Life Lessons From A Blind Blogger

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Life lessons by blind blogger

Anyone can teach life lessons because each one of us is enriched with different life experiences.

However, when it comes from someone who has to go through hardships and difficulties in life, it gains more value.

There are people who are not as fortunate to enjoy life by all means and senses. Nevertheless, these people are at par with others, or maybe even have an edge over others, when it comes to their spirit and courage of living.

I’ve the honor to host such a person on Aha!NOW as a guest blogger. He’s blind but he’s a blogger and an entrepreneur.

He’s an embodiment of strength, character, determination, and excellence of efforts.

He has become a source of inspiration as he motivates others who lose their hearts in the fight of life and the race for success.

Please welcome Maxwell Ivy, the prolific blogger from The Blind Blogger. He is sharing his pearls of wisdom that he acquired during his rich experience of life.

I admire his spirit to learn and to challenge himself. Though he started blogging off late, he is an entrepreneur for more than half a decade at MidwayMarketplace.

When he talks, he talks sense. So, without much ado, here’s over to Max to learn and benefit from his life lessons. ~ Harleena


When talking with Harleena about what to write about, she suggested the topic of inspiration or life lessons from a blind blogger. This is a relatively new topic to me.

You see, I never thought of myself as being an inspiration. I just saw myself as someone who was trying to build a business and support his family, who also happened to be blind.

Writing an inspirational post that does not focus on my website or blogging isn’t easy especially for a guy who only recently started seeing himself as an inspiration in the first place.

It’s only been in recent weeks and months that I have come around to the understanding that I am an inspiration because there are so many people out there who have no physical or mental disability and who still aren’t doing anything to improve their lives.

There are so many people, who are destined for much more. Many of them could have so much richer lives if they would just take that first step.

I want to share a few experiences or my life lessons in hopes that I can help you to move forward on your own path.


Your Health is Important

To start with, it has only been about eight years ago since I really started down this road of blogging. At that time, it was three years after my dad’s death.

My family has operated carnivals in Texas for three generations. My dad had started a small show consisting of about seven or eight rides.

All I ever really wanted to do was continue this business.

The carnival had folded due to not being able to pay our insurance premiums. We had had to join up with my uncle’s carnival.

This made things worse as we had always competed with them, and I knew joining up with them was the last thing my dad would have wanted.


I had lost my best friend and my games business was going nowhere. I would have been depressed if I had been able to admit that to myself.

Then, my mom convinced me to see a doctor. The doctor convinced me to have a sleep study. The study determined I had sleep apnea, and I was prescribed a CPAP machine.

Gradually, I started to regain my spirit. Most people do not realize how severe the side effects are for sleep deprivation.

My Life Lessons:

So, the first thing I would tell anyone who isn’t making the progress they want to is to get healthy.

See a doctor and make sure there isn’t some clinical reason for your lack of energy, passion, focus, etc. I am now a firm believer that your physical, mental, and spiritual health are critical to your success in life.

Fun ride in carnival carousel

Choose Your Direction

Once I started getting healthier, I took a good hard look at my situation.

I figured out that my one remaining game booth was losing money. I then determined that there was no way to improve it without having to hire someone to help me operate it.

This was out, as the game was not making enough money to pay me and pay someone else too. I did not have the cash or credit to purchase something else.

I didn’t want to be on the Midway just to be there. Besides, the least fun thing to do in the world is to watch other people make money.

So, I decided the best thing for me to do was to park the game and pursue some other way of making a living.

I had previously helped family members sell surplus equipment. I felt like I had been good at it. I also felt I could use the skills I had used to help my dad with the bookings to recruit potential clients.

I actually had to convince my own family to let me do this. My mom was the worst.

It took about half a season finally to prove to her that there was no point in putting a game up when she had to buy my stock out of her food trailer.

My Life Lessons:

So, the lesson here is to regularly take stock of where you are and where you are going.

You need to look at the skills, abilities, and resources you have and see what you need to improve to make the next step.

Then you have to decide if these skills are the things you can learn or if there are any services that you can afford to hire people to perform.

Moreover, at the end, sometimes no matter how hard it is, you will have to decide that one dream isn’t going to happen and start looking for the next one.

Ask for Help

When I started the new business, I knew it was going to be difficult.

I had very little experience with the Internet. I knew nothing about building a website and had no money to hire someone to design one for me.

As a blind person one thing they start teaching you early on is to not be afraid to ask questions or ask for help.

I have to admit that when it came to blogging, I didn’t ask for much help in the beginning. It’s only been in the last couple of years that I have not only accepted help but actively sought it.

As a blind blogger, I depend on my friends a lot, and it sometimes takes me longer to accomplish a given task.

I know many people starting a new business are afraid to ask their friends and family for help.

Maybe I did not have a choice. More importantly, I didn’t believe I had a choice which is the same thing.

Sometimes I have to put a job off until my skills improve or until I meet someone who can explain it better or who is willing to do it for me.

My Life Lessons:

This is the most important lesson I have learned.

Are there people you know who you have thought about asking for help? Why haven’t you?

Have you thought that they would want to help you?

Have you considered that you are depriving them of the opportunity to be part of this something special you have in mind for yourself?

I probably have an advantage here because I’m blind. When you grow up losing your vision, the one thing that will be drilled into you is never be afraid to ask for help.

The only thing you hear more is be sure to look in the direction of the person you are talking to.

I have asked for and gotten a lot of help over my career as a website owner and blogger and now podcaster and Google hangout host.

Many times, I did not even have to ask, I just had to be open to needing the help. Amazingly, someone would show up to give me what I needed at that time.

I choose to think it is God. You can say the universe or higher power if you like, but you have to be open to it deep down in your heart.

And when it comes, you have to use the advice and be thankful.

So, go ahead and ask for help. Just remember to be thankful. To me the best way to show your appreciation is to use the information you get.

Maxwell giving life lessons as a blind blogger

Take Baby Steps to Success

Harleena asked me to think about how I keep going, and what pearls of wisdom I can share with everyone.

I think it comes down to the fact that I know there are going to be certain things I cannot do for myself or that I cannot manage without help right now.

So, I figure out what I can do. I work hard at doing that job the best I can. I seek out teachers hoping to learn a way to accomplish it by myself.

But if I can’t do it, and I can’t learn how to do it, and I can’t find someone to do it for me; I just don’t worry about it. I concentrate on the things I can affect.

I believe that if you can’t do it all do what you can.

Too many people put off doing something because they get mired down in all the steps that are required and all the skills it will take.

You can’t know it all. You never will – and once you think you do, the world or the Internet will change.

My Life Lessons:

Achieving a big dream takes a constant commitment to taking small steps every hour, day, week, etc of your life.

If you think of it, then there is something you can do right now, which would put you one-step closer to your dream. Ask yourself what is that one thing, and then do it!

I don’t know if I got this from my dad. I learned many good lessons like that from him, and I can remember him often telling us not to get in a hurry and just do what we could do.

Maybe it was in scouting where I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout the first blind person to do that in the Sam Houston area Council.

They taught us teamwork, and you can’t become an eagle without taking lots of little steps that build up to the big one. I remember the courts of honor where we all got our latest skill awards, merit badges, or rank upgrades.

Never Quit – Keep Moving Forward

Maybe I learned it in college. It took me six years finally to get a degree in political science only to miss gaining entry into law school.

I then decided to go through a training program to work for the IRS. I worked for them for two years before returning to the family business.

Now that I think about it, all my life people have been teaching me to persevere. They have been teaching me to keep moving forward keep getting better. And so many people have taught me not to quit.

You will get lots of opportunities.

Some of them will be ones you wanted and actively chased after until you got them. Others will be surprises. They will come from people you didn’t expect and offer you things you didn’t even know you wanted.

My Life Lessons:

The key points are if you can’t do it all, do what you can; ask for help, and take it when you get it; be open to new possibilities and opportunities; and always remember you are only alone out here if you choose to be.

So I’m going from not knowing I’m an inspiration to someone who will write posts to encourage other blind people and even some sighted ones too. In addition, I am now exploring the possibility of doing coaching or public speaking.

My life is continuing to change and expand because I kept myself open to opportunities even those that are drastically different from my original path.

It means more work keeping two sites and two blogs going, but I’m finding myself energized by the process.

If you find yourself too tired to take action, then doing something or anything is exactly what you need.

Trust me, the good feeling you get from having done something to better yourself, will give you the juice to do even more.

Be Positive

That brings me to my final thought.

Your success depends very much on your positive outlook.

I am not going to tell you it is always easy to have a positive outlook. Some days it isn’t easy to see the rainbows or those silver linings everyone is talking about.

But you can find them if you tell yourself they are there and make the effort to really look for them.

I can tell you a few of the things I do that have worked for me. The first thing is – read good books. I split my reading between fiction, biographies, and personal development titles.

I often listen to an audio book while doing my exercise. If you aren’t a reader, then take a hard look at the TV shows and movies you watch or the music you listen to.

You want to take in quality entertainment. It doesn’t have to be uplifting, but it helps.

When trying to maintain a positive attitude, it helps if you aren’t polluting your spirit with lots of negativity. I only watch or listen to one hour of news a day.

I don’t spend hours listening to talk radio or following news stories on the net. I only go on social media to post status updates and to reply to email notifications.

Here again, I may be blessed by being blind because it’s not easy accessing most of the social media sites with a screen reader.

I try to avoid associating with people who bring me down. I don’t exchange emails or call these people on the phone.

And before you ask what if it is a family member who is negative, I will say that I live with my younger brother Patrick, and often I have to escape to my room or the garage to get away from him.

He is very passionate about certain news and political items. I know there are some people you can’t cut out of your life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t minimize their influence on you.

Recently, I have started to notice he is becoming more positive every day.

Life lessons by Mother Teresa

I learned, I lived, and I got better.

I hope you can find your own way to live, learn, and get better. I know most of this is not new.

I’m just hoping hearing it from me might help motivate you to take sustained action this time. If you want a little help, feel free to visit my new site.

I will be sharing more about my journey there. It’s also where you can hire me as a coach or public speaker.

