Will You Change Your Lifestyle For A Cause

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pic showing earth submerging in water if you don't change your lifestyle

If the world demands you to change your lifestyle – will you do it?

Okay, let me put it in another way.

Is it asking for too much if you are requested to make lifestyle changes in your life for a cause?

I know what you’d think. Your decision might depend on a few things.

If the need is genuine, if the situation is so alarming, and whether it will really make a difference.

Let me tell you that the answer to all of the above is “YES”.

Your lifestyle is directly related to global warming.

I’m sorry if this is a shocker for you, but it’s a truth that we all need to accept.

The need for a change of lifestyle is genuine because the global conditions are really alarming.

Certainly, your lifestyle change can make a whole lot of difference in saving the face of the earth – in saving the planet.

If you’re wondering why did I bring up this issue and why am I so serious, read further.

What is The Real Problem

Probably, everybody has heard of climate change and global warming.

Yes you’ve, but you’re still confused what has that got to do with changing the way you live! Hang on,  let me explain.

Abnormal change in weather conditions are caused due to certain human practices and the way of life, which result in global warming.

Global warming is the heating up of the Earth’s environment due to the increasing greenhouse gas levels.

Most of it is due to the emission of carbon dioxide out of burning of fossil fuel, and discharge of CFC gases when we use things like air conditioners.

Now, air conditioners, electronic devices, appliances, gizmos, vehicles, are all a part of our lifestyle – isn’t it?

If you all change your lifestyle and reduce the use of all these things, you might be able to change the global scenario.

Don’t take me wrong!

All these things and technology are not bad and even using them is essential. But, you can make a choice for a different way of living so that your life is not centered on, or around them.

If you still doubt the necessity of lifestyle change, then read these mind blowing facts!

Recent Change of Lifestyle and its Negative Impact

Did you know that the heat spike you experienced this year was the maximum our Earth experienced in the last 11,000 years!

Now that’s really serious, isn’t it?

Research shows that the globe was cooling for several thousands of years until the 20th century, when the trend reversed.

The duration from 1900 to 1910 was in fact one of the coolest in the past 11,000 years. But after that, it all changed.

The heating increased since 1910, and within a century, the globe was the warmest ever from 2000 to 2010!

Such rapid and dramatic change in the global temperature was never observed in the past. This proves that global warming is not natural; it is abnormal.

And, all of this is directly related to the lifestyle we adopted since the 20th century.

I’m sure this gives you clear signal to change your lifestyle that at present most probably depends on excessive use of energy and power derived from conventional sources.

Imagine that it took the world from ice age to up to 7000 years ago to warm up by 1.25 degrees. Contrastingly, we made it happen in just two decades – from 1920s to 1940s!

Hey, what are you up to?

It’s high time you acknowledge this fact that every single person contributes to global warming and the climate change on Earth.

The problem is grave and the consequences could be very bad unless you take steps to reduce global warming.

You cannot ignore to change your lifestyle for the better anymore. I’m not talking about exercising and having healthy food choices in life, which are essential.

However, it’s more about making a choice to lessen using things that utilize fossil fuels directly or indirectly, and not becoming dependent on them. Click here to know about fossil fuel.

To save the world from destruction, you need to change your lifestyle, as much as you can.

What Can You Do To Change Your Lifestyle

How can you control global warming? How is your lifestyle responsible for it? What lifestyle changes do you need to make?

Of course, you can’t make any big or drastic changes, which aren’t expected either.

But you can surely help a little to discharge less carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that cause the green house effect.

You see, every electrical, electronic equipment, or device you use, and every petrol, diesel, or gas powered vehicle you drive – contributes to global warming.

Of course, you cannot literally stop using all these – it’s not possible in this modern age.

However, what you can do is to reduce their usage, or not unnecessarily spend energy in these activities.

How to do that? You got plenty of matter online if you’re concerned.

Remember, that most of the energy and power you use comes from the fossil fuels, which are limited.

Overuse might make them extinct, and you might just plunge back into the dark ages!

You should not only think of yourself, but as responsible citizens and parents, you need to think ahead about your children and their children, and so on.

You want a safer and comfortable world for them – don’t you?

What you and I need is more energy production using the non-conventional energy resources like solar energy, wind energy, water energy, and others.

More so, it is the governments that should be doing all the needful, and they’ll prioritize this exercise only if we pressurize them.

Earth Hour – A Signal to Change Lifestyle for A Cause

Earth Hour is merely symbolic. It is an initiative to encourage people to take up the responsibility of the damage that is done to the Earth’s environment.

