8 Hot Fashion Trends for Men in 2018

Here are the hot fashion trends for men and the latest men fashion tips to stay updated and trendy in 2018. Don’t be left out of the men’s fashion trends.
Man dressed in mustard fashion suit sitting on the stairs.

With the change of time, there is a change in fashion. The men fashion trends are going to change considerably every year. Are you up to it? Being updated and trendy might bring you happiness. Here are the latest hot fashion trends for men in 2018 that you might want to know about and follow. ~ Ed.

Model showing the fashion trends for men

Fall/Winter 2017-2018 fashion shows are over, and a new era of men fashion has arrived.

The runways were not filled with ostentatious, sharp looks that have marked the fashion industry for the last ten years. Designers are going back to the basics and blending regular styles with high-fashion designs.

Bold prints, logomania, and streetwear are the latest fashion trends for men in 2018. While patterns and bold prints were definitely plastered all over the runways, there were a lot of stripes, color blocking and monochromatic pieces.

Many fashion conscious men keep an eye out for trends right before they hit the shops. Who knows, you may already have some pieces in your wardrobe that’ll come handy in 2018.

From London to Paris, we saw men embrace fresh colors and Hawaiian prints. They experimented with accessories and pushed the boundaries of “gender” fashion. Next year will be a whole new deal for men’s fashion as collections that are set to hit the shops will be unique and different.


Of all the incredible menswear trends in the Spring 2018 collections, there were some that constantly appeared in London, Milan, and Paris.

Yellow colors – Yellow was dominant in the collections of Paul Smith, Berluti, and Dries Van Noten. If you shy away from bright colors, you really shouldn’t worry much. The yellows we saw were tame and calm hues.

man in yellow suit

Hawaiian prints – Louis Vuitton, AMI, Dsquared2 and others brought back Hawaiian shirts. Many men will wear these bold prints come summer next year.

Man in Hawiian print shirt

High waist trousers – Many functional pieces on the runways, were high waist designs. This may not appeal to your sense of style right now, but let’s wait and see how the truly fashionable men pull it off!

Man wearing high waist trouser

Stripes are so in – Versace went all out with thin and bold stripes, and Damir Doma also joined the fold. We saw designs with bold, thin, colorful, vertical and horizontal stripes. Truly it was a stripes galore!

Man in stripes

Green colored up the runways – This has nothing to do with being eco-friendly. It was simply a good way to add a burst of color to basic wear. It was used as a bold shade or accent to spice up formal and informal looks in the spring collection.

Man in green shirt

The hottest men’s fashion trends for clothing and accessories are many. Depending upon whether you are interested in shoes, suits, shirts, outwear and so on. There are many new trends coming in 2018. You might be spoiled for choice!

No matter what your unique preferences are, we’ve put together a list of men’s functional clothing and accessories with the real scoop on what to expect in 2018:

Man in a suit


Suits are not dead, they’ve simply evolved. To keep up with new men fashion trends, suits are now worn with sneakers or bold colored tees. They also come in crazy cuts and trendy patterns.

Men’s suits are another trend that is making a major comeback on the men’s fashion runways. The new look is un-corporate, and Tom Ford, Martine Rose, Kenzo made it look even more informal with Crayola-box colors. You can wear it to the office if you dare, or simply break it up with trainers and T-shirt.

Man wearing a shirt


Another trend that washed over from Paris and Milan for next year is bold patterns. And not just with shirts, but also with trousers, jackets, suits and basically everything you can imagine. Wearing a bold pattern jacket is a bold statement of your personal style that oozes with confidence.

Man wearing a jacket


Time to put away your sleek macs because, in spring 2018, it will be about technical jackets with plenty of pockets, technical fabric, and hoods. You’re probably wondering why this is still a trend, well the technical look still has a long way to go before it becomes over-done.

Men wearing trousers


Loosely tailored trousers were quite popular in Paris and Milan; it looks like they are coming back with a vengeance for 2018.

Maybe it’s the athletic clothing influence, but side stripes on trousers are also a mainstay for next year’s fashion scene. We saw stripes in pretty much all major collections; possibly, we’ll see a major comeback in striped men’s trousers.

Wallet for men


Not just any wallet, a good wallet! If you are carrying a flea market velcro wallet right now, please STOP! The wallet is not only a means of carrying cheques, cards, bills, and coins about; it is also a stylish accessory.

Whether you prefer a traditional bifold, trifold, card cases, coin wallets, money clips, or slim wallet that’ll slide neatly into your pockets, there is an extensive range for the discerning gentleman.

Men wearing shoes


There was an interesting turn-around in this trend; when you consider the current popularity of colorful technical sneakers. However, this isn’t the case for the Spring 2018 collections. Many designers opted for minimal footwear, and some even picked classic sneakers for the season.

Double belt for men


If you want to make sure your pants are fastened securely in 2018, you may be looking at a double belted accessory. To ensure no accidents, two belts instead of one was a fashion statement on the runways.

The doubled-belted look was a constant trend in the spring collections. Simply blend belts that have complementary colors, but you will need to play with buckle sizes to get it right.

Man sporting a hat


Even if you’re not much of a hat man, spring 2018 might be the season to change your mind. Like backpacks and trainers, headwear like baseball caps have mutated far beyond their informal beginnings into a major fashion accessory, which doesn’t look out of place with a suit or tailored outfit.

Meanwhile, bucket-like hats continue to make their presence felt. In 2018, we expect some more super-technical wears and casual collections.

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Just as stovepipe-skinnies have been replaced by bigger, baggier trousers, so has there been a shift in many fashion styles this season. The predominant styles for spring next year are smartly cut roomy trousers and shorts.

Men’s fashion trends have taken a different turn for this season. Whether it’s the excess of vivacious Hawaiian prints or the number of baggy shorts, striped trousers, double belts and so on. It looks like fashion designers are really going all out for 2018.

Leaving behind understated looks in favor of something with a jolt of character. Even the most standard men’s trends like denim and belts have all gotten a reinstatement thanks to Balenciaga, Vetements and others.

Will fashion consumers shop these new looks? We’ll have to wait until spring 2018 to find out, but until then, share your favorite new men’s look for next year by leaving a comment below.

Over to you –

What are your thoughts on the fashion trends for men in 2018? Which is your favorite style? What do you think should add to your wardrobe? Share in the comments.


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