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Getting the Google AdSense account approval is what all new bloggers anxiously look forward to. But it isn’t so easy nowadays as Google has become very strict about its eligibility.

Even after your account is approved, it’s not an easy road ahead. There’s always a danger of “invalid clicks” on your blog’s Adsense ads, which could even lead to disabling of your Adsense account.

This is something very serious which even the seasoned bloggers, who have the Adsense running on their blogs for a long time, should be very careful about.

To enlighten on these aspects, I could only find one blogger who’s an authority on Adsense revenue. So, please welcome today’s guest on Aha!NOW, Babanature, who’s a long time blog community member.

I’m sure his tips would be helpful to new and old bloggers as well. Over to him right away!

The one dream every new blogger nowadays has is to get their Google Adsense account approved. Because to them AdSense is the best (if not the only) alternative to making money online easily.

Many blogs today apply for Google Adsense without knowing or even caring to know the criteria their blogs must meet before applying.

So when they apply, they get disappointed by receiving a rejection letter from Google AdSense.

I know you don’t like it when your application for Adsense approval gets rejected by Google.

But hey! Don’t blame the AdSense team for not approving your application. Instead, blame yourself for not following due procedures :).

Google Adsense account can be easily approved if you follow certain methods.

And what are the procedures I am talking about?

In a short while we shall discuss all that, but first, let’s take our mind way back when Google AdSense was still soft (when you didn’t have to cut your hands to get approved!).

Some years back, Google Adsense was one of the easiest ways to make money online.

And because they were trying to get their product more popular, they gave approval to almost all blogs (including blogs that don’t have any post yet), easily.

As time passed, Google Adsense changed their rules and made it stricter and difficult. And that rule affected (and is still affecting) a lot of bloggers, especially the spammers.

Have you been rejected by Google Adsense countless number of times and your heart is gradually giving up? Then, I’ll tell you that you can finally get your Adsense approved by following the below easy steps.

Procedures to Get Your Google Adsense Account Approval

Remember, there are two methods that you can take to get your Adsense application approved.

1. The Quick way: Through 3rd party partners (like YouTube). With this process, you can apply for an Adsense account and get it approved within 24 hours or so. 

But the bad news of this method is – you can only use the Adsense account you created on that third-party site you created it with, using it outside (other domains) is impossible. I call this Adsense method as “the limited method”.

2. The Normal way: With this process, you can create an account using either the Adsense official site or through blogger/ blogspot dashboard and get your account approved within 7 days.

The best part is that the account won’t be limited to just one site/domain; you can use it on all your existing domains. I call this method “the universal method”. 🙂

How do I get a universal Adsense account? Simple! By first, following the simple procedures below.

Global blog

Get Yourself a Well Organized Blog

Getting a blog today is very easy. With just $70 you can buy a good host plus a domain and setup your blog using WordPress within 5 minutes, without having any coding experience.

Or if you don’t have the money to purchase a hosting plan, you can simply go to Google’s own “blogger blog” and create a free account to get you a free blog. That feels easy right?

But the bad sad part is that Google Adsense doesn’t accept just any how blogs.

For your blog to get approved, it needs to have some quality features. And, what are these features I am talking about?

A neat blog free from coding errors

One of the reasons Google Adsense doesn’t approve most new blogs is because of the foundation their blog was laid on.

If you’re using the blogger platform and you don’t know anything about coding, don’t go near the coding area of your blog. Get assistance from people that know it.

Don’t fill your blog sidebar with unnecessary widget/plugin. Nobody, not even the search engines like that.

Like the saying goes “if you don’t know it, do it, but do it with care”.

Write only unique contents

One of the main reasons your Google Adsense application got turned down is because most of your content is copied from other source. In the world of blogging, plagiarism is a sin and it’s not acceptable.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to get accepted if your blog is not unique, for which you must have a neat blog free from coding error and well formatted posts.

How many posts do I need before my application can be accepted?

  • Your blog should have more than 25 posts that are free from plagiarism
  • Your posts should be 500 and above words in length
  • Your blog should be well formatted, with the H tags and images to spice it up
  • Your blog should be free from much grammar errors

Please! Please!! Do not fill your posts with images or you might not get approved for Google Adsense account.

Remember: Blogs with lesser posts or just few words and many images don’t get approved. And those with Google Adsense accounts that publish such posts on their blog get the ban in the long run ***FACT***.

Your blog must have navigation sense

You heard me right. If your blog doesn’t have a menu bar to help visitors find their way through your blog’s pages, your blog might not get approved.

Most of the bloggers that got turned down by the Google Adsense team was because their blog didn’t have navigation sense. For doing that, you need to –

  • Create a good and neat menu bar for yourself that is free from problems (like invalid links)
  • Create a site map for your blog so that the Adsense bot and other search engine crawlers can easily crawl and better index your site.

Problems and Solutions to Getting Google Adsense Account Approval

Here are some problems that you might face while trying to get your Google Adsense account application approved along with their solutions.

