10 Commandments for Self, Community, and Nation Building

You are responsible for nation building, community growth, and your personal development. Here are some tips on developing your society and nation through self improvement efforts.
10 Commandments for Self, Community, and Nation Building

This article is written on the eve of the Indian Independence Day. It’s about how your personal development is related to the growth of your society and a contributing factor to nation building. It emphasizes your importance and enumerates the steps you need to take to develop yourself, grow your community, and build your nation. The ideas expressed in this article apply to all the citizens and nations of this world. ~ Ed.


You are a unit. You are one of the essential constituents of a block. Many blocks make a structure. But at the very base of this structure are YOU. Without you, no structure can exist. You’re indispensable.

That’s how important you are.

If you change and also motivate others to change, you all together can change the structure. You’ve the power to transform. You’re the agent of change.

Being indispensable and carrier of transformative powers, you have to be responsible.

Remember, even one person can make a difference. It all starts with one person. Consider yourself like that one person and responsibly make efforts to develop yourself.

With your personal growth, you’ll gradually develop the society and eventually build the nation.

You’re the building block of your community and nation. The progress of your nation depends on you. With such a responsibility on your shoulders, what would you do?

You might either take the baton in your hand and stand up for the cause or be complacent and do nothing.

Yes, you’ve at least two choices at anytime for anything.

What would you choose?

It is observed that most people resist change. It’s because changing is almost like jumping out of your comfort zone. Changing is challenging your status quo. Some people deem change as to be risky, so they opt out of it.

But to develop and progress, you need to change.

To change or to bring about change, you need to be courageous.  If you’ve the confidence to campaign for change that is positively in larger interests, you’re a champion.


10 C’s for the Growth of Your Self, Society, and Nation

Whether you like it or not, want it or not, you and your community, society, or nation are interdependent. It is in your best interests to work for the betterment of your community, upliftment of your society, or building of your nation.

You need to start with YOU.

Here are the ten contributions you can make to transform your world into a better, happy, and peaceful place.

1. Confidence

Before you do anything, and become successful in whatever you do, you need to have self-confidence. You need to believe that you’ve a purpose in life and that you’re valuable.

Have the self-belief that you’ve the power to bring about a positive change in yourself, and thus in the world.

It does not matter if you’re poor or your position is inferior. What matters is really the sanctity and strength of your ideas, the belief in your principles, and your confidence levels.


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2. Courage

If you possess self-confidence, you can face any type of problems or situations. You also get the courage to accept challenges and take the initiative.

Courage is the opposite of fear and weakness. Courage is the ability to do something difficult even when there’s risk.

The courageous carry out their convictions, by their beliefs, especially in spite of criticism and despite opposition. Courage is often a measure of your self-esteem and will.

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3. Change

Only the courageous can bring about change. If you’re brave, you’ll sacrifice your comfort zone and strive for improvement to change your status quo.

If you wish to change, then you need to change your habits and mindset. The first step is to change your thoughts. If you’re positive in your thinking, you feel more powerful.

Fearlessly reach out to your best self and change the way you think, behave, and live for the better. Your change and self-improvement efforts have a domino effect and contiguously spreads to others.

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4. Counter-Corruption

Your personal change triggers social change. With the power of self and the courage to change, you can even move the mountains.

Use the power of your confidence and courage to achieve a purer self and the world. Root out corruption from personal to the social level. The drive against corruption starts with YOU.

Be fair in your dealings, do not encourage or participate in unfair practices, and do not take undue advantage of your position and power. The force of corruption weakens if you become strong.

5. Compassion

With great power comes great responsibility. As you grow stronger, you need to become more humble and grateful, else ego and strife can destroy you.

Developing feelings of love and kindness for yourself and others helps you keep yourself in check and control. Be kind to fellow citizens and help them irrespective of your differences.

Compassion bonds us together and creates an atmosphere of love and peace. Without compassion and loving feelings for fellow human beings, you’re incomplete.

6. Casteless

You need to treat all people as yourself, fellow human beings. You’ve to rise above the castes – class, order, position, rank, status, or tribe.

