7 Tips on Purchasing Home Brewing Beer Fermenters

A beer fermenter is required to brew beer at home. Here is the information that might help you to purchase the right homebrewing equipment for brewing beer.
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If you drink beer then you might think why brew it at home? Well, first, homebrewing beer is cheaper than buying it. Yes, it is legal to brew beer at home and safe too. Of course, you cannot sell the homebrewing beer and you should take all precautions while producing it, which should be well within the allowed limits. Whether you want to brew beer at home for fun or as a hobby, you’ll need specific equipment to do that. Here’s some information that might help you to purchase the right homebrewing equipment or beer fermenters as per your requirements. ~ Ed.


In beer brewing, the ingredients have to be passed through a fermenting vessel in which the yeast is added to convert the added elements to form a sweet liquid that has alcohol content.

One can comfortably brew beer even at home as long you have the right ingredients and vessels to use.

In most cases, beer homebrewing is done using barley or other starch sources, and water. Then the glucose from these items is converted to form ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide, a process facilitated by the yeast.

The home brewing beer fermenter vessels come in different designs and types for people to choose from but, there are various features that one needs to look out for, to sure that you buy the right vessel.


Tips for Purchasing Homebrewing Beer Fermenters

There are a variety of home brewing equipments available in the market. Here are some suggestions to give you an idea about the different features of beer fermenters that matter.

The Size of the Kettle

This is an area where most people tend to blunder when making their homebrewing equipment purchases.

The size of the kettle you buy will determine how much beer to make it a go. The dimensions are measured in gallons which range from as low as 3 gallons to 10 gallons.

So, if you plan to homebrew more beer in future, make sure to buy a kettle that has a large size. This prevents the ingredients from overflowing when boiling.

It also saves you extra cost which you would incur when purchasing a brand new kettle for your home use.

Even if you are getting a starter kit for trying out your homebrewing techniques, get a large size that you will still use in future.

Get a Work Chiller

Although beer fermenters do not come packed together with the work chillers, it is advisable that you get one for cooling purposes and to prevent contamination of your brewed beers.

Once the ingredients have boiled and are on the right temperatures, one is required to submerge them in cold water to chill them. The transfer of the kettle to the cooling area can lead to contamination of your beer.

But on the other hand, a wort chiller saves you all these hustles since it can be connected to the area where the kettle is at. It works fast in cooling, and it is convenient for maintaining hygiene.

The device comes with two connections with one for connecting to the water and the other one to the kettle fermenter. So, connect one point to the water source and the other one to the kettle.

Once the ingredients are ready for cooling, switch off the heat and then open the water tap to allow the water to cool the pot.

Create a Yeast Starter

A yeast starter should be among the top listed items of your beer fermenters.

Yeasts plays a considerable role in determining the results of your beer. This is because it helps in conversion of the glucose to form alcohol and therefore if it used in the right amount and the right time, you have chances of getting a well-fermented beer at the end of the day.

So, buy all the ingredients that you require for making yeast and create your own at home. It is a natural process to do especially if you have experience in preparing the brews.

Also, using your yeast gives you more chances of getting the best-brewed alcohol at the end of the day.


Another benefit of using the right yeast for conversion is that it prevents the beer from getting contaminated. This is because using the right amount of yeast help to fasten the process of fermentation.

Consider Buying Carboy Handles

This is an additional accessory that you need for your fermenting job. A carboy handle provides firm gripping for hot glasses to avoid slipping off the handle.

Note that the carboy handle should not be used for holding heavy objects. But rather it is useful for providing ample grip for holding the hot objects.

Make sure the handle you buy is sturdy and of the right size is large to fit on your glass materials.

The Price

How much are you planning to spend in buying the beer fermenting device? The cost will be determined by the size and the accessories that you need as well.

The beer fermenters come in different sizes, and the material also differs. Research about the open fermenters on the market; look at their featured reviews so you can be able to choose the best one.

If it is your first time buying the vessel, then you can ask for help from a friend or any person that you know has the container. Such a person can give you an overview of what to look for or the best model to buy.

The Temperature Regulation

For the beer fully ferment, the fermenting device has to be set in the right temperatures. At times you will be needed to change the temperature mainly when the beer is almost ready.

Therefore choose a device that can be easily altered without giving you many complications.

Some beer fermenters are designed to be compatible with a temperature guard which automatically regulates the heat if need be. This accessory can also work for beginners since it will enable you to control the fermenting and brewing temperatures needed.

The Materials

The beer fermenters are made in two main materials which are plastic and steel.

If you are a starter brewer or you need a device that you can use for brewing beers on special occasions without straining your budget, a plastic fermenter would suit you because they are sold at pocket-friendly prices.

But for quality or conventional brewing device, get a fermenter that is crafted with stainless steel material to ensure durability. Such beer fermenters are relatively pricier than the plastic ones.

Wrapping It Up

You can comfortably brew beers at home as long you have the right tools for the job.

A beer fermenter is a must have the device. And, you should make sure that you select the right fermenter that will not inconvenience you.

Follow the above tips to guide you when choosing the beer fermenter and other accessories that you may need for the process.

Over to You

Have you ever used a beer fermenter for brewing beer at home? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.


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