Why Hire a Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

As moving out tenants, you’ve to handover a clean place to the property owner. Here is why you should hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning service.
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When you move to a new city or do not own a house, taking a property on rent is the best option. But when the tenancy period ends and you’ve to vacate the property, it’s your duty to handover a clean place to the property owner. While cleaning up the place on your own is an option, it works out better if you relegate the task to professionals. Here are reasons why you should hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning service to make your life easier. ~ Ed.


Living in a rental property is fun. You don’t have to fix property damage—unless you caused it—and you also won’t have to spend many sleepless nights over maintenance costs.

If and when you do decide to move out, it’s as easy as packing your things and leave, but there are other considerations that you should keep in mind.

When your tenancy lease does come up and you decide to move out, you should hand in the property in the same condition that you received it in. That means undoing any changes you might’ve made, and more importantly, cleaning the place.

You might be tempted to grab the nearest bucket and mop and clean it yourself, but here’s why it’s always a better idea to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning service.

A professional cleaner performing end of tenancy cleaning service at a house


8 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Service is a Clever Move

No doubt the cleaning professionals you hire would be much better in their job than you. But there are more reasons why you should hire them.

Much More Efficient

Assuming you’re a person that goes about cleaning their home themselves, it might sound reasonable that you should also do the end of tenancy clean yourself.

The thing is, though, your average dusting and mopping while living in the place is miles behind the level of cleaning needed at the end of your tenancy.

Understand that the landlord is expected to get the place from you in excellent condition; that requires expertise beyond your own, and competence you probably don’t have in that department.

Professional cleaners, on the other hand, have the necessary skillset and experience to ensure that the property is going to be pristine by the time you leave.

Saves You the Effort and Time

If you do decide to go about cleaning the apartment/house on your own, how much time do you think it would take you?

It would definitely take more time than you can spare, especially at the end of the tenancy period when there are a million other things on your mind that need urgent attention.

A property is too big for one person to clean, especially if they don’t have the necessary experience. This is why you need to hire professional cleaners to get the job done efficiently and quickly, saving you time and effort.

They’d send in as many people as needed to take care of your house, and they can do it in a matter of hours, which you most likely can’t accomplish on your own.

Clearing Up Your Schedule

When you get a professional cleaning service to take care of the property for you, they’ll help you clear your schedule to focus on other important phases of the moving out process.

You still have the removal companies to deal with, taking your belongings to your new home, and other more pressing matters to attend to. You definitely can’t afford to spend a week cleaning every room and behind every counter in the place, and it needs to be done.

So, your best option is getting professional help to do it for you.

They Come Prepared

Perhaps the most important reason why you should hire professional cleaners is the fact that they come prepared.

You most likely have some detergents at home that you picked up from the nearest store, but you need more than that for the end of tenancy clean. Living in a city like London, you know it can suddenly get pretty rainy, and it’s a safe chance your house will get muddy sooner or later.

So, for some thorough cleaning in London, you can’t just settle for the average detergent you can get anywhere. And professional cleaners don’t have those; they come with high-quality products as well as the latest equipment needed to properly clean your place.


Experience Counts

You might think cleaning is just mopping and dusting, but there’s actually a lot more to it than that. Most people who clean their homes will miss certain spots and forget to clean behind bulky pieces of furniture.

If you hire a cleaning service, that will not happen. They have the necessary experience to thoroughly clean the entire place, and they know where the spots that most people miss are.

You need that kind of experience with your end of tenancy clean for several reasons. The biggest of those is the fact that neglecting certain places could cause health issues—like mold if left unclean—and that would most likely get you in trouble with the landlord.

Saves You Money

Believe it or not, you actually save money while dealing with a cleaning service.

For starters, they bring their own equipment along, which means you don’t have to purchase any detergents or mops. More importantly, the chances of accidents happening during a clean are significantly less when professionals are doing the job.

Just ask yourself this: how many times have you broken an expensive dish or a cup while washing the dishes, or nearly shattered a vase? When experienced people are cleaning, they know how to handle themselves without compromising any of the valuables.

Safer for You

While most people remember to switch the oven off before cleaning it, accidents can still happen. There are several ways you could injure yourself if you tried cleaning the property on your own, and it’s definitely not worth it.

Why risk injury when you could get an expert to clean the place without any chances of incidents happening?

An end of tenancy clean needs to be thorough, and that entails certain risks that you shouldn’t go through, not while there are others who get paid to do it.

Retrieving Your Security Deposit

It all comes down to getting your security deposit back, and that is why most people will eventually hire a cleaning service.

The landlord will most certainly come and inspect the property themselves, and if it’s anything less than clean, you might not get your money back.

By hiring professional cleaners, you’re guaranteeing that the landlord won’t have any complaints, in terms of cleanliness anyway.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, when you hire a cleaning service to take care of the property, you’d just be making your life easier and the entire process of moving out smoother.

They know exactly what to do, and they can do it much better and quicker than anyone else.

It’s also the safest way to ensure you’ll get your security deposit back, and that alone makes it the right move.

Over to you

Have you ever hired an end of tenancy cleaning service? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.


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  1. I like that you mentioned that hiring property clearing services can help a lot in avoiding injuries should non-professionals do the job themselves. I think that would be something I should keep in the back of my mind when starting out with investing on rental properties. Getting them cleaned out right away after a tenant moves out will ensure that it can be ready for the next one right away.

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