Earth Hour is celebrated since 2007 in the month of March. It will start from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on March 23, 2013 March 29, 2014.

It is not only about and limited to switching off lights and not using the power for one hour, it is more about changing your lifestyle, and taking it beyond just one hour.

I would say that Earth Hour should be practiced as much as possible and not just limited to an hour on a particular day. However, let’s try to use this day to begin creating awareness – isn’t it?

There are some who don’t believe that such events would’ve any significant effect to change the lifestyle that is a norm and has been followed for more than a century.

Few regard the concept of Earth Hour as “anti-technology” and take it as an insult to human progress and scientific development.

I don’t think Earth Hour suggests not using technology, or demeans it in anyway.

Instead, it conveys to not be entirely dependent on conventional sources of energy and to develop a lifestyle to minimize its use.

And, I believe if one person can make a difference, then there’s no doubt that we all together can surely bring about the change that is required, if we just make up our minds, right?

Check out this video and see what people are doing all over the world.


Earth Hour 2014 Official Video ~ YouTube Video

If you all close lights for one hour,
it can save enough energy to light up the homes of many around the globe for months.

What To Do and Not to Do During Earth Hour

In the one hour of blackout, you must be wondering what in the world will you do!

You’re so dependent on light and power that you can’t even think of living without it – isn’t it?

“How can I survive without electricity for one full hour? That’s insane!” some would say. See, how much dependent we’ve become on electricity. 🙂

I know such thoughts creep in as change is difficult. And, it is not easy to break our habits, or move out of our comfort zones.

C’mon, take it as a challenge or an adventure. Be a sport and come up with an innovative idea to be a part of this global revolution.

Okay, so maybe you plan to have a candle light dinner to celebrate that one hour of darkness. Well, that’s kind of being innovative but still you’d be emitting green house gas!

How can using candles cause more harm? It is because candles are made from paraffin, which are in fact derived from crude oil or a fossil fuel.

So, the more candles you use, the more you contribute to carbon dioxide emissions! You should better use some eco-friendly candles, if you want to use them at all.

Alternatively, try using some cooking oil in a small dish, make a cotton wick by rolling some cotton into a thick string, and soak it in the oil. Light up one end of the cotton.

Even going for a ride in your vehicle will not be a good idea as you burn more fuel and cause traffic jams that add to the trouble.

Let’s stick to our base, home or elsewhere, and try not to use electricity in any way in that one hour.

You may not use your: TV, computer, Internet, any electrical or electronic device, including lights, fans, air conditioner, heaters, and so on. All of them or some of them, if possible.

Even if you use things like mobile and battery inventors, you’ll spend more energy charging them later. So, try to avoid them.

That is so difficult, isn’t it? It is almost like living in the medieval dark ages! I agree. 🙂

But look on the brighter side. This one hour give you the time to:

1. Be with Yourself – Meditate, or sit quietly at some place. Observe life.

2. Relax – You don’t do anything, but relax. You can even pray, if you feel you never had the time to do that earlier.

3. Talk – You can talk to your spouse, your parents, and spend time with your children. I’m sure technology has made your life so busy and hectic that you hardly find time for these essential activities.

4. Engage – Reach out to your neighbors, and socialize with them. Have a gathering in a common area out in the open and just chill out!

5. Skywatch – When did you last look up the sky?

Just sit or lie down from where you can access the view to the sky, and simply gaze up. You might spot Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn if you know where to look!

6. Walk – Do you go for your morning or evening walks? It yes, then change your timings to match the Earth Hour timing for a day. If you don’t walk, this might be a good reason to start.

7. CFL – Use this spare time to change all conventional bulbs in your house to CFL bulbs. They use less power.

Hey! It’s amazing that by changing your lifestyle and banishing electrical power for one hour you get to do so many things you never found time for before!

You make up so much of family time, time for your spouse, and for yourself.

Earth Hour not only saves you money but buys you happiness for free! Don’t you agree?

Don’t you think you should’ve such events often giving you the opportunity to relax and rewind. 🙂

Let me know more ideas in the comments regarding what all you can do during the Earth Hour and at other times when you want to save the carbon energy resources of our Earth.

Earth Hour Action

If possible switch off the power/lights of your house or wherever you’re, or switch off as much or as many things you can on Saturday, March 23, 2013 March 29, 2014 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. your local time.

Don’t miss it – it is your commitment and duty as the citizen of the world.

There’s a movement called “I will if you will.” Let’s use its power.

