Mental Health: How to Take Care of Your Mind and Memory

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. You should know how to take its care. Don’t miss on these ways to care for your mind and memory.
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Taking care of your mind and memory is imperative to remain mentally healthy. You should actively take part in various activities for your mental, social, emotional, psychological, and physical well-being. Here’s a list of all activities that can help you achieve a sound mind and memory to lead a happy life. ~ Ed.

A woman meditating for a better mental health

Do you know that your mental health is as important as your physical health? In my opinion, your mental health is your most prized possession.

I wrote about this aspect in my previous post with an aim of creating mental health awareness.

Most of us agreed that our mind and memory are most crucial to our purpose of living, and we cannot afford to lose them.

Without them, life becomes meaningless and we become helpless.

You are what you are today because of your mind and memory. So, it becomes essential to take good care of them, which means to possess good health mentally.

You may not be able to control any unforeseen incidents, circumstances, biological problems, hereditary traits, or diseases from damaging your brain and memory or losing your mind.

However, you can always take precautions and live life in a way that helps prevent memory loss and keep a sound mind.

Let us understand mental health and why you need to create mental health awareness.

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Mental Health and its Awareness

Generally, mental health is defined as a person’s condition regarding their emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Mental health is also an individual’s ability to enjoy life or the capacity to live a full and creative life.

You cannot possibly achieve this state unless you are in a state of sound mind. You will not have a sense of wellbeing, confidence, and self-esteem if you do not remember who you are.

Therefore, mental health is not only the absence of a mental disorder but also the presence of a sound mind and a substantial memory.

The first step in creating mental health awareness would be to know how you could lose your mind and memory.

Factors that Disturb Mental Health

In order to have good mental health, you should know the reasons for loss of memory or mind. Some of them are:

– Stress or anxiety
– Emotional trauma
– Lack of brain activity
– Negative thoughts
– Low self-esteem
– Family problems
– Social isolation
– Financial problems
– Burdened mind
– Poor food and rest
– Lack of self-control
– Substance abuse
– Accidents or neurological damage

There may be many more reasons that can be added to this list. You can do that in your comment below.

Nevertheless, to be mentally healthy and to bring happiness into your life, here are the ways you need to follow.

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Human head diagram showing brain for mental health

20 Ways to Take Care of Your Mind and Memory

It’s sometimes surprising to know that the solutions to complex problems are mostly simple and something that you already know.

What goes wrong is that we sometimes ignore these solutions or do not give them much attention.

To prevent your lackluster attitude from damaging yourself, you frequently need reminders to put into practice and make them a part of your lifestyle.

Here are certain things you need to do to take care of your mind and memory in order to have good mental health.

I have divided the mental health activities into 4 sections that specifically deal with the mental, emotional, social, psychological, and physical wellbeing of an individual.

Mental Well-being:

Girl meditating for good mental health

1) Practice Meditation

This is the most effective technique to take care of your mind.

Meditation helps to reduce anxiety and depression, improves cognitive function, and helps you to be at peace with yourself.

Start by devoting 10 minutes daily for meditation. Now, is that too much to ask for?

I make it a point to meditate for short time periods, just after I wake up and just before going to sleep. You can also try doing that.

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2) Develop a Habit to Read

Reading not only enhances your knowledge, improves your language, enhances your writing skills, but also helps keep your brain active.

A habit to read books before going to bed might help lower your stress levels and help you sleep better.

Occasionally, also read self-help and inspirational books to develop your personality and improve your life.

Alternatively, you can login to Aha!NOW and explore the life treasures here. 🙂

Read this scientific evidence to get convinced.

3) Quiz Your Brain

Your brain is your body’s engine or the core processor—don’t let it rust!

If you keep yourself dependent on the gizmos, digital or electronic equipment’s for things that you could do with your brain, you may cause the latter to rust and become vulnerable to damage.

So, exercise your brain and use tricks and techniques to enhance your memory. You could try to engage yourself in puzzles and brainteasers.

As a writer and blogger, I need to exercise my brain throughout the day. I’m glad I’m in a profession that keeps my brain active!

Okay, here is some food for your brain.

4) Mind Control Techniques

A popular Indian proverb says that your mind is like a naughty monkey. If you don’t control your mind, it can create havoc and disturb your life.

Thus, you need to learn mind control techniques like neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Silva mind control method, self-hypnosis, or any other way to harness your mind.

