Will You Change Your Lifestyle For A Cause

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pic showing earth submerging in water if you don't change your lifestyle

If the world demands you to change your lifestyle – will you do it?

Okay, let me put it in another way.

Is it asking for too much if you are requested to make lifestyle changes in your life for a cause?

I know what you’d think. Your decision might depend on a few things.

If the need is genuine, if the situation is so alarming, and whether it will really make a difference.

Let me tell you that the answer to all of the above is “YES”.

Your lifestyle is directly related to global warming.

I’m sorry if this is a shocker for you, but it’s a truth that we all need to accept.

The need for a change of lifestyle is genuine because the global conditions are really alarming.

Certainly, your lifestyle change can make a whole lot of difference in saving the face of the earth – in saving the planet.

If you’re wondering why did I bring up this issue and why am I so serious, read further.

What is The Real Problem

Probably, everybody has heard of climate change and global warming.

Yes you’ve, but you’re still confused what has that got to do with changing the way you live! Hang on,  let me explain.

Abnormal change in weather conditions are caused due to certain human practices and the way of life, which result in global warming.

Global warming is the heating up of the Earth’s environment due to the increasing greenhouse gas levels.

Most of it is due to the emission of carbon dioxide out of burning of fossil fuel, and discharge of CFC gases when we use things like air conditioners.

Now, air conditioners, electronic devices, appliances, gizmos, vehicles, are all a part of our lifestyle – isn’t it?

If you all change your lifestyle and reduce the use of all these things, you might be able to change the global scenario.

Don’t take me wrong!

All these things and technology are not bad and even using them is essential. But, you can make a choice for a different way of living so that your life is not centered on, or around them.

If you still doubt the necessity of lifestyle change, then read these mind blowing facts!

Recent Change of Lifestyle and its Negative Impact

Did you know that the heat spike you experienced this year was the maximum our Earth experienced in the last 11,000 years!

Now that’s really serious, isn’t it?

Research shows that the globe was cooling for several thousands of years until the 20th century, when the trend reversed.

The duration from 1900 to 1910 was in fact one of the coolest in the past 11,000 years. But after that, it all changed.

The heating increased since 1910, and within a century, the globe was the warmest ever from 2000 to 2010!

Such rapid and dramatic change in the global temperature was never observed in the past. This proves that global warming is not natural; it is abnormal.

And, all of this is directly related to the lifestyle we adopted since the 20th century.

I’m sure this gives you clear signal to change your lifestyle that at present most probably depends on excessive use of energy and power derived from conventional sources.

Imagine that it took the world from ice age to up to 7000 years ago to warm up by 1.25 degrees. Contrastingly, we made it happen in just two decades – from 1920s to 1940s!

Hey, what are you up to?

It’s high time you acknowledge this fact that every single person contributes to global warming and the climate change on Earth.

The problem is grave and the consequences could be very bad unless you take steps to reduce global warming.

You cannot ignore to change your lifestyle for the better anymore. I’m not talking about exercising and having healthy food choices in life, which are essential.

However, it’s more about making a choice to lessen using things that utilize fossil fuels directly or indirectly, and not becoming dependent on them. Click here to know about fossil fuel.

To save the world from destruction, you need to change your lifestyle, as much as you can.

What Can You Do To Change Your Lifestyle

How can you control global warming? How is your lifestyle responsible for it? What lifestyle changes do you need to make?

Of course, you can’t make any big or drastic changes, which aren’t expected either.

But you can surely help a little to discharge less carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that cause the green house effect.

You see, every electrical, electronic equipment, or device you use, and every petrol, diesel, or gas powered vehicle you drive – contributes to global warming.

Of course, you cannot literally stop using all these – it’s not possible in this modern age.

However, what you can do is to reduce their usage, or not unnecessarily spend energy in these activities.

How to do that? You got plenty of matter online if you’re concerned.

Remember, that most of the energy and power you use comes from the fossil fuels, which are limited.

Overuse might make them extinct, and you might just plunge back into the dark ages!

