A True Love Story That Touched My Heart

old man and woman telling their true love story

What goes on in your mind when you read a true love story?

Let me be the first one to answer this question. Stories about true love always fascinate and inspire me.

True love stories motivate me to open my mind and dig my heart deeper to nurture those selfless pure thoughts and emotions of love.

Such stories of love help me understand the concept of love and relate it to my own life.

I learn a lot about how to make my love reach the heights as depicted in the true love story, but at the same time I remind myself that my life is different and my story of love is unique.

My love story may not be the same as those of others, but the concept of true love remains the same with everybody, no matter what part of the world they live in.

Today, I just want to share a true love story that I’d heard from a dear friend sometime back, and I’m sure it will touch your heart just as it did mine.

But let me first start by asking you, that do you know what true love is?

What is True Love

Most people who say that they love someone don’t really love them, because they don’t really know what love really is. I don’t say I know it fully well as yet either, but I’m learning.

I do know that love is neither lust, fear, possessiveness, jealousy, nor is it expecting something from someone.

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Not only love, this post will also make you understand what true love is all about. You’ll come to know that real, true love IS unconditional.

There are many kinds of love and there are also different stages of love, which often culminate at the stage called true love, where the couple become soulmates.

Read through this true love story about a couple’s love for each other and you’d know what I mean.

“Love is giving and it has nothing to do with what you receive.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

A True Love Story

Paul and Wendy were married for 60 years. Though Paul was 84 and Wendy was 80 years old, their love seemed so fresh and young – a bond of true love.

My friend, who is a doctor, first met the senior couple when Paul brought Wendy in a wheelchair to the hospital for a normal check-up.

Who says that only young lovers can spread the fragrance of love?

My friend found this old couple a sight to see – they looked ever so in love, always smiling at each other, and had an aura of understanding around them.

Paul took pride in pushing his wife’s wheelchair and taking care of her, while Wendy showed signs of contentment on her face as she had complete trust and faith in her husband.

Wendy was suffering from osteoarthritis, and her old age made the matters worse. She needed regular treatment.

After a few weeks of treatment she started improving, however, she still needed to visit the hospital frequently for routine check-ups.

Even though Paul himself wasn’t that fit enough and age had weakened his body, but he was still strong mentally and wouldn’t make any compromises for the love of his life.

He had to travel great distances and spend a lot of money, yet he refused to take her to just any hospital as he only wanted the best treatment for his love.

As time passed by, the serious effects of the disease and failing treatment started showing on Wendy’s health. Yet, my friend could see the love and respect they had for each other.

Paul would just remain quiet and Wendy would read her husband’s love through his silent eyes. They didn’t need any words to express their love, as true love needs no language.

One day, as my friend hadn’t seen the couple for a few days, she called up Paul as part of the routine follow-up on her patients.

That’s when she learnt that Wendy had passed away a week back due to complications of hypertension.

As Paul conveyed all this in a shaky voice to my friend, he broke down. It was the first time in five months since my friend had known him that he cried or showed any helplessness.

He cried on the phone endlessly and uncontrollably. It was the first time his voice showed defeat and pain, which all this time he had concealed in order to give courage to his wife.

He told my friend how empty his house and heart had become, and how he couldn’t sleep nor eat well.

His wife was no longer by his side – but he mentioned how much he still loved her and wished her soul rests in peace.

As my friend was narrating this story, I was finding it tough to control my tears having undergone the loss of my Mom and having seen my Dad go through the same phase. It brought a lump to my throat.

It made me think as to how people cope with such a great loss, and how do they gather the strength and courage to carry on with life – just like my Dad.

Paul and Wendy’s was a true love story, and their love was unconditional and so true.

Lessons Learnt From This True Love Story

True love isn’t necessarily a domain of young couples and known only by public display of affection.

True love needn’t be overtly expressive but yet it can be the unconditional love lovers yearn for.

To love someone unconditionally in simple words means to love a person without any conditions. You love them as they are, just as they were before, and just as they will be in the future.

That’s because people change all the time, so if you love a person unconditionally, you will love them even if they become something you don’t agree with, or even if they become old and sick – isn’t it?

In unconditional love, the person you love can live his or her life as he or she wants to, and you will still be there for and with them – no matter what.

True love is unconditional love when you love a person for their innermost essence – their soul. You see the person and not the personality.

Your love for them never lessens or dies. It remains through thick and thin – just as it was between Paul and Wendy.

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything.” ~ Katharine Hepburn

It takes courage to love a person unconditionally, which not a lot of people have.

Love is when a time period of 60 years isn’t enough to be with each other – time always falls short.

I’ve seen the love my parents shared, and I can only hope and pray that we can get a little of that in our lives too.

Reading such a true love story, I’ve always thought how a bond of ‘love’ can connect two people in a way that they are inseparable – even if they are in such circumstances.

After going through their story of true love – the beautiful bond and silent understanding, it made me realize that there’s another side to what meets the eye.

It’s true and unconditional love where some people become the centre of another person’s world – they become the very reason their lives are worthwhile.

However, they’re also ready to let go of the person because true love neither creates bondage nor does it ever die.

Didn’t this old couple’s true love prove that love isn’t just a fairytale but rather that it’s a reality?

Remember, you and your partner can become soulmates with each other. All you need to do is become a love teacher to make yours a true love story.

“Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. Everything is, everything exists, only because I love. Everything is united by it alone.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Over to you

Have you been in love, if so, what was the feeling like? Do you have any true love stories to share with us? What lesson did you learn from this true love story? Share in the comments.


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