11 Top Daily Motivation Tips to Get You Going

How do you get motivated? Here are the best daily motivation tips to help complete your tasks. Adopt these ways to motivate yourself and achieve your goals.
Daily motivation tips written on the coffee mug

Planning is easier than executing the plan. Sometimes, it gets difficult to get started on your tasks or to complete them. You need motivation to do so. There are many motivation tips that you can use on a daily basis to achieve your goals. These don’t cost a penny and if incorporated into your work style or habits, will work wonders for you. Here are the best ways to get motivated that you need to know. ~ Ed.


Having a goal to strive for is great, and it gives you something to look forward to. But in order to reach that goal, you need to be motivated to do so. If you don’t have the drive to complete something, the chances are you will never get there. But you can actually gain motivation and help yourself along the way.

I’ve gathered some of the best daily motivation tips or hacks that will get you going and make you work harder to reach your goals. These small changes can really turn the tables for you and help you become the best version of yourself. So let’s begin!


11 Best Daily Motivation Tips And Ways to Get Motivated

No matter how an expert or skilled you are, you need to use the best ways to motivate yourself. These are practical tips to get inspired and complete your tasks.

Tell your friends about your goals

Announcing your plans to your friends and family will give you more motivation to actively pursue your goals and ultimately reach them. But be careful not to brag too much about them.

Only a small group of people should be aware of what you are trying to do, and they will very likely support you all the way through. And let’s be real, everyone likes to be cheered on because this will probably keep you on track when things get difficult.

If you tell everyone about your goals via social networks, you might feel a lot of pressure, which will ultimately make you feel depressed in case you fail to meet everyone’s expectations.

Visualize the final outcome

While obsessing over future might be counterproductive, visualizing the outcome can do wonders for your motivation. You need the right mindset that will get you through all the obstacles you might be facing on your journey to success.

For instance, when I was training for a half-marathon, I imagined how I would feel once I crossed that finish line. The mental image alone motivated me through every day when I didn’t feel like training. I did understand that putting on my running shoes and getting through the door is worth it.

Apply this tactic to your goals, and you can be certain that you will reach them.

Monitor your progress

If you are doing it on your own, find a way to keep yourself accountable. You can either write down your progress in your journal or download an app that will check in with you through the day to make sure you completed your tasks.

This will increase the probability of the success, and you will be able to monitor the time you spent on reaching the goal. It will give you an ability to improve on certain aspects you might be lacking.

I would also recommend that you create a chart, put it on a wall, and check each day off. You will have a visible proof of how far in you are which will inspire you.

Reward yourself

We all like small rewards, don’t we? So, you can create a couple of milestones along the way, and you will have something to look forward as you progress towards your goal. There is no need to go big or over the top – a reward can be pretty much anything.

Once you achieve something, celebrate, and move towards the next goal. You will instantly feel stimulated which will propel you to do more. However, make sure that the reward is positive and good for you.

After all, you need to stay on track. So don’t binge watch TV series for an entire day – I would suggest that you go grab a cup of coffee with your friends instead.

Be self-aware

Knowing your weaknesses will help you get far when it comes to motivation. If you ever tried to reach your goal and failed, examine the moment that made you give up. There was probably some external cause that caused you to get off the course.

Once you identify the reason, make sure you avoid it the next time around. Create a whole new approach to your goal and try to fit your weaknesses in it. You will know how to act the next time you end up in a tough situation and overcoming it should be easy.

Create daily to-do lists

If you tend to procrastinate throughout your day, take some time after you wake up to create your daily to-do list. You can either go old school and write them on a piece of paper or use your phone if it feels more convenient.

Go through each task you want to complete and put the most difficult ones at the top because they should be your priority. Of course, this means you need to tackle them first.


A daily to-do list will improve your organizational skills and help you manage your time properly. You will know when to do a certain activity or assignment, and how much time you have left. Plus, it feels great to cross off the tasks from your list.

Be realistic

Sometimes we expect a bit too much from ourselves even though deep inside we know that we are not capable of it right away. Ambition is great, and it will help you move forward in life, but setting realistic goals can motivate you even more.

So instead of chasing one large objective, be patient and break it down. Don’t expect anything right away and focus on mini goals which are in front of you.

Take it slowly, and you will be making steady progress which is more rewarding than putting too much pressure on yourself and failing.

Surround yourself with positive people

If you are working on improving yourself, you need to spend more time with people who will lift you up and inspire you to make a change.

You probably have a friend or two who are constantly nagging and being negative about nearly everything. There is no need to sever the friendship but instead, try spending less time with them.

You need affirmation and positivity right now because keeping your motivation up can be difficult sometimes. So hang out with encouraging people, and your attitude will change.

Motivational quotes

It might sound cliché, but motivational quotes really do work for the majority of people. Search for the ones that you can relate to and put them in a visible place.

You can place the quotes on your phone’s background so the words will remind you of your goal each time to take a glance at the screen. I like to pin the quotes to my inspiration board or put them somewhere in my workspace, within the field of my vision.

You will very likely read the quotes at least once a day if you do this. They can do amazing things in the moments when you are uncertain about your goals or aspirations.