To achieve good mental health, you need to be in control of your mind rather than let your mind control you.

Read more about mind control here.

5) Learn New Skills

Teach yourself some new skills irrespective of your age. You thus create new neural pathways or network and keep your brain and mind active.

Do you know a little daydreaming is also good for you?

Indulging in creative thinking and visualization not only relieves stress but also helps you trigger your intuition, insights, and the stored memory.

Also, the creative process is most interesting and challenging, and it’s good to challenge yourself and keep your brain active.

If you are aging, then it becomes all the more important to learn new skills. This article says it all.

Social and Emotional Well-being:

Woman lets go of emotions for better mental health

6) Let Go and Express Emotions

You may consider this absurd, but it makes perfect sense if you want to keep yourself mentally healthy.

Whatever has happened, happened because it had to happen. It happened for the good in ways that you may realize later and probably has a lesson for you.”

So, it’s better you get over the past. More so, you cannot do anything about it, nor can it be undone.

Therefore, let go of it and move on. Such an attitude may ward off unnecessary anxiety, stress, and depression.

In addition, express your emotions in positive and constructive ways so that they are not repressed.

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7) Be Positive and Happy

Being positive and happy is one way to deal with your negative emotions and thoughts.

Positive attitude is the sign of good mental health.

It helps you release the positive hormones and store positive memories in the brain.

When you are happy and positive, you like yourself and your life. This helps keep stress at bay.

I try to keep myself positive all the time. Moreover, I have personally experienced that being positive makes me less stressed and happier.

8) Manage Stress

Life is full of changes and challenges. You often need to make compromises besides facing challenges.

You have to accept and adjust to what your life offers you, cope with the circumstances, and move on.

There are many ways to manage stress for a mentally healthy life. I am sure you will find many posts on this blog to help you know them.

Here is one you might like to read– Easy Ways to Relieve Stress That You Should Adopt

I cope with my work stress by changing my work strategy. I embrace change and continuously look for opportunities for better prospects.

9) Participate in Community and Social Activities

I remember reading this back in school – Man is a social animal.

Yes, we are social creatures and socialization does us good. Contrastingly, isolation for long periods can make us mentally ill.

Besides taking part in social activities, contributing to the community for good causes makes you feel happy internally.

Here’s all about volunteering and how it helps your mind be healthy and happy.

10) Develop and Maintain Relationships

It may be an easy task to develop relationships. However, for some, it becomes difficult to maintain the relationships if they do not feel good about themselves.

Your stable relationships act as a channel and support to release your thought and feelings, and seek help in times of distress.

Maintaining good relationships could be an indication of your better state of mental health.

Read about how friendship helps you protect your mental health.

Psychological Well-being:

Sign post showing different aspects of life

11) Balance & Organize Your Life

To have peace of mind, you need to balance the various aspects of your life, like work, family, and other relationships.

Keep yourself organized by creating good habits and divide time slots for work in your daily schedule so that everything gets time and attention.

You’d probably be more in control of your life if you’re organized.

Some good habits may include timely eating, sleeping, and work habits etc., which help maintain sound mental health.

Here’s your key to a happy and healthy work-life balance at work and home.

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12) Make Life Meaningful

Harleena has written about this many times over on this blog. You need to have a purpose of life.

You are happier if you have a meaning in life.

Besides, you’ll be in a better mental state if you love yourself and your life, which will help you lead a good life.

If you want to start, then start by seeking answers to these questions – who are you, what do you want to do, how it will help you, and why do you want to do it.

For Harleena and me, spreading awareness and happiness, and helping others makes our lives more meaningful, and we certainly feel good about it. 🙂

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13) Follow a Good Routine and Rituals

Your routine is a set of daily activities organized in a particular way.

So first, follow positive and useful habits. They may relate to your autonomous or active body functions like breathing or thinking.

Rituals help automate the good habits without making much effort or giving much thought. Routine and rituals help you make your life easy and healthy.

I usually stick to the Ayurvedic lifestyle routine as mentioned in this post on Aha!NOW. It helps me reduce stress and anxiety largely.

14) Take Frequent Breaks and Recharge

You may not realize it, but you put your mind and memory through constant work and pressure all the time.

As with your body, your mind and memory also suffer from weariness.

Therefore, before you completely exhaust your essential resources like your brain and mind, take a break and give it some rest.

With the kind of overly digital-dependent life that you lead, especially bloggers, it becomes necessary to stay away from the Internet to recharge yourself.