Problem #1: If you’re below 18 yrs old and use the blogger/ blogspot to blog, and you’re trying to apply for the Adsense program, I am sorry to say but you will not get approved.

Why? Because the Google Adsense team doesn’t allow underage people to participate in the program.

Solution – Wait till you’re above 18yrs… but if you can’t wait, you can simply create a new email account and migrate your blog to the next account.

Note: Before your new email will start taking full effect as the owner of the transferred blog, it will be for about a month or so. So just post regularly and do not think of applying yet till you pass the one month threshold. 🙂

Problem #2: If you’re using a blogger blog and you’re using a different email to apply for the Adsense program, you might not get approved, why? Because Google Adsense doesn’t allow two emails from the same publisher to apply in the program.

Solution – Don’t use two different emails. Instead, migrate your blog to your other email account and wait for a month plus before applying. You can learn how to switch your blog within your Gmail accounts by following this tip.

Problem #3: If you’re from India and your blog is less than 6 months old, you will not get accepted, why? Because that is what I’ve been hearing :). But the truth is, even if you wait for the 6 month period, your blog will still not get approved if you don’t follow the above steps *fact*.

Solution – With your best knowledge, try to create a really nice blog, free from clusters and errors. Look for a rare niche and start posting unique content around that niche. In about a month or so, you’d probably finish writing those unique articles… then apply for the Adsense program and see if you won’t get approved. (Trust me, this solution works like magic)

Best Google Adsense Account Approval Method

There are many easy ways and methods to get your Adsense account approved, but among them, the following are the best.

WordPress Users

If you are using a WordPress blog and you have followed all the above instructions, simply go to Adsense official site and apply for the program.

Take the code given to you and place at your blog’s side bar and/or your header only. Wait for, like 24 to 48 hours. A positive mail will be sent to you, and after 1 hr ads will start showing.

Note: In most cases, it takes up to or more than 5 business days to get your application approved.

Blogger Google Adsense account approval

Blogger Users

If you are using the sub domain, don’t apply directly through their official site because if you do, you will not get the approval. Why? Because Google don’t allow sub domains to participate in the Adsense program.

To get your application approved, simply apply through your blogger dashboard. And if you’re using a custom domain, I’ll also advice you to apply through your dashboard as well or wait for a while before applying directly.

To apply for the Adsense program through your blogger dashboard >>> Click Earnings >>> Click Adsense… are you there? If yes, you will see a page exactly like the image below.

Now, click the “Sign up for Adsense” button to take you to the signup page. Fill all the necessary information and voilà, you’re done. The process was easy, right?

Addressing the Invalid Clicks We Bloggers Face

Now that you’ve finally gotten your Google Adsense account ready and working as normal, let’s move on to what you might encounter along the way.

At some point in time, you might have some minor issues like “click fraud” popularly known as “invalid clicks” and if these persist, Google AdSense will have no option but to disable your account permanently or temporarily, depending on how you tender your appeal letter.

This can happen to all Google AdSense users all over the world, and even YOU.

But hey! You can simply avoid your Adsense account from getting invalid clicks by following the simple tips that has been working for me for years.

Invalid clicks

Tips to Counter Google AdSense Invalid Clicks

1.       If you are not the one that has been clicking your own ads, then this tip will work well for you – but if not… it is best to integrate your Adsense with your Google analytic account.

Why? So that you can better monitor how your Adsense works.

Now that we know how our Adsense works, let’s get into business shall we…

2.       Study where your traffic is coming from and which page get’s the highest click. Have you done that?

By now you must have known the IP that is bugging you, right? Or are you still scratching your head? Now the next and most important step is to block that IP for causing you more damage.

3.       If you are afraid of losing other visitors that might also be using that same IP, you can simply stop serving ads from that particular page to prevent your account from getting into trouble.

My simple advice is to report the case to the Adsense team and they will definitely look into it.

If you want to report the case, I’ll strongly suggest that you state the measures you take to make sure it doesn’t repeat itself. But make sure you put it in detail when writing it.

Note: If your account has been disabled because of invalid clicks, don’t write to Google Adsense for appeal without taking the right steps.

Most Important Tip – It is best to always monitor your Adsense account so you know your click flow and how to better increase your earnings.

Let’s talk

It looks like I have said so much about on this topic. Please, I am always open for any questions regarding the topic at hand so if you get one, do use the comment box below and I will gladly answer them.

And thank you Harleena for inviting me as a guest author on your lovely blog.

Over to You –

Did you ever face problems in getting Google AdSense account approval? What did you do to get it approved? If you already have Adsense working, did you ever face the problem of invalid clicks? Share in the comments.

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  1. I used this tactic with blogspot a lot time ago. I get easily approved and my site was not popular at all.
    But, I need an article how you can be re-approved after you are banned.

    1. Hello Sasho,
      Yeah, getting your adsense approved using the blogger blogspot platform is easier and more fast.
      You can click on my below link to learn how to reinstate a ban or disabled adsense account. I am sure you’re going to find it interesting.

