5 Tips on How to Find Your Soulmate

If you’re a single soul, then like so many others you too might yearn to know how to…

If you’re a single soul, then like so many others you too might yearn to know how to find your soulmate. But before you do that, you need to define your terms and clear your concepts.

What is a soul, and what is a soul mate?


Now, we’re not going to have a spiritual discussion here. Nor are we going to talk about religion.

We will simply define soul – as our true self. Soul is our essence that tells us who we really are. Soul is our inner identity. Soul is completeness.

Most of us do not understand our soul truly, and feel incomplete.

Soul is our total consciousness. Psychology is called the study of the psyche or soul, which is considered as the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious.

And for those who believe in God, soul is a part of God – a God-self.

Soul mate

When we say soulmate, we mean the other half of our soul. It resides in somebody else’s body. You feel that your soul is incomplete unless you’re united with the soul of the other person.

That person becomes your soulmate, the one who completes you. Finding  the soulmate is the process or discovery of your own true self and to be complete.

But in a world of billions of people, how to find your soulmate? How can I know if the other person is my soul mate?

According to one theory which many believe – we’re our own soul mates. If our soul is complete, we do not feel the need to look for the other half, or the soul mate.

If we try to complete our self through self-discovery, we’ll realize we’ve all the love in the universe within us – the spring of love and the fountain of happiness is within us.

We come to an understanding that we do not have to depend on any other person to feel the true love, to know the real love, and to experience the beauty of love.

However, it is not possible for everyone to achieve this state on one’s own. We then look for somebody who is like us, at our level, and in a state similar to us.

We help each other and work together to be complete. We see the mirror in the other person or the soulmate, which turns out to be a reflection of our own self.

two heart ring cutouts overlapping and joining together


Tips to Find Your Soul Mate

There are some basic steps or tips that will guide you to know how to find your soulmate. First few steps are about preparing yourself before you set out for this most important discovery of your life.

1. Love Yourself

First and foremost, you need to love yourself. This is a pre-requisite if you want to find your soulmate, as it is all about love. If you cannot love your own self, you cannot love others.


If you love yourself, you’ll feel good about yourself and have confidence. You’ll have a positive outlook and attitude that will favor things and situations for you.

The law of attraction works here – you get what you do or expect. If you love yourself, there will be people who love you, and among them could be your soul mate.

However, if you don’t love yourself, you’re being negative and attract negativity.

With a negative feeling and outlook, you cannot expect positivity to embrace you, somebody to love you, and that you’ll find your soulmate.

2. Know Yourself

You need to understand yourself inside out. How can you expect to understand somebody else if you are not aware of your own self?

Know your likes, dislikes, interests, views, and values that you believe make you who you are. Finding your goal or purpose in life will also help you find a person with a similar mindset.

When you know yourself and search deep within your soul, you come to know what you lack in, and you look for those same things in another person.

Now you can clearly specify what you want to see in your soulmate – qualities, attributes, values, and so on.

You’ll have a clearer picture of how your soul mate looks like.

3. Increase the Chances

You might find your soulmate doing the things you like, have the same interests as yours, visit the same places that you like to, and listen to the same kind of music!

To increase the chances of you meeting your soul mate, you need to do what you like and be out there. Be actively involved in your life, meet people, and follow your interests and passion.

Your soul mate would be around you somewhere, so always keep your eyes and ears open. It can be a chance happening, but for that to happen you need to increase your chances.

Also, try to get more attractive, in terms of both body and mind. Mostly, we first get attracted by the looks – the physical appearance and the style.

However, your inner-self that lies deep within is what really makes you beautiful, which happens with your good thoughts, words, and acts. This has a great way of attracting your soul mate to you too!

4. Be Prepared

Remember in life, anything can happen at any time, and you need to always be prepared for that.

Opportunity may visit you anytime and anywhere. You can meet your soulmate even in the place and time you least expect.

If you feel your instincts and guts convey to you that he or she is your soul mate, or a bell rings in your mind and your heart misses a beat – don’t lose the opportunity.

