10 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Extended Family and Friends

What are the best holiday gift ideas that you can think of? This Christmas, get ideas from this holiday gift guide and make your family and friends happy.
Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Family and Friends

Holidays are about to start. Are you prepared? This is the best time to gift your loved ones and spread happiness. But choosing gifts for your extended family is not an easy task. Here is a quick holiday gift guide for you to choose the best holiday gift ideas for kids and adults this Christmas and New Year. ~ Ed.


The holidays are the perfect time of year, but prepping for them, can be the absolute worst sometimes. From getting the home ready for guests to cooking the perfect meal, there’s a lot of stress to be had at this time.

One of the things people happen to stress out most about around this time of year is gifts.

The cost of the holiday season is always something weighing on many people not to mention knowing what to get those you live with may be easy, but figuring out what to get extended family members and friends can be quite the puzzle.


10 Holiday Gift Shopping Ideas for Your Family and Friends

If you’ve found yourself confused about what to get those you love this year, check it out in this quick holiday gift guide:

Great Ideas for Kids

The great thing about shopping for kids is they aren’t as picky as adults. There are a ton of gifts in varying price ranges that you could purchase for a child, niece, or nephew that would brighten up their day.

Young children have their imaginations bursting so getting them something totally out of the box could totally send them deep into a new hobby. Consider some holiday gift ideas like:

Imaginary Play

kids are big on imagination. This means you can’t go wrong with getting them a toy that would enhance their creativity.

Long have educational and mind-exercising gifts been people for kids and for a good reason. Things like LEGO or Play-Doh are classic examples of toys that encourage kids to create and imagine things.

Nowadays you can find creative toys in so many other thoughts of interest too. For example, Maya Toys offers an Orbeez Magic Chef Set that would be a great gift for both boys and girls! The gift would allow them to create culinary masterpieces like sushi, pizza, burgers, and more.


Most children have and love video games. If you have nieces or nephews who love to have a great time on Nintendo, Xbox, or PlayStation, they would appreciate a game to have fun with, especially during the holidays.

Video games designed for various age groups can be fun for the children to entertain, work out, and even learn through play. Gaming has now come further and further so you can even splurge on things like virtual reality systems or experiences too.


Though this may not be a huge hit with the kids, getting them something they need can really help their parents out during the holidays more than another toy for them to trip over on the kitchen floor.

Clothes, shoes, bedding, pyjamas, these are all things that kids grow out of and need more of on a regular basis. To make the kids a bit happier, you could consider purchasing items that are their favorite color or character to get them excited.

Sometimes the best holiday gift you can actually get a young one is something for their parents!


When you are just a kid you don’t have as much freedom as an adult to decide what events or sports games to go to. At the same time, you are still developing your hobbies and taste for entertainment whether it may be sports or seeing a musical.

Getting a young one tickets to either a game, concert, exhibition or something interesting is a great holiday gift idea. You can deepen their passion for a favorite sports team or maybe peak their interest in a new subject at a museum.

Great Ideas for Adults

Adults are a bit more complicated to shop for. Having their own tastes and personal desires, you could spend days trying to figure out the perfect holiday gift idea.

If you’re looking for options for extended family members, consider these categories:

Fashion Items

If you have sisters, cousins, or even aunts that love style and fashion you could invest in fashion items for them.


Your hipster sister might like a pair of velvet leggings, while your more sophisticated and chic aunt might like a fashion scarf or broach.


Whether shopping for women or men, you can’t go wrong with purchasing fragrance items (unless of course, they’re allergic) as holiday gifts. Find out what their favorite scents are or choose a scent you like for them.

With items like perfume, cologne, body wash, scented lotion, and the like out there, you can find some great deals for the whole family.

Specialty Food Items

The holiday season is usually filled with favorite foods and beverages which you do not have on a regular basis and get to indulge in, but it’s always popular to take that to the next level.

Getting someone a special box of chocolate or a rare bottle of wine is a great handheld but experiential holiday gift. You can treat someone for a short time in a way they maybe would never spend on themselves.

Household décor

If you’re looking for holiday gift ideas for married couples or adults in general, household décor items could be the best gift.

Things like scented candles, vases, picture frames, sculptures, and more can make great gifts and help them fill their home with just a bit more style.

Wrapping Up

Make it easier for yourself this year by considering the above-mentioned categories and ideas when shopping for those in your extended family. Holiday gift shopping is never easy.

Once you find the ideal gift, throw an eye also on savings!

Few know that there is the possibility of saving on online gift purchases thanks to the use of “discount codes”. But what are discount codes? They are alphanumeric sequences to be added to the cart at the time of purchase to get an immediate discount of a fixed amount or percentage.

For example, you may get 15% discount code offers to new users, giving you the chance to save even more on an already discounted deal. This will allow you to use the money saved for a gift to another member of your family.

With so many people to shop for, so many different styles and tastes, and a set budget, a lot could go wrong. However, the joy you’ll receive from giving will make it all worthwhile.

Over to you –

Have you planned your Christmas and New Year gift shopping list? What would you add to this list? Share in the comments.


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