  2. Thank you very much for the nice words Nikky,
    Indeed, i am absolutely sure that the tips above will work for you anytime you feel like jumping the adsense wagon 🙂
    Thanks for the comment and have a nice week

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    1. Hello Ranjan,
      It’s good to know. Combining strategies will surely help you in your quest.
      Thanks and do have a nice week.

  5. Hi Babanature,

    I’m really thank full to you for sharing a nice informative post. I am looking for apply a Google Absence and for that i have read many article but finally i found a detailed and impressive Article on this topic. my feeling really really very happy because i have read this article on my top one favorite blog .

    1. Hello Chandra,
      Good to know that this article is impressive 🙂 . Indeed Aha-now is one blessed blog and it was great for me to drop a guest post here as well 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and do have a nice week ahead…

  6. Thanks Babanature for these great tips hope i will get adsense soon. Great article solved my lots of problems 😀

    1. Hello Kunal,
      If you follow the tips outlined here, i am sure that your blog will get approved once you applied.
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  7. Hello Babanature,

    Adsense, remains the best PPC program bloggers can benefit from. For those who are interested in the program, the tips you offer are classical and can ensure a steady stream of income from online content.

    Who doesn’t appreciate more money?


    1. Ahahaha… Indeed, we sure want more money that’s why as blogger, we always experiment things and hope it will be better than the previous one 🙂
      Thanks for the comment buddy and do have a wonderful weekend ahead…

  8. i was looking for adsense aproval guide from many days, because i applied 4times and got rejected after reading you post i got alot of information now i will try again after improving my blog thanks

    1. Hello Aamir,
      You applied 4 times and got rejected? Wow! didn’t you rectify the problem before applying again and again? Well, i am sure that this post will help you battle all the flaws…

      You will surely get approved the next time when you applied because now you know what and what to do, right?

  9. Thank you for the informative post!! I didn’t realize the true requirements to get approval from Google Adsense, personally I feel I still need to work on my blog a bit more, otherwise thank you for sharing ways to get into Google Adsense!


    1. Hello Ntando,
      Thanks goodness, many bloggers do not know the requirements or the rules. My best advice is to study the rules and know what you’re entering so you can be the master in your field.

      Good to know that you’ve learned something valuable here today. Do have a wonderful weekend ahead 🙂

  10. Hi Harleena and Babanature,

    Great post because I’ve never looked into Google Adsense. Seemed like a deep, dark hole to me and you’ve explained what it is, how it works and why and how we can get in and get approved. Easy to understand because I’ve never understood any of it before.

    Harleena – thanks for inviting Babanature to write and I’m so glad I visited your blog today.

    I’m going to look further into this now. Thanks so much.

    1. Hello Barbara,

      Many bloggers don’t use Goodgle adsense today because enough options like affiliate marketing has already dominated the blogging scene. But if you have a Youtube channel, using adsense is compulsory in other to monetize your video 🙂

      I am so glad you liked the post. i’ll indeed advice you to do more research and maybe tell us what you think after the finding…
      Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter day in advance

  11. Hey Harleena and Babanature,

    I didn’t know there were so many different reasons why people don’t get approved with Google Adsense. I first got my account last summer and the process of getting my account approved was simple. As a matter of fact, i didn’t know there were anyone having problems getting approved. But I tell you this is a great share for those people that’s looking to use Adsense. We all need to know these rules in order to get that approval and monetize our sites! Thanks for sharing Babanature and I hope you have a great rest of the week!

    1. Hello Sherman,
      The reason you got approved without problem is because you have unique content and your blog structure was okay. So which ad company won’t approve a blog like that 🙂 .

      It is good to know that you applied and got approved without any problem. Also, it is good to watch out for that dreadful virus called “Invalid clicks”. Ohhhh… this post covers how you can counter that as well 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful weekend and a happy Easter to you

  12. Hey Babanature, welcome to Harleena’s place!

    Great to see you here and boy is this a topic you know a lot about now. You’re the perfect person to write about this.

    I’m like Enstine, I created my account way back a number of years when I was just told to sign up and didn’t even understand fully why. Gosh, I think I was like instantly approved but I was doing affiliate marketing back then so it’s nothing like it is today.

    I wouldn’t know the first thing to tell people about signing up because I understand the approval process isn’t as quick as when I first signed up but you’ve definitely shared all the steps here for anyone who might have questions still.

    Although this isn’t an area I’m personally interested in I know so many people who are so I’ll be sure to share this with them.

    Thanks for this post and I hope you both have a great week.


