How To Get Things Done Faster And Be Happier In Life

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How to get things done and be happier

Getting things done fast is the mark of success and successful people. I hope you’ll agree.

Well, let me put it this way. Maybe you consider yourself as fairly successful already, but you can be more successful if you are more productive.

You can even achieve your dreams or the purpose of your life if you learn how to get things done.

This is the New Year theme for us at Aha!NOW.

We want to focus on performance and productivity, which would help us progress and prosper.

Yes, getting things done fast makes that much of a difference in life.

Completing your tasks helps you attain success and be happy, eventually.

If you fail to get things done, you suffer in some ways or stall your growth.

So, what do you do?

You plan and take resolutions to complete your tasks – in time!

Talking of resolutions, have you made any New Year’s resolution this year? Let me know in the comments below.

I’m sure you’ve many tasks that you want to complete and goals to achieve, but despite making resolutions at the beginning of the year, sometimes you fail to implement them.

As a result, you lose faith in making resolutions. You begin to think of it as a useless exercise. Has this ever happened with you?

Well, if it did, did you try to analyze what really was the cause behind the failure of your resolutions?

For me, it was the lack of belief and proper understanding, and more of lethargy and improper planning.

Maybe there were a few more mistakes, but I didn’t get to know.

This is what happens with most people, probably with you too.

You get to know of your mistakes only when you read, hear, or see the experts revealing the right way of doing things.

But when you do, the knowledge of these mistakes only help you learn how to get things done faster.

Make 2016 the Most Productive Year of Your Life.


Prioritize and do things for success in life


How To Get Things Done

I learned that I did not make complete plans. They were not proper and practical.

Suppose you made good plans, you still need to get started. Some of my plans never took off!

Getting started is not enough, as you need to keep going and complete your tasks until you achieve your goals.

I lost my drive and direction mid-way and the projects remained unfinished.

You’ll realize that it takes more than planning and resolutions to get the things done.

You need to have practical strategies with scientific validations.

A perfect strategy would involve dealing with your habits, daily routine, prioritizing your tasks, and managing them.

It also tackles how you balance and manage your personal, social, and professional spheres of life since they are all interconnected and interdependent.

And very importantly it will deal with your mindset and emotions.

Everything affects your performance and productivity.

Your personal performance has a lot to do with your happiness levels. You will be happier by performing better.

If you want to get things done to enhance your performance, you need to improve all the factors that I’ve mentioned above.

You’ll find more useful tips to increase your personal productivity in this free ebook. These are the best productivity tips and they will be helpful to you.

If you are subscribed to this blog, you must have received a few mailers about this summit.

We are promoting the “Peak Work Performance Summit” because we believe it will really bring out the best in you.

This summit deals with many topics that we have taken up on this blog but being experts, the resource persons of the summit do it in depth and detail.

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The best thing is that it is FREE (if you have the time to watch it). More about it later.

But first, here are a few simple tips that I’ve personally experienced to get things done on my own and achieve success in life.

Here’s everything you need to know about working smarter, not harder.

Quote on being smart to be successful

10 Tips of Getting Things Done on Your Own To Be Happy

You’ll find many tips and tricks to complete your tasks and enhance your productivity on the web. I’m listing a few that I learned from my personal failures and successes.

1. Make practical and realistic goals

• Know what you want exactly. Visualize your goal and get an idea of the path you want to take.

• Make long-term and short-term goals. Make sure they are achievable and practical.

2. Get passionate about your job

Do what you love and love what you do, even if it’s not what you love. After all, work is worship.

• Dream, desire, and think of your job or work as often as possible to create the inner fire or passion for it.

3. Create a plan and a to-do list

• Chalk out a strategy with actionable steps and make it realistic.

• Make a to-do list by focusing on your priorities and keep it short within practical limits.

4. Manage your time and schedule

• Follow a planned daily routine, and create time for everything for a balanced life.

• Schedule all tasks and abide by it. Reward yourself on successfully completing your tasks.

5. Focus on the right things and avoid distractions

• Do what you have to do without getting your attention diverted. Multitask, but carefully – do not let it get counterproductive.

• Avoid or minimize distractions like calls, emails, messages, mobiles, or social media. Keep a separate time for these activities in your schedule.

6. Try not to put away tasks for later

• Definitely do not intentionally procrastinate. Do not postpone tasks because you feel lazy or lethargic.

• Sometimes it is okay to give extra time to a job to seek more ideas and see it from a new perspective.