But to be prepared you need to love yourself and know yourself. Be positive and always make the efforts. Have the patience too, as sometimes the reward comes late.

5. Believe in Yourself

Have faith in yourself that you’ll find what you look for. Wish for it from the bottom of your heart and then believe in it. Remember, there is somebody for everybody.

Be true to yourself, and look for love and not lust. For love is pure and has permanence, whereas lust is often deceiving and provides temporary pleasure.

In your life you might find many temptations and many people who might attract you, but not everybody can become your soul mate.

Your soul mate is the one who you feel you know for a long time. You have a complete understanding of  each other, and  cannot live without that person.

You have unconditional love and blind trust for your soul mate, and nothing else matters to you but the person’s soul, which makes your soul complete.

If you believe in yourself, you’ll know when that happens and you’ll recognize or find your soulmate. You’ll feel secure and comfortable.

I can write on length about love and soul mates. But for now, you can check out my other articles on love and romance.

Like everybody, you too might have different views and opinions. So, I want to hear your definition of a soul mate.

Over to you –

Do you believe in a soul mate? Do you think a person has only one soulmate? How did you find your soulmate? Share your tips and secrets to help people find their other half.

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  1. I like how you pointed out that you’re more likely to find your soulmate by doing what you like and being out there. I feel like a lot of times, a soulmate shares the same common core values with you which is what helps your paths cross at some point. I’d imagine the only real way to truly find your soulmate though is to proactively search, and to be yourself while you search.

  2. I think the Know yourself part is one of the most important parts we have to work on to be able to find our soulmate. If you don’t know yourself well, then you will think you need someone to make you happy when you can’t make yourself happy but as soon as you really know yourself, it will be much more easier to find someone who you can understand and build a successful relationship with. Thanks for the post Harleena

  3. Brilliant, Harleena!

    For me, everything went so simple. I liked her. I told her that I do. We were schoolmates then (sigh). However, we were matured enough and we didn’t get into a relationship until the society thought we are mature enough.

    All the things you said about finding a soul mate are so true.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Koundeenya,

      Glad you liked the post and could relate to it. 🙂

      Ah…sounds pretty simple in your case. I guess being schoolmates must have been a great plus point too. Oh yes…I’m glad you waited till both of you were matured enough to get into a relationship. Perhaps in your case finding your soulmate was a cakewalk and that’s really nice to know. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. Hi Harleena ji,

    Thanks for your precious tips. These tips are realistic & very much applicable tips.Great inspiring article.Your way of writing is superb..Surely come back again for know more wonderful tips in Love & Relationship.. 🙂

    1. Hi Vivek,

      Glad you liked these tips on how to find your soulmate, and yes it makes sense if you apply then – if you need to find your soulmate. 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words, and do visit again. 🙂

  5. Hi Harleena,I think I’d missed this post.

    I really like how you explained the meaning of the word “soul” and “soul mate”.

    I’ve never met my soul mate, and I’ve always wondered how it really feel when one meets their soul mate.

    However, almost 20 years ago I thought I did, I met someone that attracted me inside and out and I was so much in love with this person that I know I’ll never forget him even though I haven’t seen him for 15 years. And frankly hope I never will again 🙂

    The worst part is that all my friends were convinced that he liked me too, but maybe we were both too scared and too proud (fear of rejection) to say anything so, guess what? Nothing ever happened.

    Yet, we were alike in a lot of ways and attracted to each other. Go figure!

    Your post kinda took my back there, Harleena 🙂

  6. As it is a priority of getting my soulmate this year, I read this post with keen interest and was really educated.
    Thanks for the share.

  7. Wow a big congo Harleena for crossing the 101 mark of useful and worth reading posts.

    “Soul Mate”, To be honest – never heard of word actually. Maybe because I’m too young now, right now, But I kinda believe in it.

    Thanks for great tips.

  8. There is a certain profound magic that comes when we realize we are in that moment of embracing whole love coming from within our deepest inner source – nothing compares!

