How to Express Love to Your Loved One

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a man and woman express love to each other

Whether it is the first time you’re going to express love to your loved one or you do that on a regular basis, you know that love is special.

Love makes the world go round – but only when you express or show it. Often we take it for granted that your partner or loved one will understand your feelings.

But that doesn’t always happen.

You need to handle love with care. Your wrong actions or sometimes even the slightest of inaction can break or hurt the love.

If you want your loved one to understand your feelings and if you really love the person, you need to show it.

Love is a positive energy that makes us feel good when it is received or shared. If you want to feel good all the time, you should release this energy often by expressing your love.

The popular saying really holds true – “Love grows when it is shared.” Though you don’t have to expect love to return, but mostly it does.

When you express love, you make the other person also feel good. That person too, as a response, expresses love and you receive more of this positive healing energy.

Your loved ones could be anyone – your parents, siblings, offspring, friend, spouse, and of course, your lover.

You display your love in different ways to different people. The nature or type of your display of affection would also depend on the kind or degree of love between you and your loved one.

True or unconditional love doesn’t seek anything in return. The deep well of positive emotions in your heart replenishes itself and never runs out of love.

However, most interpersonal relationships are based on reciprocation. If you do something for somebody, you expect that person to do something for you.

In either case, you need to express love so your loved one can know and feel it. This saves him or her from doing any guesswork or avoids any misunderstanding.


How to Express Love

Expressing love is both, an art and a skill.

You might learn it from people around you, the media and other elements of the social environment that surround you. Yes, some people are born lovers too!

More so, different communities around the world sometimes have different ways to express love.

The easiest and the universal way is to tell the person in simple words – “I love you.” No matter what language you use, these golden words can convey your thoughts and feelings of love.

There are more ways to express your love, and I’ve mentioned some of them in my earlier post titled “Simple ways to be romantic on Valentine’s Day.”

Words are not the only way to express love to your loved one.

You can use any means to show your love in such a way that your loved one can understand your feeling or what you want to convey.


a red pendant with love written to express love to loved ones

10 Ways to Express Love

Lack of or absence of expressing love in a relationship makes it dull or lifeless.

It’s not only about the love in a marriage or a romantic relationship, but also the love in a family and other aspects of life that matter.

The expression of love creates confidence and security in any relationship.

Here are some common and special ways to let your loved ones know that you love them.


1. Saying the golden words

Every person starves to hear these magical words – I LOVE YOU (I can say I do!). They mean a whole world to some. Be open and use them often.

This expression of love is evergreen and effective – no matter how many times you say them. You use these words differently in different situations, and that is what makes them special every time.

You can say these words anywhere and at any time, but don’t make it so frequent and common that it loses its impact.

If you’re going to say it for the first time, remember there’s no special way to say it. Just be yourself and express your feelings naturally – at a comfortable place with minimum distractions.

The other person can feel your intentions, thoughts, and sincerity through your words and your voice. Speak while looking into the person’s eyes, which make the words more meaningful.

2. Tele-communicating

Sometimes it is not possible for you to be present face-to-face when you want to convey your feelings of love.

Since your loved one cannot look into your eyes and see your facial gestures, you need to convey all your feelings through your words.

You will have to express love through your voice when you talk on the phone, mobile, voice chat or Skype and make it as effective as possible.

Speak slowly with confidence and conviction.

Emphasize on the words that you strongly feel about, and give time for the other person to register and appreciate your words, and understand the feelings behind them.

You can call frequently during the day and directly tell your loved one how much you love or miss him or her.

3. Making love affirmations

Talk your heart out and express love in words, whenever and wherever possible. You need to reassure and affirm your love to your partner often.

Have loving conversations and talk about the good romantic times that you both have shared in the past or present.

You can share your feelings for each other even when you’re driving, shopping, or while waiting at the airport.

Speak positively and praise your partner or loved one. Tell your partner how much she or he means to you and pay compliments with genuine appreciation.

Have quality conversations. But at times, actions speak louder than words.


4. Using performance

The most common ways to express love through performance is creating art, song, or dance.

