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mother caressing her child and holding blocks showing letters love teacher

You know about the term “teacher”, and you’ve also probably heard about “love guru,” but now who in the world is a love teacher? I know you must be trying to connect the dots, so I’ll give a clue; don’t tax your brain, as it’s all related to your heart!

Still wondering what the term “love teacher” really means? Or perhaps you’re thinking if I have I turned this blog into a romance blog or that I am just trying to seek traffic with a tempting and intriguing title?

I won’t deny about the latter being true! But honestly speaking, I wanted to write something about one crucial difference that makes families and individuals stand apart, and that is the love in their lives.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not referring to the romantic love or the love between two lovers, as I’ve already written a few posts on that topic.

I meant family love, and the love that we all feel for one another.

And then I came to know that there are two important days coming up, which are Labor Day and Teacher’s Day, which are all about love and teachers. That’s how I got my word, love teacher.

“Love is a better teacher than duty.” ~ Albert Einstein


Who is a Love Teacher

A love teacher is a person who teaches love; not necessarily in a class, but in life in general. He or she might not be literally a teacher of love, but essentially inspires others to adopt love in life.

A love teacher spreads love to everybody, just everywhere, through his or her everyday words, actions, work, and life.

Love teachers, who teach us love, are no strangers, but someone like you and me. Can you spot such a love teacher around you?

Is there a love teacher within you? If you really want to know, then you need to go deep and look within your heart and feel what you’ve there. If you’ve love in your heart, then you have a love teacher in you.

Everybody wants to love and be loved. Everybody can feel love, but can they teach love?

Yes. If you know how to love, you can teach love. If you’ve lived with love, you can surely tell others to love life. If you use love in your work, you can teach other to work with love.

Everyone who loves you, in no matter what form, is teaching you about love. Think who inspires you most to appreciate love and makes you feel good.

That’s right. It’s your family!

It’s your parents, spouse, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and all your family members. They all love you, and teach you how to love.

They all are your love teachers, especially your parents, who plant the seed of love in your heart right from the day you are born.

“Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

Why is Love Important

Why is love so important to us? Where or when did we learn about love? Who teaches us love?

Most of us are born out of love, and with a love-filled heart. Then people, things, and events teach us love, whether at home, at work, or at any place in-between.

Love has given us life, and love is life for us. That is why love is more important than any other materialistic things.

I’ve talked about love in my earlier post, but here’s what I’ll briefly say about it.

  • Love is a strong positive emotion; it helps to motivate us.
  • Love is a great power; it helps us face difficulties and fight them.
  • Love is tolerance and commitment; it helps us to be steadfast and work hard.
  •  Love is compassion; it makes us kind and good.
  • Love is attraction; it helps us to create and keep up relationships.
  • Love is unconditional; it teaches us equality.
  • Love is the bond that makes us feel secure, wanted, and important.
  • Love is caring and sharing; it’s more about giving, than receiving.
  • Love is healing; it helps us treat and cure our emotional wounds.
  • Love is integrity; it helps us to appreciate the goodness in each other.

And you can go on and on, and add more to the list of love.

“To learn and never be filled, is wisdom; to teach and never be weary, is love.” ~ Anonymous

Why Love is the Best Teacher

Let’s get back to where we were – talk about love teacher and try to understand what love can teach us.

Besides radiating its own qualities among its receivers, love teaches us to be humble, and to be human.

Love teaches us to be together through thick and thin, and bring about peace and harmony. Love teaches us gratitude and patience. Love teaches us loyalty and acceptance.

There’s more that love teaches us, and if you wish to know, you can see in the video clip below.

[youtube id=”ZQ3wBvtAQwM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

What Love Teaches Us ~ BHFEO ~ You Tube Video

Nothing else teaches us so many things that help us develop into a whole and complete person, and gives us peace and all the joy in the world.

That is why love is the best teacher you have in your life.

Here are some qualities that make a difference between a normal teacher and a love teacher, applicable to all of us.