  9. Great inspiring article. but I guess we have to account a destiny plans, too))) I’m rather fatalistic person aтв truly believe that what has to happen and whom i have to meet will definitely happen to me and I will for sure meet someone whom I meant to meet… What do you think about that?

  10. Hi Harleena,

    Congrats on reaching 101 posts and your new Love Series!

    I used to believe in the term ‘soul mate’ until I heard a couple of HayHouse authors state that anyone can be your ‘soul mate’ in every sense and not just romantically. This made sense to me. For example, your mom could be your ‘soul mate’ because your soul may have some co-dependency issues to work out; therefore, if you have a co-dependent relationship with your mother, your soul’s lesson is to learn to move on from co-dependency and into independency (I made the word up). 🙂

    I don’t think a person has more than one soul mate. I believe you and your soul can’t help it if you’re attracted to more than one man (or woman). I’m speaking from experience. Sadly, if a man is married, it’s not meant to be, at least not in this lifetime. 🙂

  11. This is a great uplifting post, Harleena! I am psyched for the Love Series! I am so glad to have found such a good match in this lifetime. I am grateful eery day for him. <3 Jodi

  12. I use to believe in soulmates Harleena but not anymore.

    I believe in what you shared here that our souls are already complete. That’s not to say you can’t search for someone to love but you certainly don’t need them to complete you.

    Everything that you mentioned here about loving yourself, knowing yourself and believing in yourself have to take place in the first place before you’ll ever truly be happy with anyone else.

    You’ve heard my story so I won’t bore you again. I do believe in finding that one true love but I don’t necessarily believe in soulmates.

    Congratulations on making it to post 101. Big accomplishment. Yay!!!


  13. Hi, you have my best wishes on crossing a century. Its an achievement.
    Soulmate…might sound ancient ……but it’s all pre destined.

    1. Hi BK,

      Thanks very much for your wishes. Yes, I too believe whatever happens is pre-destined, but we still have to make the efforts and should not let inaction to get the best of us. I hope you agree.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  14. Hi Harleena,

    Wonderful post, indeed!

    What you wrote on finding a soul mate is so true. When I was younger, I was so insecure and there was no love for myself. And I used to wonder why I used to find it hard to attract girlfriends.

    When I began to love myself, more and more the world began to change like magic. Girls who I previously believed never would show an interest in me, began to do so.

    I loved the point you made about being prepared. It’s always best to prepared. We just don’t know who we’re going to meet when we walk out of our door.

    1. Hi Hiten,

      I’m happy that you like the post. I’m glad you could work on yourself, make the positive change in your life and change your life as well.

      Love brings so much of positive energy and as you mention, it also changes your perspective. If you observe, everything remained the same, just the perspective and image of yourself in your mind changed that further induced confidence in you and altered your behavior.

      People asked me and doubted that they would tend to go selfish and become narcissist when I told them to ‘love yourself’. They need to know how loving yourself worked like a charm and did magical wonders to your life.

      To be honest I read these lines many years back in Arundhati Roy’s “God of Small Things” and since then they remained in my mind – be prepared for anything, for anything can happen at any time!

      Thanks for sharing your amazing changeover life story and making your contribution to the post. 🙂

  15. Wonderful article. I, myself, am a believer of soulmate and I believe that my husband right now is my soul mate. We may not be alike in all things, but there is still that something that connects us together.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I’m glad you like the article. It’s so nice to know that you’re in a soulmate relationship. Of course, being soulmates does not mean that you wouldn’t disagree on things, not have arguments, or that you’d be doing things exactly the same and in the same way. But what is important is the connection that you’re talking about.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  16. Hi Harleena,

    Congratulations on writing your 101st post, it’s a phenomenal achievement to commit to writing for so long. Appreciate your efforts.

    I personally do believe in a soulmate and only in one. The tips you mentioned here are awesome because they lead us forward in our path of self-discovery and that is where we find our soulmates don’t we?

    I haven’t found mine yet and let’s hope I’m through with it quickly enough 😛

    Nice post!