You should not only think of yourself, but as responsible citizens and parents, you need to think ahead about your children and their children, and so on.

You want a safer and comfortable world for them – don’t you?

What you and I need is more energy production using the non-conventional energy resources like solar energy, wind energy, water energy, and others.

More so, it is the governments that should be doing all the needful, and they’ll prioritize this exercise only if we pressurize them.

Earth Hour – A Signal to Change Lifestyle for A Cause

Earth Hour is merely symbolic. It is an initiative to encourage people to take up the responsibility of the damage that is done to the Earth’s environment.

Earth Hour is celebrated since 2007 in the month of March. It will start from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on March 23, 2013 March 29, 2014.

It is not only about and limited to switching off lights and not using the power for one hour, it is more about changing your lifestyle, and taking it beyond just one hour.

I would say that Earth Hour should be practiced as much as possible and not just limited to an hour on a particular day. However, let’s try to use this day to begin creating awareness – isn’t it?

There are some who don’t believe that such events would’ve any significant effect to change the lifestyle that is a norm and has been followed for more than a century.

Few regard the concept of Earth Hour as “anti-technology” and take it as an insult to human progress and scientific development.

I don’t think Earth Hour suggests not using technology, or demeans it in anyway.

Instead, it conveys to not be entirely dependent on conventional sources of energy and to develop a lifestyle to minimize its use.

And, I believe if one person can make a difference, then there’s no doubt that we all together can surely bring about the change that is required, if we just make up our minds, right?

Check out this video and see what people are doing all over the world.


Earth Hour 2014 Official Video ~ YouTube Video

If you all close lights for one hour,
it can save enough energy to light up the homes of many around the globe for months.

What To Do and Not to Do During Earth Hour

In the one hour of blackout, you must be wondering what in the world will you do!

You’re so dependent on light and power that you can’t even think of living without it – isn’t it?

“How can I survive without electricity for one full hour? That’s insane!” some would say. See, how much dependent we’ve become on electricity. 🙂

I know such thoughts creep in as change is difficult. And, it is not easy to break our habits, or move out of our comfort zones.

C’mon, take it as a challenge or an adventure. Be a sport and come up with an innovative idea to be a part of this global revolution.

Okay, so maybe you plan to have a candle light dinner to celebrate that one hour of darkness. Well, that’s kind of being innovative but still you’d be emitting green house gas!

How can using candles cause more harm? It is because candles are made from paraffin, which are in fact derived from crude oil or a fossil fuel.

So, the more candles you use, the more you contribute to carbon dioxide emissions! You should better use some eco-friendly candles, if you want to use them at all.

Alternatively, try using some cooking oil in a small dish, make a cotton wick by rolling some cotton into a thick string, and soak it in the oil. Light up one end of the cotton.

Even going for a ride in your vehicle will not be a good idea as you burn more fuel and cause traffic jams that add to the trouble.

Let’s stick to our base, home or elsewhere, and try not to use electricity in any way in that one hour.

You may not use your: TV, computer, Internet, any electrical or electronic device, including lights, fans, air conditioner, heaters, and so on. All of them or some of them, if possible.

Even if you use things like mobile and battery inventors, you’ll spend more energy charging them later. So, try to avoid them.

That is so difficult, isn’t it? It is almost like living in the medieval dark ages! I agree. 🙂

But look on the brighter side. This one hour give you the time to:

1. Be with Yourself – Meditate, or sit quietly at some place. Observe life.

2. Relax – You don’t do anything, but relax. You can even pray, if you feel you never had the time to do that earlier.

3. Talk – You can talk to your spouse, your parents, and spend time with your children. I’m sure technology has made your life so busy and hectic that you hardly find time for these essential activities.

4. Engage – Reach out to your neighbors, and socialize with them. Have a gathering in a common area out in the open and just chill out!

5. Skywatch – When did you last look up the sky?

Just sit or lie down from where you can access the view to the sky, and simply gaze up. You might spot Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn if you know where to look!

6. Walk – Do you go for your morning or evening walks? It yes, then change your timings to match the Earth Hour timing for a day. If you don’t walk, this might be a good reason to start.