Songs are inspiring and touch the heart as music directly reaches our soul. Find out what songs your loved one likes, and either play it or sing it for him or her.

Selecting a love song especially meant for your loved one and enjoying it together creates beautiful loving moments. This is possible even if you’re not face-to-face, but online.

Send your song request on the local radio station or music channel and ask your loved one to tune in and hear it.

If you have dancing skills then you can use it to convey your feelings in front of your loved one. Or, you can ask your partner to dance with you on a romantic number.

If you’re an artist, prepare a work of art for your loved one that you’re sure he or she would like. If possible, involve your loved one in the process.

Ah…though I am writing about this, I am not good in either of these, except for playing romantic numbers at times to distract my hubby’s attention!

5. Giving gifts

Giving gifts is what everybody likes to do as this way of expressing love turns out to be quicker and easier.

I am bad at this one though I’m working at it. I guess lack of time is the culprit here, though no excuses whatsoever!

It is best to know the preference and choice of your loved one before you set out to buy your gift. Since this is your token of love, you need to present it in a beautiful manner.

It’s not necessary to buy expensive gifts, as love is more valuable than money. It is the intention or thought that matters more than the gift to most people.

You can also do with inexpensive gifts, or with something made with your own hands. I personally feel that self-made things always have more value.

You can even gift a greeting card, buy a bouquet of pretty flowers, or gift a box of candy. Or make a note of something that your loved one liked while window shopping, and present it as a surprise gift.

6. Communicating through words

Wake up the poet in you and express your love by writing a poem. Let your feelings transform into words and flow in stanzas in awe of your loved one. (I can’t do this, but I know few who did!)

If you’re tech savvy then perhaps you’d like to use the SMS to send love messages to your lover. Or use the social networking to express your feelings through chat and sharing by beautiful images.

You can even write romantic emails, which can be either emails or the classic handwritten love letters that have their own charm.

I think most of you might have used these ways to express your love, and that includes me too!

7. Going out

Take your loved one on a date to a place of his or her liking. Or you can give a surprise by going to the place where you both met on your first date.

Go for a romantic movie, theatre, or even to watch any sport if it is of interest to your loved one. Take your lover for a long drive so you can be close and together for a long time.

Taking your loved one for a candle light dinner would be a very romantic idea, and it surely does work. It reminds me of my first candle light dinner and the romantic time we had.

8. Touching

Every person in love likes to be touched. You can use light touches to play with the fingers, stroke the hair, hold the hands, and even give a hug to express your love to your loved one.

A kiss on the cheek or forehead, and stroking the forehead with your hand shows your affection for the person.

If you feel your lover is ready for little physical closeness – a kiss on the lips is one way to express your love. However, be sure your lover is ready and willing too.

You can even let your lover know about your love through other ways like giving a romantic massage, or rubbing the back and relaxing him or her.

9. Helping out

Do things that your loved one would like and feel happy about. If you’re a boy, help out your partner in the kitchen and maybe cook the meal yourself, or at least, try to.

Surprise by doing things that are least expected of you. Clean the dishes, make bed tea, or prepare the breakfast for your lover and make her feel special. Do favors without asking.

If you are a girl then help him out in his work, ask him for tea or coffee, sort his things out, and don’t nag him! (I can see guys nodding here!)

Doing any unselfish act of kindness and sacrificing your personal desires to fulfill your partners need would make a deep impact and touch the heart.

10. Listening to your partner

At times, love is best expressed when you say or do nothing. You just let the eyes do the talking.

Give time to your loved one, and listen sincerely with all your heart and mind to whatever he or she wishes to talk about.

Show interest in what interests your loved one and respect his or her thoughts, views, and values. Listen to your partner’s problems, and give a shoulder to lean upon.

Love is all about sharing and caring. Show your affection in different and special ways doing unexpected things. Be a love teacher.

Appreciate your loved one or show affection in front of others, whisper romantic words in his or her ears, leave love notes in unexpected places, hold hands while walking, or give a surprise visit.

Show your concern and consideration when your loved one needs it. Offer to help and even go to the extents to make your partner comfortable.

Doing something for your lover’s family or parents would make a mark in your lover’s heart, and make him or her love you more.

