Cool Ways to Make a One of a Kind Clothing

Clothing helps express yourself, reveal your personality, and promote your brand. Learn about the various options of unique custom t-shirt printing.
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You can express yourself or promote your brand through your clothing. And one of the ways to do so by custom printing t-shirts. You have a lot of flexibility and versatile options in hand ranging from the type of t-shirt, design, and printing you want for your custom t-shirt. Here are some of the things that you can consider for your custom t-shirt to make it a one of a kind clothing for yourself or your organization. ~ Ed.

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“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

This fashion quote from Miuccia Prada, a well-known Italian fashion designer and head designer of the Prada fashion house, conveys how important clothes are to express how you feel and even your personality.

Although it is not always right to judge a person by the way they dress or how they look. What a person’s wear tells a lot about them. It can denote their culture, profession, or even their preferences.

It is thus essential that our clothing is presentable and for some, unique and something that can be remembered. And one of the coolest ways to make any clothing one of a kind is through custom t-shirt printing.

Here are things to consider in customizing your clothing to create a one of a kind clothing.


5 Things to Consider for Custom T-Shirt Printing

Besides the t-shirt style, you need to consider the design, colors, and printing options for your custom t-shirt.

The Need of Having a Shirt

The primary step is to identify the purpose of why you need to customize a shirt. Some may use it for promotion purposes, while others for branding. But this does not stop you from customizing a shirt for personal use.

Whatever your reason, you must identify a theme, a style, or a character that you want to present. According to printed T-shirt supplier in Singapore,, custom t-shirts represent the personality of a group, be it for an occasion or a team. Hence, your t-shirt design must communicate your intention.

Promoting Your Brand through Custom Shirts

If you intend to utilize your shirt as a promotional gift, think of how potential customers can recognize your brand. Make the design appealing to be worn every day yet reflect your brand intuitively. This is also true if you mean for your clothing to be worn in your company as a uniform. Having a company uniform can show solidarity and recognition.

Event souvenirs are another way of promoting your brand. However, the design for your shirt should be more casual. Include your brand logo on the shirt, even if you intend your customized shirt to be part of your merchandise. This will allow customers to identify the maker, as such, make your brand’s presence dominant and influential. Custom t-shirt printing has been used by companies in branding, providing a market value of USD 3.4 billion in 2019.  It is also expected to grow by 9% by 2027.

Printing Options

Having a cool t-shirt design is just one step to making unique clothing. The method chosen for placing it on a shirt is another way to make it more striking.

Screen printing is commonly selected for bulk printing. It is considered for designs that are simpler due to the need for creating screens for each element. If your designs are intricate, with various colors, then this technique may not be ideal.

A durable alternative is Vinyl printing. Designs can be generated through a graphical software, carved in a vinyl sheet through a cutter, and transferred to a shirt through heat. Vinyl materials are also numerous with different textures that add to its effect and uniqueness. Some of the vinyl materials are smooth, embossed, reflective, flock, glitter, foil, and even glow in the dark.

Another t-shirt printing option enables the direct printing onto the garment or canvas, thus the name DTG or direct to garment. This inkjet technology printer enables the distribution of images to both dark and light-colored t-shirts. Among the printing options, this technique produces the highest quality with full detail and color.

Lastly, the t-shirt transfer printing method utilizes a sheet of transfer material laid on top of a garment. Then a heat press performs the permanent transfer of graphics. The main benefit of this is that it can be done, not only on shirts put to other materials as well, such as bags, wood, books, caps, and mugs.

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T-shirt Style

The next question to tackle is the type of shirt where you want your design to be reflected. It’s like choosing a canvass for your masterpiece.

The primary thing to consider is your target audience and the event, if the purpose is promotional, or your preference, if using it personally. Consider the neck style and remember that not all are fond of round neck shirts as it may be too restrictive for them.

The type of sleeves should also be taken into account. A sleeveless shirt with print may not be the best option if your target is professionals, but a suitable alternative may be a collared or polo shirt. If the shirt is to be used in the workplace, then consider how professional it should look and if it may restrict the movement of the personnel.

Teens may also want crop top shirts or hoodies. If you are catering for a sports event, a dry-fit shirt with short or long sleeves will be appropriate.

Imagery and Colors

This section is where your creativity will be most needed. Depending on the shirt style and the brand you are marketing, your design should be strategically printed onto the shirt. Decide on the proportions of the design and where you want elements to be placed.


For instance, small, repetitive designs printed all over the shirt are relevant for merchandise catered for kids. While large plans occupying the majority of the t-shirt are good when promoting bands or events. If you intend to include your brand in your shirt, you may opt to place it inconspicuous places such as the nape, sleeve or bottom part of the shirt, or better yet incorporate it into the design.

Another essential factor to consider is the font in your design. Sans Serif fonts are more modern while Serif fonts are more classic. Graphic fonts are also available for a more artistic touch. However, consider the readability of the message, especially if your shirt is for an event.

Additionally, the color combination is also essential. The shade of the t-shirt will either enhance or destroy the beauty of your design. Ensure that the print color and the tone of the t-shirt will complement each other and that the design elements will be visible in the finished product.

Summing It Up

There are various ways to make your clothing stand out. But nothing beats customizing your t-shirt because of the versatility it offers.

From t-shirt style, printing options, colors, and most especially design; you have the opportunity to choose and an assortment of preferences to choose from.

Customizing a t-shirt might be a lot of work, but with the proper combination of the elements, you would surely come up with a truly unique and one of a kind piece of art in your clothing!

Over to you

Did you get any custom t-shirts printed? What are your thoughts and tips about them? Share them in the comments.


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