7. Give time to family, relationships, and your ownself

• Block family time in your schedule. Give time to your family, parents, wife, kids, and friends.

• Take out time for yourself to pursue your hobbies, interests, exercises, and personal growth.

8. Develop and maintain good and helpful habits

• Eat right and in the right way, sleep for at least 8 hours, and have an exercise and walking routine.

• Finish what you start, go by the rules, respect time, learn from others, thank and help others.

9. Follow a reward and refreshment system

• Celebrate small victories. Take breaks while working at tasks that take a long time to complete.

• Make working lively and fun. Be creative, find new ways of working, and enjoy your job.

10. Keep a favorable mindset and manage your emotions

• Have a strong and positive attitude. Ward off negative thoughts, by using techniques like meditation.

• Do not be a victim of negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, and greed. Be cool and loving.

Do you have more tips to contribute on getting things done to be successful? I’m sure you’ve many of them, so just share them in the comments.

Peak work performance summit to teach how to get things done

Peak Work Performance (PWP) Summit

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You’ll learn:

  • how to start your day
  • create perfect to-do lists
  • make practical plans and schedules
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  • think like a successful person
  • build smarter habits
  • get more sleep
  • how to be focussed
  • beat procrastination
  • manage and multiply time
  • balance your personal, social, and professional aspects of life with ease and efficiency
  • and much more.

Every lesson is perfect and right for you because they are backed up with scientific facts and studies.

If you want to achieve a lot, have lots to do, and worry that you do not have enough time, then this is the opportunity to learn how to take your performance to the next level despite the odds.

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However, I believe you can enjoy and make the most of the summit for free without having to make a purchase, so just go for it!

The secret to getting twice as much done in half the time.

Some stress is good to get things done

Wishing You ALL A Happy and Prosperous New Year

Harleena and I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2016.

We want you to be positive, energetic, optimistic, and productive for the whole year. Let’s leave the past year behind and look forward to the wonderful opportunities ahead.

There are possibilities, provided YOU have the will to make it possible.

In this New Year, know what you want, desire it strongly, plan how to go about it, remind yourself often, take all the help you can get, work hard and be smart, and achieve your objectives.

May you be successful in whatever you do and achieve your goals in life.

Whether you are a blogger, entrepreneur, marketer, professional, or a writer; we wish that you become a top performer by getting things done fast and living a better life.

You’re always welcome to discover happiness in life at Aha!NOW. 🙂

Get Happier, Healthier, and More Productive in 2016.

Over to you –

How do you get things done? What are your plans or resolutions for the New Year? Share your experiences and tips.

P.S. The summit started on January 5, however, you can still watch all the sessions of the summit, even the ones that you’ve missed with the All Access Pass.

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  1. Great list, Vinay! I agree that time management is key. That’s one of the foundations of productivity. That said, I still let time get away on me some days. Thanks for these guidelines. I wish you and Harleena a wonderful New Year full of excitement, fun and productivity I’m looking forward to continued reading pleasure here at AhaNow!

  2. Getting things done on time is really tough. I have been struggling with procrastination for the last few years. And I have found that to get things done on time we need to be mindful of what we are doing and not take too much in our plate. I usually do that, I take more things that I can do and end up worrying and hurrying things.

    I really find your tips useful. I will try to keep them in mind.

  3. Hi Vinay,

    Thanks for sharing these ideas to Get Things Done Faster And Be Happier In Life ! Really these 10 ideas to increase work productivity and enhance performance for success is usefull and to learn something new for our performance in jobs and business.
    I’m gonna use all the tips for improve my performance. Thanks a lot for the wonderful tips sir.

  4. Hi Vinay and Harleena,

    What a beautiful post on productivity and performance for the new year. I loved your 10 tips of getting things done on your own to be happy

    I make up a list of things to do the following night, so when I get up in the morning, I know exactly what I am going to do with my strategies. I have broken them down into two parts.

    Thank you for your valuable information.

    You both have an awesome rest of the week!


  5. Hello Vinay,
    Great guide on how to achieve more in 2016. I already registered for the peak work performance summit. Having a list of goals is important but also having steps on how to achieve them is equally key. Thanks for all the tips, but I don’t think I’d be able to do 8 hours of sleep.hahahahaha.
    Lol the best. Warm regards to Harleena.

  6. Great list, Vinay! I agree that time management is key. That’s one of the foundations of productivity. That said, I still let time get away on me some days. Thanks for these guidelines. I wish you and Harleena a wonderful New Year full of excitement, fun and productivity 😉 I’m looking forward to continued reading pleasure here at AhaNow!