I didn’t start out to be an inspiration. I thought I was just a carney kid who would make his living selling amusement park rides and such.

But it seems I am meant for much more. I love hearing from my readers. I especially love getting to know them. We can all learn from each other.

All of us have something to teach, share our life lessons, or show the world whether we know it or not.

Thanks so much for your time. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and take care, Max.

I hope you will leave a comment or share this post.

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  1. Dear Harleena, thank you so much for having Max share his story.

    Max is a long time reader of my blog and a friend and I am just delighted – overjoyed! – to see him share his story and to see the loving reaction of your community …. Max has an incredible spirit of fortitude and strength and he is full of love and generosity. He’s one of a kind. So happy to see this contribution. Great job Max. Keep it up!

    1. Hi Farnoosh; So glad Harleena told me about your message before closing comments. I would have hated to not reply to someone who has been such a supportive friend for so long. I have been surprised by the number of comments and the depth of feeling in them. Its still hard to believe I can impact so many people. I will continue to work hard and learn more about this thing we call blogging. I am even starting to get subscribers to my email list. 🙂 Thanks so much for being part of team Ivey even before there was a team. take care my friend. xoxo max

  2. I’d not say much regarding this topic, salute to you Maxwell Ivey for bringing up such a detailed topic….and perhaps, what I’d say is-

    It’s really a great inspiration for us, we blogger although having so much given by God’s grace can’t be able to achieve the things, yet this topic would really be encouraging, and motivating us since.

    Thanks a lot.
    – Bishal Biswas

    1. Hello Bishal; Thanks for your comment. I believe in and have been helped a lot by my faith in God. don’t underestimate what you have to offer. I didn’t think I had much to say on a lot of topics, but as I have grown as a person; I’ve realized I had a lot more in me than even I knew or could imagine. I believe you have a lot to offer and hope you will stop by my blog and share some of it with me and my readers. God bless, Max

  3. What a touching article ! Truly Health is important but its unfortunate most people don’t value this gift until they see the other side and realize the value.

    Thks maxwell for sharing this great lessons, may God continue to bless you sir.

    1. hi dahunsi; thanks for your kind words. now that i am in a much better place i can see that good health is not only a goal in itself but necessary to the successful accomplishment of anything else in your life. to many people especially entrepreneurs ruin their health while building their businesses and then wonder why they don’t have more energy and passion for their enterprise. blessings to you too, max

  4. As a ‘realist’ I can only relate to part of this piece. From someone who has “asked for help” and kind of/sort of got it, but then ended up doing most of my start up myself (in order to get stuff done) my path has been different – with different cultural reactions to someone with a visual impairment and yes, passion; not to mention being less conventional in my views, more questioning when things aren’t right or, just when I’ve seen injustice. Having said this, the thing that mostly applies to me, is the “getting healthy”. I’m working on that right now and it’s an often painful process, because as you say, your mind, body and spirit are all connected. I’d like to know more about sleep apnea, so if you have any… Finally, I’m not a ‘Pollyanna positive thinker – like I say, I have to “live on reality and external factors”. I just wish I had more committed, passionate and ‘interested’ people around me when I wanted to start my advocacy business. The truth is, when you talk about taking those baby steps, some times, you also have to take steps back, turn your heels in a possibly 90degree angle and just take a different direction. I also would say, people aren’t alone because they choose to be – this is whether your VI or not. Here in the UK, there is a lot of defeatism attitude around and, believe me, you’ve been lucky to have the cultural edge… What I mean is, people don’t tell you to “not give up”; “keep going” or any of that; what you’re more likely to here is: “‘uh, sounds great, but…” then the mountain of negativity is seemingly all around you and you feel more alone and isolated in your dream, because any opportunity slips through your hands, like fine sand. This has just been ‘my experience’ and whether visually impaired or not, everyone’s situation is different – it’s never as simple as: “be positive!…” We all react differently to our constant added challenges of being visually impaired and, people shouldn’t need to feel overly obliged – ‘just because’ someone happens to be blind; there could be circumstances going on that don’t have anything to do with visual impairment – like being a single mum or, just a little too colourful and bohemian for your drab, uniformed small-minded neighbourhood to be excepted. Right, have said enough and it’s becoming a little book. Cheers from an expat.

    1. Hi Dawn; I’ve been thinking about your comment. i don’t think of myself as a poliana. I have just had enough set backs in my life that I’ve learned to look for the good news. there is usually something positive you can take out of any situation if you look for it. don’t get me wrong sometimes it is darned hard to find. My family doesn’t get blogging at all. they don’t understand half the words i use or try to, but when things go good they congratulate me. but most of my positive reinforcement comes from other bloggers. there are many of us out here who are ready and willing to help all people have to do is ask. I exchange emails with several people I have left comments for and have plans to meet a couple of them in person later this year. I can imagine its hard to be the new woman and a single parent in a new neighborhood but i can’t imagine how it would be to do that in a whole new country. I applaud your courage. and starting your own advocacy business is also something to be proud of. my family used to own a carnival. i currently live in the country but when we first moved here we still owned rides and neighbors complained about those blankity blank carneys bringing down property values. two even built new fences so they wouldn’t have to look at our yard. now that all of that is gone we are the good neighbors. but even so we didn’t become the good neighbors until helping people clean up after a bad storm. sometimes you do have to take a step back or sideways but this is okay as long as you know how it will get you to your ultimate goal. I started offering myself as a coach and speaker about he same time I started this blog. I haven’t had the first taker even though until september 1st I’m not charging for my services. I figured this was the best way to get experience and determine rates for future paying clients. I know its all a process and sooner or later it will happen. comments like these can lead to opportunities. Perhaps you will be the next to be asked to write a guest post. or maybe one of the other commenters will have a suggestion. there are lots of people here who work in similar fields. I do hope things improve for you. there are far too many people who need a good advocate. thanks and take care, Max

  5. Hey Max! Congrats on the guest blogger invite! I knew you’d be contributing something fabulous as you always do. I think you are spot on with all of your life lessons and observations, especially when it comes to asking for help. I think that can be the hardest thing for someone to embrace yet, it can be the most motivating and rewarding experience! And not just for the one asking for help but for the one helping. Once again, I enjoyed your post and look forward to the next one. Thanks for sharing all you do with us!

    1. thanks pamela; when you think about how good it makes you feel to help a friend or a neighbor or even someone you meet in your daily travels like the waitress checker cab driver etc. just imagine that you are giving the other person a chance to feel better about themselves. they may not always see it, but most will. and many are just waiting for an opportunity like a kid in school with their hand raised to answer a teacher’s question. appreciate your support, Max

  6. thank you for sharing all these beautiful thoughts Maxwell and being open in such an honest and transparent way. I agree with everything you say, but probably outlook is what resonates the most. Having the right mindset is key to learning all of the lessons life throws our way.. It’s what allows us to see the obstacles we encounter, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, as opportunities for growth. And what provides the incentive to make healthy choices when it comes to the foods we eat, the friends we surround ourselves with and as you point out so beautifully, the content we consume daily… as in the books we read, programs we watch, and so forth.
    You ARE an inspiration because you have never used your disability as an excuse and have learned to roll with the punches, to trust your instincts and adapt, even when those around you were skeptical.
    Thank you for sharing your journey and lessons you’ve learned and keep doing what you are doing and touching lives wherever you go!
    I look forward to your net post!

    1. Hi valerie; I agree with you that outlook or mindset or attitude is the most important. If you have an optimistic positive view of life then you can handle just about anything that comes your way. we will all have bad days, but a sunny outlook will help us spend less time fretting about what we can’t change and more time addressing the steps we can take. thanks for your wonderful comment, Max

  7. Hi Harleena and Max, What an inspirational post!

    I knew Max from around the blogging world and his visits to The Wonder of Tech but I didn’t know his back story. Max, thanks for sharing your experiences and source of motivation with us.

    You’re right, so often we don’t ask for help and we have to remember when we do ask for help we are giving someone an opportunity to do good in the world.

    There is a University of Pennsylvania professor who tries never to refuse a request for help. He is a very busy man but always tries to help himself or put people in touch with others who can help. As you may be able to imagine, he has a huge network of people who are willing to help because he has helped them. If we could all be so giving the world would be a better place!

    You’re right about positive influences, both books and people. Why waste your time on things that don’t lift you up? We can do so much better when we are inspired!

    Thanks for bringing your inspiration here to Harleena’s place, Max!

    1. hi carolyn; glad to see you here. I’ve ben surprised by how much people have ben inspired by this post. I know my friends have tried to tell me I am, but its one thing to hear it from friends; its another to hear it from so many people who only just met you through reading what you said online. I am glad I could help as so many people have helped me. I’d be interested to know this professor’s name. he sounds like a great person to know. and yes avoiding negative influences is key to staying positive. looking forward to sharing posts with you in the future. take care, max

  8. Max, you truly are an inspiration. You have such a can-do and positive spirit, and in a world in which people have a tendency to complain and only discuss the things they wish would change, it’s really refreshing to hear from someone who takes a more positive approach to living. I love all the points and suggestions you make in this article (to ask for help, take baby steps, stay positive), they are all great tips and are such good reminders to me…!

    Thanks for my daily dose of positivity and inspiration!!

    1. hi michele; I am sorry I didn’t reply to your comment sooner. I was going through them trying to visit as many as possible and read p\a post and leave a comment ad I noticed I missed you. glad you like my attitude. even happier that you choose to be positive in your own life. and i don’t know if i could manage a daily bit of positive but its something to think about. thanks so much and take care, Max

  9. Hi Max! (and Harleena).

    I am honored that you actually visited my blog. I admire your passion and resilience to overcome obstacles. I admit, I easily get frustrated when things do not turn out as planned. In situations like that, I turn to God. I speak to Him from my heart and ask for guidance. I love your advice about being healthy. I have major health problems (diabetes and hyperthyroidism) which easily makes me feel tired and depressed at times. You are an inspiration, Max. Thank you so much for this inspiring post. Bookmarking it!