There can be many more ways to express love to your loved ones though I just shared a few in this post.

Over to you –

Do you think it is necessary to express love? Do you know how to express love to your loved one? Which of the above ways to express love do you use? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, how are you going to express your love to your loved one?

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  1. HI Harleena Ma,am

    I am Visiting here after receiving your email regarding this Post.

    What to say Just Mind blowing post. Actually I want read this type of post after my Marriage.

    This Post Indeed made my day as well as my valentine day.

    Thank you

  2. Hello Harleena,

    I love reading this post, especially the Ten Ways to express love. I love expressing love both in verbal and nonverbal ways. It is also one way of showing who we are and giving importance to our love ones and friends. Great article.

  3. Hi Harleena,

    i really excited 🙂 🙂 after reading this article,by the way i need your suggestion for my dilemma ,i had fallen in love with my beloved one around 3 years but i never told the word “i love you” to her ,but we are talking/chat over the phone still now even in midnight ,she exhibits her care on me ,besides i’m also exhibits my care on her , will it love ??? what i have to do ??? whether i need to say my love to her or she will understand me ??? please clear this dilemma 🙁 🙁

  4. Hi Harleena,

    A Very timely post.

    These days in many areas this magical word is missing and many do not even know how to express it lovingly 🙂
    Indeed this is a wonderful post to such people, surely they can pick up some points/tips from here. 🙂

    Some of the things mentioned here I am doing it but very sad to say the majority of them are miserably missing from my life, I am sure this will really look into some of it or let me say, will surely help me to put it into practice in the coming days, This post indeed made my day,
    Thanks for sharing
    Keep informed

  5. Hi Harleena,

    I think its important to tell other peoples about your feelings, and the list you have provided is a great way to tell others about your feelings.
    One must express its feelings to others and those are the true golden words (I LOVE YOU ).

  6. Hello Mam,

    I love to read articles on various niches and enjoy them. Your article here on relationship is really motivating and provides very good teaching. Loved to read it. 🙂

  7. Hi Harleen Ma’m

    Well I think girls are more practical these days. No matter how handsome you are they would rather choose a person who has money. I have seen many real life example. Since I am a college students. Girls wants their partner to have good bank balance, iPhone or 40k phone in hands, good car and if he is not good looking it is ok.

    Well I am not pointing any particular person . But this is my personal experience and seen girls that way.
    Still there is true love but nowadays it is very rare.

    BTW thanks for the update. I hope it will help some real love birds . God Bless us everyone
    Regards 🙂

  8. Hello Harleena,

    You have covered the topic extensively. Actions speak more than words. Helping your loved one when in need, listening to what they say, being there to support them when they go through important times–all speak louder than saying “I love you”. I recently gave a gift to a loved one as a hint of how I feel about her.

  9. However I usually don’t read these kind of posts on relationships 😛 but sometimes It feels different when I read something apart from tech, blogging and SEO stuffs.

    I have not much idea about expressing love but I think non-verbal ways seems more romantic. expression and performance can do better than that of words.

    Nice post Harleena.

  10. Before I go to sleep, I always say the magic word to my partner and kids. This will always remind them that I love them no matter how tough our day may be.

  11. I really don’t believe on those three words “I Love You” because, to express the real love. If somebody really loves you then you can really feel that by his/her behavior. There is no need to say.

  12. Hi Harleena,

    This is a nice post dear. And I like the tips you’ve described here. I have followed some of those tips and some other are new to me. And I’ll follow them for sure 😉 And I love when my partner helping me too, but sometimes he said we should not depend on others! 😀 But anyway I like to help him too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post with us dear. 🙂 It will really help to express and grow the love!

  13. I love this article. Just because we are married already and become too comfortable with each other does not mean that we will forget simple gestures to show how much we love our partner.

  14. Hi Harleena!

    These ways to express love with our loved ones are natural. Selection of words according to nature of your loved ones will also matters.

  15. Gosh – great post.

    I personally have trouble saying ‘I love you’. I have for years. But I think it all comes down to your style. I like the book ‘The Five Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman. It made me realize that we all have our own way of expressing love, and that we need to understand that and each other, and appreciate the different ways of showing it.