  7. Hello Vinay sir,
    I couldn’t have asked for a better post!
    This post resonated with me since I was very much searching for tips to get things accomplished.

    Some of the things that will help me are trying to get things done and making a to-do list. I have tried many things to do an effective to-do list. I have printed copies of daily schedule to fill in my tasks, I have some sticky notes on a board and I also use chrome extension that shows me the schedule for my day.

    The sad news is that nothing has helped. I still wander across the net and some days I realize in the night that I have wasted a day doing NOTHING!

    Being the expert you are and also someone I look up to, I would take the benefit of this post to suggest me something useful.

    Yes! Giving time to the family is the key to stay fresh and motivated! I hope I give some time to my family this year!

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful tips sir. I am also registering for the summit. Thanks a lot for adding a valuable thing in the post. 🙂

  8. Dear Vinay Sir

    Happy New Year 2016!!!

    What a refreshing post and inspiring me to do more and more positive commitments for this new year. This post has everything a person needs to know and learn for a healthy and successful lifestyle.

    Thanks for sharing this post to make a wonderful new year. I must say that this is the wonderful new year gift from you to me and everyone who is willing to do something best in this year.

    Once again thanks for this awesome content.

    Mohinder Paul Verma

  9. Hello sir.

    Like most, I also love the idea of being productive and getting things done.

    However, I also struggle from the problems you described for yourself
    -not making a proper plan.
    -planning but not starting.
    -planning and starting, but not finishing.
    -not creating enough focus.

    I guess we’re all in the same boat here. 😛

    We all would love to be more productive. However, recently I came across a contradictory and yet very powerful idea that can really help us to get things done.

    I was reading Tim Ferris’s best seller book THE FOUR HOUR WORKWEEK.

    (For readers who may not be familiar with Tim Ferris, Tim went from earning $40000 per year to earning $40000 per week working only 4 HOURS PER WEEK. In short, a master of getting things done 😀 )

    In his great book, Tim describes the concept of Elimination.

    Instead of doing many small impact activities, we can take time to prioritize our activities and then focus all our energy on doing the few high impact activities. (Pareto principle : 80% of our results come from only 20% of efforts)

    Instead of trying to be “efficient” (performing all tasks in best way possible) we should focus more on being “effective” (doing only the high impact tasks that create 80% of our results)

    “Just a few words on time management. Forget all about it.”
    Tim Ferris in The Four Hour Work Week. 😀

    I believe that this Elimination step should come before we try to be more productive. Because if we don’t, we could be wasting our time on activities that don’t really justify the effort required to complete them.

    I also agree with your point on REFRESHMENT SYSTEM.

    In the great book THE POWER OF FULL ENGAGEMENT, Tony Schwartz says that in order to attain our peak performance and get more work done, we must constantly oscillate between work and rest sessions.

    Too much work without rest or too little work with too much rest, both cause our energy to shrink and so our ability to get work done diminishes.

    I totally agree with your point here sir.

    Thank you. This post idea is great. 🙂

    1. Hi Ankit,

      You’re right, most people have the same suffer-story and are in the same boat. These are the typical problem that a non-performer faces. It’s good that you’ve realized and further acceptance of the problem is a step towards finding a solution.

      I’ve referred Tim Ferris’s book in my work hours related post in the work & career section of this blog. There are many theories and ways of getting things done and you’ve the liberty to choose any which one you find suits you best.

      Prioritization is, in fact, the process of elimination that you mention, we prioritize the tasks that are important; as Stephen Covey puts it – the key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. #3 in the list here mentions priorities and there’s a linked post that may also help you.

      Time management is a crucial tool for planning but it doesn’t have to be rigid. We have many posts on the importance of time and its management and I’m sure you’d like to read them. Balancing work and rest is a natural phenomenon and if you go to extremes, it may create problems in some way or the other.

      Thanks for sharing your information and thoughts here, I really appreciate it. Wish you have a productive week ahead!

      1. You’re very much welcome sir.

        I remember how Stephen Covey used two paramaters, urgent tasks and important tasks to define a four quadrant system.

        Urgent tasks are seldom important. Important tasks are never urgent. Hence, in our tendency to attend to the urgent we often overlook the important.

        Stephen also invites us to prioritize our tasks based more on importance and less on urgency.

        As you said, there can be many ways of time management.

