7 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

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Finding freelance writing jobs

Freelance jobs are trending worldwide.

No matter if someone has a regular job with a handsome salary, he/she still wants to do a freelance job, just to earn some extra money.

For some, it is their only way to make a living and believe me, they are earning way more than what they would have made through a regular job.

There is no denial of the fact that the freelance work has given a new direction to several skilled professionals.

Just take a look at the Internet, you will find millions of freelancing jobs with high payouts. Especially, writing jobs because business people need content for their websites, its promotions, social media and much more.

A content writer is very much in demand nowadays, and it is hard to find one that has the best of the writing skills along with some extra ones, let’s say, SEO.

A content writer with expertise in SEO is the person to hire in the first place. There are several other jobs as well, which are equally attractive as content writing, such as web designing, web development, graphic designing, data entry and more.

So, there is an abundance of jobs, even then, it is hard for the skilled professionals to get a freelance job. The most common reason would be searching at wrong places.

As I have mentioned above that there is an abundance of jobs available on the Internet, still people are sitting idle in their homes, why? Because, they are looking at wrong places. For example, if they want to target college students, they must check for genuine mid-term paper writing service.

Persistently finding jobs will make impossible possible


7 Ways to Getting a Freelance Writing Job

I have outlined seven ways to find a freelance job, especially content writing jobs. Before I mention those points, let me tell you what you should not do.

When you see a website where they ask for hundreds of dollars as the signing up fee, then you have to close that tab because they are nothing but a hoax.

Now, here are the seven genuine ways of getting a writing job:

1. Use your contacts

You have to ask your family, friends, relatives, old colleagues, ex-bosses and all those people who you think would be able to help you out. Once you get any lead, keep a follow up in order to get desired results.

You must constantly search for opportunities through your contacts, as you never know who might be able to help you in the nick of time.

2. Word of mouth

Doing efficient work for a long period of time will help you get more clients, as your current clients will refer you to their friends. As more people become aware of your quality services, they will start contacting you.

When recommending you, people will be able to list out your pros, which will interest the other party in recruiting your services.

3. Bid on online freelance job sites

There are various websites available today that have a countless number of freelance writing jobs, such as Upwork, Guru, Freelancers, Enlace and many more. The success rate may vary from site to site, but you have to try again and again in order to achieve any success.

Also, there are several projects available on these websites, which one can bid on. There are also several clients who are interested in recruiting fresher’s for their projects on these websites, which creates a great opportunity for beginners.

4. Craigslist

You can add your resume on Craigslist and hope that someone looks at it and gives a call to you. Most of the times, it does happen, so you just have to pray that you get the call as well.

Before posting the resume, you must also thoroughly proofread your resume, whether it has all the necessary things listed or not.


5. Newspaper

Check the daily newspaper to find the freelancing jobs in the city. Through advertisements and such, you may be able to find a suitable part-time job or even a full-time job.

While bidding on websites, you may not be able to get a proper response, but in the case of newspapers, you can directly contact the individual posting the ad, whom will be able to give you a better response.

6. LinkedIn

This is a social site for professionals, so you can give it a try on this website. A number of individuals and businesses have made their presence known on this social networking platform.

By being open about the services you provide on this website, you might be able to attract the attention of individuals seeking your services.

7. Freelance writing job posts

There are websites like Absolute Write, Freelance Switch, Writer Find and About Freelance Writing, etc. On these websites, and on the forums of these websites, you can interact with people sharing the same profession.

They will be able to guide you, and if someone is interested in your writing services, they may even hire you for some work or project.

Begin finding freelance writing jobs

Wrapping It Up

To get a better chance of finding a job, you must also learn different forms of writing, and must possess basic knowledge of English.

Someone trying to find a job online must be able to write a different type of articles, blog posts, press releases, etc. and must also be prepared to confront any type of topic they are given. Clients require custom writings from professional writers to cater for their specific requirements.

Research is an important aspect of writing great content, as the deeper you research about a subject and understand it, the better will you be able to express it in your own words.

By doing little efforts on improving your writing style, you are ensured to get your first project soon. Moreover, as you continue to build up your reputation in this field of work, you will be bundled with more work requests.

By offering quality writing services to the clients and meeting proper deadlines, your reputation will be on a steady increase. More people will suggest you to their colleagues and bosses, and some of these may also try to hire you.