I will do it, will you?

Let’s spread it across and reach millions worldwide. Tweet about it. Share with your Face Book fans and friends in other social networks.

“It’s not just an hour of darkness. It’s about a brighter future.” ~ Earth Hour

Are you ready?

Over to You –

Do you believe in global warming and climate change? Do you think Earth Hour is helpful in anyway? Would you participate in this global movement? How do you plan to change your lifestyle for Earth’s better future? Share your views below and help spread the awareness.

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  1. Interesting write up. If you asked me, I would say yes! Of course, it depends on what lifestyle it is.

    At times, what we really don’t see is that we could do small changes which could hardly affect our lives but it will have a big impact on others (and life etc).

    Of course, it is always easier to say than done. Why? I always say … old habit die hard 🙂

    This definitely deserve a share!

    Thanks and have a great day ahead.

  2. Harleena,

    You bring up some great points. There is a huge social norm I believe we all fall into. Getting into daily routines and schedules lowers the risk of problems arising, but more often than not we are disregarding mother nature while doing it. I found myself using a paper cup every day at work for way too long. After a while someone made a joke that they should buy me a real cup and save a few trees. It snapped… How had I not realized how many cups I was using? Even though they were small, one or two every day adds up quick, especially when you are in the “groove”. I have made it a point to heal mother nature, and spend more time outdoors. Being outdoors uses 0 electricity and is healthy!

    I’m glad I could share a story. And to answer your question, is yes, and I already have.

    Peace and love 🙂

  3. Hi Harleena,

    Yes.. global warming is certainly an talking issue worldwide. I saw lots of initiative taking by UN but all are fruitless. Now a days flood, storm, heavy rain, too much warm are all effects of Global warming.

    You raised the issue properly. But I am yet uncertain if the issue will ever resolved or not. We already celebrated local earth hour.

    Let us pray that our world will be safe & sound for everyone to sustain.

  4. The only constant thing in our life is -A change. Everyone needs a change. This is the only way one can make his life more enjoyable.
    @Harleena Singh: I am agree with you answer that there should be change in life style. It does not matter for me that what’s the reason behind this but the thing which matters alot is – Is this change meets my standards and habits or not?

  5. I used to be really earth conscious in high school but slacked off a bit.

    I think the government is doing a good job (but can always improve) in educating people of doing things like turning off lights not being used, turning off water not being used, recycling, not littering etc. though it would be nice to have recycling more accessible.

    I like the concept of Earth Hour and Earth Day to remind us of what we have and to keep us aware of our consumption and the effect it has on the Earth

  6. For me I can leave with one hour without electricity but above than that I guess it is not easy for me to handle it because of my work. My work really needs electricity and I need it for me to have an income.

  7. Hi Harleena,

    Sorry, I’m a bit late catching up with this. To be honest, I don’t think my husband and I would have been too keen on the idea of joining in because the UK is one big FRIDGE at the moment – ironically, probably due to extreme weather conditions that may well be linked to global warming – so it would have been very hard to switch off the heating for an hour to sit in the cold and dark. Thousands of poor people in the UK have had an enforced loss of power over the last few days because of the terrible weather and I can tell you I don’t envy them – the very thought of what they’re going through makes you realise how dependent we are on electricity and how grim life would be without it – especially for those of us who live a long way away from the equator!

    This is a subject that’s close to my heart – I feel more worried about climate change that about just about anything else and extremely frustrated at the unwillingness of governments to take it seriously. Their selfish, short-term policies will be the death of the planet, the way things are going. I sometimes feel as if we’re in the middle of one big disaster movie, with the guys in charge saying “No, everything’s going to be just fine, folks”, while the tsunami swells up in the distance and prepares to engulf us all.

    The evidence is all around us – just here in the UK we’ve had the most bizarre weather over the last 12 months – drought, followed by repeated floods, no ‘summer’ to speak of at all and now arctic conditions in the middle of spring. The people who deny climate change is happening and who think we bear no responsibility for it make me extremely angry. Do they not care about their own grandchildren’s future?

    I do try to do my bit by not driving the car unless I have to and minimizing the use of energy around the home (mind you, the spiralling bills are motivation enough where that’s concerned!) – but something needs to be done to wake up the sleeping men and women in positions of power and influence, who are leading us off the edge of the cliff. Unfortunately, it appears they can’t see beyond their next election campaign.

    Thanks for raising this really important issue, Harleena – it needs to be debated,


  8. OMG! This is more than our geography teacher taught us in secondary school. Such detailed and printable facts Harleena.