        Personally I like my time management to be more flexible and free flowing instead of being rigid. It helps me perform effectively.

        I’ll check out the time management articles you mention. 🙂

        Thank you again sir. 🙂

  10. Hi Vinay

    Thanks for the wishes and I too wish you and Harleena a very Happy and Productive Year – 2016.
    Congratulations for zooming off right in the first week…success would surely be yours.

    I liked your theme as focus is the most important component of performance and who can plan better than two minds. Those are wonderful guidelines that you have provided.

    I don’t believe in resolutions but encourage others to make them if they get motivation from them. Some people perform only when that have set goals.

    Thank you sharing another outstanding post. Stay blessed and have a wonderful week.

    1. Hi Balroop,

      Most people think of a year as a marathon, but they are wrong. Time flies so quickly and before you get your act together you realize that half the year has passed by, and when you get started, the year dusks to an end. So, you need to treat the year as a sprint and get on the job from day one!

      The key to success is to know your goal, create your path and stay on it. Focus helps you do that while performance makes you move ahead. Of course, there’s more to getting things done but I’m sure these guidelines will help.

      For the self-motivated people, making resolutions is a part of their normal lifestyle and people who know how to get things done do not need them. However, different people have different needs and some find making resolutions a great help.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and you too have a happy and successful year ahead!

  11. Hi Vinay

    Wishing you and Harleena all the best for the New Year. It is a great way to start off the year with a theme such as productivity and performance. Absolutely love the tips you shared on how to get things done. I would think that a to-do-list is an ideal way ti ensure that things get done. That list can be also placed in the order of priority for each listed item. One can also set reminders and that way you will not forget what needs to go get done.

    I do not make resolutions. Whatever I have to do is worked on throughout the year. Have a blessed and productive week.

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      We’ve had enough resolutions so we chose the mother of all resolutions, which is to enhance your performance because it will create more possibilities, invite more opportunities, and get all things done on their own without having to create separate resolutions for them.

      A to-do list is a must for serious performers. I did not really use it regularly earlier but now have made it a point to make it a habit in this New Year. However, making the most of the to-do list is also an art because if you’re not skilled in it, making a to-do list can also create unnecessary pressure and loss of productivity.

      Setting reminders is a good suggestion and they are indeed very helpful. You need to make little efforts for bigger gains, and that’s where the difference lies. If you know what you’ve to do and you can manage to get it done, you do not need any specific resolutions. This reflects your productive work style that is something natural to you.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and you too have a successful year ahead!

    2. hi Yvonne.

      I don’t know how I’ll pronounce your name. I surely need some tips from you on that, lol 😀

      Yes, to-do list is a great way to remember getting things done. Especially when we can have the tendency of forgetting something absent mindedly. (Talking of absent mindedness, my mother once asked me to get a glass of water from kitchen and I returned with a knife. My God…)

      Prioritizing is one step ahead of to-do list but definitely worth the effort.

      Good point made. 🙂

  12. Hi, Vinay

    I remember a statement: if we manage “time” and “change” well, success will follow you.

    Productivity and time management are some what important issue for any blogger because we work at home where it is hard to have a clear cut off line between business and personal areaa. There are so many distractions from home that it is really different ball game.

    Your list will be book marked for future reference.

    Thanks for this nice post

    Wishing you a successful 2016!

    Stella Chiu

    1. Hi Stella,

      You’re so right. Being flexible and keep learning and improving yourself as well as making the best use of all the time you’ve in hand will definitely bring success to your door.

      I agree that working from home is not an easy task because of the permeable boundary between work and home that sometimes becomes counterproductive and we suffer from the loss of productivity. Managing time in such conditions is a tough job if you do not use smart strategies.

      Thanks for sharing your views and bookmarking the list. Wish you too all the happiness in this New Year.

  13. Hey Vinay,

    This is a great way to start the new year. Two tips that resonated was to make a to do list and time management. I need to wrote down what I want to do since I want to make some changes and also since I’m press for time better time management is a priority.

    Thanks for sharing Vinay and Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      You’re sure right – this is the way the year should start with a pledge to be productive. It beats all the resolutions one can make at the beginning of a New Year. The summit I mentioned in the post is phenomenal and you’d know that if you peeked into it. That is the real way to make New Year’s resolutions.

      I’m also up for those two things to do. I realized that is where my productivity was leaking or losing force. I wish you get success in making to-do lists and time management a part of your daily work routine.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and wish you a Happy New Year too!

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