  17. Hi Harleena
    Congratulations on your 101st post!
    I found my soul mate 20 years ago when I was not looking to meet anyone, I had come out of a bad marriage and just wanted to take time for my children who were only 10 & 12 yrs old so I focused on them. One weekend they were staying with their father so after 2 years of staying home and not really doing anything for “me” I went out with a friend for a night out, I met Bill that night and we just clicked and talked and talked most of the night, I think we both knew there was something special between us and after 3 weeks he asked me to marry him, of course I said yes!
    20 year on we have been happily married and he is my soul mate so it does happen even when you are not looking for a mate, sometimes they just appear 🙂
    Thanks for sharing a great post.

    1. Hi Pauline,

      Thanks for your kind wishes.

      First, I’m happy that you found your soulmate, and you’re happily married. Thanks for sharing your personal story about how you met your soulmate. This would raise the hopes in any soulmate seeking heart and mind. It’s so true, anything can happen and at anytime, the unexpected happens when you least expect it. I agree, you do not set out for a search hunting for your soulmate – they meet each other at coincidences like this.

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing to the post. 🙂

  18. Harleena,

    I found myself laughing while reading this post. Not because of your words but because i am a late believer in the term soul mate. I didn’t understand this for a long time and it actually took one bad marriage to force me to really take a good hard look at myself and what I wanted. And as you pointed out, those are some of the key factors to finding your soul mate.

    I also learned something new. You said…
    According to one theory which many believe – we’re our own soul mates. If our soul is complete, we do not feel the need to look for the other half, or the soul mate.

    I just love that. It explains to me why some people are perfectly content with having no partner in life.

    congrats on your 101 and on your new love series.

    1. Hi Annie,

      It’s not only you but many people go through experiences that make them believe that their love relationship is not that of soulmates. In such cases one has four options – either to stay in the relationship as it is, try to improve the relationship and become soulmates, seek a soulmate and another relationship. The fourth option is to be your own soulmate. But do not misunderstand this option as others have pointed out, it is not about being selfish or becoming a narcissist; it is about knowing yourself and being happy.

      Being soulmates is about loving each other truly and unconditionally – once done, the other attributes of a soulmate relationship follow on their own. There are many reasons why people are not able to take their love relationship to the next level, and hopefully I may write a post on it soon.

      Thanks for your wishes and for stopping by to share your experience and views. 🙂

  19. Hi Harleena ji,

    Finally trying a lot i am able to comment now.

    Nice article and interesting topic. First of all best wishes for your year plan and love series post till valentines looks cool and i would be waiting for your next post on love.

    Now coming to the topic,i serously dont know about the concept of soul mate .But i do believe in love.I am in relationship with my girlfriend from last 3 years now.She is very special for me , we share everything thing with each other ,we stay together at any situation.It is the toughest phase for both but we are still together.For me, i just want to see her happy and i do my level best to that.Sometimes i feel incomplete without her she is actualy a model so she go for outdoor shoot for some days and i dont know i miss her so much,when she goes it seems like the world and everything has changed suddenly . I dont know is this called incompletness .or concept of soulmate. I really dont know.But i know that i love her so much and she love me the same.

    The tips you have mentioned are very nice. For finding soul mate i think one should have same sort of interest ,thinking should have something common.You said it very well to know other you should know yourself first and to love others you should love yourself first.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Shorya bist

    1. Hi Shorya,

      I’m glad you’re able to connect and you like the post. Thank you for your wishes as well.

      Like the saying goes that love makes the world go round – you’re going through a typical love life, you’re experiencing what all lovers do, but yours seems a case where both partners are serious and committed. Of course, if both of you continue to have an intense relationship that binds each other with love, share, and care, you can reach the level of soulmates. However, it’s you two only who can best define your relationship. Unconditional love and acceptance are some of the signs of a soulmate relationship.

      You’re right that having the same mindset helps people bond with each other more closely and easily. The more the things the partners have in common, more will be their interaction, association, and interest in each other.

      I wish you have a successful loving relationship and may you be soulmates. Thanks for sharing your love story and your thoughts on love. 🙂

  20. Congratulations on 101 post Harleena.

    I do believe that we can find more than one person to love in our life, when life throws us a curve because of death, etc.