For true personal and social development, you’ve to eradicate discrimination and eliminate hatred. A casteless society is more conducive to progress and security.

Feelings and thoughts of compassion and equality will melt down the differences, increase tolerance, and lead your community to peace and prosperity.

7. Culture

Every civilization in the world has a culture that has evolved with time. As a proud citizen of your country, you should be proud of your culture.

However, you should also keep contributing to its evolvement and growth. There may be a few traditions and rituals that get redundant with our growth, increased awareness, and change of time.

You should understand, reason, and act against ill practices that bog down the development on personal and social levels.

8. Cooperation

While there’s some change that you can initiate and execute at a personal level, for others that encompass cultural and social levels, you need to cooperate with other like-minded people for effective results.

To contribute toward the progress of your nation, you should cooperate with your nation’s government, or make efforts to select a government that seeks your cooperation and works progressively.

One person can make a difference; many together can create change. Compassion and cooperation overcome the issues of dislikeness and diversity.

9. Commitment

No matter how good or high your thoughts are, they only matter if you remain committed to their achievement or realization.

Discipline and dedicate yourself to work devotedly for your cause. Pledge and plunge yourself in the pursuit of personal excellence and social upliftment.

Plan, focus, and pursue your goals of personal development and contribution to nation building. Remember, your commitment serves as motivation for someone.

10. Campaign

When you’re working for a good cause, then it’s the more, the merrier. You should motivate others and inspire them to join you or commit to the same cause.

Your awareness spreading efforts on a personal or social level can catapult the campaign to new people and lands.

Your determination for the transformation of your nation can create a ripple effect that can even cross the boundaries and benefit people globally.

Summing Up

When you’ve brought about personal and social change with your confidence and courage, you can eradicate corruption and various social ills like casteism and discrimination.

With your clarity and compassion, you can bond your community and foster peace and development. In such a society, there will be no place for hatred and violence.

By putting aside cultural differences with mutual cooperation and concerted commitment, we can build our nations on the path of peace and prosperity and transform the world.

Your self-improvement efforts can achieve more than you previously thought.

Over to you –

What are your thoughts on the self, community and nation’s growth and their interrelation? Share in the comments.

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  1. Courage may be the most important on the entire list, IMHO. I love it in the movie, We Bought a Zoo when Matt Damon’s character says, “You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

    He’s referring to walking up to a girl and talking to her, but I find this works with so many things in life. That 20 seconds of courage allows us to start working on a blog post, writing a book, shake hands with someone we want to meet and so much more. Literally, if you can muster up 20 seconds of courage, you can become a better person in so many ways.

    1. Hi Benjamin,

      Having courage is indeed essential to bringing about change or starting anything new. I’ve not seen the movie that you’ve mentioned but that’s so true – it happens for a short time that you lose all inhibitions or fear and you act on the spur of the moment. That acts as the catalyst to break the impasse. The courageous often repeat such bravado and it become a habit for them.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and contributing to the post.

  2. Hi Vinay,

    What a beautiful article! In order for anything to change, we have to make those changes within ourselves. Indeed, it takes courage to do so but as long as we are determined it can happen. We have to be willing to get out of our comfort zones. That can shake up our confidence level but they way I see it is that we either tip toe into it or jump into the pool!

    I do believe that compassion is most important here, especially when we are online and dealing with so many different cultures. We need to open our hearts and minds to be empathetic. It is a beautiful thing when we have the mindset of openness. We get to learn so much from so many people around the world that we could never do without the internet. It is a beautiful world out there filled with amazing people.


    1. Hi Donna,

      You’ve made wonderful contribution to this post. I think the quote attributed to Mahatman Gandhi fits in well here – ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’ You need to be courageous to take a stand and compassionate enough to win hearts and minds without any violence or war.

      I agree with you that the Internet has been a blessing because it has helped us open up our hearts and mind. Meeting different people from diverse cultures definitely helps broaden our horizons and better our tolerance levels. Only if more and more people engage in self-improvement efforts, we’d see less of hatred and violence that we see around these days.

      Thanks so much for visiting and adding your thoughts to this post.

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