Recruit a buddy

Keeping your motivation up when you are on your own is quite demanding. So instead of struggling to do everything alone, try to find a friend who might have similar goals as yourself.

Of course, there are some goals you can only reach on your own. But if you are trying to lose weight or exercise regularly, you will very likely find someone who is willing to embark on that journey with you. This is an excellent idea because there will be someone else to think about as well.

You will turn up at the gym even though you wanted to stay in your pyjamas and lounge around your house. After all, your buddy is counting on you. The buddy system can be beneficial if you want to learn a new skill as well. The two of you can quiz each other and share the knowledge.

Don’t skip two days in a row

Yes, you don’t have to work towards your goals every single day but make sure you don’t skip two days in a row. We all make mistakes, and it is impossible to be perfect all the time. But slacking will lead you nowhere. As a matter of fact, getting back on track will be difficult.

The days will start piling up, and you might end up abandoning your initial plan altogether. Missing one day is not a big deal, but missing an entire week can have a huge impact on your momentum. There is nothing wrong in restarting your plan. However, you might not feel as motivated as you did the first time.

So be consistent, and your motivation will grow. Whenever you think about procrastination, remember the reason you started in the first place, and that should get the ball rolling.


If you are tired of making excuses for yourself and want to change an aspect of your life, you need to break out of that vicious cycle as soon as possible.

Self-discipline is hard, and it takes time. But if you want something that will get you started right away, you need to find motivation within yourself.

The process to get motivated can be challenging, and there will be plenty of obstacles along the way. But there are many small motivation hacks that will make you prepared for any situation which will help you succeed.

Reaching your goals is not impossible. So start today with these motivation tips, and you will already be one step closer.

Over to You –

What do you do to motivate yourself to achieve your goals? Share in the comments.


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  1. Great blog post! These daily motivation tips are practical and effective ways to stay motivated and productive. I especially appreciate the emphasis on self-care and taking breaks as a way to recharge and maintain motivation in the long run. Thank you for sharing these valuable insights.

  2. This is really a amazing & motivation post that going to motivate so many peoples for being successful in life. Something should be in life & if there is nothihing in life, so life is totally pointless !

    I like the points those were shared in post.

    Thanks for this great post!!!

  3. Nice article and good tips for motivation, but I like “Surround yourself with positive people” points and I will try to ignore my surrounding negative thinking people by simply putting earphone and listening loud music on my phone and some time it’s work.

  4. Fantastic post Lucy, one that will stay relevant for all ages to come. All points you’ve raised are potent.

    But the ones which resonated the most with me are visualization and recruiting a buddy. Research has a more jazzy name for visualization – mind sculpting. It means pretending you are engaged in an action, not just seeing, but hearing, tasting, smelling and touching. I’m sure your current visualization of how you feel when you cross the finish line during the marathon will help you improve in leaps and bounds. Good luck.

    Keeping a buddy also means we stay accountable to someone – someone who helps us get back up when we slack off.

    Off to share this post with my circles.

  5. This article is awesome! The only thing I would disagree with is telling your friends and family. Unintentionally, people can be very negative. They think they can help by telling you all the obstacles and the barriers to success. Those things can weigh on a person’s mind and become a real issue. Last year, I decided it was time to lose weight and get back in shape. I told no one, not even my wife. I just started doing. It was only after people started noticing my progress that I share my intentions.

    1. Hi Timothy!

      I think that in some cases you are right. Indeed, not to everyone you can tell about your plans and goals. I meant only the closest circle of friends in the article.

      Thanks for your feedback, it’s very important for me!


  6. Hi Lucy,

    It’s great to e-meet you!

    Thanks for putting these suggestions together. I think daily motivation helps shape up the way the day will turn out. When you have a positive attitude and motivated, there isn’t anything that can’t be done.

    I think all your tips are great but I really like the one about being self aware. We should take time to identify what kills our motivation – that’s a very important process.

    Great post Lucy! Have a great day and week!


    1. Hi Cori!

      Thank you for your time and comment!
      I’m very excited to hear that you liked my post because all these tips I try to use in everyday life and glad that they were useful for you too!


  7. Hi Lucy
    All the tips were excellent but the one that mattered to me most was “Don’t skip 2 days ina row”. I tend to procrastinate but this will bring me back from there. So I” always try to remember your words etched in gold.

  8. The Tips you provided are great..! & one can apply to achieve his/her goal. I am happy while reading your tips because i pesonally have done most of the hacks that you are listed.I also like to plan before going for a task and prepare a to do list for a month or day wise.I try myself to be self motivated by reading inspirational quotes &watching motivational videos. But some of the Tips i have never apply as ‘Recruit buddy’ & ‘Visualize the final Outcome’ which i surely apply in future.


  9. My thing for motivation is sharing my goals with my frnds & family. So that they constantly remind me of my goals & also you will have fear at some corner when you waste time rather than focusing on goals.

    Listening to Music is another one.

  10. Hi Lucy,

    I like all of the tips especially this one “Recruit a Buddy”.
    Always a good friend needed to share our good & difficulties,

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