How to Improve the Value of Your Home

If you decide to sell your home, then you’d want the best value for it. Here are some tips to impress potential buyers and improve the value of your home.
A two-story home improved to increase it's value

If you decide to sell your home, then you’d want the best value for it. You can do that by making your home appealing and attractive both internally and externally. There’s also an option to add more rooms to your home to make it bigger. Here are more tips to impress potential buyers and improve the value of your home. ~ Ed.

Your home can help you make more money.

You can supplement your income by renting your property or leasing it out. Such a recurring income can help you with your own living costs, make sound investments, and even create funds for maintenance of your property.

However, if you require a large amount of money, you can even think of selling your property. In this case, it will help you if you work to improve the value of your home, which is your biggest asset.

For better home appraisal, you need to know and fulfill the buyer’s requirements. As the first impression matters a lot, the first thing you can do is improve the look of your property and make it more appealing.

Depending on your budget, you can also invest in some home improvement projects that increase your home’s utility and make it more comfortable.

There’s a lot you can do to increase your home’s value. Here are some tips to get you started.


9 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

The prospective buyers of your home would want a good value for their money. If you want the best returns for your property, you should consider these home improvement tips as suggested by real estate experts to attract the buyers.

Develop the Landscape

The best and cheapest way to make your property look better is by developing its landscape. You can simply plant shrubs, mature trees, and colorful plants to make your home more appealing. Also, trim your overgrown lawn, shape the hedges, and if the lawn is patchy then replace it with thick green grass.

Not only the added greenery would bring more fresh air, but you’d also have more shade on and around the house which would help cut down on the cooling costs.

Make sure to plan your landscape in such a way that it requires low maintenance. Use plants and trees that do not require much water and aftercare.

Add More Square Footage

As mentioned before, the buyers would like to get their money’s worth. Real estate experts suggest that you should try to add more livable or useable square footage to your property.

You can do that by adding a room, building more bathrooms, or even having a sunroom as a part of your house. These additions certainly add more dollars to your home’s value.

Beautify Your Home Entrance

You know that the first impression greatly affects our decision making. If the potential buyers find the front look for your home impressive from the street, the probability is that they’ll evaluate your house with a positive attitude.

You can replace the old front door of your house with a rustic wooden door or a glass panel door to curb appeal. Even think of replacing the garage door as it usually occupies most of the front space of your home, and make it more attractive.

Improve the Concrete

Apart from the front look and the entrance door, the driveway to your home also plays on the psyche of the potential buyer.

Cracked, rough driveway and the concrete surface can be resurfaced with a little investment. If you live in North Carolina, then you can use dump trailer rental in concord to dispose and transport the dump debris concrete and stones to replace your driveway with an impressive brick or cobblestone finish.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

One of the ways to enhance the value of your home is to improve its efficiency. The potential buyers won’t mind paying more if they have to pay less monthly energy bills.

You can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system by using a smart thermostat and changing its air filters. If your home doesn’t have a central heating system, then if your budget allows, consider the underfloor heating system that curbs the bills.

More ways to make your home efficient is to add insulation, replace old home appliances with ones that are energy-efficient, old leaky windows with energy star verified or double-paned windows, or install LED lighting and solar water heating system to make your home eco-friendly.


Upgrade Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

If your home has an old bathroom and a tired kitchen, consider upgrading or remodeling them to sway the potential buyer’s opinion favorably.

You can change the bath faucets with new stylish ones and add power showers. If your bathroom is quite old then you can also add a granite or marble countertop and change the flooring to improve its aesthetic value.

The kitchen, in fact, helps improve the value of your home the most after upgradation. Apart from painting it fresh and replacing old sink or appliances with new ones with a shiny stainless steel finish, you can also replace stained cabinets and add granite countertops.

Liven it Up with Fresh Paint and New Flooring

If you wish to magically improve the value of your home, then spruce it up with new interior and exterior paint.

Real estate experts recommend updating your home with fresh paint preferably in lighter and warm neutral colors. Painting your home is also a way to prevent the walls and surfaces from further wear and tear and hiding marks such as dog’s scratch marks from view.

Your old and worn carpets would turn off any prospective buyer. You can replace it with eco-friendly green flooring like bamboo, which will appeal greatly to the environmentally-conscious buyers.

Lighten and Brighten Up

Adequate light makes a great difference to your home’s appeal. A well-lit room looks clean, large, and makes you feel good too.

Add light fixtures like a chandelier in the living area or elsewhere to grab attention. You can even install eye-catching light fixtures above the dining table or in the entryway to your home. Such small and inexpensive additions really help boost your home’s marketability and increase its value.

Deep Clean and Declutter

According to real estate experts, cleaning and decluttering is one of the most inexpensive ways to improve the value of a home.

Since buyers prefer clean homes, you need to clean the drawers, storage areas and also clean the carpets. It makes sense to hire professional cleaners to deep clean every corner of your home and make it bright and sparkly enough to attract the buyers.

You need to make better use of and organize your space, and if possible create additional loft or extend the existing ones for more storage.

Wrapping Up

Your house is definitely your biggest asset. It’s in your hands to increase your home’s value by meticulous planning and execution. It may include cleaning, some improvements, a few repairs, and high-value additions.

Adopt the ABC acronym to enhance the value of your home – that is, make it attractive, bigger, and cost-efficient.

Additionally, if your home requires low maintenance then it helps to get a good value from the buyer. You can also seek help from a professional interior designer or realtor and seek more opinions on how to enhance the value of your home.

Over to you

Are you planning to sell your home? What are your thoughts on improving the value of your home? Share in the comments.

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  1. Hi, As someone who worked in the housing sector for many years (UK), one thing I will say is that a good kitchen and bathroom makes a difference. If your kitchen is fully kitted then people usually dont want to mess around with it. That is one reason I also advise having a good dining room set up too, so when potential buyers come round, they get the cosy feeling. It usually helps people picture themselves with the family having a good meal at a get-together.
    A goo garden also helps!

  2. With experience working for home renovation companies, I agree that the kitchen and bathroom greatly adds value. That’s why most homeowners renovate their kitchen and bathroom prior to selling it as it adds a lot of value.

  3. All great ideas. I always seem to put off doing these improvements to my home when it is time to actually sell my home. And then I always ask myself why I didn’t just improve my home years ago when I was actually living in the home and enjoying it.

    I think it is an important point about repairing the driveway. Especially when trying to sell your home. This is the first thing that people will see when they pull up and when they get out of their car to walk into the house.

    It’s a good idea to look at ways to re-pave, recolor or re-stain your driveway or even Slabjack it up to fix stress cracks.

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