How to Give Your Customers a Better Online Buying Experience

To make your eCommerce website customers happy, you need to provide them the best online buying experience. Here are the top 10 tips on how to do so.
10 Tips to Provide Better Online Buying Experience to Your Customers

Online buying is the trend these days. With rising competition, if you’re a business or eCommerce website owner, you need to give the best online buying experience to your customers. This is how you’ll be able to retain your customers and convert the one-time customers into loyal or repeat customers. This post gives you all the tips you need to know to satisfy your customers and make your online business stand out. ~ Ed. 


If you sell products or services online, it’s crucial to give every one of your shoppers and customers a buying experience they will remember for all the right reasons.

Some of the ways you can do this are simple, while other ways take more time and require more thought.

However, by following some or all of the tips below, you can give your customers a better online buying experience every time.


10 Tips to Provide Better Online Buying Experience to Your Customers

It’s important to have satisfied customers in any kind of business, whether offline or online. The satisfaction of online customers depends on their experience while making the purchases on your website.

Here are the 10 best tips to build up the reputation of your online business by making your customers happy:

Get a Better Understanding of Business

First, you need to understand business and the different ways you should deal with everyone who comes into contact with your company.

Completing an online MBA degree or a similar business-related course will provide you with all of the business skills and knowledge required for today’s online and offline business worlds.

If you want to enroll in a course such as one of the many online MBA programs available and you still want to work effectively on your business, this is not a problem because many of these courses can be completed from any location and at times that suit your busy schedule.

Make It Easier for Shoppers and Customers

When someone shops online, they want the whole process to run as quickly and as smoothly as possible. This is why it’s essential to keep finding ways to do this.

Developing a clean, easy-to-use website is a great start. A straightforward product and service listing area, a straightforward shopping cart, and a straightforward checkout area are other components that will keep your customers satisfied when they buy online from your business.

Provide Excellent Customer Support

As more shoppers turn to the internet to buy all types of products and services, customer support has become extremely important in recent years.

Buying online is a bit different to traditional shopping. So, shoppers need to receive high-quality customer support before, during, and after a purchase. If this is not the case, many of your potential customers won’t stick around for long. Instead, they will go to a more professional company that does provide this support.

Be Different

If you want to stand out from the crowd in your industry, you have to find ways to become more unique.

You can do this by providing products and services that your competitors do not provide. Or, include features on your website and other online assets that are not available on your competitor’s websites. Such as loyalty programs and areas where your customers can interact with each other.

Reward Your Customers

If you really want your shoppers and customers to remember your business for all of the right reasons, then you must reward them.

Simple ways you can do this include creating a loyalty program. Such as, holding prize draws or adding complimentary products or services to the products or services you sell online.

Build a Faster, More Compatible Website

A low loading time is of the essence when it comes to online customer experience.

If your site takes too long to load, then there’s a high chance that the customers will take their business elsewhere. This doesn’t only apply to full desktop versions but also to mobile versions of the site and apps as well.

In fact, smartphones have now transcended desktops and laptops as the number one platform of choice for shopping online. This makes it all the more necessary for a business owner to make an e-commerce site compatible across all platforms for a uniform and pleasant customer experience.


The Importance of the In-Built Search Engine

The key to making a sale online is in keeping the customer interested and browsing for as long as possible on the site. This can be enhanced in multiple ways such as with product suggestions and auto scrolls, but the most important role is played by the in-built search engine.

Most customers are looking for specific things, and that’s exactly what they will search for. So, the search engine needs to make sure that the search results are as relevant to the actual keywords as possible. For example, companies like Amazon and Alibaba have the best search engines in the world of e-commerce, powered by Big Data and machine learning.

If you want to improve customer experience and you want people to stay interested in your website, you should consider investing in a quality search engine.

High Quality Photos

Whatever it is that you are selling online, you will sell better if you have a few good quality photos on the listings. The customer cannot see the product firsthand. So, the pictures are the only way for them to get a visual understanding of what they are buying. Therefore, those photos need to be good.

Keep the following points in mind while uploading photos on your site.