This way, slowly and steadily, you will also be able to constantly expand your services.

“Success is an act of exploration. That means the first thing you have to find is the unknown. Learning is searching; anything else is just waiting.” ~ Dale Dauten

Over To You –

If you are a freelance writer, how do you find your writing jobs? What should one do to better the chances of finding freelance writing jobs? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Disclaimer: Though the views expressed are of the author’s own, this article has been checked for its authenticity of information and resource links provided for a better and deeper understanding of the subject matter. However, you're suggested to make your diligent research and consult subject experts to decide what is best for you. If you spot any factual errors, spelling, or grammatical mistakes in the article, please report at [email protected]. Thanks.

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  1. Perfect blog! Freelance jobs are trending worldwide. As freelancer we can earn extra income and others are earning much compared to their salary on a regular job.

  2. For beginners finding freelance writing jobs is really tough. Initially, when I started to search freelance writing jobs it was really tough and everyone who wanted to hire me, wanted to pay very less money.

    And I have observed that freelance job boards or websites doesn’t work well for beginners

  3. Freelance gigs are a bone of my contention. I want to do it, then I don’t. I did research it at one time and was disappointed in the pay. I was seeing $15 to $20 for my ideas to be written. I was insulted.

    Then I read a few post about freelancing and realised there were other sites paying more. But for some unknown reason I want to focus on my blog and guest posting for the minute. I should be money oriented that is for sure. I wondered if it was fear that stopped me. However it is more about my time.

    I think word and mouth is so important. It is like advertising without the cost. I have strong theories on this subject. That is why I am always clear about how I want to represent myself.

    I have seen the Craiglist mentioned before but after reading this post, I may just put my name done for curiosity alone. I really enjoyed this post.


  4. Thanks for sharing this post. There are some great resources for freelance writers who are looking for work.

    I know several people who have used LinkedIn and have been successful finding projects. Hire My Mom is also a great resource for finding work.

    Thanks again for sharing. I’ve already passing this along.


  5. Awesome post.

    So many of us enjoy writing. Those of us with blogs work at it regularly and thus, improve our skills.

    In a time when the possibilities for a freelance career only continues to increase, these tips come in handy.

    You’ve encouraged me to submit my first post on LinkedIn (a platform I hadn’t yet utilized). That just goes to show how our message deserves to get out there to inspire others – and we all deserve to earn a living doing this.

  6. I just got finished checking out Upwork. Wow. The pay is ridiculous. I did’t even bother looking at the other sites because this one (your favorite!) was so pathetic. Someone wants me to write a book for them in three days time and pay me a generous $2?! I could make more money selling lemonade at a cardboard stand on the corner for gods sake. How insulting.

  7. Yes! For a while I was busy doing jobs for the Freelancer and it was interesting. I got to learn a loth about varied subjects. One job that took a lot of time was fun, and had good acceptance; was the web descritption of quality replica watches.

    These watches were designed and basically duplicates of famous originals brands with movements inside them made in Switzerland, Japan and other parts of the world. They worked and looked exactly like the original which cost a little more than the moon but were perfectly usable by even celebs who already had a large collection of originals and could add a few duplicates for a night- out or a meeting where it would go with their particular style for the hour.

    To make it brief; there is method to this, to be succesful one has to form a small team and divide the income. That will make it work a lot easier and more efficient.

    Working alone, and doing it to acquire deep knowledge of the subject and then create a short 300-500 word web content post is the job which will serve as an advertisement and a marketing rewarding, but in my experience – from India, renumeration is nowhere near the effort.

    The advice my Harleena and a more focussed approach will of courses make matters better and one can enjoy themselves doing what they like best and that is – writing.

    Like in every other aspect in life. One starts off alone, finds out if their writing quality meets the standard. Then comes the meeting of like minded friends on forums and blogs.
    Tools and plug-ins follow and the work develops from a trickle to a flood if handled well.
    Eventually it will pay well, but iniitially one has to get known in the field.

    It was the same for me in Medical Transcription, where my forum posts got me the most rewarding jobs. This of course led me to life in that field for over 10 years and for several years later the royalities of my work continued to pay.

    Trust this little missive has some value and encouragement for the budding freelance writer.
    Thank you.
    Dr. Nicoas Rao

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