    These facts are really calling for attention from every human being. I see how the earth is sinking. Looks like a huge boooommmm is ahead. The speed of the damage is so rapid.

    Are we sure of the next 1000 years?

  9. Harleena,
    I think Earth Hour is a great idea. One little piece of time won’t kill you! If we all adhered to this, it is mind boggling how much energy would be saved!

    I moved to a “green” town in New York. We recycle and upcycle…EVERYTHING! We have a Google group where we post things we want to get rid of. A chair, a lamp, just about anything. Someone comes along and always uses it.

    We also have share farms, clothing swaps and just about everyone has a clothes line not to wast energy using a dryer (except for the cold days).

    Also, I can remember my grandmother’s wise words: “Use God’s Light” So during the day, I don’t turn on lights unless its needed. If you think about each and every thing you do during the day, there is always a way to save energy.

    Thanks for this post! I will be joining you.


  10. Wow, this day did get away from me too. No worries though I am very good at turning lights off when not needing them. As for A/C i am not a fan of it. It has to be about 85 in my house before the air comes on.

    I find it every sad that in the winter people turn the heat up to 70 or 75 degrees and then as soon as it gets 70 degrees outside they turn of the air and set it at 60 or 65 degrees. This also goes for stores and resturants. In the summer when you go into a resturant to eat you need to take a jacket with you or you freeze. Business are also real bad when it comes to a/c.

    Also during the day I open the blinds in the house rather than turning on lights and when the sun is shining it help with the heat.

    Thanks Harleena for the post and helping us all see what part we play in global warming.

  11. Hey Harleena,

    I just subscribed to your website 😀 You have a beautiful website.

    I hope I will learn more from you.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel -Romania

  12. You will have to excuse me for this but to be honest I did not know much about the Earth Hour Action. But I am always on the lookout of the things I can do to save the planet. Where ever I can, I do my part.

    Lets face it, global warming is now a reality and there is no point denying it. It is now effecting us in a big way. For instance, the price of food has risen because of less grains due to flooding. And I think, its going to get worse.

    We must do what it takes to pass the messages on your young ones and also change our lifestyle to save energy and our carbon footprint.

  13. This was well written Harleena! One of my questions was, what will I do for one hour without electricity, but then I realized I might as well go for a run. 10k to help the Earth!

  14. We have a very conservative lifestyle. We recycle everything and live to give back rather than take out. We’ve also trained our kids to do the same. We have energy saving light bulbs, water saving toilet flushes, no dryer etc.
    I don’t know how this day passed without me knowing about it. I missed it this year.

  15. AA…. how come I missed it! Gosh, I’m angry at myself. I used to do it 2 years in a row and this Saturday missed… That is a great thing to do, last year this one hour without light gave us so much possibility to talk about what was bothering us.. Of course it is not about the people but about the planet in general.

  16. Hi Harleena,
    Been busy at work past a week and coulnd’t respond back many of your article.:)

    Awesome and Wonderful article and penetrating issues for the globe now. As the world population grows up every day, whatever reason, the care for the planet is under less care across the continents.

    We individuals everyone have more responsibility to care our earth and surely will add more values for current and future generation as well. I really miss the earth hour. The way you have described all valid and the points 1-7 make sense.

    We need to think and keep our planet safe for wonderful living as you maintain your health. Thanks for the wonderful and though provoking article Harleena.

  17. “Remember, even if other parts of the world gets affected, the United States too gets affected, as it is dependent on the world” — This is just flat-out wrong, the USA is NOT dependent on the rest of the world! We have practically every resource we need right here within our borders, so we’ll continue to prosper even if the rest of the world perished! And as far as your statement implying that my country “suffers” from global warming, I’ve seen some studies that suggest the USA might actually BENEFIT from the current patterns of climate change — and IF that is true (which I’m not saying it is, because such things are very hard to predict), then it would be patriotic for Americans to actually PROMOTE global warming!

    1. What can I say! Have a blissful ignorant life, but hope you wake up to the reality soon. It’s just amazing – nice to know you and your thoughts. 🙂

  18. Hi Harleena,

    SAVING is attached with my life style 🙂

    I agree with Lisa about the patterns of Earth ‘causing climate changes but we can’t neglect the fact of Global warming either.