    1. Hi eileen; I’ve don my best to visit the blogs of commenters, but I have to apologize for not replying to this comment. I missed it somehow. I know people put themselves out there when they leave one, so I hate to miss one. those are two difficult and conflicting halt issues. and medical problems can definitely lead to emotional ones. Its good that you have a practice of praying and turning it over to god. its not as easy as people make it out to be. Its hard to let go of some things like that. My father had hypothyroidism but it was caused by the procedure to remove part of his thyroid. Feel free to write if I can do anything to help. take care, Max

  10. Great article Maxwell! This was helpful and inspiring to read. I need to remember to ask for help. Sometimes its hard for me and I want to figure everything out myself. You helped today with knowing I can’t do it all. Even successful people ask for help. Thanks for your wonderful advice. 🙂

    1. Hi chrystal; glad i could help. and i believe successful people get that way by knowing they can’t do it all. there is always this small group of people working in a basement or garage. 🙂 my dad had a saying that a one man band doesn’t play too loudly for too long. sorry i haven’t answered your comment before now. take care, Max

  11. Max, inspirational!!!

    I read this post when it went live, came back today to comment. I have shared it with my husband and i was impressed.

    Impressed not because u r blind and u blog, but because u r blind, u blog and have survived and are kicking a..It would shame many with all 5 senses intact, ur determination, enthusiasm, commitment. It is infectious.

    I am waiting for a major operation in my life. I never knew i would be so excited abt going under the knife, but when uve been in pain for years, getting operated on sounds so exciting. At this point in my life i feel God has a plan in introducing me to people like u. Whatever the message i am open, excited, willing.

    This article is the beginning of something big and i have come across it for a reason. It is such an honor connecting with you max. Such an honor.
    Once i am ready, i want to spend more time in knowing you. Wishing you so much more in life.

    1. Hi Latha; after reading your heart felt comment i felt even worse about not replying to it until now. If I was meant to help you on your journey, then I am honored. I know my gastric surgery couldn’t have been as important as the one you are facing. but there are people who wonder why i went through it when i could have continued losing on my own. my answer is I know who I am. I had tried and failed so many times before that i knew i needed the help in order to lose the weight and keep it off. I have heard of people who are in so much physical pain that after the surgery they refused the pain meds. I’ve heard of others who got their first good nights sleep in a long time. I’ll be praying for a successful outcome. May you get everything you are hoping for from the procedure. and I would be happy to get to know you better whenever you like. by the way what did your husband think? Is he a blogger? thanks again for the kind words and god bless you, max

  12. You taught me a great deal in this post, mostly about perseverance and when to let go. The health advice is right on the money.

    1. Hi diedre; yes it is a hard thing to decide when to keep pushing and when to let go. I’m glad you got something out of the post. and i apologize for not replying sooner. take care, max

  13. Harleena, you have selected the epitome of inspiration with Max.

    Max, you know how much I enjoy your life stories. Heck, when you started you were not this open with life experiences as much as you were with the business experiences. This post had me smiling all the way through. Your authenticity and passion – heard, seen and felt. I’m delighted we’re blogging buds.

    1. Hi Pat; so glad to be your blogging buddy too. 🙂 yes i have come a long way. I’ve always been honest, but i am sharing more and more about my personal life the farther along I get in my blogging career. Harleena says part of my problem is an unwillingness to brag. she says i always want to give other people credit instead of sharing what i’ve done on my own to get where I am. i will admit that the two most personal posts I’ve written or been involved with were both partly the result of working with a great editor who pushed me hard. Harleena for this one and Lorraine for her interview earlier this year. My gastric surgeon asked my permission to be listed as a featured patient. I agree and in my statement I mentioned the weight loss plus how I’m now wanting to help others through coaching and or public speaking. we’ll see what else life has in store. thanks for being one of my good friends who pushed me to do more and say more. I bet you were smiling. Take care, Max

  14. Awesome post! It’s great to see Max’s great words getting around. Really happy to have read this. Such an inspiring story.

    1. Hi Carl; glad to see you here. I had no idea there would be this kind of response to my post. I don’t know if even Harleena did but she was the one who picked the topic and pushed me to get my very best work. Now that more people are learning about me, I’m hoping to get some coaching clients or opportunities to share my story in person. thanks my friend and take care, Max

  15. As I read your post, max, I thought of something I read earlier in the week, by William George Jordan. “The man who is calm has his course in life clearly marked on his charts. His hand is ever on the helm.” Your course is clear to all who read your work.

    1. Hi Sue; so glad to hear from you. It seems like its ben forever. I love that quote. Although none of us are ever that clear in our minds or hearts. I do my best to keep out as much of the clutter as possible. If I am calm, its because people have taught me how. You’r a good friend sue. Take care now, Max

  16. Hi Harleena and Maxwell,

    Give me the Kleenex box, I can’t stop my tears!! I am speechless!! What is there to say after all what has being said.

    Amazing Post!! It’s nice to meet you Max, it’s my first time to meet you and know that you are blind and blogging. I am really inspired by your life story!! I don’t think we should complain about anything after reading this. Very Inspiring!!

    Thanks Max for the inspiration and thanks Harleena for having Max over to teach us a valuable lesson, one that will be hard to forget.

    Have a great day both of you!!!

    Be Blessed,


    1. Hi Neamat; I am touched by your heart felt comment. I have read all of them and each are special to me. When Harleena told me about the opportunity to do a guest post, I told her I would love to but she would have to come up with some suggestions. This was number one on her list. I had no idea the response would b this? For those who know me well, they know I still struggle with the idea of being an inspiration. It will probably always be that way. So to hear that I made you cry is a supreme complement. I just hope I continue to live up to it. thanks again. If i can do anything to help you, just ask. I look forward to getting to know you my new friend. Take care, Max

  17. Hi Max, I’m so glad Harleena interviewed you! That is just plain cool. You are such an inspiration to so many of us. You were never afraid to take the necessary steps toward your goal and that has allowed you to grow and grow you have. The best part is, you’re not afraid to ask for help when you need it, a good lesson for all of us. That is one of my problems. Thank you for showing us the way.

    1. Hi Susan; You are a perfect example. You resisted asking for help until you absolutely had to. and then you were surprised by how many people came forward wanting to help by being regular contributors to your blog or to supply the occasional story. we resist because most of us are taught asking for help is a sign of weakness. I think the idea that you are preventing the other person from the joy of helping or keeping them from learning a lesson by not letting them pitch in was the most important point in here. I hope putting it that way helps a lot of people get passed this issue. I’m having too much fun answering comments. I’m a bit behind on my own work. 🙂 but robin and adrienne both told me not to worry about meeting a self imposed deadline if the post just isn’t coming you can’t force it. well you can but the outcome won’t be good. you’ve been a great friend. Just inviting me to the bloggers helping bloggers group did a world of good for me introducing me to so many wonderful people. great things are ahead for both of us. Take care, Max

  18. It’s great to learn a bit more about Max in this post. The advice to not be afraid to ask for help is such a lesson so many of us eventually learn, and once we do, we often realize how much sooner we could have asked for help in the first place. The blogging community shows again and again just how selfless and giving others can be to those in need.

    1. Hi Jeri; glad to see you here. so glad that i joined the bloggers helping bloggers group and got to learn from so many great people like yourself. the blogging community is very helpful and most of us are just waiting for that opportunity to lend a hand or a kind word. take care, Max

  19. Hi,

    Quite an inspirational post. I have been sharing similar views. I like to keep it simple, and ask of for help when I need one. Sometimes, I ask the wrong person, but it makes me note the fact for the next time. So, I can ask someone else.

    You framed it right, you did got no choice, we all need to think that way. That is the only way we can open doors to happiness.

    Having a dream is a good thing, but if it is a dream for too long, then one should definitely rethink it.

    Small steps towards the dream are positive signals.

    Loved your post. Voted it too. Anyway, I found it on Kingged.

    1. Hi Rohan; I’m glad you liked the post. I’m just now learning about kingged. thanks for voting it up. It amazes me how many people have read this post and found something in it that made sense to them. wishing you all the best, Max

  20. Now this is what I call a real inspiring interview. Since I know Max and have read his blogs I can testify the fact that he is a very good writer.Today I got to learn more about him. Thank you Harleena for making this interview possible.

    1. Hi Tuhin; I’m glad you liked the post. Its especially good to hear from my friends from the bloggers helping bloggers group. A lot of good things happened for me when I started getting out online and meeting other bloggers by reading their posts, leaving comments, and sharing on social media. I definitely worked the 80 20 rule. And i really believe that a lot of people would be better off if they had a blog. It gives you an opportunity to meet so many kind helpful supportive people. Even if you are only blogging for yourself, the community is here and ready to help if you ask. And some of tim will even help without your asking. Thanks so much for being part of my community of online friends, Max

  21. Hi Max, it’s nice to see you getting more play by guest posting. Great that more people get to hear your story and learn from your inspiring post. Obviously you have made a great impression!

    1. Hi Beth; When you say i made an impression, you aren’t kidding. I had no idea so many people would be interested in or effected by my story. But then you have known me for a while, and you are one of the many wonderful bloggers who encouraged me to share more. Thanks for helping by giving me a bit of a push. You are a true friend. Take care, Max

  22. Hey Max, I loved your post. I’m really moved by it and by your story.

    The part about asking for help is really important for so many bloggers to know and understand because no one person can do it alone. That’s why there’s so much communities and so many bloggers are constantly trying to improve their blogger outreach – they can’t do it alone.

    I think people have pride issues as well when it comes to asking for help or even asking about things, but if you want to accomplish what you want to accomplish and you don’t know he answer, ask someone who does – you’ll be surprised when they actually help you.

    Those people (who have sight) and are constantly looking for excuses as to why they’re not successful in their life, their blog or their business, they need to take a step back and read Max’s story.

    I’m really grateful to be blogging and getting to hear great inspirational stories like this one.

    Superb job Max.

    Thanks Harleena for introducing his story to me, and to those of us who didn’t know him previously.

    Both of you have a great week.