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” ~ Brad Henry

10 Qualities of a Love Teacher

  1. A teacher of love always respects the person.
  2. The love instructor is kind and understanding.
  3. The love teacher ignores the shortcomings of a person, and views the person as a whole.
  4. The educator imparts affection, even if the person doesn’t understand or appreciates that.
  5. A teacher of love is always compassionate and uses empathy and sympathy.
  6. A love instructor is patient, mature, and sensible.
  7. The person who teaches love has a vision of universal oneness despite all differences.
  8. Such a person is the one who spreads love and is on a mission of betterment, and helps people evolve.
  9. A loving teacher is the best friend, philosopher, and guide any of us can have.
  10. The love teacher is passionate, insightful, flexible, and supportive.

Such qualities even exist in our parents – don’t they? This is because they are our best love teachers too. Can you think of more? Share them with all of us.

“Teachers must be examples of LOVE and TRUTH.” ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

How to Be a Love Teacher

As we realize and understand that we’re natural love teachers and that love is the best teacher, we are faced with the question, “how can we unlock our potential to teach love?”

As everybody has the potential and the ability to be a love teacher, it is difficult to talk about everyone here in a limited space and time.

However, I’ll take up just two important role players of society; the parents and the teachers.

How to Be a Love Teacher as a Parent

Parents are the first teachers of their children.

It is essential for parents to teach love to them. Children are the carriers of this flame of love, which they’ll pass on to the generations ahead.

It is the duty and responsibility of parents to make sure that their children are full of love and learn to love.

Parents need to make them understand the real meaning of love and help them evolve into true human beings.

Parents can use the following tips to be love teachers:

mother sitting with her child and teaching love by offering flowers

  • Express love often by words or actions.
  • Find new ways to tell your children how much you love them.
  • Speak to them affectionately throughout the day.
  • Talk to them about what they love, and appreciate their views and thoughts.
  • Give them occasional surprise gifts.
  • Don’t forget to give them the gift of your time, which they value most.
  • Share your feelings and ask their opinions, and make them feel valued.
  • Respect them for who and what they are, and appreciate their best qualities, even if they aren’t any worth mentioning.
  • Show them what love is about by being role models.
  • Help others by doing social and charity work together.
  • Care for your children, listen to them, and console them.
  • Convey that you believe and trust your children, and make them feel free.
  • Make sacrifices for your children, and show them that they are important to you.

Are you a parent? If so, then I’m sure you can think of more tips of how to make your children grow with love, and create a loving atmosphere in the family. I would love to know your thoughts.

Remember, children who live and grow with love and positive emotions develop faster, better, and are more successful and happy in their lives. In turn, they help create better societies.

How to Be a Love Teacher as a Teacher

Teachers are the second most influential people in the lives of your children.

Teachers needn’t only be at school, as even role models like celebrities, sports persons, historical figures, friends, and even certain events can act as teachers.

However, speaking only about school teachers – they can use the following tips to be teachers of love:

teacher sitting with two children and teaching with love

  • Give personal attention to and call the students by their names.
  • Show your concern about their well-being and health.
  • Appreciate them in the class, and praise their abilities or capabilities.
  • Use the loving words to make them feel good and special.
  • Offer to help them when in need, even when not asked.
  • Let them know that they can seek your guidance for their personal life problems.
  • Speak in a caring and loving voice.
  • Smile often to make them feel important and loved.
  • Share your personal stories while teaching that creates a personal bond with students, as they are able to relate to things better.

Are you a teacher? Add more tips on how teachers can be more compassionate, kind, and loving to take the best out of their students, by creating a close and loving rapport.

Remember, a teacher student relationship is sacred and teachers have a lasting impression on the minds of their students.

Loving and good teachers polish the raw gems or students and create wonderful humans out of them.

“What it’s like to be a parent: It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but in exchange it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love.” ~ Nicholas Sparks

Parenting and teaching are both thankless jobs. They are the labor of love of parents and teachers. We should do our best, expect the best, but shouldn’t expect anything in return for ourselves.