You know that we took a summer break recently, and that is why we understand the importance of taking breaks to keep us mentally healthy.

15) Prayers and Self-talk

We all need inspiration and motivation to move on. You can be your own source of inspiration to develop good mental health.

Prayers help you connect with your deep inner self. Autosuggestions help you program your mind at the deep subconscious level.

Positive self-talks keep your mind positive and in control to lead a mentally healthy life. I always resort to this technique whenever I feel like I might lose my mind or temper.

Read this article to learn how to deal with your negative self-talk.

Physical Well-being:

A doctor's prescription for sleep for better mental health

16) Sleep Well

You can practically experience what happens to your mind when you do not fulfill your quota of daily sleep.

You become slow to react; it affects your thought processes, and you are not at your best.

You need a good night’s sleep to increase your chances of a healthy mind when you wake up and thus increase your chances of being happy.

If you don’t trust me, read this Harvard medical report.

DON’T MISS: Shocking Sleep Deprivation Effects You Need to Know

17) Eat Well

There is a saying that you become what you eat. You will probably be healthy if you eat healthy food.

Since your mental health is related to and affected by your physical health, you need to eat good food to have a sound mind.

It is also important to have a balanced and nutritious diet that comprises all essential minerals and vitamins for healthy and complete development.

If you’re really serious about your mental health, then you would not miss this news report and this post about what your mental health diet should be.

18) Drink Enough Water

Water is more essential for your physical well-being than you think.

You can read Harleena’s post on how much water you should drink daily. Drinking enough water also helps to detoxify your body, which positively affects your mind.

I drink up to three bottles of water per day, and I personally feel that it helps keep my stress levels down.

Read this post to know why your brain needs water for a better mind and memory.

19) Exercise

Exercise includes walking, jogging, running, swimming, hiking, gyming, or even yoga, tai chi, and others.

These help you to be physically fit and healthy. It’s difficult to be mentally healthy if you are physically unhealthy.

So, incorporate exercises in your daily routine and lead your way to a healthy body and sound mind.

Here is what the psychologists say about exercise and mental health.

You’d like to read: Benefits of Walking Everyday

20) Protect Your Head

The least you can do is to protect your head.

By doing so, you protect your brain from getting hurt. Preventing your brain from being damaged increases your chances of having a sound mind and good memory.

Do not forget to wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeler, fasten your seat belts while driving, use floor mats and skid free tiles in the bathroom, and use other safety measures.

References: Read more about how to become the master of your mind in this Huffington Post article.

Mental health ribbon

Summing Up

Isn’t this also the recipe for a happy life?

Why not!

If you achieve a sound mind and good memory, and the skills set to ward off stress and lead a better life, you hit the jackpot!!

If you make efforts to be mentally healthy, you eventually become healthy in all aspects of life and thus bring happiness into your life.

In addition, people with good mental health keep substance abuse at bay.

You thus have fewer conflicts and chances of suffering from diseases like heart disease, cancer, and chronic pain are reduced.

A mentally healthy person will work to realize his or her full potential and be more productive in all aspects of life, including work.

Many digital health products are trending and people are investing in them, which is a good sign of increasing awareness about mental health. For example, you can read about the Hapbee headband in this news article.

It is now clear that if you are mentally healthy, then you make the most of your potential, cope with life, and live a balanced life.

A person having good mental health will be free to express emotions, maintain good relationships, and adjust to the change and uncertainty in life.

I hope you will now take care of your mind and memory more than ever. Know that these are the most prized possessions you have in life, and you cannot afford to lose them.

Over to you

What is your concept of mental health? How do you take care of your mind and memory? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Take care and be blessed. 🙂


Disclaimer: We're not offering any medical advice here. These ideas are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Always seek a professional medical opinion from a physician of your choosing before making any medical decision. The information provided here is not intended to be a substitute to the advice given by your physician or another healthcare professional.

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  1. Great post! For me, good mental health means good self-esteem. I think one of the best ways to improve low self-esteem is not to be obsessed with an “idealized” version of yourself. Life has a way of throwing hard challenges at us. We may, for example, lose a good job or suffer a serious injury. It’s easy then to think of what we used to do; it becomes harder to “let go” and accept the new normal.

    I think one can move forward by seeing himself or herself as more than their limitation. Thus, they are not defined by the past but instead are willing to refocus their energy on things that will make them happy and add value to their lives. One can, to illustrate, substitute swimming for running and still maintain his or her fit life style.

