9 Best Dog Chews and Treats to Keep Your Dog Busy

Most dog chews help to maintain and take care of your dog’s bones, joints, and dental health. Here are some of the best dog chews for your dog’s happiness.
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You can keep your dog occupied with healthy options like dog chews and treats. These come in varieties to suit the needs of different types of dogs. Dog chew also helps to supply nutrients to your dog for its bones and joints health. Also, these toys and treats help to take care of your dog’s dental health and oral hygiene. Here are some of the best dog chews that you can consider for your dog’s happiness. ~ Ed.


Dogs love to chew. If you don’t give some chewing options to them, they might just take on your shoes!

Thankfully, there are a lot of different kinds of chews and treats out there in the market. Not only these keep the dogs busy, but they are also good for your dog’s health.

However, you need to be careful in choosing the chews and treats for your dog.

As per the particular needs of your dog, you need to check the hardness or softness, coating, size or shape, and durability of the chew toy.

Here are some handpicked dog chew options that are popular as well as good for your dog.

9 Dog Chews and Treats That Your Dog Will Love

There are natural as well as artificial dog chew toys that are not only safe, but also help keep your dog’s teeth clean, their mouth muscles strong, and even supply natural minerals for overall health.

Without further ado, here’s your list of best dog chews and treats:

Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks for Dogs

These are also known as pizzle sticks. They are delicious as well as nutritious, containing high protein and low-fat content with no carbohydrates.

Bully sticks are long-lasting chews made from beef. Even though your dog would love them, you should stick to feeding these, not more than once per day as it may lead to excess calories.

Beef Kneecaps

Beef Knee Caps for dogs

These cartilage-rich meaty bones are long-lasting chews for your dog. They are also good for your dog’s bones and joints.

Your dog may create a mess of the beef kneecaps so it’s better to feed these on a washable surface. As these are roasted and smoked, they may cause digestion problems for dogs with a sensitive tummy.


Rawhide Chew for Dogs

These are one of the most affordable and long-lasting chews for dogs. They are available in different forms and styles like braided, knotted, pressed, rolled, and flavored.

The rawhide dog chews are protein-rich, grain-free and good for your dog’s gums and teeth. You should take care to go for the rawhides that are easily digestible and come with a no choking hazard guaranty.

Deer Antlers

Deer Antlers for Dogs

The naturally shed deer antlers are odorless, high in minerals and low in fat. Though they may not be as edible, dogs love to chew on them as they love the taste.

They are good for your dog’s joints and bones. Look for quality products that do not easily splinter and split, which may otherwise become dangerous for your dog’s health.

Water Buffalo Horn

Water Buffalo Horns for Dogs

These odorless long-lasting dog chews are one of the best natural chew options that are high in protein but low in calories. It’s made of just one ingredient with no other additives or chemicals.

You can stuff the water buffalo horns with treats like dog-safe peanut butter to make your dog chew on it longer. The other alternative is lamb horns that have lower splintering risk.

Himalayan Yak Chew

Himalayan Yak Chew for Dogs

Also known as Yak cheese, these are odor-free and easily digestible but not very long-lasting. These hard dog chews contain Yak milk and cheese, some lime juice and a little salt.

Though being a vegetarian and low fat treat, it’s high in calories so watch how much you serve your dog. You can even microwave the small leftover pieces to convert it into a cheesy, crunchy and yummy dog treat.

Rubber Chews

Rubber Chews for Dogs

These are artificial dog chews available in various colors and sizes. Make sure the size is just right for your dog and not too small or large.

Though these are made from durable rubber, it may retain a strong smell of rubber that may turn off the dogs. If it has a hollowed-out area, then you can even stuff delicious treats like peanut butter inside them to make it more fun and lasting for your dog.

Nylon Chews

Nylon Chew for Dogs

These too are durable and long-lasting dog chew toys also available as plain, flavored, and scented varieties. Flavored nylon bones are quite popular and help clean your dog’s teeth.

These are good for aggressive chewers. Though the quality nylon dog chews do not crack or splinter, always check the nylon toy for any damage. Your dog should not swallow any pieces.

Rope Chews

Rope Chews for Dogs

These dog chew toys are made up of cotton ropes, commonly braided in the shape of a bone. They act as floss for your dog’s teeth and help remove the bacteria and gum inflammation.

You can even use the rope toys to play a tug-of-war game with your dog. But be careful to remove any threads that these rope toys shed as they may cause damage if swallowed.

Wrapping Up

The dog chews can be segregated into different types such as hard and soft chews, natural and artificial chews.

There are different chew options available for all kinds of dogs whether they are puppies or grown-up dogs, nibblers or aggressive.

Your dog would love these chew toys as it would play and be busy with them. All the dog chew toys either provide essential nutrients to your dog or take care of the dog’s dental health, or do both.

As far as possible, do not leave your dog alone with any chew or treat. You should be on the watch if the dog chew splits or becomes too small in size. In that case, it’s best to take them away to avoid your dog getting hurt.

The artificial chews are non-consumable and especially meant for dogs who love to chew all the time.

There are various other dog chew toys and treats such as raw bones, beef ribs, beef hooves, pig ears, tennis balls and many other non-consumable options.

It’s a good practice to keep changing your dog’s chew toy periodically. Just keep your dog interested, occupied, and happy!

Over to you

Which chews are your dog’s favorites that you’d like to add to this list? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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  1. I give treats every Friday, When I come home from the gym, they know what they receive, good for teeth and bone.

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