    – Andrew

    1. Hello Andrew; Thanks for those kind words. I don’t think that either of us thought this post would have such an impact. Well, maybe Harleena did. I’m still a little in awe of how much my story has touched people. I’m hoping this is a beginning. I think I have a future as a coach or public speaker. I would like to hear your opinion or suggestion about that. Thanks again and take care, Max

      1. Hey Max,

        I really think that would be a great idea. Your story can be used as inspiration for anyone in any profession that they’re in. You may really be onto something there.

        Take care.

        1. Hi Andrew; Thanks for the encouragement. I think I do have something to share that would help people. The next step is to figure out how and what I need to do to get started. I have offered my services as a mentor for free, and I have offered to speak to groups for only my expenses. so, its just a matter of time before someone takes me up on either offer. do you have any ideas as to how I could prepare myself? and i love it when a comment turns into a conversation and a chance meting can begin a friendship. You take care too, Max

  23. very interesting post. i read, i learn t what cant be forgotten easily. its cool

  24. This was very inspiring. I am on the point of tears, which probably sounds weird, but it is because this article is giving me the strength to do something I’ve been putting off. It requires me to be really vulnerable, but I am going to do it. I won’t get into much specifics. It is about asking for help and sharing part of myself with the people in my actual life. It is terrifying for me, but I am going to do it. Thank you so much for this post. : D.

    1. Hi D; I’m glad that the post meant so much to you. I do hope you have found the strength and courage to tai that step. I sent you an email and hope you will keep in touch. I want to hear the story. and remember the fact that you are taking action is as important as the outcome. I’m here for you my new friend, Max

  25. Wow Max, you certainly got people writing. I don’t think I have ever seen a post where the comments are this lengthy. Good for you as always and thanks for sharing your life and your lessons.

    1. Hi tim; You know until you pointed that out, I hadn’t even thought about it. You are right. I don’t think I’ve read a single great post, thanks for sharing, or any of the other one line comments some people leave. And that is something to be thankful for. It shows that what I said and have to say really means something to the readers. thanks my friend. take care out there, Max

  26. Excellent post Max. We all have challenges in life and our attitude and approach to problem solving is so important.

    1. Hi Lisa; thanks for the comment. Its nice when you get confirmation that a method you use or encourage others to use is the right one. I do believe that attitude a positive one that is is critical to making real progress. take care, Max

  27. Great to see you here Max! These are great lessons and so inspiring to so many. The whole idea of baby steps is so important…and the thing people forget most, I think. Well done:)

    1. Hi Jacqueline; so great to see another of my blogging friends coming to support me. Yes, people forget how often in their childhood or young adulthood that they had to build up to big accomplishments. we have to relearn this lesson as adults for some reason. so glad to have met you. take care my friend, Max

  28. Hi Max,
    So nice to see you on Harleena’s blog. Hi Harleena 🙂
    I know you are proud of the lessons your Dad taught you, and he did so very well.
    These are all great life lessons, giving you much more vision than people who never learn or apply them.

    Kindest Regards,

    1. Hi Bill; thanks for those kind words. You are right it doesn’t mean anything to know how if you never take action. Most of what I shared has been said before by more famous and more influential people than me but the are still so many people who never get past reading the book. Heck some buy the book and never read it, and still more never even go to the library or book store. it only takes the smallest of steps to make a big dream come true. thanks for being part of my story, max

  29. I just want to chime in and say that this is surely a great article that is inspiration to me. I think I am the one who has been blind when it comes to having a successful blog, or business of any kind for that matter.
    I appreciate your straight up wisdom an honesty, along with your ability to express your ideas.
    Thank You

    1. Hello Mike; thanks for the compliment. I have always been a good writer thanks to some good teachers in junior high and high school. I’m glad you found some wisdom in the post. we are all continuing to learn our craft and become better bloggers. If there is anything I can do to help you along the path, just ask. that goes for anyone else here. I’m available for coaching or public speaking and for now I’m offering this for free or in the case of a talk just my expenses. feel free to call or email me. thanks and good luck, max

  30. Max — you have such an authentic voice when you write and you write from the heart, that’s obvious. You advise taking baby steps, I use the term “chunks” and don’t try to do everything at once because it becomes too overwhelming. Just do one chunk at a time. All we can do is our best. Sometimes our best won’t be good enough. There may be people out there with more skills at what we’re doing but that doesn’t make them better than us. Maybe we need to work a little harder to improve. Or, maybe, as you said, we have to change our dream. There are other mountains to climb. I admire your stamina, your determination and your big heart. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Jeannette; so happy to see you here too. its great having all my blogging friends stop by and be part of this happy occasion. I told harleena its been like a coming out party and she is the hostess. 🙂 you are one of many who have encouraged me along the way. so, I’m glad that I can inspire you in turn. whatever you call them the goal is to keep from bing overwhelmed to the point of inaction. funny you should mention mountains. one of the first motivational books I read was by eric weihhemayer the blind climber. It was his second book called the adversity advantage. And I love what you said about my writing voice. thanks again my friend. take care, Max

  31. Max- What a wonderful article. I guess I have looked at life when you are thrown lemons make lemonade. I have gone through many hardships of health in my life and my daughter’s and I do believe that it has given me the strengths of the person I am today. Life is a journey and there will always be bumps in road, but while we are here no matter what your situation is enjoy the ride. I like this point the best. So, the lesson here is to regularly take stock of where you are and where you are going.

    1. Hi arleen; I’m glad you found something useful in the post. the other day someone told me making lemons out of lemon aid is good but making lemon pie would be even better. 🙂 and yes we have to continue to evaluate. just today I had a spirited conversation with some great friends who didn’t think I should have written a post from the viewpoint of a blind blogger or called the new site the blind blogger. they said max you are so talented you don’t need that. I told them that so many people have referred to me that way that it just seemed natural and I don’t really think about it much. I am happy I can inspire others and plan to continue helping people through my blog posts coaching or mentoring and public speaking. looking forward to more opportunities. thanks for the comment and take care, Max

  32. MAx, i was very inspired about your interview. We may not think of ourselves as spiritual, but we are all on a journey here, learning lessons and since s many of us have the same lessons to learn, our lessons can’t help but inspire others. I hope you take that into your heart that you do inspire people! Keep it up!

    1. Hi Jodi; thanks for your encouragement. I understand that i inspire people. I just sometimes wonder about why. Its a classic case of people seeing something in you you can’t see yourself. Glad i could inspire you. I’m looking forward to hearing about your journey. take care, Max

  33. Hello Harleena,

    I’ve heard of Maxwell Ivy before…unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) I had no idea that he was blind. Reading his thoughts here reminds me of Helen Keller – and it is easy to see that they both have something in common: a strong resilient spirit that refuses to die despite anything thrown at it!

    Ivy is sure an inspiration. When you read people like him, you cannot help but be motivated – especially you who are whole, strong and in excellent health.

    I wish you the best Ivy. Harleena, make the day great.


    1. Hello; Thanks so much for those kind words. I agree that hellen keller and i both have strong spirits. of course she livd in much different times. I’m glad that my words are able to motivate and inspire people. I use to try to argue about this, but now I am just grateful and say thanks with a smile. I’d love to hear from some people on here about specific action taken after reading the post. And I think its fortunate that you got to know me without knowing if I could see or not. That means you liked me before you knew i was blind and respect me now that you do know. thanks so much and take care, Max

  34. Hey Harleena and Maxwell,

    You rocked Harleena.;)
    How did you come to know about Maxwell? He is such an amazing guy who has proved that if a person have devotion for his/her work then nothing is impossible.

    Maxwell is the inspiration for all of us.

    We are not physically challenged and Maxwell has set up a new example for all the people who think that God should mercy to the people who are not physically perfect but Maxwell has proved them wrong.

    Thanks to his friend who gave words to his thoughts.
    Thanks to you Harleena for making us aware about this wonderful man.:)

    Hope you both are having great weekend.:)


    1. Hi Ravi; its good to meet you. You are right when we can follow our passion and find a way to sustain and fulfill ourselves through it; then many other things are insignificant. I can’t spell his name but neitzchie said if a man has a big enough why he can manage any how. 🙂 I’m glad that I can inspire you and so many others. It makes me feel a bit embarrassed that I didn’t start doing this sooner. However, I know that until now it was not the right time. I had to be ready to take on this new path. thanks to you and all my other great blogging friends who have encouraged me to the point where I can take this step. thanks so much my new friend. take care, Max

  35. Hi Maxwell,
    I am so happy to visit on this site.I enjoyed a lot while i use to read this informative blog.I am always searching for such type of articles.I am so glad and i have no words to say you except thanks a lot.

    1. hi daniel; thanks for your kind words. I will do my best to live up to the standards of this post. although harleena did get my best work out of me. maybe I need to hire a regular editor after all. thanks again, max

      1. Max, I have been trying to tell you that for some time now! 😉 Don’t you remember how I improved your post the last time I edited it for you?

        1. there is no doubt that the posts you have edited are better. People notice when you do, and sometimes they ask me; so I end up having to say yes this one was edited by lorraine. 🙂 i would love to hire you for every post. You perform a great service, and the rates are very reasonable. Just one of the many things I’d love to do should more money start to become available. take care my friend lorraine. xoxo max

          1. Max, you are so kind. That’s one of the reason’s you’re so popular and well-known!
            I appreciate the lip service, too. I’m not as well-known as you are, and so I appreciate the mentions and referrals… very much!

            In time, the money will come. Try putting into action the plan we discussed. In fact, devote an entire post to it, and see what happens. Then, in future posts, you can link to that post each time you remind readers to help. Trust me, it’ll work.

            Then we can plan a bunch of really great posts! 😀

            1. Hi Lorraine; well, you should know i don’t say anything that I don’t believe. there is a noticeable difference between my posts and the posts you have edited. yes, the money will come and your suggestion was very good. and if you get some work out of my endorsement then i would be very happy with that. we’ll work together more I’m sure. and i wouldn’t be known if people like adrienne ashley carli and others hadn’t helped tell people about me. take care sweetie, Max

  36. The law of nature is unpredictable to human. Life is unpredictable many at time and hardly can human compromise what the laws of nature have in stock for human. A blind blogger is a great inspirational personnel I could have ever met on the internet. I knew so many people who died with their talent simply because their have certain impairment but this calls for motivation. This is a great lesson for people like me and most bloggers who think they have gotten to the ceiling for not making both ends meet in bogosphere under a certain period of time, if people like Max can do it, then we should all learn from him. I’m inspired!!!