  16. Harleena,

    Very well thought out and well written post. I think you covered just about everything here.

    Like someone in the comments above. People take love for granted. I think we all do once in a while.

    I think it’s super important to show love. I used to think it wasn’t but once i started dating and eventually married my husband and felt what it was like to to be shown your loved on a regular basis, i knew i could not live without it.


  17. Harleena,

    Wow.. fantastic post. You have simply portrayed about Love at very Loving way..!!!! 🙂

    Love…!! The word does holds everything. The whole universe exists only by Love. Parents, wife, Sister, brother,Son, Daughter, Animal and’s infinite!. If we image the planet become like a terminator movie how it would be ? 🙂

    Communicate!..My preferred way.! Though technology offers many routes to convey our feelings…The best and ever is personal communication. That stands on top. Indeed, I am not that great in that art 🙂

    From my view, either sex love to hear the word “I LOVE YOU” direct from their lovable partner. You can apply all your creative ideas and magic to convey it..But do CONVEY as a word “I LOVE YOU” when ever time permits. Being romantic is an art and to start just LOVE.

    Thanks for the wonderful post. 🙂

  18. Hi Harleena,

    Thanks for sharing a brilliant post with us.I can see a great depth in it.I am impressed with the way you covered almost every possible thing to express love.
    In the beginning you have mentioned that one should show his/her love to the partner ,it reminds me of many incident happened to me. Intially i was kind of shy to initiate to show love to my close ones.I am very emotional person i have great feelings from bottom of my heart but initially i never open up my feelings to any one i use to keep it inside me.

    My girlfriend caught me and she knows that i never show my feelings to any one ,so one day she told me when you love someone you need to show it ,express it.It was mothers day and my girlfriend told me that i should surprise my mother with a cake.I done the same when my mom saw this she first was very suprized because she was also knowing that i never open up my feelings.She hugged me and that was a moment i can never forget from then i realized how important is show your feelings to those who love you or you love them.

    The points which you have mentioned in verbal and non verbal ….i have done all this for my girlfriend i never waited for any occasion to do that i just do when i feel to do..

    Thanks alot for sharing a great post.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist

  19. Of course one of the best ways to love your partner is to first start with love of self…and self-acceptance. We often almost destroy love by projecting our personal unhappiness and irritations and limiting expectations on the other. Someone above commented on taking people as they are to show they are loved just as the packaged presented; without unnecessary alterations. Of course good relationships are a give and take and individual growth and joined growth are imperative. It\’s amazing, but the simplicity of \’sharing is caring\’ makes love last. Thanks for the good read.

  20. As always, a beautifully written post and perfect since Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Like Donna said, love can be expressed in so many ways but yes it is important to fee loved.

    My sweetie and I have been together for 20 years and even though he’s not the romantic type, I know and can feel that he loves by because of the other things like the ones you mentioned such as going out and touching (we’re always holding hands).

    He won’t say babe I dedicate this song to you, but he’ll call me over and say listen to this song and I hear the words and I get it.

    We always say “I love you” before we end our phone calls and I always see him to the door in the morning and send him off with a kiss and well wishes for a great day.

    Out of all these I love #9 because it’s the little things my husband does for me that means so much.

    Thanks for this, it made me remember all the reason why I love my sweetie so much 🙂

  21. Hello harleena,
    This is a well thought list and i love it. Communicating through words is one of my favorite way of showing my girl i love her. because i love letting her know how much i care about her. Thanks

  22. Ah, love Harleena. What a wonderful topic and you definitely covered all the bases here girl.

    Now you know I don’t specifically have a significant other but I do have plenty of friends and family that I have no problem letting them know how much I love them. They say it back to me too so that’s always so great to hear.

    I guess I’m pretty rusty though in the other areas but that’s okay. It’s like riding a bike. Now I just have to find the bike! lol…

    Have a great week.


  23. Hi Harleena,

    What a nice way to start the month of February. It is the month of sharing our LOVE!

    You pretty much covered the best ways to express love. Actions many times can express it more that words. I think of the abuse partner that does something abusive and than tells other other partner “I did that because I love you.”