When we teach children with love, either at home or school, we ease and fasten their learning process. We’re also able to remove obstacles and break the blockages in the path of their learning.

Love is a very powerful channel of energy that has far-reaching benefits than we can imagine.

Parents and teachers are a few examples of those who can teach love.

Broader aspect includes people in businesses, offices, markets, hospitals, and all other places, who can teach love by involving the element of love in their words, actions, behaviors, and dealings.

“When you love people and have the desire to make a profound, positive impact upon the world, then will you have accomplished the meaning to live.” ~ Sasha Azevedo

Call for Action

Let’s take a pledge to make this world a better place.

Let’s sow the seeds of love and be love teachers, and spread love in all aspects of our life. Teach love and create an envelope of love around us that will guard us against all bad and evil.

Love is wonderful. Love does miracles. Be its ambassador, be a love teacher.

“Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.” ~ Mother Theresa

Over to you –

Do you like the concept of being a love teacher? Do you believe love is the best teacher? How do you incorporate love in your life and work? Share your instances and experiences of teaching love to your children, students, or others in the comment below.


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    1. That’s absolutely true, Nikky – giving is such a joy, and its a universal law that if you give, then you receive too. Love is something that everybody needs, and if all start being a love teacher, we’ll all be surrounded by love, everywhere and every time.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  1. Unconditional love makes the people live for great cause but condition in love is against its definition. Love itself is a teacher and builds the character of human beings.

    1. Welcome to the blog Nawaz!

      Well said. And this is the dilemma that people put condition on love and think their love is pure and true. Whereas, true love is always unconditional, and a mother is generally the best example. The world will transform if everybody becomes a love teacher.

      Thanks for contributing to the post. 🙂

  2. I really hope that if my children learn only one thing from me it is love and that they feel loved. If I can accomplish that I think I will have done something special and important.

    Love is exceptionally powerful and a great tool for teaching.

    1. Oh yes, love is powerful.

      The power of love can melt hatred, extinguish anger, join hearts, and create oneness. Effective teaching and teachers use love, and it really does wonders!

      Love binds a family and you really know the secret of having a happy family. Inheriting love from you will not only make your kids as better persons, but they also will have loving families themselves.

      Thanks Jack for sharing this great thought. 🙂

  3. This is a very nice put. It’s very inspiring and I really appreciate it.
    LOVE is something that we need in our life.

    1. Welcome to the blog Marnie!

      Sorry for the late reply but I’m glad you like the post and the idea.
      You’re right; love is what essentially makes us human.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  4. Harleena I am a love teacher. But in order for me to become a love teacher I had to love myself first. You can’t give what you haven’t got. I love my daughters even though I find it hard sometimes to express that love. Thanks for your tips, you shared some valuable advice.

    I also love my students. Giving them praise and making them feel that they are worthwhile is crucial because it helps them to connect to me. It also helps to improve their confidence.

    Love is one of, if not the most important emotions in life. Without love we wouldn’t exist. Most of us were conceived out of love.

    Thanks for this article. I really enjoyed reading it. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, June!

      Sorry for being late in replying. Being a love teacher, you’ve revealed one basic and most essential factor – to become a love teacher you need to love yourself first.

      I totally agree that if you don’t have love, you can’t give love. But also if you teach something, you learn it better. You cannot contain love, and it has to be released, expressed, shared, or just given away. The more you do the more rich in love you become.

      Love makes everything easy. You experience that with your students, and you could do a lot with them because you express your love to them in form of helping activities.

      Love is great. No doubt why love is central to all people, societies, and religions.

      Thank you for stopping by and contributing your valuable views. 🙂

  5. Hey Harleena, great unique post regarding how one can be a love teacher. Love is the best feeling and without love it is very hard to live. We need someone to share our thoughts, feelings etc. One can only become a love teacher if he or she truly understand the meaning of love and its importance.