    1. Hello; thanks for your kind words. for me another thing that is helpful is separating personal success from financial success. I like to tell people that I am a success whose bank account just hasn’t caught up to him yet. think about all the jobs you do to keep your blog or website running. how many of these are things you learned since starting your blog? how many of these will help you in the future whether you continue blogging, return to regular employment, or use a combination of the two? how did you feel when you figured out how to do something? how does it make you feel when you can teach some of these things to another new blogger? there is a lot of good with or without the income. now most of us are doing this in hopes of making a living, quitting our current job, or improving our standard of living by generating extra income. I get that. I have made some sales of amusement equipment that help with this. but i never forget that i am a success either way. i hope I have inspired you. please email me and let me know what changes you make or steps you take and how they effect your life. best of luck to you on your path, Max

  37. Thank for this post, Maxwell.

    So much of what you said really resonates for me. We’re always changing and striving in life,hopefully toward something better. Especially the part about not spending time with people who bring you down. I have let go of many for that very reason. I’ve also had some family issues along those lines and had to step away for a while. I’m rebuilding those relations now with better boundaries. We only have one go around here, so why not make it as great as possible? Thanks for the inspiration! I will be visiting your site 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa; You are so right we only have the one time so why live life in pain or why hold ourselves back from the blessings that are available if we will just step out and go after it. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my blog. I am a bit behind on this week’s post due to reading and replying to all these incredible comments. Its hard to step away. every time i get one of those email alerts i can’t wait to go see what the next person had to say. send me a link to your latest post and I’ll be sure to read it. thanks and take care, Max

  38. Hi Maxwell, you are an amazing inspiration!

    Asking for help has always been hard for me and it’s amazing how you have and what it has done for you. I sure understand the healthy part Maxwell – without our health we have nothing, we can’t work, have fun or do the things we want and need to do. I’ve learned too to pull back from negative people around us – it can really stress us and drag down our health too at times. Thank you Maxwell for all of your awesome advice and thanks to Harleena for having this inspiring post on you.

    1. Hi Lisa; thanks for your comment. it seems asking for help is one of the most replied to sections. when we think of it the right way its not weakness or helplessness but its allowing others to be a part of your journey. and most people really do get a good feeling when they help others. and i’m glad i can inspire people. hope you will be following along with my journey. take care, max

  39. Hi Max,

    Great job my friend.

    I know it is a bit of a revelation to you that you are inspiring, but I think now you understand it a bit more. But you are right with one thing, and that is that we all have the power to change and grow and that it is up to us to take the steps, even baby ones. Most people just keep on the same path, whether they are miserable or not. Change can be a very hard thing.

    But you do inspire Max. And amaze. When you migrated your blogger blog to wordpress recently almost 100% on your own, I nearly fell off my chair! you are a star.

    take care

    1. Hi Ashley; I’m not sure which is better the comments from all the people who just met me or seeing all my friends who helped me along the way showing up to enjoy this with me. and i was able to take that risk of moving the new blog because I knew you were out there and could bail me out if i needed you too. Its knowing I had someone I could depend on that allowed me to do it. and you know i don’t trust easily when it comes to my websites. And i should mention that ashley was also in the group who saw something special and wanted to share it on his podcast. And ashley after this post I can’t help but get it. some of these comments still haven’t completely sunk in. so yes I inspire just by doing just by being who i am in this big wide world. now i need to use that to help others as much as i can. and maybe a second career is coming as a coach or public speaker. I’m taking clients and reservations. 🙂 thanks so much Ashley. You’ve been a great friend, Max

  40. Hi Max and Harleena!

    You both did a fabulous job with this post. 🙂

    Everyone here said so many nice things, and it was great to get a more in-depth view of your perspective, Max. It’s tough being positive all the time, but when you have so many different people helping you along, and you show your appreciation for them, they will always be there for you. The blogging community is a great one, and more and more people are joining it all the time. I am sure you are going to be just fine, Max, doing anything you set your mind to. Look at how far you’ve come already! 🙂 I’m so proud of you, Max!

    And Harleena, you did a fantastic job getting Max to open up even more! 🙂

    1. Hi Lorraine; great to see yet another of my awesome blogging friends here to support me on this post. yes harleena did a great job. and that made me think of something. I have been fortunate enough to have posts on other people’s sites four times now. I don’t really think of them as guest posts because they were all a collaborative effort between me and the site owner. Lorraine is right harleena deserves a lot of credit for this post being as good as it is. the words are all mine, but she had to push me to say them. so I’m thinking maybe people look at guest posting the wrong way. Maybe instead of submitting a post idea and then sending in a completed document the author and site owner should have a conversation and work together. I know most people won’t have the time for this, and many wouldn’t do it if they did; but I’m thinking it feels right. Lorraine me and you have both come a long way and both of us have more great things in our future. i just know you are going to be a famous author someday soon. thanks for being part of my story and take care, Max

  41. Way to go, Maxie!

    I still remember the first day we met online, the last day of February 2012, I remember telling you then you should share your message about being a blogger and businessman and doing it all blind! It never stops blowing me away. You are an inspiration, and #noexcuses for the rest of us – if you can do it, so can we.

    And, that picture of you here is GORGEOUS, you are GORGEOUS! WOW what a transformation.

    I am so glad Harleena shared her awesome space with you – so you could dazzle us all with your beautiful message of healing and resilience.

    Way to go, and I am so happy for you.

    Hugs and love,

    1. Hi sweet robin; so its ben about two and a half years that I’ve known you. And it is an aha moment isn’t it? i mean you knew this was in me a long time ago. Bet you had a big smile reading this post? I have been blown away by the comments. I told another friend earlier today not to worry I’ll still be humble and lovable. 🙂 I am looking forward to sharing a little bit about this in my next comment on your abundance series. I mean if anyone is living the abundance mentality its me. This isn’t the thing I was hoping for, but it is starting to look like i just wasn’t hoping big enough. I’m getting a blessing and happy that I didn’t refuse it outright just because it wasn’t the one I thought i wanted. so, next up got to get my first coaching client and find an audience for that first talk. thanks so much my friend for being there, for encouraging me, for knowing i had more inside me if i’d just let it out. you rock! xoxo max

  42. Hi Harleena and Max!

    So happy to see this post!

    I was honored to have Max stop over at my blog last week, and we had a delightful conversation, so I’ve had the privilege of being introduced and also inspired by him. Amazing man with an awesome story to share!

    Now, I’m diggin’ into his content…

    – First off, LOVE your self-perspective! “I just saw myself as someone who was trying to build a business and support his family, who also happened to be blind.” <— Pure gold right there! 🙂

    Wow, I have two brothers who use CPAP due to sleep apnea, and my husband should probably have a sleep study due to how he sounds like freight train when he sleeps!

    Getting healthy is a GREAT first life lesson, Max, and is SO very relevant to having an online business. *lovin’ this so far…*

    I couldn't agree more that your physical, mental and spiritual health are critical to success! 🙂

    Really like your lesson about ‘taking stock’ for if we don’t take a realistic view to see where we are, we’re a runaway train on a downhill track.

    Yeah, asking for help is very tough sometimes.

    WOW – “Maybe I did not have a choice. More importantly, I didn’t believe I had a choice which is the same thing.” Oh. My. Word. Ain’t that the truth~! It IS the same thing…

    Max, true words of wisdom when you said that folks get mired down because they get overwhelmed about the skills they will need to develop in order to do this down the road… Accepting the fact that I can’t do everything and that I should concentrate on and put energy towards what I can accomplish is GOLD!

    Small steps every hour – yep…That’s an awesome thought, to keep moving forward no matter what is also a huge life lesson that will result in growth and maturity.

    It’s great that you’re keeping yourself open to new opportunities, Max and look forward to hearing about your public speaking journey should you decide to definitely take the plunge. I think you’d be a motivational speaker!

    Mindset is essentially the foundation of our business….And being positive is something I’m continually learning and striving for.

    Live. Learn. Get Better. Love it!

    Thanks so much for sharing your life lessons, Max, they really resonated with me, and I will be sharing this with everyone I know.

    Looking forward to keeping up with what you’re doing on your site as well.

    Talk soon,
    – Carol 🙂

    1. Hi Carol; so glad to run into you again here. I tell you I’m seeing things in my post that i didn’t really understand how good they were until people started commenting about them. This is what happens when you don’t over sensor yourself or be too critical on yourself. and of course it helps to have an amazing editor who will push you for your best work. I do believe that where i am today is a direct result of addressing my physical health or lack of it. I would strongly suggest that you urge your husband to get a sleep study. it could be robbing him of energy and passion as well as putting his health in serious danger. I’m surprised he hasn’t come around on his own given that he has two relatives who also use a cpap. You do have to occasionally take that good long hard look at things. of course, this is a bit harder when you are part of a family or a business. But the bottom line is still what would be the best for you given everything that you know at this time. And we agree on the importance of mindset. I find some people listen more closely if i don’t use that particular word though. 🙂 I didn’t start out to motivate or inspire others. I have accepted that I do this just by being, but that I should and can take it further as there are a lot of people who need inspiration. and I am seeking speaking opportunities. I haven’t added the page to my site, but the current plan is to start out offering myself for free plus the cost of getting me from here to there. once I get some experience and develop my skills then we can set a price for it. so just like with a musical act people should get me while they can. 🙂 thanks so much for this awesome comment. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you, Max

  43. Hi Maxwell,

    After reading your views here I am speechless but I must admire you, salute you and second your every point you mentioned here in this post.
    It means Hellen Keller was not a person. She was a symbol of rejecting all types of hurdles to move forward may what come.

    If we believe in nature so how come nature be cruel to a few and kind enough to a huge majority. There must be an eternal benefit in depriving somebody of any of the physical, mental or visual ability.