    As for memories, music does it for me. I lost my grandfather many years ago. Still, every once in a while I’ll hear a song on the radio that reminds me of his voice, or the long walks we took back in my home town.

  2. Great piece of work. Stress is the main reason behind all health problems like heart disease, weak memory, lack of concentration etc etc. Yoga can help a lot to get rid of stress.Everyone should try this.

  3. Nice meeting you on Harleena’s place, and I’m with Adrienne on you and Harleena writing in a similar way. Indeed, this is a wonderful post with lots of golden nuggets .
    I’m thrilled to say that I’m already following some of the solutions you have provided, ’cause I started to integrate them since last year hoping a better and healthy lifestyle. It’s not because I suffered a lot, but to prevent suffering. I can feel the change in my life and hence I stick to what works for me.
    Already covered Physical Well-being, but yet a few more solutions need to be incorporated to fulfill Mental and Psychological solutions you have depicted. Still focusing on some as I need to make them part of my life (habits) and then will move on to a few new solutions yet to be practiced 🙂
    Thanks for bringing new tactics to the table on taking care of our mind and memory.
    You both have a lovely week, Harleena. Hope you have a great weekend ahead Regards

  4. Great insight here. The theme of being proactive about your well being, in general, stimulates all types of potential for improvement. But (a BIG but) it’s too bad many of these seemingly innocuous tasks get left undone by far too many people who really need them. It’s a treasure trove of ideas, nonetheless.

  5. These are all great points. It is a very thorough article and it is interesting how so many aspects over lap and you benefit in other aspects, such as better moods. There is one thing you missed, though! 🙂 Nature is healing for the mind. The best thing is to be out in nature, but even having a small plant in your room can greatly enhance how you feel.

  6. I agree that mental health is just as important as physical health that is why taking care of it should also be given importance. This post is truly very helpful as it shows what you can do to keep your mind active and “healthy.” Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi, great post ! this is a very informative article. I love it, Prayer helps you have inner peace which leads to a more peaceful and meaningful life. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great writing! For me, it is all about enough sleep. Having more sleep is good (which I’m badly lacking).

    Thanks for writing this Harleena and I have even shared this on Inbound for ya!

  9. Hi Vinay,

    Nice meeting you on Harleena’s place, and I’m with Adrienne on you and Harleena writing in a similar way. Indeed, this is a wonderful post with lots of golden nuggets 🙂

    Your writing implies you have a very organized lifestyle which I find in some blogging friends including Harleena. They are very productive and amaze me how they achieve everything within the same time frame.

    I’m thrilled to say that I’m already following some of the solutions you have provided, ’cause I started to integrate them since last year hoping a better and healthy lifestyle. It’s not because I suffered a lot, but to prevent suffering. I can feel the change in my life and hence I stick to what works for me.

    Learnt from the wisdom and experience of elder friends that you don’t have to wait until you get old to invite healthy habits into your life. Some regret they didn’t take some action when they were young, and I don’t wanna do the same mistake. Grateful to them ’cause I could learn from them without going through bad experiences by myself.

    Already covered Physical Well-being, but yet a few more solutions need to be incorporated to fulfill Mental and Psychological solutions you have depicted. Still focusing on some as I need to make them part of my life (habits) and then will move on to a few new solutions yet to be practiced 🙂

    Thanks for bringing new tactics to the table on taking care of our mind and memory.

    You both have a lovely week, Vinay and Harleena 🙂


  10. Wow Vinay,

    You and Harleena really write in a very similar way. I’m so impressed with your thoroughness. This is one of those posts that is so jam packed full of great information for anyone who is searching for this particular topic. If they can’t find a solution here then I’m kind of thinking there may not be one.

    I’m truly blessed to not have any issues in this area. As I have mentioned before, we have no one in our family with “mental” illness but what you’re sharing here is how we can keep our minds healthy and active. I totally agree with everything on this list and I would say that I do quite a bit of this as well.

    When I first left corporate America I interviewed at an Assisted Living Facility because I love the elderly and wanted to give back. I actually was offered a position in the Alzheimer’s wing because of my personality and they needed to keep their minds active. I learned a lot about how to slow down that disease from hitting them sooner than later. It was doing puzzles, playing cards, reading, dancing, you name it. I would have loved doing that but the money was horrible so I had to turn them down.

    Anyway, great post and thank you for taking the time to really research this topic and share the answers with us.