7. CFL – Use this spare time to change all conventional bulbs in your house to CFL bulbs. They use less power.

Hey! It’s amazing that by changing your lifestyle and banishing electrical power for one hour you get to do so many things you never found time for before!

You make up so much of family time, time for your spouse, and for yourself.

Earth Hour not only saves you money but buys you happiness for free! Don’t you agree?

Don’t you think you should’ve such events often giving you the opportunity to relax and rewind. 🙂

Let me know more ideas in the comments regarding what all you can do during the Earth Hour and at other times when you want to save the carbon energy resources of our Earth.

Earth Hour Action

If possible switch off the power/lights of your house or wherever you’re, or switch off as much or as many things you can on Saturday, March 23, 2013 March 29, 2014 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. your local time.

Don’t miss it – it is your commitment and duty as the citizen of the world.

There’s a movement called “I will if you will.” Let’s use its power.

I will do it, will you?

Let’s spread it across and reach millions worldwide. Tweet about it. Share with your Face Book fans and friends in other social networks.

“It’s not just an hour of darkness. It’s about a brighter future.” ~ Earth Hour

Are you ready?

Over to You –

Do you believe in global warming and climate change? Do you think Earth Hour is helpful in anyway? Would you participate in this global movement? How do you plan to change your lifestyle for Earth’s better future? Share your views below and help spread the awareness.

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  1. Reginald

    2013-08-16 at 11:22 am

    Interesting write up. If you asked me, I would say yes! Of course, it depends on what lifestyle it is.

    At times, what we really don’t see is that we could do small changes which could hardly affect our lives but it will have a big impact on others (and life etc).

    Of course, it is always easier to say than done. Why? I always say … old habit die hard 🙂

    This definitely deserve a share!

    Thanks and have a great day ahead.

  2. Sarah

    2013-06-14 at 5:57 am


    You bring up some great points. There is a huge social norm I believe we all fall into. Getting into daily routines and schedules lowers the risk of problems arising, but more often than not we are disregarding mother nature while doing it. I found myself using a paper cup every day at work for way too long. After a while someone made a joke that they should buy me a real cup and save a few trees. It snapped… How had I not realized how many cups I was using? Even though they were small, one or two every day adds up quick, especially when you are in the “groove”. I have made it a point to heal mother nature, and spend more time outdoors. Being outdoors uses 0 electricity and is healthy!

    I’m glad I could share a story. And to answer your question, is yes, and I already have.

    Peace and love 🙂

  3. Ahsan

    2013-03-26 at 11:27 pm

    Hi Harleena,

    Yes.. global warming is certainly an talking issue worldwide. I saw lots of initiative taking by UN but all are fruitless. Now a days flood, storm, heavy rain, too much warm are all effects of Global warming.

    You raised the issue properly. But I am yet uncertain if the issue will ever resolved or not. We already celebrated local earth hour.

    Let us pray that our world will be safe & sound for everyone to sustain.

  4. Shailesh Jangra

    2013-03-26 at 3:46 pm

    The only constant thing in our life is -A change. Everyone needs a change. This is the only way one can make his life more enjoyable.
    @Harleena Singh: I am agree with you answer that there should be change in life style. It does not matter for me that what’s the reason behind this but the thing which matters alot is – Is this change meets my standards and habits or not?

  5. Ashley Porter

    2013-03-26 at 9:46 am

    I used to be really earth conscious in high school but slacked off a bit.

    I think the government is doing a good job (but can always improve) in educating people of doing things like turning off lights not being used, turning off water not being used, recycling, not littering etc. though it would be nice to have recycling more accessible.

    I like the concept of Earth Hour and Earth Day to remind us of what we have and to keep us aware of our consumption and the effect it has on the Earth

  6. Brian Couch

    2013-03-26 at 8:08 am

    For me I can leave with one hour without electricity but above than that I guess it is not easy for me to handle it because of my work. My work really needs electricity and I need it for me to have an income.

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Will You Change Your Lifestyle For A Cause

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