    1. Hello Adrienne,
      Most of the bloggers i help out are newbie and bloggers that use adsense. they feel like adsense is their first base of making money online, i had to make sure i share the best steps that has always worked for me 🙂 . Because the best way to help a fellow blogger is to show them what works best 😉

      Thanks for your contribution dear friend, do have a yourself a wonderful weekend over there

  13. Thanks Babanature for these beautiful tips and i will see that i meet all criteria before trying to apply for adsense and thanks again for solving the invalid clicks problem…. 😀

    1. Hello Dabs,
      Glad you find the post helpful enough to comment 🙂
      Well, i am sure the post will help you a great deal if you follow the steps. Invalid clicks is what most bloggers using adsense face and it is good to know ways of countering it.

      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful weekend…

  14. Hi Babanature,

    How nice to see you here and what a great post you’ve written here.

    Years ago I used to have a Blogger blog that had Google Adsense on it, and it was easy enough to be approved back then, but I’m sure it’s much tougher now.

    I think that for a blog that has lots of traffic it’s worth it.

    1. Hello Sylviane,
      It’s indeed good to be here and seeing lovely comments like yours 🙂
      You’re indeed right, blog with high traffic gain more with adsense. But yet again, your niche also determine how high your CPC will be. So either you have high traffic or use a better keyword phrase…

      Thanks for the comment and hope your weekend is going as planned 🙂

  15. When any blogger enters in the blogosphere he/she seek to make money for which they seek top rated platforms in which Google AdSense is considered at top. I have encountered with many bloggers who always complaint about Google AdSense and it’s policies. Many bloggers don’t get approval for their account at Adsense. There may be many reasons but for a problem there are many solutions. To get approval bloggers should build up their blog independently without having duplicate content. There shouldn’t be any paid link. There are many other stuffs to know about. As you have explained it in an effective way.

    1. Hello Ravi,

      You know, many of these bloggers who get turn down by the adsense team are new bloggers that indulge in plagiarism or don’t care about how they create their blogs from scratch.

      I still feel that Google adsense still remains the same and the only thing that change is the new bloggers who don’t know what and which steps to take.

      Thanks for your comment and do have a nice weekend ahead

      1. Hi Babanature,
        I totally agree with your point that Google AdSense has the same policies to follow. The only thing is changing is the beginner blogger. When these money-minded bloggers enters in the field of blogging they just made their mind to make money from their blog. They just don’t focus at their blog. Why they are blogging? What they are blogging? Doesn’t matter for them. Newbies send request to Google AdSense without having appropriate content. This is the only problem for rejection.
        Thanks for your consideration.

  16. Hi Harleena,

    Nice post, especially for me, because I have not yet started using AdSense for my blog but hope to implement it after few months. So, I am bookmarking this post for the suture, should I have any problems and need solutions, I will use this post as a reference.

    Btw, can we be paid via PayPal for the earning we accumulate in our AdSense account? What are the payment options?

    Wishing you a nice week ahead! 🙂


  17. Still another way to get google adsense approve is when you have (privacy$policies, about me, term and condition) with all this you will get approve very fast.

    1. Hello Kenna,
      Even with all the things you mentioned, you still won’t get approval if you don’t follow due procedures.

      Many bloggers today think that adding privacy and policy page will grant them easy access for Google approval, but after applying severally, they realized that there is more to it then just TOS Page 🙂

      Thanks for your contribution. and hope you have a blessed weekend

  18. This is a good post for beginner Adsense users. Great that you have highlighted the approval recommendations. Lately, Google has intensified its review (and banning) of erring Adsense sites/accounts. We’ve encountered a lot of our publishers getting the same warning whenever they have failed to comply with Google’s program policies. To help webmasters get through the warning and prevent getting banned, we’re offering to screen websites to make sure they are Google-compliant. If you’re interested in this free service, you can reach out to us.

    1. Hello Kean,
      One of the reason(s) most publishers get the same warning, is because they fail to read the Google adsense TOS and which makes them commit the same offence.

      Now adays, many people don’t read a site terms of service before they jump into it. i’d say post like this will help a lot of people counter the problems they face and learn how to combat the situation.

      Thanks for the comment and do have a good weekend start….

  19. Great post. In the past during my first ever blog this happened to me, but Im glad I know the ropes now.

    1. Thank you for saying that, Trina. with this post i am so sure you’re going to wax stronger 🙂 .
      Have a good week ahead…

  20. Hi Barbanature,

    Thank you for such an awesome article which I have been searching for so long. I had one adsense account using my email address but that was banned for invalid clicks. I could not find out why my account was blocked. But this time, I can handle my adsense account much better with your tips and valuable information. Thanks once again. I would like to read more adsense related article from your site.

    1. Hello Abir,
      Yes, most of the time, many bloggers don’t know about these invalid click until they get their adsense disabled or banned…
      It is good you learned something in this post. And yes, i do give adsense tutorials 🙂
      Have a nice week ahead…

  21. Hello Babanature,

    Very useful information regarding adsense approval. I was trying for the approval from the long time but I was getting rejected every time. My foolishness was that I entered the wrong age in my google I’d by mistake due to which they rejecting me every time. Now I have corrected my birth details. Hope they accept it now.