    Love should never hurt each other. Listening and actions speak the loudest in my book. It is the little things that are important we do for each other daily. Whether it is helping the wife with the house or kids or cooking that favorite meal for hubby.

    Never a day should go by without hugging the people that are in our home. I remember how my mother use to react to my hugs and I love you’s when I would visit her. With dad being gone, she never got many hugs.

    Thank you for sharing this important information to all.

  24. Love makes the world go round Harleena!

    As you mentioned above, there are so many ways to express love. Some of us can express it with words, and some cannot. As long as we understand each other in a relationship, knowing the communication, we are fine. I’m a woman of many words, my husband is not, but there is one thing we always say is “I love you” every day.

    But, I like when someone walks the walk, not talks the talk. There are many ways to express love. I can recall when I realized I loved my husband. He had noticed that when I wake up the first thing I go for is coffee. One morning he woke me up with a fresh cup of coffee. Because he did not use words, but used an empathetic action, I fell in love.

    Sounds crazy? No, it is those little things our partner notices about us and is there to give that makes love grow.

    We have a blended family: I have one child and an ex husband, David has 3 children and an ex wife. It was difficult in the beginning because I just did not know what to do. But I looked in my step-daughter’s eyes and knew exactly what I should do as we merged into this united family.

    Today, his children have children and I love them like they were my own. His ex wife is my best friend. I can tell her anything! My ex husband feels like a cousin to me. He is always there for us.

    Sound crazy? No…It wasn’t easy at first, but putting the children before us, and doing what was best for them, grew love in this family, so much so, that I even have a great relationship with his ex wife’s siblings.

    What our children learned is empathy. When you plant the seed of unconditional love, it grows and reaches many others.


  25. Food is another way to express love. Food is something that we all have to have 3/4 times a day and it can be a good resource to express love? Just wondering if “sex” can also be an expression of love to your partner? In India, we have temples dedicated to it and a famous book has been written on it. We just don’t talk about it.

  26. Of course, it’s important to express your love. Otherwise just feeling it is a waste of time. We need to let the other person know: our friends, family, kids, etc. As you said, there are so many ways to express love.

    My husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary 2 weeks before Valentine’s day, so it’s never really been a big thing for us, because the two days are so close. We usually just give flowers and chocolate.

  27. Hi Harleena,

    I do think it’s necessary to express love. However, if you were never shown how to express love as a child, you may not express love. If you were never loved as a child, you may not know how to express love. It’s sad, but true. Luckily, folks can refer back to this post. 🙂

    Since I’m a writer, I love to express love through the written word and have written many poems throughout the years. I also like to say, “I love you,” and perform an acts of kindness.


  28. Hi Harleena,

    Very interesting post and lots of great tips and advice. People often take love for granted and some have a hard time expressing it, because like Sylviane mentioned they weren’t raised that way. But it’s so important! We can’t live without love. It’s as important for our well-being as the air we breathe.

    I make sure my kids and husband hear that I love them every day, and nobody is leaving our house without a hug….or two…or three.

    Thanks for this, Harleena!


  29. Harleena,
    Love your list! I think that listening is probably one of the best ways to show someone that you really care.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  30. Love is so simple, isn’t it, Harleena? We go and complicate it by our unwillingness to be ourselves, to share, to be thoughtful and sincere. I loved the simple ways you suggest that we can show our love.

  31. Hi Harleena,

    It looks like you’ve covered pretty much every thing there is to cover about love.

    Once thing that I’ve found is that even such thing as LOVE is something that is learned in childhood. People who have grown up without love have a hard time TO LOVE or show love even if they want to.

    This is why it’s so important to raise our children in love.

    Lack of love can have more negative effects on someone’s life and the ones around such person than people may think.

    Thank you for this fantastic lesson on love 🙂

  32. Hi Harleena,

    Love… Love… Love… It’s February 😉

    That’s very touching dear 🙂 I can almost write some lyrics for my girlie right now. I’m gonna send ’em after commenting here 🙂

    Well, love is not about the partner and it’s for everyone around us 🙂 I love my mother the most and rest of my family too. The communication is something that’s lack in our family background and so words are not working at its best here. But still we show our love for each others by actions.