    Loving yourself as you say, has to come first before you can have someone really love you. If you can’t love yourself it is very hard to find that right person

    When it comes to love there is the love that is like rockets going off. There is love that is comfortable. But most of all I feel it is not your soulmate you have to find, but your very best friend.

    When you find that friend it is like they love you and you love them, because you can share or tell them anything. Yes, you have to have the romance feeling also. When you are their best friend and they are yours and just holding their hand brings out the romance, you have a winner.

    Keep up the good work Harleena and yes, I have found my best friend and soulmate if others would like to call it that. I am very blessed and grateful. He brings out the best in me day after day. I am a better person because of him.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Thank you for your wishes.

      Yes, I too believe that you can love more than one person in life, and have more than one soulmates too. I believe there is some difference between being a lover and a soulmate.

      I agree when you say that your soulmate is in fact also your best friend. So even if you search for a friend, you might get a soulmate instead. However, we’ve heard about many high school love marriages be successful and failures as well. So, being friends is not enough but how we carry out the friendship is what matters.

      I’m happy that you’ve a soulmate to share your life with.

      Thanks for stopping by. You’re an important contributor to the blog, and it’s always nice to have you over. 🙂

  21. Great point Harleena, especially getting prepared and developing your mind and body and spirit to be more attractive…Can’t wait for February!

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Thanks and yes love will be in the air in February. 🙂

      It is important to remember that it’s not only the body to be take care of, but your mind and spirit too helps you evolve and express the beauty from within us and attract people.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  22. Very fascinating tips on how to find your soul mate. Its a little late for me now but nonetheless these tips are very good. I would have used them if we were a few years back. Ours was a traditional Bihari arranged marriage, we did have a voice but when we saw and talked to each other, we are fine about it. So souls did not meet before marriage but now we are mates afterwards.

    1. Hi Shalu,

      I’m glad you like the tips. I believe some of the tips mentioned can be used in any stage of life, even after being married so you can take on the marriage to the next level. It happens that sometimes people realize late that they’re soulmates, and I believe you can also make your life partner your soulmate if both make concerted and combined efforts.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your life experiences. 🙂

  23. This was a Fantabulous post, Harleena! You broke this down immaculately!

    I’ve been learning a lot about consciousness and unconsciousness lately. It’s been an enlightening journey for me. I’ve been coming across many liberating findings that have broke me from so many chains that bound me to believing things about myself and the world that are no longer my truth.

    One of the heaviest chains I bore was never being good enough to have a relationship with God because of my sexuality. It has empowered me a great deal to begin understanding how fragile it is that I be mindful of how I identify myself and my preference.

    With all of that being said, I believe I am more than enough in my being who I am, and being at peace with that. I had to learn to learn for myself, what I choose to believe, and not allow others to make that decision for me. Having a belief that I am fearfully and wonderfully made by the Infinite Source, by which we all are made; I know that It made me to be who I am, and wants nothing more than for me to celebrate Its masterful design. I do believe I have found my soulmate, as well. However, I don’t think I would have met him had the season of my awakening not been in the plan for my life.

    When we consider things about life, I think we have to also consider that there is a design for it. A process even. And somethings and people, will only come into our lives when all the elements involved meet at a certain point in time.

    I can go on and on about this, because I truly find this type of discussion to be quite fascinating. So, I’ll just end right there, to avoid turning my feedback into a mini series of my own. 😀

    Thanks for sharing this with us though! It was awesome reading, my friend. Blessings.

    1. Hi Deone,

      I’m overwhelmed with your appreciation of the post.:) Thank you!

      I agree that the journey towards the light is very exciting and amazing. I’m happy that you could liberate yourself from beliefs that were holding you from progressing further. I’m happy that you’ve come to terms and at peace with yourself.

      Loving and knowing yourself changes the way you perceive yourself. We become confident enough to make our own choices and decisions. I believe God has its mysterious ways to test us by putting us in different situations – the one who believes and has faith successfully passes the test.