    I completely agree with you that writing unique content is an essential task for every blog to get adsense approval. Google hates plagiarism. Google have discovered new smarter ways to detect copied contents. And it’s not necessary that a blog should be 6 months old to get adsense approval. A blog with just 2-3 months old with relevant posts can get his adsense account approved easily.

    At last I want to say that one should only write the content in which he/she is having good knowledge. Copying the content will not work in the modern world. We shouldn’t act smart by copying the content as google has smart algorithm to detect.

    Thanks Babanature for sharing this ultimate article. Very useful for novices.

    1. Hello Nikhil,
      A friend of mine also got his account rejected because she was not up to 18 years old. Even when she was 18, they still did not approve her application till she migrated the account to a new one.

      The best words to put it is plagiarism is a sin and should be avoided 🙂

      Thanks for your valuable comment. do have a wonderful weekend…

  22. I have lost counts on numbers of times I have applied for this adsense account. Google just replying with one reason or the other.

    But after reading this, I will go back to drawing board and see what to correct and done right before applying again.

    Thanks Harleen for doing this with Babanature, best of greetings to you both.

    1. You know, many blogger jump into adsense without learning “how to” properly.
      It is good that you are here the right time. I am sure that after applying the above method, you’re going to get approved for sure.

      Thanks for ya comment and do have a nice week ahead…

  23. Exactly 2 months ago I got click-bombed and find out a bot with Switzerland IP send me 50 clicks, a click worth 0,76 euro and I end up with 40 euros in my account that day, because I control my AdSense clicks activity and I take notes which ads perform better because I’m doing some A/B tests I was able to see that fraud immediately and I send and email to AdSense and let them know I have nothing to do with those clicks and I asked to give money back to advertiser as soon as possible, at the end of the month money has been taken, I was able to receive my earned money of that month and my account is in good standing.

    1. Hello Daniel,
      It is good that you got your adsense on check 🙂 . You really did take the right steps in resolving your invalid click activity 🙂
      Thanks for letting us know the process you take to ensure the saftey of your adsense account.
      Have a blessed week ahead

  24. This is good advice for getting adsense to use on you blogs. Adsense is a great way to earn some extra cash from your blog. But its not the best way to make money. Good advice, thank you.

    1. In all my year on the internet, i’ve learned something that their is no such thing as best way. What will work for you might not work for me 🙂

  25. Hi Babanature,

    Glad to see you in Harleena’s blog 🙂
    If talking about Adsense, I’ve used this make money blogging technique like this one. But, it’s not as smooth as I thought. For some reason, my account got mass banned. That’s too bad. After that, I stopped for a moment to use adsense. But, one day I will definitely use it again, since I was curious with adsense 🙂

    I think, this article is good for guidance for those who want to focus on Adsense, especially for the newbies. This is nice article one!

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us, Babanature.
    Nice share!


    1. Hello Nanda,
      You know, at some point in time, i did get my adsense account disabled because of just one little mistake. Avoiding those simple mistakes is what i advice people to do and the above post sure teaches that 🙂
      Thanks and have a good week ahead

    1. I am so sure that this post will be very useful to you, because it has enough key details to get approval easily…

      Thank and do have a nice week

  26. i have a hosted account approved vai youtube but still i cannot use it.
    I think my blog is eligible for adsense account because the points you have mentioned above are all present in my blog such as 25 plus post,quality posts above 500 world but my blog is 4 months old and i am from pakistan.
    I think i should wait for completion of six months.
    Please check my blog and give me some advice for improvement for adsense.

    1. Hello Hamza,
      If you believe that your blog meets all criteria, then applying wouldn’t be a problem, right?
      Thanks for stopping by and making your lovely comment, have a good week

  27. Thanks for sharing a wondeful post. I,m in thinking to apply for Google Adsene. But I think I must wait for few months.
    There is still a question in my mind, Is Google allowing adsense for blogs that are offering cracked versions? For example, I,m offering cracked versions of softwares and games. Should I apply for adsense? Though I have unique content. Is google noticing cracks and pirated things for adsense?

    1. Hello Junaid,
      Google don’t accept sites that promote illegal product. I think offering crack version is against adsense law… Even if they accept you in the innitial stage, they will still ban your account at the long run…
      Hope i answered you clarely?

      Have a good week ahead…

  28. Hi Babanature,

    You write just like Harleena Mam. It would be quite difficult to distinguish between the two!

    You have explained very well how to get AdSense account approval. But don’t you think that getting approval is easy and earning money from AdSense is quite a bit tough?

    As more and more bloggers are running behind AdSense, it is becoming more and more strict as days pass by. And how much do bloggers earn? One of my friend, whose Alexa was near 100,000 was earning around 1$ daily. So now guess what must be the condition of other bloggers?

    Anyways, for those who know how to make money with AdSense, this post is going to be of great help!