    My dear friend Maxwell your blindness is your real power. This is the booster which made you courageous, strong, consistent and worth-following.
    Me and many many others got huge inspiration from your every word here and your entire struggle. So you are a motivator for those who don’t have any lacking but they keep searching any excuse to cover their not doing something big.

    I am so thankful to Harleena she got you to meet us and did a great job making us learn from you. Thanks a lot again.

    1. Hello; I’m glad what I said spoke to you and so many others. I have accepted that i am an inspiration, now accepting that my name should be mentioned with hellen keller and gandi that’s going to take a lot of getting used to. 🙂 but we all know I’m up to it. and what you are saying is that its my blindness that made me strong contributed to the person i am today. If i could have seen then I would certainly have taken a different path in life. so losing my vision could have been god’s way of saying i have something better in store for you. your point reminds me of something i once said in college as a joke. one of my readers asked why do you think god makes some people blind or gives them other disabilities. in a moment of brashness I responded because he has to give the rest of you a handicap. You know like in golf or bowling when lesser players get strokes or pins to give them a way of competing with stronger competitors? I said i was in college. some days i think i’m smarter than that and other days i think it might be a critical truth. I look forward to getting to know you and sharing this journey with you. take care friend, Max

  44. This is called true inspiration and yes, this article is enough to motivate any one for sure. Although, i was not familiar with this popular name “Maxwell Ivy” but after reading this amazing article I became fan of his great thought and spirit.

    “Never Quit – Keep Moving Forward” delivers all the important messages for the people who think to give up just after facing few difficulties. “Take Baby Steps to Success” and “Be positive” are also giving us a true lesson.

    Thanks madam for sharing this valuable post with us. I found this article on

    1. Hi amid; thanks for your comments. I am still getting used to being an inspiration. guess I will have to start getting used to being called a popular blogger too? 🙂 thankful to harleena for pushing me to give such a personal post. good luck to you, Max

  45. with a burning desire anyone can do anything in life,that was proved many times.your post is also one of those. many people even though they have all the facilities in life they wont do any great things but the people with some challenges in life will do miracles.every one should get motivated by reading this,keep posting posts like this.thank you for your post..

    1. hi harish; you made a great point there. it does seem that the ones with the most gifts produce the least. will continue to work to deliver posts that inspire. thanks again, max

  46. I have never heard of Maxwell Ivy until I have read this inspirational article! He may be blind but he is an inspiration to both the “normal” people and the physical/mentally challenged people!

    His life lessons under the following subheaders health is important, ask for help, take baby steps to success, never quit – keep moving forward, and be positive – are inspirational!

    His advices are well noted, and I am beginning to feel that I have not been doing enough to achieve success as a blogger.

    Thanks for sharing this post Harleena. Surely, I will support Maxwell in the best way I can!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for online marketers and bloggers.

    1. Hi sunday; thanks for this thoughtful comment. its interesting that you say after reading my post you feel like you should be doing more. so i have motivated you too? i’m not familiar with kingged. it appears to be a social media site. and did harleena share the post there or did someone else? could you send me the link on there so i could help promote it too. thanks and take care, max

        1. hi sunday; that was pretty quick for you too. i checked out the link and joined the service. Harleena told me that i probably didn’t share enough on social media. 🙂 I need to do the email verification thing and then i will comment and king her post. i am on biz sugar and tribber at least. and I’ve been sending out emails to friends who have been following my progress and who i think will see this as an aha moment play on words intended. thanks to you sunday and to harleena for giving me this amazing opportunity. take care, max

  47. Truly inspirational!

    My favorite life lesson is learning to ask for help. Some of us have been taught to be independent and to depend on oneself. Some of us may have heard the following growing up, “The only you can depend upon is yourself.” These and other memes can hold you back in life. It may be time to kick old memes, beliefs and habits to the curb and develop new ones. 🙂 This way you can be free of the old and bring in the new.

    1. Hi Amandah; thanks for your kind words. yes too many have been taught that you can’t depend on others so don’t ask for help. its time to ask ourselves what other lessons we have been taught that are limiting us. best of luck, max

  48. Hi Maxwell sir and Hello Harleena maam,
    This post is a tremendous source of energy, positive vibes and believe me it will bring the spirits of any loner to the upfront.

    No one has come to this earth to life a life of sympathy and all have to work towards making their lives meaningful. As someone said “If you are born poor its not your fault but if you die poor its your fault”. But in your case having a challenge visually you rocked your destiny and congratulations on that. This only shows how the almighty had faith in you more than others that you will not only live a meaningful live but act as a lighthouse to those ships whose souls are sinking or about to sink in the sea of doubts.
    As for me I am proud I came in contact with you and owe all thanks to Harleena madam.

    Maam your blog seems pretty awesome and is much more stable than previously. Great job Done !

    1. Hi Swadhin sir; thanks for your beautiful comment. I took a while to come around to his plans for me. and i should thank robin hallett an intuitive healer who knew all along that i wasn’t dreaming big enough or looking outside of fields i was used to. i’m sure she has a big smile seeing me finally embrace this roll. let me know if i can do anything to help with your journey, max

      1. Hello Maxwell sir, can I politely request you not to call me sir, I am a teenager and much smaller than you. Thank you for your helping suggestion I would definitely want to learn many things from you and will contact you soon. 🙂

        1. hello swadhin; i’m glad you got something useful out of my post. I do apologize for not replying to this sooner and for calling you sir. I have a good friend whose name is ashley faults. I called him her for a month before he corrected me. it turns out you make mistakes like this when you can’t see the other person’s profile photo or gravitar. 🙂 I’ll try to remember. take care, Max

  49. Hi Maxwell,

    So nice to see you here at Harleena and what a fantastic idea on your part Harleena to take have taken Max’s example to encourage us all here.

    The first time I’ve found out that you were blind is when you mentioned it to me at one point. But I had no idea whatsoever because I couldn’t begin to understand how you were able to read blog posts and able to maintain a blog yourself. I was really impressed.

    As you’re saying, some people who have no handicap whatsoever at times find many excuses not to move forward and do something to change their lives. And for those, my dear, you’re an excellent example that it can be done no matter what. It’s just all about how much you want it.

    I’m sorry I haven’t been to your blog in a while, it’s just that I been bad with my blog commenting lately, but will try to get back on track.

    Thanks for this excellent post full of wonderful tips to move forward for all of us.

    1. Hi Sylviane; So glad to see you here. This post is as good as or better than anything I’ve written on my own blog. Isn’t that the way it usually is. and harleena deserves a lot of the credit for pushing me to get it all out there. so if you only have a little time I’m glad you chose to read and comment on this one. we all need to support harleena with the launch of the community section and her return to active blogging. and my friend robin hallett taught me a good lesson. she said in an email max true friends don’t ever have to apologize. she said we all do it, but its not necessary. and she is right because I know that if you aren’t stopping by there is a good reason for it. let me know if I can do anything to help. take care my friend. xoxo max

  50. That was nice, and a great introduction to Max. I also use a CPAP (actually a BiPAP) and it’s helped me to a degree as well. I’m always on my road to discovery and motivation and trying to take people along for the journey. I’ve set a big audacious hairy goal for myself and even if I never reach it the process will be illuminating. I’m glad there are people like Max sharing his story (hi Max!) so that others realize they can do it also. Love this!

    1. hi mitch; great to meet you too. I was up to a bipap before having the surgery and losing the weight. I went back to a cpap set at 18 and then had another sleep study later to where now i’m at an 11. my doctor says that my windpipe is so narrow that i will always have to have the machine. he also says that i probably had sleep apnea going back to my teenage years and that he wonders how much different my life would have ben if they had diagnosed the apnea back then. best of luck with your big crazy dream. let me know if I can help, max

  51. max you r just awesome … its gives immense support to read stories of people like u… who’s determination and life experience can actually change Ur prospect of life… thanks for sharing…

    1. Hi Shalini; thanks for that awesome comment. I’m enjoying reading and replying to everyone. I’m hoping to make some new friends and find more blogs to follow and comment on. looking forward to hearing more about you, max

  52. Gandhi probably didn’t think he was an inspiration either, yet he inspired and changed many people’s lives. Thank you very much, Max. Your stories truly touched my heart. I have been struggling with visualizing my own goals lately, and it’s nice to know I’m not alone. All it takes is reaching out for help, as you said. Happy travels to you. — Allison

    1. Hi Allison; If I helped in some small way, then I’m very happy for you to call me inspiring. Let me know if you would like someone to discuss these issues with. I look forward to your sharing some good news with the group soon, max

  53. HI Yvonne; Thanks for your kind words. I still have a little trouble seeing myself as an inspiration, but I’m smart enough not to deny that people seem to be encouraged motivated and inspired after reading my posts and getting to know me. If all I do is remove their excuses, then I’ve done something really special. I’m looking forward to getting to know you. come on over to the forum and the community and say hi. and god bless you too, Max

  54. Hi Maxwell,

    I am so pleased to read your success story and very thankful to Harleena for having introduced you at her blog.Your story takes me down the memory lane into my childhood. We had a section of few students who were visually impaired and as a child I was always curious to know more about them, how they could read and study, I was fascinated by the special books they had and always spoke to them, trying to understand them. Their presence around them inspired us to learn a few values, which I cherish even now.

    I am so moved by the lessons of life that you have shared here. A person who has struggled to reach this level of success and that too from a scratch – becomes an epitome of inspiration. We often forget our blessings and keep asking God why he is so unfair but the life of persons like you is in itself is a big lesson for those who feel dejected at small failures.

    Thank you for sharing the story of your is truly enriching.
    Thanks to Harleena too for inviting you to write this guest post. Have a nice week.

    1. Hi Balroop; thanks for this wonderful comment. I think it is very impressive that you learned such valuable lessons from these kids at such an early age. tom sullivan the blind musician writer and actor says that the three most important words ever spoken to him were by two neighbor kids who knocked on his door and said want to play? thanks so much for sharing your story. hoping we both continue to grow and learn together, Max

  55. Hi Maxwell, you are truly an inspiration to the world! Great post and so many lessons to be learned by what you’ve shared. Thanks for blessing us with your wisdom and grace of courage.
    God bless you!

