How to Achieve Your Marketing Goals At A Trade Show

Use the trade shows to achieve your marketing goals. Apply these combination of effective marketing tips to market your brand and company at trade shows.
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One of the great opportunities to market your products and services is trade shows. You can make the most of such an opportunity to achieve your marketing goals by using a combination of effective marketing tips. These may include the usage of floating signage, having live demonstrations, giving out freebies, and much more. Know these tips to market your brand and company at trade shows. ~ Ed.

Trade Shows are huge industry events that can help put your brand or company on the map.  

If you market your brand correctly, this is a way to take your company to the next level.  And yet, many booths do not take full advantage of the opportunity they have.  

With a few tips and suggestions, your brand could be the talk of the trade show floor.


6 Marketing Tips for Your Brand or Company at a Trade Show

Marketing can be creative and versatile. Demonstrations, raffles, freebies, etc. are some of the effectively proven marketing ways at trade shows. Here is more about them.

Open Concept

When thinking about effective ways to market your company or brand at a trade show, the open concept booth gives you and your representatives more freedom to interact with consumers and clients alike.  

Many booths may only have one “entryway” allowing for limited interaction. This may be sufficient for smaller businesses and companies, that may not expect large amounts of foot traffic.  

But if you are a medium to larger sized company or brand, having only one access way into your booth might turn off other potential clients. Find out more here about all the benefits of different booth layouts and designs.  

Having an open concept allows you to engage people freely in your space, attracting customers for different entries.  This helps you draw in more people, and allow for better foot traffic and flow.  

Even if all your booth representatives are occupied with conversations, an open concept booth helps entice passersby to come in and browse your booth, keeping them engaged longer before a representative can connect with them.

Floating Signage

When it comes to booths at a trade show, the space you have allocated to you is very important.  Floor signs take up space where product displays can go.  It also takes up space for more people to come and explore your booth, limiting the interactions you might have and the number of potential clients you can connect with.  

In order to prioritize your trade show real estate to customers and clients, floating signs can be key to still advertising your brand and keeping your space free for important connections.  Additionally, floating signs give people a good vantage to make your brand and booth easier to find.  

Trade shows can be crowded and booths might be difficult to locate.  A floating sign is a great way to tell people where you are and not lose the interest of people that simply can’t find your booth.


A good way to market your brand and your products is to have live demonstrations for anything that is machine or technology related.  Large machine demonstrations or props are great for attracting people to your booth initially.  This will help you stand out among others on the show floor. 

Once you have people in your booth, having representatives and personal to show and demonstrate your product will help peak people’s interest, opening up the potential for connecting with clients and customers.  Showing off the ease and effectiveness of products can entice the hesitant buyer or investor.  

It is all about helping people better understand your product, and why they might need it within their company. Live demonstrations that allow clients to assemble, maneuver, or operate your products under expert supervision will put more confidence in them, showing them the ins and outs of your products.  This tactile first-hand experience will go a long way to leaving a lasting impression on your booth visitors.


At any trade show, it is important to have personnel there at your booth that strongly represent your brand and company. Hiring trade show staff can be helpful for distributing products, pamphlets or informational packages, but the best staff are the ones from your own company.  

You will know that you can trust your staff to provide the best knowledge and understanding of your product, simultaneously showing clients they can trust you with their business. These people will be able to best communicate your company’s values, vision and show clients and customers who they may be interacting with on a day to day basis.  

Even better, if your booth staff makes connections with people, this can carry over seamlessly into your everyday operations, turning trade show attendees into clients in a smooth transition.


If you are in the foods or smaller products industry, having freebies to give away can be a great incentivizing tool to attract and promote to your clients. This is especially relevant with newer products that you want to introduce to the market. This is an easy way to become the talk of a trade show by reaching out to as many people as possible regardless of the number of representatives you might have at your booth.  


The downside to this marketing strategy is that these connections are not as personal and it can be costly to be giving away freebies.  What you can do is to give your products away after connecting with people or getting their information for future communications.


Similar to giveaways and freebies, having a raffle at your booth is a great way to get information from people that you can add to contact or email list later to market to.  It is important to get people to approve of your communications when doing so.  

The positives of raffles are that you can get contact information from a lot of people in a shorter amount of time.  This again is especially helpful when your booth is busier than you anticipated and cannot connect with as many potential clients, but can reconnect and give informational packages to later on down the road.  

It can also be helpful for those that don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of time speaking with you about your products but have a passing curiosity, convincing them down the road to consider your product or service.  Additionally, any contest or raffle winners may turn into larger clients more willing and open to partner with your brand or company on good faith.

Wrapping Up

Trade shows are all about the quality of connections you can make with potential clients.  

Employing the tips above in combination with each other will only multiply the positive effects and you’ll see the better turnout and business relationships from your trade show experiences.

Over to you

What marketing strategies do you use at trade shows to promote your brand or company? Share your tips and experiences in the comments.


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