    Hope you both are having a wonderful week so far.


  11. Wow! You covered it all. Thank you so much! I’m book-marking this to remind myself daily of things I should be doing. As a woman over 40 and post-menopausal, brain function health is crucial to maintain, because dementia is a high risk. I appreciate this – and am also very happy that I’m doing many of these things already! Thank you!

  12. Hi,

    No matter who we are, whether we are student, teacher, parents, doctor, engineer, labor, etc our mind help us to build our future and circumstances.

    Mind has a power to convert unexpected into expected. A single innovative ideas always arrive at a single place and i.e. mind. It is the most precious gift given by lord to every human being. Its our duty to develop and redirect it in right direction which can leads to the innovation and invention for well being of human.

    But the most critical issue is that one don’t have full control on their mind. It easy gets distract due to daily activities sometime which also leads in depression. It is said that MIND is the biggest enemy if its OUT OF CONTROL.

    The above tips regarding the relaxation and development of the mind will definitely helps if followed properly.

    Thanks for the share 🙂

    SK Lohar

  13. I have met people who have damaged their health because of negative thoughts, as mentioned by you in factors that impact health. Every single transaction has a positive and negative way of looking, this swift in our own thinking is definitely critical.

    I am a strong follower of Baba Ramdev when it comes to yoga and a must mention – “Anulom Vilom” It existed since ages but he demonstrated the right method and it if done for 30 minutes each day, impacts the the respiratory system in a positive manner.
    Good post

  14. Hi Vinay,

    It’s my first time that I am reading about something related to mental health.
    We all listen to maintain our physical health but don’t think about our mental health.

    The factors you have mentioned in this may cause many problems. Due to tension and anxiety our mind loose it’s capability to think much. I have noticed my own when I don’t do any work for long time during holidays I feel giddy, I feel like my mind doesn’t have power to create any idea.
    Taking care of our mind is really important.
    Waking up early in the morning and having a walk freshen our mind.
    I totally agree with your point to read books to recharge our mind. Reading helps us to maintain our thinking power.

    Thanks for such an informative post.

    Have a great weekend.:)


  15. Hi Vinay,

    I agree with all the 20 things how to take care of your mind and memory. But the one I love the most are:

    • Develop a Habit to Read = they said that if you don’t use it you lose it. There is truth to that. We can keep our mind sharp by either reading a newspaper, book, or your bible. People who keep reading doesn’t get Dimentia.

    • Be Positive and Happy = As we get older we lose millions of brain cells each time, specially when you’re angry! That’s probably why the Bible says, “Be angry but do not sin…do not let the sun go down upon your wrath.” Meaning, don’t let grudges and revenge get a hold of you because it can kill you! I’ve heard that the people are more forgiving, it boost up their immune system!

    • Practice Meditation = Absolutely!

    • Prayers and Self-talk = is an absolute necessity. Whenever I’m doing my chore like washing the dishes, cooking, etc…I’m always talking to God. They said God is like a real person (which He is) and you can talk to Him like a friend.

    Anyway, there are so many good pointers you mentioned here that are absolutely necessary for our well being. For our mind. Thank you for sharing them. Enjoy the rest of the week!


  16. Stress free and healthy mind is just like a heaven on earth. Thanks Vinay for this guide to keep our health and mind refresh. I love to read books in silent environment. So parks and beach are the best place.

    ~Dr. Diana

  17. Hello Vinay,
    What a wonderful post on how to reduce our mental stress…
    If i may ask, how many hours do you rest between your work intervals? Just feel like asking…
    All tips you mentioned here are great and i have taken some into action 🙂

    Thanks and do have a great week ahead

  18. Hi Harleena,

    Wonderful post and I couldn’t agree more with all of what you’ve said here. As I was reading the list of the factors that can lead to mental dysfunction I recognized some that my mom used to have, anxiety, problem in the extended family for years, and a couple more and even though I’ll never be able to prove that they were factors conducting to her Alzheimer type disease, I am sure that they contributed to it,

    Now, you know how I practice and encourage my readers and clients to work on meditation, NLP and self-hypnosis. So I’m 100% with you here.

    While we don’t all need to sleep a lot, we certainly need to sleep well. It’s very important for normal mental function as well.

    Thanks for those super good tips.