    Thank you for sharing! Have a nice day! 🙂

    1. Hello Yashraj,
      You are the first person to say that. Well, since me and Harleena are friends and we visit each other blogs, some of what you said is bound to happen 🙂

      Making money with adsense is easy but the reason why many think it’s hard because they fail to follow the breadcrumbs laiddown by Google adsense 🙂

      Thanks for the lovely comment and hope your week is going as planned 😉

  29. Hi Babanature,

    Yes, Adsense is the most popular advertising program, that every blogger like to monetizing their blogs/sites with adsense. But the real fact is that It is very very hard to get approve in adsense. Nowadays, Google has become very strict to accept blogs in adsense.

    Thanks for sharing this article on

    1. Hello Srimanta,
      Yes, google adsense is harder to get approved because many bloggers don’t follow due procedure. Till now, with little steps you can get your adsense approved without stress 🙂

      The above article will surely help any blogger get accepted fast 🙂

      Have a good week ahead…

  30. Great point about posting good, thorough content Harleena. GA folks want content, real content, to be associated with their ads for branding juice. Smart advice!

  31. something is new, old pot has new water as same as your article is also. nice tips, and many people try to get adsense, but it not simple, there is many hurdles, how can you write such a long post, wonder, anyhow learn some new tips from this useful article thank you.

    1. Hello Mvenkat,
      Ahahah… The post was this long because i really need to cover a lot. And thank God i did a little justice with the post 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and do have a good week ahead…

  32. Hi Babanature,

    That was an awesome post. Really helpful to those who have got AdSense approved! Yes, getting approved by AdSense is tough these days. Thankfully, I’ve been among those lucky chaps, whose account has been accepted! 🙂 Now, I’m earning decent revenue out of it.

    But there are desperate souls out there, who aren’t getting approved by AdSense. Sadly, instead of following such well written guides like yours, they opt to buy AdSense accounts from others.

    Then there are some, who get approved, only to be banned later, because they are not well aware of the TOS and nuances associated with AdSense.

    This article will be a thorough guide for all!


    1. Hello Arun,
      Yeah, the only reason people get a ban from adsense is simply because they go against the TOS of Google Adsense Unknowingly.
      But hey! it is always good to enlighten people, so i am sure bloggers will find this solid and helpful.
      Thanks for the comment and do have a blissful week ahead…

  33. Hi Babanature,

    I must say you have really put light on every aspect regarding the initial stages of adsense. These points are all valid and you have very well explained us. This will surely help others who are struggling to get their sites approved from Google.

    Thanks for this awesome post on Harleena Mam’s blogs.


    1. Hello Iftekhar,

      You know, some new bloggers especially the lazy bloggers think that it is an easy task to get adsense approved without performing the right steps. Well, this post will properly guide them on measures to take.
      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful week haead…

  34. What an informative guide to get adsense account approved and how to maintain it free of troubles. You have written with great clarity. It will help several newbies. I would like to ask you one question. You mentioned “free from coding errors”. What sort of coding errors a newbie is likely to come across?
    Thanks for your time. I also thank Harleena to for directing me to you. I should have known you long back.

    1. Hello Kidambi,
      Many bloggers who are not the techie kind still try to edit their code area without proper consultation or advice from a techie person. So doing the codding them selves, they might miss out some valuable tag(s) which might let to code error(s)… especially for javascripts 🙂 you can always check for errors using some great online tools…
      You are the first to ask me a question and for that, i say thanks 🙂

      Do have a peacful week ahead…

  35. Hey Woo!!its nice post and very informative.

    But I believe website design is also very important, without clear simple easy navigation system, it is impossible to get approved. Another thing is it’s extremely easy to get Adsense approval with blogger, but if you are using WordPress it will be little more harder to get it.

    1. Hello Paul,

      I’d say that people using the WordPress platform do get approved easily as long as their blogs meet the requirement. Using Gamil or your blogs domain is also an added advatage.

      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful week ahead…

  36. Hello Harleena & Babanature

    This is an awesome post which gives a clear idea on how we need to approach to get Google Adsense account approved in a short span of time.The tips you have shared will surely help bloggers like me. Thanks again for sharing these tips.

    1. Most Welcome Jayashree,
      This post will indeed help a lot of bloggers who are trying to apply for the adsense program. and the thing is, if followed the above steps the way i put it, the is a guarantee approval 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and do have a good week ahead

  37. Really fantastic blog post. Google adsense approval is nightmare for blog owner, but i think if they follow you step wise. That would be very easy

    1. Hello Pawan,
      Yes, getting Google adsense is hard for bloggers who are in it for the “making money” purpose. But the other bloggers who don’t really think about the monetary aspect alone, do get approval easily.
      I am sure this post will be useful to many 🙂 .
      Thanks for your contribution and do have a wonderful week ahead

  38. Hello Harleena & Babanature,
    It is really a nice post and will help newbies. I had applied for ad sense just 3-4 days after launching my blog and quite obviously gt rejected! 🙁 And being a newbie, I could not understand the reasons behind the rejection. I am sure this post will help a number of new bloggers who are trying to get adsense approved!