    1. Glad you liked the post. It is impossible to live without love as a human being. One can love, and spread love even without sharing feelings and thoughts – love is universal and not only for humans. You can also love the animals and nature. You’re right; one needs to understand love and its importance.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  6. Great post you have here Harleena,

    I need to be reminded to follow your tips for being a love teacher more often! Although we might be thinking that we love our family or others as we go about our daily lives, it’s important to show it with actions and words.

    1. Welcome to the blog Ashley and nice to have you over!

      I’m glad you liked the post. You’re absolutely right that we need to show with actions and words how much we love our family or near and dear ones. We need to remind ourselves daily to express our love to each other, and it has a marvelous effect on the relationships. One needs to try that to believe it.

      Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts. 🙂

  7. Hi Harleena,

    Loved the way you have described what a love teacher really is. Any person who teaches us how to live is a teacher.The person who makes us know about the well being and enhance our knowledge is a teacher. A teacher can be small kid or an old person,the main motive is just to learn from anything you can.

    1. Glad you liked the theme of the post Aditya!

      You’re right; anybody can be a teacher, and everybody can also be a love teacher. It doesn’t matter who or what he or she is as far as kindness, compassion, and love emanates from their words and deeds. It is a good attitude to view all events, things, and people as sources of learning.

      Thank you for your wonderful thoughts. 🙂

      1. Harleena, you know yesterday was teacher’s day and your post has refreshed my mind and for sometime I was thinking about my school days and thanked them for giving me everything I am now. Also it’s not just the school or college teachers, I am thankful to everyone who haven’t let me down through the difficult times and kept my spirits high to move on.

        1. It is a good habit to thank everyone for everything. It’s good of you to remember your teachers, and that is a tribute you pay to them Aditya.
          Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  8. Hi Harleena,

    As I continued reading this I immediately thought about my Mom. Oh sure, she kept us in line as kids but she loves us unconditionally and would do anything in the world for all of her children. I don’t know how anyone in this world can live without love. Like Ilka said, “it’s so easy to give and costs us absolutely nothing”.

    I can’t call myself a love teacher, not 100% because I still have an issue with patience from time to time. I used to laugh and tell my Dad I inherited that from him but I’m also a Leo so I got a double whammy. I’ll admit though, I’m so much better then I used to be. I’ve come a very long way.

    Wonderful post Harleena as usual. You definitely give us thinks to think about which is a very good thing.


    1. Glad you liked the post Adrienne!

      Mothers are natural love teachers. She uses discipline and love in appropriate proportions to make sure her children have the best growth.

      Love does cost us nothing, but let’s be realistic that there are people around who do not use it, and they’ve their reasons for it. And I wrote this post to help them realize that they can start anytime, even now. You’ve increased the love proportion in your life, and you feel great about it. So would everybody, isn’t it?

      Thank you for relating to the post and sharing your experiences. 🙂

  9. Love without getting tired – now that is an awesome thought. Who else could have thought of love like that other than her.

    Nice post with some good quotes all through it. Of course the title threw me off-course, but then I got back on with your flow 🙂

    It is important to have such “love gurus” around you, it adds a lot of quality to our everyday life and how we focus our mind and thoughts about any subject. Thanks for writing this up and making me think 🙂

    1. I’m happy that you liked the post and my thoughts could be of help to you Praveen!

      Mother Teresa is the epitome of love. She tirelessly served and loved people. I believe every parent and teacher should look to her for some inspiration.

      Honestly I thought I’ll catch a few love birds online with this title and show them how love can be generalized and modified – how it can be a tool to create global peace and happiness.

      Just imagine what the world would be like if we all become love teachers, be kind, loving, sympathetic, and helpful to each other – it would sure make life much more easy and enjoyable!

      Thanks for contributing your thoughts. 🙂

  10. Nice term brought up harleena ‘Love teacher’. Actually a new term never heard it before and must say that you have even explained it in very detail and with great words too.

    I guess you have those qualities of love teacher and so you were so confident sharing them.
    Loved this post.