    1. hi yvonne; I thought I replied to your comment, but I don’t find it here; so let me apologize for your not getting it. I appreciate your kind words. I just do my best every day. I wish you blessings too, max

  56. Hi Max,

    It’s good to see you at Harleena’s blog. Wow…you are an amazing man! I, myself, is one of your admirer who admires you for not giving up. Being blind is not an excuse I guess. You have done more than anybody who has two sets of eyes that can see!

    So you are a true inspiration to a lot of people specially to the disable ones. Even the ones who are not disable, I think these people should be ashame of themselves by complaining what life to give when they have two hands, two feet, healthy body, and a head.

    Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I am just wondering how you blog since I have NO IDEA how a blind person can blog. I guess that’s what “text microphone” is all about right? Anyhoo, hope you have a blessed weekend.


    1. Hi Angela; Thanks for your warm supportive thoughts. I actually type my posts. I have a mac laptop that runs their screen reading software called voiceover. I edit the documents with text editor and then I copy them into a application called mars edit. It keeps me from having to navigate the word press dash board. I can get around wp, but using a third party app is easier and quicker. I do have blind friends who use dragon dictate or the dictation software on their iPhone or android phone, but I’ve been typing for so long speaking my documents just doesn’t feel right. I am thinking about getting an iPhone because it lets you dictate text messages and operate a lot of other things by voice command. It will probably be my christmas present this year. 🙂 thanks for the comment. I’m glad I can inspire you and look forward to hearing some of your story, Max

      1. Max, I have an iPhone and sometime I used the “voice text” message to my husband and daughter when I’m driving a car or just cannot type. I love the voice text. However, they still need to develop this. Coz when I dictate “Mystique” name, iPhone spell it as “mistake”. When my husband say “see it”, iphone will spell it like “shit”. You know…it’s makes me LAUGH but the voice text still needs developing.

        1. Hi angela; thanks for the laugh; I have noticed a couple of these on my laptop. yesterday i sent a tweet to jeri a blogger you probably know and my tweet said jerk instead. at least he wasn’t mad about it. and this new site kingged my email program keeps wanting to put kinked in there instead. and i think ellen does a weekly segment about texts and emails troubled by auto correct. thing is if you ever tried to read one of my tweets you would know even seri would be an improvement. 🙂 I can send a good text if i go really slow and let my phone say each letter before i enter the next one. but a text shouldn’t take five minutes. glad to see you back out here again. I loved our talk on google plus and am looking forward to future talks now that we have exchanged emails. take care my friend. xoxo max

  57. Hi Harleena,

    I’m so glad you interviewed Max!

    Max is an inspiration to us all. He knows how to take baby steps toward his growth. And when he needs help, he will ask for it. That is my biggest problem. I have this aversion for asking people for help. But Max has inspired me to push away my foolish pride, or whatever it is, and get out there and ask.

    Thanks Max, you have taught me a valuable lesson today.


    1. Hi Donna; I believe its pride, and I have suffered from it too. I’m glad I could help you unlock this issue so you can make that big leap forward. So, what is it you need help with? Is it something I might be able to assist with? If not, maybe someone else in our community can. I can’t wait to hear about your success, Max

  58. Hello Harleena,

    Thank you so much for sharing Max’s life journey on your blog. Sometime I distract from the way to achieve my goal. max’s inspirational life journey has taught me how to achieve my goal.

    1. Hi Moumita; I’m glad I could inspire you to achieve your goals. So what step have you taken or decided to take to move forward? Is there anything I can do directly to help with that? best of luck to you, Max

  59. Hello Max and welcome to Harleena’s blog 🙂

    I’d say that this is extra ordinary. I never thought a blind can actually blog. But here i am stunned 😀

    This post really did inspire me. I’ll be heading over to his blog and see how awesome he is.
    Thank you Harleena for introducing such a rare talent to us.

    Have a blessed week both of you…

    1. Hello; I’m glad that I could inspire you, but the key here is having your message heard. There are quite a few blind bloggers out there. I just happen to be called the blind blogger because I have joined groups for bloggers read other people’s posts, left comments, shared articles, emailed site owners, etc. I did what you have to do to create relationships. I’m proud of what I have accomplished, but there are a lot more fine people out there working hard every day to share their journey, tell a story, entertain their visitors. sadly many of them don’t get the recognition they deserve. Of course, I can say the same thing about many sighted bloggers. so, I hope its okay with Harleena for me to include a link to a friend’s site. its called blind people all around the world. I would love it for you to visit my site, but I would consider it a personal favor if you would check out some of the others. thanks and take care now, Max

  60. Hey Harleena and Max,

    Wow! What an inspiration. When you think about all the excuses most of us make, all the reasons we give for why we “cannot do” something, stories like Max’s really put it into perspective.

    If he can blog, while blind, I can surely (fill in the blank).

    Thank you, Harleena, for introducing me to Max here today. And Max, keep up the great work.

    Hope you both have wonderful days!

    1. Hi Kevin; I’m so glad to meet you. I went to see a new doctor this morning. You know how it is with the insurance people. well, when I told him about my weight loss, he said the same thing you did about blogging. he said if you can lose over 250 pounds then what excuse does the rest of the world have. Yes, I had surgery but that was only part of it. and the blogging is the same way you just have to do what you can each day. I look forward to getting to know you and reading some of your post. Take care my new friend, Max

      1. Pleasure meeting you, too, Max!

        It’s awesome all the comments you are receiving for this post. You’ve almost reached 100! 🙂

        Looking forward to getting to know you more, too, Max. Take care and have a wonderful day!

        1. Hi Kevin; Its been kind of wild. I’ve never been associated with any post or podcast to receive this kind of response. It just goes to show you can have great content, but no one will read it unless it is properly promoted. In this case I am benefiting from harlena’s audience plus our combined efforts at sharing and publicizing the post. Plus so many of my wonderful blogging friends have come by too. and this got started because I was the most active member of harlena’s new community. I hope you will join and send me a friend request. I think this network could be special because it will be made up of mostly people who know each other at least a little, and it will include people who all have similar goals. feel free to subscribe me to your blog as i am more likely to read posts and interact if i get email alerts. thanks and take care, Max

  61. Hi Harleena,

    Posts like these make me do what I do. I’ve connected with Maxwell a few times on twitter and was immediately inspired by his life, his determination, his grit and his passion. You see, we who have the gift of sight, and perfect health, learn all we need to know from Maxwell. He is inspiration, pure inspiration.

    We see our mental blocks, and know they dissolve the moment we do uncomfy but freeing stuff. For me, that was asking for help……a bunch….as is one of Maxwell’s key points. I was too proud, or simply wanted to give me a pat on the back after getting stuff done, but only began to really get this blogging from paradise bit going by getting unreal amounts of help from guys like my close friend Phil Dews.

    PD and so many others, including yourself Harleena, inspired me to rock out this online blogging gig, and add Maxwell to that list after today’s post.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us guys.


    Tweeting in a bit.


    1. Hi Ryan; I keep saying that if more people knew how friendly and helpful the people in the blogosphere are everyone would have a blog. 🙂 I didn’t start making real progress with the midway marketplace until I started asking for help. And the new site wouldn’t be off to anywhere near as good a start without the friends I’ve made and relationships I’ve built up over the last couple of years. Shoot, it was friends like harleena who finally convinced me that i was an inspiration and had something to share. And there were many more who persuaded me that not only did i have a message but that there would be lots of people who would want to and even need to hear it. I’m blessed by being included on aha now. and its an honor hearing all the wonderful comments. I thought we had exchanged some tweets but wasn’t sure. Looking forward to chatting again soon, Max

  62. Hello Max,

    Welcome to Harleena’s blog. I can see why you are an inspiration to her and others.

    I admire that in the midst of your struggles you were able to find your strengths and discover what you really wanted to do next.

    Asking for help, that’s one of my issues. Not because I’m stubborn but because one, I want to try and learn myself and two I hate to put someone out like that.

    But the way you said I would be depriving them of the opportunity to be a part of something special…that is so true. My Pastor says not letting others help it’s like blocking their blessings. They want to help but we won’t let them. And I love how you said the best way to thank them is to use the information we get…well said!

    I truly believe in taking baby steps and about never giving up. And now that my kids are going into adulthood I tell them this even more because they are so in a hurry to do something.

    It was such an honor to meet you Max. Yes sir, you are definitely an inspiration. Thank you for your wonderful advice! Much blessings to you and your family!


    1. Hi Cori; Thanks for your warm comment. It sounds like me and your paster have been trying to give you the same message. I’d be curious to know his name. does his church have a website? Now, that you have a consensus are you going to do it? do you have a person in mind or know what you will ask them. don’t forget prayer is a way of asking. and comments can be too. I won’t mention her name because I didn’t think to ask her permission. but last week i read a post about creating products of your own to sell on your site. You know like online courses or ebooks. I wrote that the post made sense and was good advice but i would have liked to have heard more about how you come up with ideas for a product in the first place. Just this morning the lady wrote to offer to help me develop my own products for the new site, and she wants to do it pro bono. I know that means free. 🙂 So, once I am caught up on all your wonderful comments I will be emailing her a definite yes. I look forward to hearing your progress. take care my new friend. blessings to you and your family too, Max

  63. It’s awesome. Being blind, Maxwell did his well. I like the point “Take Baby Steps to Success”. He inspired me lot. Mam, thanks for sharing the experience of Maxwell in your blog. Keep going.

    1. Hi Raaja; Its Max here. Thanks so much for that. I was hoping that this post would help someone take action. I’d love to hear more about how it helped you and what step you took or are taking today? I can’t wait to hear about it. Warm regards, Max

  64. Hi Max.

    Wow I love your post buddy! I will be honest with you! I never new there would be a blind (well to be politically correct, Visually Impaired) blogger making waves in the blogoshphere at all! the thought never really crossed my mind!

    It goes to show that no matter what disadvantage we all have we can overcome them! Over the next few weeks I will be working very closely with a lot of blind folk here in Birmingham as I have just been given the go ahead to rebuild the website for the national federation for the blind here in the UK.