    Fortunately, here we have been giving a thought about power consumption. People were encouraged to use CFL and be CFC free. Mostly people here now started using CFL bulbs at home. Yeah, it’s cost effective too, but has more benefits. Also companies offered one-to-one replacements for electronic devices that use CFC since 2000 as I remember. I think such marketing campaigns are really worthy and easy to make a change in lifestyles than instructing ’em to do so Harleena 🙂

    Further people now started using handloom bags instead of polythene and an annual islandwide competition to encourage people to grow plants at homes. It’s really amazing when I find that people grow plants in very limited spaces using different techniques.

    I’m mostly using the computer and mobile 🙂 Don’t switch on lights when I use computer even at night either. Now I used to it.

    My believe is “No Mother Nature, No living beings” 🙂 No one will save us unless we save ourselves. It’s very sad that we keep doing activities that harmful to Mother Nature, knowingly or unwittingly. Ozone layer was damaging since the Industrial age, but still it’s happening.

    The change should be started from home 🙂 May be we need to sacrifice benefits in some cases, but it’s cost effective than suffering rest of our lives. Earth hour is a BIG movement 🙂 I think more countries will participate for this actively next time.

    Have an energy-saving week Harleena 🙂


    1. Hi Mayura,

      I’m so glad to know that saving is a part of your lifestyle. 🙂

      Sure, there are natural changing patterns of Earth’s climate; however, if hundreds of scientists and researches harp on that presently it is being caused by global warming, it would not be wise to ignore it. Moreover, it is a good reason to change our lifestyle, which sure is needed for economic reasons, if not environmental concerns.

      CFL are the way to go, and even LEDs are better as they consume less power. Such a small implementation like using of paper or handicraft handbags if ignored can cause enormous destruction, pollution and hazards. It’s interesting and good to know about the plant growing competition at your place. Promotes fresh air and oxygen too, isn’t it? 🙂

      I think you should switch on the lights when you’re working on computer at night at least, else you’d be straining your eyes too much!

      You’re right – no one will save us unless we save ourselves, it’s high time that we respect, protect, and conserve nature. The change starts from us and from our home, that’s right!

      Hoping that this post makes people aware to save energy in every way they can. Thank you for such quality and informational comment that supports the cause. Thanks for you time 🙂

  19. Hi Harleena,

    I think it’s wonderful that you devoted a post to the all-important area of global warming and what we do to help reduce it.

    I must apologise as I missed Earth Hour. However, using fewer resources has been something that has been on my mind recently. I’ve been implementing these thoughts through being conscious and ensuring I switch off unnecessary lights and computers around the house and office.

    There is a lot more I could be doing and thank you for your reminder about doing so.

    1. Hi Hiten,

      I’m glad that you find this post of value. Global warming is an issue of utmost importance because every action of every individual on this planet could possibly contribute to it.

      Earth Hour is basically an awareness campaign, and you’re not only aware but also implement the required steps to prevent global warming, so it doesn’t matter if you miss it. I’m sure that once you or anybody changes the lifestyle into one that involves use of fewer resources, lot many things can be done that will positively contribute to lessening of global warming.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and experiences. I appreciate it. 🙂

  20. Hi Harleena,

    You know what’s interesting? a few months ago I watch a video called Thrive where it was clearly explained that the biggest problem comes from the government and the billionaires that are even above them.

    Many people know that natural energy does exist, but the problem is that it’s free and if it’s free the billionaires that rule the world such as Bank corporations, pharmaceuticals and the like would lose money. But more importantly they wouldn’t be able to control the world as much as they do now.

    Yes, we can do our best and follow the tips that you mention, but as long as those greedy big guys exist I believe that it will be to a limited success.

    However, I do believe in a Higher Power that can get rid of those selfish big corporations if they greedy puts the earth in real danger.

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      You’re absolutely right – the governments are pretty much responsible for global warming and climate change. Most of them are held hostage by strong and filthy-rich lobbies that favor the conventional sources of energy like crude oil, because of their vested interests.

      If the governments provide cheaper solar panels by increasing the subsidy amounts, even the common person will be able to harness the solar energy. If only the electric vehicles are favored and encouraged financially and commercially, the dependence on crude oil will reduce.

      In countries where there are democratic governments, people have to rise, make the demands, and ask for their right to have cheaper and eco-friendly alternative as sources of energy.

      Yes, I do believe in a Higher Power too, and presently its the people power that will do the magic. That is why events like Earth Hour, though being symbolic, have great meaning.

      Thanks for providing fuel to this discussion and making contribution to this important issue. 🙂

  21. Hey Harleena,

    I started becoming more aware of all of this several years ago. I know that for me on a daily basis I save energy. I only run my air conditioner at night because I like to sleep when it’s cold but as soon as I get up in the morning I turn it off. I also work on my computer by natural light and I have no lights on in my home including the TV.