    When it comes to my partner, it’s much more different 🙂 Words, actions and anything is possible when it comes to expressing love. I believe it’s something that helped me to gain more self-esteem too dear. As once you implied in a post that married people enjoy life than singles, I feel it though I’m not married yet 🙂 I have new hopes and dreams.

    I believe until marriage we need to act on a limited space, isn’t it? 🙂 Sometimes I feel lovers tend to go beyond limitations as you know Asian cultures are quite different there. But I love the way it is 🙂

    The golden words are golden indeed when they are expressed when it’s at the climax Harleena 🙂 I feel it and I don’t use ’em every-time and don’t wanna make it another common phrase coming out of my mouth.

    Tele-communicating is my strategy 😉 We haven’t seen each others for more than 8 months but that doesn’t bother us. I love to see her for a moment though, but yet we are working on our future and for a happy family. The old memories works best for us 🙂

    lol 😀 I’m not good at performing, but I write lyrics for her. I think if we understand each others well, we don’t need something new to surprise each other and keep love flowing.

    Actually gifts is something I love to give but we decided not to as we thought of saving, instead of spending on expensive gifts. Thereafter we have been exchanging hand made gifts and written letters in old fashioned way which is priceless compared by other gifts 🙂

    I love listening, she likes to talk, so it’s matching Harleena 😉 But there were times we used to gaze at each others and honestly I don’t know whether it’s eyes talking or not but the feeling is rejuvenating.


  33. Hi Harleena,

    What an interesting post! With such a comprehensive list of suggestions, we have no excuse for not showing our loved ones how we feel this coming Valentine’s Day.

    I think the non-verbal stuff is often more powerful and meaningful than simply saying the words. It’s easy to say “I love you” – not always so easy to show you really do.

    In my view, one of the most wonderful ways to show someone you love them is simply to let them know you accept them as they are, to allow them to be themselves, to do their own thing, even if that’s something that doesn’t involve you. For example, my husband shows his love for me by supporting and encouraging me in my online adventures – and even proofreading my posts!

    I think I’m best at the last one on your list – I’m a good listener – sometimes buying surprise gifts, too – I love doing that!


    1. Hi Sue,

      I’m glad you find the post interesting. I agree that actions do speak louder than words in case of expressing love to your loved ones.

      True, you can really love the other person only if you love yourself and accept the other person as he or she is. Great you’ve a supporting husband, like I do. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts on the post. 🙂

  34. HI Harleena Di

    Series is really very interesting!

    You rightly said, when we love someone we need to express that too, learnt this a very hard way.Now can use magical words which are handy in all the relationships.

    Giving gift is the best for me and I feel my husband should express it through gifts only.

    Everyone wants to be treated in a special way and so my rules of expressing it are separate for each member of our family.

    Thanks Di for sharing this.


    1. Hi Sapna,

      I’m glad you find the mini love series as interesting.

      In our busy life and hectic schedules, we sometimes find it difficult to make place for and take out time to express love to our loved ones. But there are some ways to express love that you can use while not making a compromise with your schedule and job. One needs to make them a part of their habit or routine, don’t you think so?

      I’m happy you’re taking care of this aspect in your relationships. Ah, gifts are among a woman’s first choice, me included! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and views. 🙂

  35. Hello Harleena!

    I, generally, send gifts, say I Love you over the phone and I always listen to her. She’s miles away from me. So, what I do is, I go and meet her whenever it’s possible. She really loves that and so do I.

    I really think, expressing love regularly is very important in a successful relationship. Because, only then, love grows.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Koundeenya,

      It’s so nice to know that you take care to express your love to your loved one. Distance relationships especially require all that you’re doing on a much regular basis. I’m glad it’s all working for you.

      You’re right; love will only grow when we feed it with our attention and action.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your personal experiences and thoughts. 🙂

      1. Hi Harleena Singh, I really love this article. Just because we are married already and become too comfortable with each other does not mean that we will forget simple gestures to show how much we love our partner.

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