  • Customers should be able to zoom in on product images without the image pixelating into a blurry mess.
  • Images should not be generic, but actual high-quality visual representations of the product concerned.
  • Images should show the product in question from multiple angles.

Customer Reviews Build Trust

Customers feel that they can trust a website which doesn’t remove honest but critical reviews. No amount of marketing or flowery descriptions is as effective in selling something as a bunch of positive user reviews.

User experiences are trusted by buyers because they are written by customers just like them and by making them a part of your website; you will increase your reliability in the minds of your buyers.

Free Shipping

Every successful eCommerce site has a free shipping plan. If your business doesn’t have one yet, then it needs to be incorporated as soon as possible.

Of course, there’s a minimum spending requirement that the customer has to fulfill on each order before that can be a feasible option for you. But where you want to set that limit is up to you.

You can also introduce helpful programs for customers in the same way Amazon does with its “Prime” membership; free delivery and extra benefits at a yearly/monthly/quarterly membership fee.

Summing Up

Keeping your online shoppers and customers happy is not as difficult as you may think.

Once you understand how to do this and you follow some or all of the tips above, you will find that more people will talk in a positive way about your online business.

Over to you –

What do you do to provide the best online buying experience for your customers?


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  1. is it valuable for business like pets dogs website dog food, dog collars, dog accessories, dog toys?

  2. Well written article. Pretty nice Article and you covered so well. Felt as if I am running my business with all the tip of yours. Thanks again for sharing this article.

  3. A very well researched blog post.

    Rational Online Buying Experience is one of the most vital thing if you seek to expand your customer base.

    You will have revisits from customers and they would also recommend others which is what every marketer seeks.

  4. Hi Steve,

    Great tips for anyone who is trying to sell services or information products online.

    For my freelance business, I know how important it is to have reviews on my site. However, I am moving away from freelancing and moving towards information products.

    I hadn’t really thought about using reviews to help me improve my online sales. That definitely makes sense, I know that whenever I purchase something online, I always like to read the reviews before I make a purchase.

    I am going to use some of these strategies to see if I can improve my online sales.

    Have a great day 🙂


  5. Hi Steve,

    It’s so important to give your customer a good experience when they buy from you.

    You’ve given a lot of great ways to do that.

    I especially like the idea of rewarding people and giving them relevant links to other aspects of your product or idea.

    But the most important thing of all is to build trust with your customers.

    That’s the #1 way to grow your business.

    If they immediately have a good experience with you then you get that instant trust.

    If their first experience with you is negative or sluggish or muddled then they probably won’t be back for more.

    So strike while the iron is hot 🙂


  6. While I don’t think you need an MBA to run a successful online store, you certainly need excellent communication skills. With my products, there’s often a 2 to 3 week wait for their products to arrive. I find keeping customers informed of which stage their order is up to helps alleviate their anxiety about purchasing online.

  7. Hi Steve,

    It’s nice to e-meet you!

    Thanks for sharing these tips to help us build a better online buying experience for our customers.

    I had never thought about adding reviews. I have testimonials on my website but now I’m thinking about adding a reviews section on my Facebook page.

    One thing I do for my customers is be accessible. I’ve added my phone number so clients can reach me other than by email. And I hope it’ll encourage potential clients to call me directly if they have any questions about my services.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips! Have a great day and rest of the week!


  8. Well written article. Pretty niche topic and you covered so well. Felt as if I am running my business with all the tip of yours. I am going to forward this article to my brother who owns an online shopping portal. Thanks again for sharing this article.

  9. I think you nailed it, especially with customer support. I believe providing incredible, amazing, above-and-beyond customer support won’t just set companies apart, but soon it will be nearly a requirement to keep an online business going.

    I have noticed it with recent transactions with sellers on Amazon (not amazon directly) and the ones that are fast to respond, along with helpful and polite, get my business again and again. I don’t have many issues when ordering on Amazon, but when I do, there’s certainly a difference between above and beyond support and just support.

    Of course, Amazon nails it when it comes to free shipping (prime is a great program) and customer reviews. I think they can be the model for most online businesses and following their example provides a great blueprint.

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