    1. Welcome to the blog Shiwangi!

      I’m happy that you loved the post. I actually did not coin this word, but I think I gave a different and special meaning to it for sure.

      I believe that everybody has the love teacher qualities, and I share what I strongly believe.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  11. What a lovely post, Harleena, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

    I immediately thought of my daughter and sent her the link! The love of a parent is truly unconditional and should not be bound to any expectations. But how often do we catch ourselves expecting our children to do well at school and universities and how difficult is it sometimes to accept their being different from us only to realize within a short time that they are so much like us?

    1. Welcome to the blog Barbara, nice to see you here! I’m glad you love the post, and I hope your daughter likes it too. 🙂

      I agree with you and I too think a parent who gives unconditional love and support truly wishes the child to do well and be happy, rather than be bogged down by expectations. Expectations have consequences that restrict your love, and unconditional love, as explicit by the term, has no restrictions and conditions whatever.

      Setting expectations or unrealistic demands out of children in academics or other disciplines is not good. That amounts to pressurizing and hampering their growth, whereas, as children are separate individuals, we need to respect their personal desires and aspirations.

      Having said that, it is also a parent’s responsibility to ensure the children lay a good solid foundation for a secure and stable future. The parent should instill in their children the values to be smart and work hard for what they love or want to be in life, and the parent should be their friend and guide to help them decide what are good or bad aspirations. A child with unconditional love and support is very likely to be successful and less likely to take the wrong path.

      Everybody wants to be different, and it is interesting that as teenagers sometimes we too did not want to be like our parents. But as you grow old, you tend to become more like them. I guess it’s the behavioral influence or the gene effect!

      Thank you for contributing your views to the post. 🙂

  12. I think I am a love teacher and strive to be more each day! Love all the quotes you used! Einstein, Leo, and Mother Theresa. All perfect love teachers!

    1. You point out an important fact that we must daily “strive” to perfect ourselves as love teachers. All great personalities made such conscious efforts every moment of their lives, which eventually made them great love teachers of the world.

      Thank you for the contribution Jodi! 🙂

  13. I was a law professor for twenty years until I retired last year. I always learned all my students names at the beginning of the semester and made it a point to speak to them by name. I was very gratified to hear through the grapevine that my students appreciated how I made them feel like they were fully capable of success.

    Joel Osteen gave a sermon about “speaking the blessing” to those over whom we have special influence, like our kids, students, spouses, etc. I love that phrase. Great post.

    1. Glad you like the post Galen!

      You’ve been a great love teacher, and no doubt you must’ve been a great law teacher too! 🙂

      Your teaching way showed that you really cared about your students, and helped them by connecting with them at a more personal level. This is what good teachers do.

      I too like the phrase “speaking the blessing” and this is what we all must do – wish the best for all whom we know with the best of our intentions, and pour out our love to treat them with our compassion.

      Thank you for sharing your life experiences with us. 🙂

  14. Leena, you’ve made my day!

    According to your description, I’m 100% a love teacher! I do all these things. I haven’t always been this way, though. A difficult life has taught me (and I’ve allowed it to actually teach me) some wonderful lessons.

    Once you’ve been through it, you know how others going through it are feeling. You can’t BUT reach out to make things all better.

    1. You show that a difficult life is not at all that bad all the times. You made it take the best out of you, and learned lessons from it that in fact helped you. That’s how life is meant to be lived, and you’ve been great Anne!

      It’s a bit difficult to change initially but you begin to like it later. Being a love teacher brings that content and complete feeling, along with peace and happiness.

      Thank you for sharing your experience. 🙂

  15. Hi Harleena,

    I was imagining it’s about romantic love before I get ready to read this post 😉 LOL… Anyway love the way you got the word ~ “Love Teacher”. A time sensitive topic, if we see from that aspect 🙂

    I’ve had some awesome teachers in my life who have had enormous love and knowledge mixed together. As a student, it helped me a lot to be successful in my studies and I’m grateful for that life lessons of them than the knowledge they have been sharing with me. I felt like they were my own family members and studies never get bored that way 🙂 Yeah, I’ve experienced that for the subjects I thought very boring that time.