    Because I’ve been working from home now for the past six years, I don’t drive my car like I use to. Actually, I only put 3,000 miles a year on my car so I’m definitely saving in that way as well.

    Now I can’t guarantee you that I’ll participate tonight because the evenings, usually late, are the only times I enjoy watching TV. But because I don’t run any of that stuff all day every day and haven’t for years, I think I’m definitely doing my part.

    Thanks for making others aware of this and it’s importance. If only we could all make a big difference in the way our earth is evolving. It’s a start right!


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      It’s so good to know that you take so much of care and efforts to save energy. It is so important to save energy on a daily basis and I too got the real awareness off late. I read that even a difference of few degrees in the temperature setting of the air conditioner can impact your energy savings.

      Working by natural light is so good, in fact, I too do that as far as possible. But yes, I do work late at night at times and I think I need to discontinue that practice.

      Earth Hour was just an symbolic event to spread awareness, but if you’re already aware of the need to save energy, you can take the liberty to enjoy your favorite leisure time. 🙂

      You’re definitely doing your part, and I hope others too take a lesson from your lifestyle. The starts are always difficult but I’m sure that we all together will make a difference sooner than expected.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your lifestyle, and your views about the cause. 🙂

  22. Hi Harleena,

    I feel bad that I didn’t know about Earth Hour and I will definitely talk to my family about participating.

    That’s not the only thing I learned, I’m a candle burner myself and after reading this post I don’t think I will anymore 🙂

    Thanks for pointing out the seriousness of the matter. If we all do our part I think we can make a difference, especially for our children and grandchildren’s future.

    1. Hi Corina,

      I also didn’t know about this event until I researched about it. I was slightly aware of it but didn’t know the details. Global warming is a debatable issue but what I like out of this event is that the world gets together for a cause and showcases the power and unity of the people.

      There are eco-friendly candles available in the market and lanterns too that use vegetable oil for burning.

      We’re surely responsible for the future of our planet and the heritage that we pass on to the younger generations. I’m glad you believe in the cause.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views. 🙂

  23. “Don’t miss it – it is your commitment and duty as the citizen of the world” — I am a citizen of the UNITED STATES, not a “citizen of the world”, and I owe NOTHING to “the world” — my duty is ONLY to my own country! And I would change my lifestyle for MY country and MY fellow countrymen ONLY — not for anyone else! So until you conclusively prove to me that (1) global warming is manmade (which hasn’t been proven by anyone yet), (2) that it causes significant harm to the UNITED STATES (as opposed to third-world shitholes like Haiti, which don’t matter anyway), and (3) that it causes MORE harm TO THE UNITED STATES (and not any other country) than would be caused by economic losses resulting from us changing our lifestyle, I will NOT change a thing!

    1. Hi Agent Orange,

      Your nationalist spirit is commendable. As far as you do not harm or demean any other nation in your spirit of nationalism, it is a good quality to have the passion for thinking and working for the betterment of your country.

      Global warming, mostly man-made, is a world problem, and United States is a part of the world, and it sure plays a significant role in causing the global warming. You may not know, as ignorance is bliss. It’s such an ignorant statement to make that you owe nothing to the world.

      Remember, even if other parts of the world gets affected, the United States too gets affected, as it is dependent on the world. So even if you do not consider yourself a citizen of the world, you’ll not wait for anyone to prove but find it yourself if all the fuss of global warming and its dangers are really true, if you really are a true citizen of your country as you claim to be, before your beloved country suffers more from it.

      Thanks you for stopping by and sharing your views. I hope my answer helps you. 🙂

  24. What a powerful message. You, Al Gore (An Inconvenient Truth) and others continue to sound the call to change. We can see that individual efforts, when combined, can absolutely make a difference. Think of the cities whose air is more pure, the rivers that have been reclaimed, species that have been brought back from the brink, and so much more. I appreciate your motivating words and your specific practical suggestions. Count me in!

    1. Hi Galen,

      Thanks for the encouraging words! I’m glad you found the post powerful and meaningful.

      Yes, individual efforts do count. I strongly believe that one person can make a difference because this one person can motivate many others, and their efforts and power unite to bring upon a change. We can do so much when we are united in our beliefs.

      We spread the awareness by passing the baton to others, and I know you’ll do your bit by passing it on to someone you know.