    One of my friends Mike used to be a top police officer and was one of the main ones at the Birmingham Pub Bombings in 1974 actually he was one of the first on scene after driving the truck there that fateful evening. He started going blind seven years ago but is now probably even busier being on lots of committees and is chairman of a few of them as well as being a top person in our city council! Thanks to him I got that Gig as the current site is not fit for purpose.

    Anyway back to your guest post! I can see where you are coming from on your first life lesson about dreams and moving onto the next one but I think I would have to disagree with you here (I can hear a voice in my head now saying ‘If you got nothing nice to say and all that…’), I think that if you have a Dream or goal and you are super-focused to get it, or live it then no matter the obstacle we can find ways to either move it out the way, over come it, or even better find a use for it to help you reach that dream or goal! Agree or disagree? There is that little voice again!

    Moving On! Ask for help! Yep I sure agree with you there Max! My buddy Ryan Biddulph has just published a post about bloggers we should all follow (Harleena and Yours truly are in that list! I think that you should be on it as well), And he writes near the beginning about how he leans on his friends a lot! It’s Quite safe to say that Ryan has lent on my a lot for my design and development abilities on his new blog! I don’t mind being leaned on as it’s all about Karma I think!

    Actually I am sure Harleena will not mind me sharing this but here is Ryan’s post…

    Was going to ask in relation to your site! Have you heard of Aria Labels at all? I have been researching them for my upcoming gig on the blind site! I am more than happy to help in anyway I can Max if you like me to have a look at yours, Would be good practice for me!

    Second life Lesson! Yep True words here Max! I also ask for help from time to time but only after I have exhausted every avenue! I spent 2 days going through thousands of lines of code trying to fix a problem I had on a clients site and spent hours searching Google that finally I succumbed and asked a friend and fellow dev to look and within 5 mins he found it! It was a semi-colon out of place! The saying ‘Fresh pair of eyes (Sorry no pun intended) comes to mind’

    Never Quit! Everyone says that to everyone else and I have to agree with it! I always think of the James Bond film – Never say Never again! I am actually a quitter and I am not ashamed to admit it! I started blogging about 6 years ago and after a year or so and after writing 3 eBooks I was getting a following then I quit. why simple I was chasing after money and was not getting it, so I quit. Simple as that!

    Now this time round I have had to start afresh and grow my new blog up again and have been for just under a year! Whats the difference this time? Money and traffic are not the driving force for me but helping others achieve what they have set out to achieve is! Again Karma! People are attracted to people, and people will spend money with people they know like and trust! How many times has that saying been repeated on social media hey!

    I love your final thought about having a positive attitude! the person in my life that I love very much Louise can most often and not get me down a lot with her ramblings about bill’s money and ailments but I deal with it with a few ways. The most important is not to React to her instead to respond! I step back and asses the situation and come up with a response to that situation! That way both parties are then happier. My late mothers words are ringing in my ears now ‘Phillip think before you speak’.

    Phew, what a comment! hope you liked it Max and for that matter Harleena! Actually am getting quite emotional now! Talking about my late mother still gets to me even though it’s been 4 years this Christmas! Time as they say is a great healer though!
    Thanks again for an inspiring post Max!

    Have a great day guys!
    – PD

    1. Hi Phillip; First, I know what you mean about missing your mom. my dad will have been away from us 11 years this winter. I miss him all the time. And i was sitting here thinking that when it comes to comments me and you are two of a kind. more than once adrienne has called me a chatty cathy. and my family routinely laugh about some of the voice mail messages I leave for people. I will accept what you said about there is always a way if you want something bad enough. the truth is i didn’t want to be on my uncle’s midway. If my game had been making lots of money, I would have spent my time thinking how do i get back out on my own again. Its one of those things I picked up from my dad. But being pushed off of the midway lead me to other opportunities. I don’t travel 50 weeks a year in house trailers and go without water, electricity, or satellite tv some of the time. I don’t have times spent on sides of roads or aching muscles from setting up or taking down rides. and at some point I believe I will have a much more fulfilling life personally and financially. I have the personal success and thanks to harleena some critical acclaim; now my bank account just needs to catch up with the rest of me. Glad you have a way of handling disagreements with your wife so they don’t bring you down. And I love what you said about the difference between your last experience as a blogger and now being your purpose. In baseball they say that home run hitters don’t try to hit home runs they just try to hit the ball hard and let the home runs take care of themselves. Sounds like you are doing this as a blogger. Thanks for your awesome comment. I will check out the post you referenced. Maybe I will be in his next one. 🙂 take care my new friend, Max

  65. Hey Harleena,

    I’m SO pleased to see Max here today and I wanted to be sure to stop by here early before too many people were able to share their opinions.

    As you know or may not know, Max and I connected some time back and I kept telling him what an inspiration he is. My goodness, for those of us with sight and still we don’t do what we know we can or have the ability and here is Max. A blind blogger, who would have even thought that was possible!

    I so admire him for his perseverance and dedication to getting what he wants. Max is just like all of us, he wants a life that brings him joy and a business that’s successful. When you really look at it, we all need help so asking for it shouldn’t be a sign of weakness. There are just some things we aren’t capable of understanding or perhaps doing.

    I have come to really appreciate who Max is and what he’s accomplished. He’s certainly not finished yet and I hope to still be here to watch him thrive. Oh and he lives about 45 minutes from me so we do plan on meeting this year. I can’t wait to sit down and spend some one on one time with him too.

    Thank you for having Max write for you today and I know he’s going to be such an inspiration for many. Great job Max!


    1. Hi Adrienne; I’m so glad you got in early with your comment. You know I consider you like my blogging mother, and if there is one person you want to be proud of its your mom. 🙂 well you encouraged me to get out there and become part of the community. You even gave me a big push by mentioning me in one of your round up posts. and i think we both have bigger things in our future. I’m looking forward to you finishing your course offering and then either taking it, helping teach it, or working to promote it. And yes we all need help with something, so why not ask. Just imagine how good you could make someone feel by giving them the chance to answer a question, teach a skill, offer some encouragement, or perform a service. I’m looking forward to doing my part and making a life and a business out of it. we’ll get together soon I’m sure my friend. xoxo max

      1. Hey Max,

        Ah, that’s so sweet and I actually love that. I’m so glad we made that connection and I could help you with your blog and understand the importance of just putting yourself out there. Gosh, you have so many people who care about you now that you would have never had the chance to meet right.

        I so appreciate that Max and I know you’ll help me move forward with what I have in store next too. You are just that kind of guy, awesome.

        I know that the internet has more in store for you and I can’t wait to see what all that is. Glad to be able to be here for you too and support you along the way. You rock Max.


    2. Hi adrienne; yes, the day i met you was a blessed one for both of us. we have a relationship online that has helped and will continue to enrich both of us. but the more important thing was when i listened to you and took action. as someone who works with clients you know better than i do that this is the important part. thanks for being such a good friend. can’t wait to meet in person and am looking forward to being part of the launch party for your product later this year. keep rocking it, max

  66. Seriously awesome! This post brought tears in my eyes! And Max you reminded me of a great writer; Hellen Keller who used to write great stories despite of the fact that she was blind 🙂 🙂 seriously great and awesome post!

    1. Hi Maddy; I can’t tell you how much those words mean. I recently read a collection of hellen keller’s speeches and was impressed not only by her oratory but by her impromptu performances. She did a vaudeville show kind of in the style of a town hall meeting now days where she displayed a quick whit and a command of current events. She is the lady that all of us would love to be compared to favorably. 😀 Thanks for the kind words and take care, Max

  67. Hi Maxwell,

    I’m really very happy to have you over as a guest blogger on Aha!NOW. Not only did I want to show my appreciation and gratitude towards you for being a terrific community member and a great contributor, recently I had more reasons to bring you on the podium at Aha!NOW.

    I recently started various community activity features and discussion forums. It’s been great to see you adopt and experiment the new changes. As I said in my after-the-break post that the most active community members will be rewarded with the opportunity to guest post on Aha!NOW, so here you are!

    Besides these secondary reasons, the primary reason I asked you to write a guest post was to learn from you and have the community benefit and get motivated by your skills and spirit! I greatly value who you are and totally admire how you carry yourself. I’m sure you’re one of a kind of blind blogger in the world, and I salute you for being that! 🙂

    Health, life purpose and direction, knowing yourself and what to do is all so important in life. One of the most important thing you highlighted was to never bloat your ego and hesitate to ask for help when you require it. Sometimes we may hold ourselves back and eventually lose the prized opportunity.

    Very true that there are no shortcuts to success and quitting should never be an option. I like how you supported all your life lessons with your life experiences and that really makes you an inspirational person.

    Of course, success is a far distant reality if you’re not positive. It does take efforts to remain positive, but then you reap rich dividends later, don’t you? Thank you for such an inspirational post.

    I’m sure the Aha!NOW community members and visitors would like to interact with you and have many questions for you too. So I’ll let you busy yourself with them and take charge! It’s your day here on Aha!NOW and I wish you all the best. I might join you to welcome the new guests. Have a great time, Max! 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena; I was honored to be asked to write a guest post for Aha NOw. It is especially significant because you are coming back from some time off and launching the new community. I imagine this is a stressful time for you, and having a quality guest post to kick it off with is very important to the community’s success. I hope this post does bring a lot of people into the site, and I also hope they realize how special this community could be. It is different in that most of us will know each other from blog posts, social media, or blogging groups. It will be a place where relationships can be built and friends can support each other. I’m proud to be a part of all of this. And I really have to thank you for pushing me to write a great post not just a good one and then working your magic on it to make it special. Its one of the things I am most proud of out of all the work I have done online. And I will definitely be adding it to my as seen on the web page of my about me section on both sites. I’ve been at the doctor’s this morning having a follow up, so I’m a little late on the comments. I was happy to see so many so soon. I have subscribed to them now and will be replying to all of them. I can’t believe I did this. I have a guest post on aha now and its an inspirational post sharing things I’m not really sure I had accepted myself. well at least some of them are that way. I hope the people that read this do find something that motivates them to take action. Let me know if I can do anything to help with that. Thanks so much to Harleena and the community. Be kind to yourselves, Max

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