      Again, everything happens for a reason, is perfectly timed, and we realize it later in life. One event triggered many important changes in your life.

      Of course life has a design – it’s a perfectly automated program that calculates zillion of possibilities in zillionth fraction of seconds and links each thing to everything. The design and process is all set – yet the effort has to be all ours, and that’s the beauty of life.

      There are no coincidences in life. If life is a game of chess, then every move on it is calculated, precise, and planned. I agree about people coming into our lives when certain conditions are fulfilled, the same is the case with soulmates coming into people’s lives. So it is important that one remains hopeful and keeps patience.

      It’s been a good discussion; life is so interesting that you can go on talking and discussing about it and never run out of topics or even get bored.

      Thanks for contributing your soulful thoughts and mindful revelations about life. 🙂

  24. HI Harleena Di(Hope you won’t mind that)

    Great post as always!

    Firstly congratulations for your 101st Post and for sharing your learnings with every post of yours.

    Coming on to the post,I truly believe in Soulmate and I found mine 12 yrs back.I at that time was looking for someone who is talented and cares for me only. He was from the premier institute and that really fulfilled my first wish. He asked me only one thing if I could care and respect his family to which I readily agreed. After marriage I kept my promise and he proved to be most caring husband. This is my long story short.

    I think he is the best one for me and is the only one soulmate for me.So I truly believe that there can be only one soulmate, rest can be good friends.

    Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Hi Sapna,

      Thank you for your wishes and appreciation.

      I’m happy to know that you found your soulmate and lead a happy married life based on the foundation of understanding and love. I wish you continue the good run of your marriage in the future.

      Thanks for sharing your personal life experiences and thoughts about soulmate. Also, you can call me by my name, I don’t mind if adding a suffix to it makes it comfortable to you. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  25. Hi Harleena,

    Yeah, I believe in a soulmate dear 🙂 I didn’t know that term until my girly started calling me that.

    When I read on, you reminded me of the day I’ve found my girlfriend 🙂 The faith is really something we need to count on. Some of my friends warned me that they will leave me if I select her as my girlfriend 😀 But after it happened, they say how lucky I am. It’s we and we only who make our choices, no? 🙂

    Now I definitely believe in loving ourselves in first place but someone can find it as a being selfish too dear. We can see some folks that being selfish enough and claim it as loving themselves and says nothing wrong with that. I think it needs to be understood very well 🙂 Mmm… You might be able to do a post for folks to identify whether they are truly loving themselves or not 😉

    Actually I think sometimes we don’t wanna wait for opportunities too Harleena 🙂 I don’t try to imply that we should do whatever we want following our feeling in any time. But I have the feeling that if we need something really bad, we might able to find many opportunities than we really see in front of our eyes. It worked in my story and I’m glad I didn’t wait until it knocked. 🙂

    One important thing again is that sometimes people call everyone they attracted as their soulmate. That’s not true but boasting around, no? Well, then it must be soulmates 🙂 But I feel that they are looking for lust mostly and end up nowhere. Finally they say the first girlfriend was better than everyone and should have been this one.

    I believe soulmate is not the perfect one but the right one with unconditional love. Would you agree Harleena? 🙂 I don’t know how much unconditional I am, but I know mine gives more than I sacrifice.

    That’s really nice to see you are gonna come up with a Newsletter this year 🙂 Well, that’s something in my optional list and I’m not fond of emails either Harleena. I’ve only subscribed to Adrienne’s email newsletter and I’ll check out yours for sure.

    More posts about love for February? 😉 I can see February in red.

    All the best with your upcoming features Harleena 🙂 SUPER Cool… The YEAR of achievements, eh?


    1. Hi Mayura,

      Thanks for your wishes; yes, I plan to achieve a lot this year and I decided to start with a bang, with many aces up my sleeve. 😉 It’s good to be positive, right?

      You’re right; at least half of February is going to be in pink and red. After all, you got to flow with the season and time and ‘love’ is an important aspect of my blog theme.

