think these ideas will help me personally. My wife’s birthday is coming next month & I am searching for ideas. Thanks for posting these great ideas.

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