    1. Hello Tuhin,
      You know, i have seen a lot of bloggers that applied for adsense the first day they create their blog, and they got turned down immediately. So my brother, you are not alone on this 🙂

      i am sure that after going through this post, your next attempt will be a sure pass 🙂

  39. Every blogger wants to make money through Adsense. but getting approval from them is very difficult as you have to pass many Criteria and then again after approval invalid activity Hits. Recently one of my Friend got his account disabled due to invalid activity.

    1. Hello Atinder,
      You know, adsense is one of the most easiest way to make money if utilize well. It will be hard to get your adsense approve if you don’t follow due procedure. If you ask me, i’ll tell you that its still easy to get approved 🙂
      Ahh… the reason your friend get those invalid click is because of the tips i outlined above. You can show him this post so he can better secure his blog for invalid click activity.

      Thanks for the comment and hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

  40. Hey Babanature,

    Welcome to aha-now and treating a very crucial topic. I’m into the money making niche so I know what I’m talking about.

    As a matter of fact, I have a very old Adsense account created in those early days you mentioned. I didn’t even know what it was then and I can’t even remember the steps. However, I can only remember it didn’t require anything special to get approved.

    My account status though has always been clean and it hasn’t been very active except in recent times when I started blogging.

    I have had a couple of questions from my readers how to quickly get approved. Having not gone through any approval process and having not taken time to study it, I have not been quite sure what to tell them. Now I have this post to send them to.

    It’s been a pleasure reading your article on Harleena’s very active blog and be ready to burn your fingers on comment replies. I have passed through this path before 😉

    Do have a wonderful weekend you and Harleena 😉

    1. Hello Enstine,
      If your adsense is always clean, i’d say that you’re doing a pretty good job with it 🙂 and do keep doing what you’re doing…

      Ahhh… Indeed, i’ve already started replying all comments and i must say it’s stressful but i am enjoying it 🙂
      Thanks bro for the comment and do have a nice weekend

  41. Hello Babanature,

    Ad-sense account approval is really a common concern for almost every second bloggers.

    Even after approval the ad-sense account get band because of the invalid click which is mention in above article. This article is really an indeed very useful tips to get approval from ad-sense and also beware of fraud click which we should band after detecting their IP address.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Hello Shivkumar,
      Thanks you for your contribution and for seeing the post as useful :). I do hope you share the post with your blogging friends, so they can learn something from this as well. 🙂
      Have yourself a blessed weekend

    2. Welcome to my blog Shivkumar!

      Yes indeed, getting your account approved is a tough task, though I’m glad our guest for today, Babanature has done full justice with this post and explained all that we can do if we are stuck or even banned. Hope it helps all the bloggers 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views 🙂

  42. Yes, there is nothing like the 6 months rule. I have seen websites that were accepted within 2 months of the registration of the domain.

    1. Hello Hemant,
      Yeah, exactly… as long as you blog with the rules of adsense, the six month rules won’t be a problem…

      Thanks for your comment and do have a wondeful week ahead…

    2. Welcome to my blog Hemant!

      Yes, I think a lot depends on how and what you post, besides following all that Google Adsense wants from you. Going the right way ensures your account is approved sooner.

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice weekend 🙂

  43. Hi Harleena & Babanature,

    I’m not a big fan of Google Adsense. I have applied before but did not follow through. However, on my YouTube channel, I have just monetized that recently and I believe that is manage by Google Adsense. Right?

    Anyway, I have add this on my Pocket just in case I change my mind someday and continue to follow through that application. The thing I don’t like about Adsense is, they are very punitive. Since they already monopolize the search engine business, I figure they are doing okay and I don’t think they need my little click cents for a few dollars just to send every 1000 of my unique visitors, I’d rather rely on Affiliate products such as Clickbank, Share-A-Sale, Commission Junction…

    Anyhoo, thank you for sharing us your knowledge. Have a great weekend.


    1. Hello Angela,
      I have seen many bloggers who don’t use Google adsense because they simply don’ like it.
      Oh yes, you can only monetize your Youtube channel using the adsense network, so i’d say that you’re also an adsense user. So i’d say welcome to the adsense family 🙂

      To me, external links are all the same, Whether it’s affiliate link or ad network link. The same visitor that will leave your site when they click your affiliate link are still the same as those using ad network.

      I am sure you are going to love adsense once you start using it. Especially when you learn thee trick of increasing your earnings 🙂
      Thanks for the comment and you have a blessed weekend…

  44. Hey Babanature,

    Thanks for sharing these tips and honestly, lovely indeed!

    I think the biggest challenges many face is that they assume it is easy to get approved without following the rules. Follow the rules and you will get yourself approved pretty fast.

    Great write and keep it up!