      Thanks for stopping by and being a part of the movement to make the world a better place. 🙂

  25. Harleena, I don’t really believe in global warming. I think it is all patterns over history. Just because we haven’t seen all these patterns we think they are extreme. For example: The Met Office and the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit, after taking data from nearly 30,000 stations around the world, have found that the earth stopped warming in 1997. Just one example.

    Of course I would not pollute the ocean with trash or anything like that. I have a great respect for mother nature and nature around me. And I do believe in recycling.

    I did not realize Earth Hour was an event. I’m surprised it was not more in the news of late. I’m sure your post will bring out more awareness of it.

    Have a nice weekend too!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I do understand your thoughts. We depend on the research reports for such type of information and it all depends on the credibility, authenticity, and authority of the source. I browsed through a lot of such websites and felt like there’s some truth in global warming. But, as I said, this is not something where I can use my intuition or wisdom – it’s pretty scientific stuff and I’ve to agree to what the general opinion is.

      Having said that, I agree with you that whether there’s global warming or not, you need to respect your mother nature and be a responsible citizen. I liked what all Mary described in her comment above the things being done in California. Pollution is a major negative factor all around the world and one of its primary cause is the lifestyle.

      One of the reasons I liked the concept of Earth Hour was it being a reason for having some personal and family time!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and it’s always good to have variety of views. I do hope something positive churns out from this post. 🙂

    2. Lisa,

      You raised an interesting point about global warming just being one of the many patterns. I go back and forth on this issue all the time. I don’t know what the answer is but either way, I would prefer us to not take a chance and do all we can to not aggravate the atmosphere and the earth.

  26. HI Harleena Di,

    Awesome share!

    I think most of us are well aware of the things which are happening and affecting our planet, I think Green house gases and all these concepts have been very well discussed in the past as well, but your post has made us realize that it is the time to take action or prepare for the disaster.

    I think changes in the weather clearly depicts that, and I believe this post should move everyone and probably force them to take action which can ultimately save our planet.

    Technology has really taken us to the point of no return, we cannot live without our gadgets and gizmos, they are very much became a part of our life even though I’ve seen transition from no-mobiles era to no life without mobile now.

    I believe solar energy can be tapped but solar panels are too costly and few can afford that. Earth hour is the best idea to start with and hope can be celebrated on daily basis.

    Thanks Di for this great share.


    1. Hi Sapna,

      I’m glad you like the post.

      Whatever I’ve written in the post is nothing new, and you’re right in that everybody knows that – but maybe not really aware of it all the time. Being aware would mean to be mindful and understanding too, which is what’s required more than to just have a knowledge that we do not relate to or implement when necessary.

      Yes, it’s really time to take action. We don’t realize that time slips by so fast and we need to act fast or it’d be too late. Everybody now needs to take act responsibly in making his or her own choices of ways of living. It’s more of a global liability than personal right.

      Technology is great, and it is due to that we’re able to connect with each other and the world. However, it is up to us to keep things with in limit and not to misuse or overuse them.

      Good point, Sapna. It’s for the governments to take action to make things like solar panels cheap so people can make the choice for alternative sources of energy and reduce their carbon footprint and eventually global warming.

      Cheers to the idea of having a daily Earth Hour and thanks for your so thoughtful and concerned comment to the cause of the post, I really appreciate it. 🙂

  27. Hi Harleena

    In California we have a lot of wind power and many have gone to solar power. Houses are built with dual pane windows, which keep out the heat when hot and keep the house warmer in cooler weather, so less energy used. Some of the counties are enforcing recycle garbage and have provided containers to make it easier for the homeowners. They have also banned plastic bags for stores selling groceries. You can buy a paper bag if you need one, but they have to charge you 10 cents minimum. Most people are bringing their own bags.

    I have cut back on laundry and only do full loads. Consolidate driving for errands as much as possible. They are also no longer selling incandescent lights. The cities are replacing a lot of their street lights with LED for a huge saving and energy cost. We also have one of the toughest emissions for cars, so the air is not to bad here.

    I appreciate the fact of global concern as there are many countries where the air is absolutely awful. Seen such film clips of China and the sky was gray. Can’t imagine trying to breathe in that stuff.

    I don’t stay up late at night and usually get up when it is daylight and therefore don’t use too much electricity. So, with that said I won’t be sitting in the dark for one hour on Saturday, unless the power just happens to go out.

    Great awareness post for those that don’t believe in the real concern of what is actually going on.