    I’m glad you have selected two important roles Harleena ~ Teacher and Parent. Well, Parent is a teacher too. I think the responsibility of teaching love to our kiddies is far more important as they follow actions of parents in that stages and they helps to build up personalty of children. I believe there we need a control too. Parents are the ones who always hold their back. The parents are the source of love as I believe, ’cause thereafter children may not get the love they wanted from the society. So in any trouble, children will always come back to their parents. I think you knows that better as a mom and a teacher (You’re teaching me) 🙂


    1. I’m glad you like the term love teacher, Mayura!

      Teaching of love is more important than anything else, and you are blessed to get those lessons in our family. I salute all those school teachers who are able to use love in their teaching, and make it easy for the students to gain knowledge and make up their lives.

      You’re absolutely right when you say that parenting is a great responsibility. A parent has to be a love teacher and a role model. Of course, like school teachers, parents too have to make sure the children are on the right track and use control wherever necessary. And such control is more effective if it is loving in nature rather than authoritative.

      Home is where love is. It’s love that bonds a family, or any other relationship for that matter. Acceptance too is a form of love. Those who feel the lack of love from their parents or at home, try to seek acceptance outside, and sadly some fall for the wrong.

      If I’m able to teach something of value that benefits anybody, I feel my efforts get paid off. Thank you for sharing your life and wonderful thoughts. 🙂

  16. Beautiful post, Harleena!

    When I think about a love teacher I can’t help but thinking about my mother, because in my book she is the best love teacher I know.

    When I observe people that don’t seem to know what love is, I usually don’t blame them, because I know that for the most part is because they were not taught love by their parents or immediate surroundings as they were growing up. I have to say that I know a couple of people like that, and each one of them have had a rough childhood with unloving parenting.

    This is why the family is the core of society. The more we teach our children love the more loving the world will be.

    Thank you fo r this beautiful post which reminded me to be thankful for having been raised in love by my dear mother 🙂

    1. I’m happy that you like the post Sylviane!

      You’re right, you can’t just blame it on the person for being loveless, as many factors are responsible for a person to become such. A mother is the first love teacher, and always a love teacher. However, if in some families, it is not the case, then the children suffer from lack of love and that affects their behavior, relationships, and life.

      Many a times people turn into anti-social elements and criminals because they lack sympathy and empathy, the parts of compassion that originates from love.

      I’ve heard of cases where parents have been abusers of their own children directly or indirectly and that is the worst thing that can happen. Such children live with guilt and hatred until some event or person motivates them to transform, seek love, and leave the negative baggage behind.

      I pray and wish that all children have loving mothers and a loving family, so they are also full of love, and help create a loving society. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions. 🙂

  17. This is a great topic and you’ve dealt with it so well.

    “When we teach children with love, either at home or school, we ease and fasten their learning process. We’re also able to remove obstacles and break the blockages in the path of their learning.” Absolutely spot on!

    Having been a teacher to teenagers for some years, Harleena, I realized that nothing can substitute for teaching with love – going beyond looking at behaviour and examining motives for that behaviour and coaching youngsters to find another way, to make better choices.

    I am proud to say that one of my students who was truly a bad boy – had issues with the law etc and who trusted me with his story is now a mid-level manager with GE!

    1. Glad you like the post Corinne!

      That’s right; nothing can substitute for teaching with love. Like you, I too have had my share of experience as a school teacher, and then working at home with my own kids. And I found love does make a difference.

      You’ve made some important suggestions here for parents and teachers with troubled teenagers. First you need to examine the motives for their behavior and then help them make better choices, while making sure you deal with love.

      It’s great that you made a difference to the life of the boy, and I’m sure many youngsters out there need such love and support to help them get on to the right track.