    1. Hello Reginald,
      Most welcome… glad you find the post lovely 🙂
      Yeah, the main reason most bloggers don’t get approve, is simply because they rush into applying for the Google adsense without proper research. But thank God that they are enough resources as this one to help new bloggers.
      Thanks for the comment and do have a good weekend ahead

  45. Hey Babanature, it’s nice to see you here at Harleena’s blog. 🙂

    This is a very great topic you’ve shared with us and trust me I am not liking ads because I want to be able to make some few bucks from ads and I have been hearing lots of talks about Google not accepting application and banning accounts.

    So I thought it might not worth wasting my precious time on it anyways.

    But this article has so well tackled my fears and doubts and I will sure be giving it a try soon.

    Thanks for the share boss! Both of you should have a good time yonder. 😀


    1. Hello Sam,
      I know many bloggers who don’t use the adsense ads but many like me who do use the ad network, do smile to the bank 🙂
      The choice to use the network is in your hands …
      Thank you for stopping by and do have a wonderful weekend.

  46. That’s a great post from you Babanature.Yes it’s real easy to get adsense approve through youtube but as you’ve mentioned you’ll only get a hosted adsense account then.So we should better go for a non-hosted adsense account by following your tips.Thanks for this.

    1. Hello Dabarpan,
      You are definitely right… The best way to go is to use for the universal method.
      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful week ahead.

  47. This is really a lovely post by babanature. Good to see you here.

    Babanature, I have been trying for many times now and Google has not been approving my Adsense Account. Probably with this insightful and better explanation, I will get it done.

    Also thanks for the tips to counter Google Adsense invalid clicks. Have a lovely weekend

    1. Hello Miracle,
      Adsense do disapprove your application because of some or all the list mentioned above. Thank God i did talked about the problems and solutions… I am sure it will help you if you follow the steps above..

      Thank you for the comment and do have a wonderful week ahead…

  48. Hello Babanature,

    I always heard from lots of people that their sites are not getting approved Adsense account. As you said, previously any blogger gets Adsense account easily without blogging knowledge. Now its not so easy. But again if we follow mentioned tips, he’ll certainly get approved account.

    Another thing, I always tell new bloggers to do blogging for some days to be perfect in blogging. So if he is well set for blogging then its the proper time to apply.

    I got my account through Blogger website. Now I am running in other hosted websites too. Its fun to work with Adsense if we follow proper guideline.

    Anyway I hope all the upcoming bloggers will be grateful to you for this awesome article on Adsense.

    Happy Blogging & long live Adsense 🙂

    1. Hello Ahsan,
      You know many bloggers come into blogging because of the back story they hear about how to make money with adsense. But hey, blogging is hard and getting adsense to approve your blog, is the hardest 🙂

      What i do advised is always write content that are unique and not just copy content from other source.

      Indeed blogger blog is the easiest means to get ones account approve faster.
      Thanks for the comment and do have a good week ahead

  49. Hello Babanature!

    This is a really informative article for newbie like. Recently I got adsense approval. I applied for adsense after 7 months and they approved. This is true that Indian bloggers have to wait for 6 months but not applicable for all. I’ve seen some Indian bloggers getting approval in 1 month. They write awesome content, thats why they got it approved.

    Thank you very much sharing this with us Babanature! Happy Blogging!

    1. Hello Swaraj,

      You are definitely right, It doesn’t matter the month. What matters is, the niche you’re in and the uniqueness of the articles you produce.
      Remember that a crowded niche is hard to get approved as well 🙂
      Thanks for the comment and do have a lovely weekend ahead…

  50. Hi Babanature,

    Welcome to my blog – it is a pleasure to have you here, on the other side this time, as part of Aha!NOW guest authors, with such a wonderful post. 🙂

    I’ve been hearing so much about Google Adesense Approval problems that SO many bloggers face. More so, the struggling or new bloggers, who often tend to give up too soon, without really knowing what they should or shouldn’t be doing.

    Thankfully, I never had such a problem, but this post would surely help those who have or had, and I liked the problems and solutions also that you shared with us.

    I am so glad you are here to share your expert views and tips about Google Adsense with all of us. I am sure everyone is going to learn a great deal from this post, especially the new bloggers, while the existing ones who’s adsense account has been banned or perhaps is not working presently due to the invalid click problems, just as you mentioned in the post, would find solutions through your post. I’d like to reveal that I too once faced this problem of “invalid clicks” and it was scary as I feared my adsense getting banned. And, I did what you suggest – report the activity to Google.

    Thank you once again for this wonderful guest post, and being an old and valued blog community member, it’s a pleasure to feature your post with the Aha!NOW blog community as well.

    It’s all over to you now, while I’d just hop in to welcome the newcomers only – have a nice time interacting and replying to all the comments and questions headed your way! 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,

      Thank you for having me on your blog. It is indeed lovely to share some of my experience with new audience and which better audience to do it with then your lovely community 🙂

      Invalid click is what many bloggers who use Google adsense face after they’ve gotten approved. So protecting yourself from such risk is the only best option, right?

      Like the old saying goes – “Prevention is better than cure” 🙂
      Once again, thanks for having me on your blog and do have the best weekend

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