      I’d stick to what I wrote in the post – people can remain single and still feel their soul is complete. It is possible through purely spiritual love, the highest form of love. But those who wish and want a soulmate so as to mutually help each other to become complete, do find a soul mate, provided they do what should be done.

      It is soul love, a form of spiritual love; more than physical love that soul mates indulge in and that brings them true happiness and peace in their lives. You’ve mentioned many things that are very true. Not everyone you associate with, have relationship of any kind or level becomes your soulmate. Actually, there’s no one labeled as soulmate, and many a times, couples evolve from a normal relationship to the level of being soulmates.

      It is how and what you make of your relationship through combined efforts that matters. There are many factors that account for having compatibility in a relationship, and if both the partners are willing to make it happen through change, compromise, understanding, and unconditional love – they do become soulmates.

      It is not about being perfect – it is about accepting and respecting each other. We really don’t have to decide if a person is our soulmate only if he or she matches the list of qualities and attributes that we make. Those are just helping guidelines. Your soulmate is the one with whom you’re comfortable, secure, and would love to spend your life, irrespective of whether the person is perfect or not. As you say, he or she should be the right one for you and like you with the flaws.

      You must really deserve to have a true love in your life, and yes it is also because you believed in yourself and made the right choices. And about loving ourselves, of course, extremes of any kind are harmful and I do not at all mean that one should become selfish or a narcissist. One should have good self-respect, self-esteem, and confidence through the positive self-love. In fact, loving yourself is the basic; you need to like yourself to be happy, and love the life you live. Ya, maybe I’ll come up with a post on this topic. 🙂

      Regarding finding your soulmate, I think one should not be in a hurry or make haste. Keep the belief and confidence and let things happen on their own. You don’t literally grab opportunities, it’s risky. But be aware of them and let them come to you. You need to have patience, especially when it is the matter of two lives involved and a long life ahead. There might be many soulmate opportunities, and depending on whether you’re aware or not, you’ll see a few or many of them. Ultimately, you end up being with the one right for you.

      I’m glad you‘ll try my newsletter. I know the feeling when you’re either spammed with emails and newsletters, or they seem so boring and irrelevant. But do not worry; I’ll not do what I do not expect others to do. 🙂

      Thanks for an interesting discussion. I’m sure you and other readers too might’ve lots to say and add to it. It’s been nice to know more of your views and wisdom. 🙂
      Have a great day ahead. 🙂

  26. Dear Harleena,

    Hearty congratulations on having gone past your century of posts 🙂 I am sure many many people have benefited from all your posts. In particular, I have benefited immensely and I thank Ilka for getting me connected to you.

    Wonderful post about Soul mate. Loved it.


    1. Hi Neethi,

      Nice to see you here. 🙂

      Thank you for your hearty wishes and I really feel good having made this accomplishment. I do hope people benefit from my posts in some way or the other, but I’d say I surely learn a lot by writing the posts and interacting with the blog readers.

      I strongly believe that there’s a reason for everything. It is good to be connected with you. Ilka has been a great supporter for motivator for me too.

      Thanks for stopping by and liking the post. 🙂

  27. Hello Harleena,

    Congratulations on this being your 101 post, what an accomplishment!

    I definitely believe we have a soulmate and feel like I’ve found mine. These are great suggestions for those who are still searching for theirs and the advice I would share is to find someone who makes you want to be a better person.

    1. Hi Corina,

      Thank you. It is because of the positive response and huge support of the readers that made me to continue the blog and go on writing posts.

      I believe as I wrote in the post that people can remain single and yet feel complete and not feel the need of a soul mate, but yes, for those who believe and want a soulmate, get one surely, provided they do all that is necessary to find their soulmate.

      I’m happy that you found your soulmate. Though I believe there’s no age when you can find your soulmate, and you can even change the relationship with your existing partner to the level of soulmates. It is all in our hands and takes a combined effort.

      You’ve given a great and important advice. As soulmates try to complete themselves and each other too, they evolve and become better persons.

      Thanks for stopping by and contribute your thoughts to the post. 🙂

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