      Thank you for your valuable input to the post. 🙂

  18. Can I spot a love teacher around me? Most definitely my mom and that she teaches me everyday with every action of hers as well. Am I a good love teacher? Maybe yes, but I’m a bit rude with my ways though, now that you’ve mentioned those 10 awesome ways, I’ll try implementing them and hope to mend my ways. Awesome article Harleena, Thanks for those tips!

    Aditya Samitinjay

    1. Glad you like the post Aditya!

      It feels good to know that you’re contemplating on implementing some ways to change for better. Change is good and having a loving attitude does help in all spheres of our life.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  19. I am so not a love teacher…. gosh! 😉

    But another smashing topic for discussion here. I like you overlap the concept of family within this. I feel truly blessed to be a part of a family that is supportive, helpful and has instilled me with the strength, support and confidence to face the world and what comes along in life. I think that is a true blessing.

    As for love, yes, it has been an integral part of all the lessons. Unless we learn to understand how much one stands to learn from the emotion of love, we might have a tough time in moving ahead without a hard feeling. My parents always told me that whenever you are wronged, don’t ever use the word hate, because dislike is a much better word to use. And when you hate, you hurt yourself more than anything else.

    I hope we all find our best love teachers in our lives and if we already have them in our lives, then be thankful for it!

    1. I’m happy that you like the post Hajra!

      Family loses its significance if it does not breed love. You really are blessed to have a loving and supporting family, but not all are. There are families where members have hatred against each other, and keep fighting over something or the other. This creates distortions in the individual’s personality, which negatively impacts the society.

      We are all emotional beings. We need emotions to live and to work. We need love to be happy. And many families miss on this crucial aspect. They put their stakes in their inflated egos, prejudices, and other differences, treat the other as competitive, or put money and property as priority instead of love.

      It’s not wrong to have hard feelings, but its right to, as you say, not even think of the term “hate” when defining it. Dislikes and likes are part of life, and they can change anytime. I agree with you that “hate” is a very strong word and has negative impact on us and others.

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful lessons on love. 🙂

  20. I enjoyed this – I believe love conquers all! Yes, I’ve pledged to make the world a better place!

    Thank you for a great read, Harleena! In my life, my Mom was a Love Teacher. Then, everyone who is kind is a love teacher too! It is up to us to notice, acknowledge and practice it, too.

    Hugs! You rock!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Vidya!

      You’re right, kindness is a component of love, and any person if kind, good, and compassionate is a love teacher. If we keep this outlook and see others through this love filter, we’ll find that there are so many people out there who exude pure love.

      We need to change our perspective, and as you say, practice our teachings too!

      Thank you for believing and pledging for a better world. 🙂

  21. No Harleena I am not at all a love teacher, LOL ! But it was great reading your post.

    1. Welcome to the blog Kundan!

      Glad you like the post. You can be a love teacher in your profession; its all about being good, caring, compassionate, and kind.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  22. Hi Harleena,

    What an inspiring post and so beautifully written. Nobody can live without love. We need it like flowers need the sun. And it’s so easy to give and costs us absolutely nothing.

    I think teaching loves starts with our children. We need to teach them to love and respect each other, live without prejudice and be kind to everyone they meet. Love first, ask questions later 🙂

    Two names immediately came to mind when I started reading your post …Mother Teresa and Princess Diana. I think they are both great examples of Love Teachers.

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts in this beautiful post!


    1. Glad you like the post Ilka,

      Mother Teresa and Princess Diana are great role models to follow for their love and service to people. I believe there is nothing greater than these acts, which make immortals out of us mortal beings.

      You’re so right about love – it is essential for peace and happiness. However, there are many out there who ignore, neglect, underestimate, look down upon, or even detest love and its expression. I wanted to send a message that everybody can and should be a proponent of love, in some or the other good way.

      The first step, as you point out, starts from home and the family has to take the initiative. Parents have a great responsibility to make the world a better place by instilling love in their children. By love I mean all those things that you mention, and not just romantic love!

      Thanks for your valuable insight, have a great time in these holidays! 🙂

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