    1. Hi Mary,

      It’s so good to know what’s happening in your neighborhood in California. Harnessing natural energy, and equipping houses with energy saving designs and facilities are all so necessary. You’re lucky to live in such a place; however, most are not. You mentioned about China, I can give accounts of places in India, and it’s not only the developing or third world countries, but many developed nations and cities too have serious problems that put the Earth on a great risk of harming its environment.

      You’ve mentioned all great pointers on how best we can reduce global warming like recycling, banning plastic, and be concerned and responsible for every action of yours. If only the whole world gets to be like this and follow what you do, the world would be a better place to live in, right?

      Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things happening at your end. May be you and people at your end deserve to be in the light during the Earth Hour, but taking the world as whole and showing my solidarity with those who are struggling, I’d choose to be a part of the global movement.

      One thing you mention about staying late at night surely makes me feel guilty, as my work does gets extended to late nights at times. I’ll keep that important factor in mind and remember not to do that.

      Thanks for such an informative and educating response to the post, I really appreciate it, Mary. 🙂

  28. Hi Harleena,

    Thanks for the reminder! I would have totally missed it as I was pre-occupied with something that happened that day 40 years ago. My mom died on 23 March 1973. So I will think of something to do during that hour that will both benefit Global Warming as well as commemorate my mom.

    Again thanks, and have a great weekend!


    1. Hi Ilka,

      Not a problem at all – most of us wouldn’t remember, nor me had I not looked up online while researching for a cause. Sorry to hear that the mention of this day brought back bitter memories for you – such is life I guess. Nevertheless, perhaps you can be one-to-one with your Mom and remember her and the good times you shared together during that hour. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice weekend too 🙂

  29. Hi Harleena!

    Thanks for another great sharing of truly fruitful article. We all should seriously think about our universal home i.e. our EARTH. By celebrating earth our is not only just a celebration of cause rather it’s our homage towards our saver… & it will also helps in saving huge energy which ultimately helpful for us specially for our future generation.

    Along with this approach if we will try our best to reduce our desires/needs for maintaining our luxurious life I think it will be more fruitful endeavor to save our beautiful earth. For this spiritual dimension is really necessary. It should start from school level because children are our future pillar of this universe & for that reason making awareness among them specially about less use of luxurious items as much as possible, sharing of common car, increase uses of public vehicle to save energy, increasing affection towards flora & fauna & taking initiative to save our endangered spices etc will be really fruitful approaches to survive our own planet.

    The Power to save Earth,is in our hands,
    Take the utmost care to make it survive,
    Earth is just no planet but our only home…

    1. Hi Dhires,

      I’m glad you like the article. Of course, Earth is our home, and the only home, for a long time to come. Though scientists are trying for viable options on the Moon and Mars, but nothing can compare to our beloved mother, the Earth. We need to keep it intact and safe for the coming generations, this onus is upon us.

      No doubt that life of contentment is good for ourselves and others. No matter what lifestyle you adhere to, you need to be responsible and accountable for your actions, and they need to be in favor of preservation and development of Earth, rather than creating destruction.

      You suggest a good idea of creating this awareness from the base level, and make it a compulsory part of the curriculum for school children. I hope it is already done and practiced; however, it gains meaning only if adults and parents too implement the teachings.

      I agree with you that the power to save Earth is in our hands. We can start doing our bit and others will soon join in and follow suit, isn’t it?

      Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts and caring views about our Earth. I appreciate it. 🙂

  30. Harleena, this is a well-written article. I have to read it all over again and question myself on some things. I agree with all your points.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m glad you found the article good and that it made you think. This post, as well as the event Earth Hour, have the same purpose – to create awareness. Once a person is aware, chances are higher that he or she will take positive action.

      Thanks for taking out time and stopping by, Seun. 🙂

  31. Wow Harleena – You just nailed it with this one. I will surely celebrate the Earth hour tomorrow, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Even though the planet has heated up this year, the cold winter is more than ever chillier for whatever reason. It is the 2nd day of spring today, and the temperature is still not going up.

    Anyways, global warming is a serious issue and every person has to contribute towards making this a better place to live.

    1. I’m glad I was able to inspire and motivate at least one person! Thanks so much Praveen for pledging your support.

      You’re right, it’s not only for me, not only for you; this cause is for everybody. We all need to be responsible, cooperate with each other, and make our contribution.

      Global warming induces climate change, which means that weather may become severe, like you’re experiencing, or may become unpredictable, weird, and out of season! Global warming leads to so many other problems that affect our life directly or indirectly.

      Have a happy Earth Hour tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by and making your contribution on this post, I appreciate it. 🙂

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