  19. Great post Harleena!

    Silence, for me, is one of the best ways I care for my mental health. I usually wind down around 9:30 p.m. or 10 p.m. at night and like to be quiet. It’s the same in the morning. I like to be silent and just be. Now… This may be tricky if you live with people who are chatter boxes 24/7. 🙂 However, I’ve found that saying, in a loving manner, “I’m winding down and need to be silent” works.

  20. Hi Vinay,

    A mind blowing post on mind and an unforgettable article on memory.

    How casually we say in our daily conversation that person’s mind is so weak or someone’s mind is so sharp. We rarely think what sweet or bitter reality we are narrating between the lines of our conversation. This is the problem of most of us we just talk about whatever is happening and avoid to talk of its causes and effects. That is why most of the problems around us are simply lingering on and in some cases aggravating.

    You might have also observed if we advised someone to get his mental check up he almost blows up on our adivce allging us of calling him a mad or insane person. That is why mental health awareness is very low in most parts of the world because we can’t freely diagnose a mental issue just fearing the person suffering from it may shout at us assuming we are taking him as a mad person.

    You not only described all the causes of mental weakness but also gave an awesome list of tips to remedy minor mental problems and strengthen our mind and memory to become powerful in our life.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post on mental health awareness.

  21. This is a magnificent article on mind , memory and mental health.

    So well written and perfectly cover all aspect of mind health meditation, sleep and positive living.

    What I want to add up here is regular practice of GRATITUDE is really add magnificently to mental health and overall well being.

    Practicing “Attitude of Gratitude” on daily basis helps you stay positive and happy all the time and see brighter side of life.

    What I found in life is “Gratitude is magic and it can help you achieve anything you want”.

    Thanks a zillion Vinay and Harleena for this magical post

    1. Hi Ajay,

      How could I miss gratitude and thanks so much for reminding and suggesting it as an add on to this list. We’ve many posts on this topic and I totally agree with what you mention about the effects of practicing gratitude in life.

      Thanks for stopping by, sharing your thoughts, and making this important contribution to the post!

  22. All of these are so important. Sleep, exercise and water are my most important mental health tactics. Also, spending time with my girlfriends is really important to me as it is like therapy. We have so much fun and laugh until our tummies hurt. Thanks, Vinay for another great healthy post!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I’m glad you like the post. What you practice is great to take care of your mental health. Real life socialization is so important and gives us a buffer time to recharge and heal ourselves.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

    2. I think I can “ditto” what Lisa said. These are my non negotiable daily tasks to be there for me so I can take care of everybody else. As a therapist this is important for me to model good mental health self care skills. But I also believe in the person and don’t see in the problem but the solution. It totally helps. When my mind is right, them my clients right themselves, too.

  23. Hi Vinay,

    I completely agree with you – the more we use our mind, the better it is and you have listed all possible ways to utilise its multi-dimesional aspects! I too believe that regular reading, especially for pleasure and developing a positive mindset are the two major factors that keep us mentally healthy. Stress and anxiety often play havoc with it, if we don’t make some conscious efforts to keep them within limits.

    Self-talk is a panacea for almost all problems and I greatly recommend it. In fact our mind possesses an incredible power to keep itself healthy but the initiative lies with us.
    Excellent tips!! Well researched post, Thanks for sharing it. Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Balroop,

      Well, yes, it’s good to use more of your brain through your mind, but it is also important to have more control over your mind and not let it go on its own spree.

      I treat brain and mind as separate entities, so the brain is more like the hardware and the mind acts as the software or the program to run the hardware.

      Your picks are great – reading and positive mindset help keep us mentally healthy. Regarding self-talk, one has to be a bit careful and not go overboard with it – it too should be controlled and within limits, but certainly a great tool.

      However, you’re right about the powers of the mind, and we as its users have great responsibility in utilizing it in the best way.

      I’m glad you like the post. Thanks for stopping by and commenting here.

  24. Hi Vinay,

    This is such a thorough list of helping yourself stay mentally healthy. They are all good suggestions. I find meditation, socializing and staying positive help me to be mentally healthy. Thanks so much for a great post!

    1. Hi Cathy,

      I’m glad you like the ways to take care of mental health. You practice the best and most effective of them all.

      Do have a great and healthy time! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the post. 🙂

  25. Life is very stressful like you say. I think its even more stressful compared to 20 years ago. It seems as if stress is all around us. But its all in the mind and I like your tips. I think eating well and drinking lots of water can do a lot to drive stress away.

    1. Hi Shalu,

      Life is beautiful. I’d say that, in fact, it is us and our perceptions, perspectives, and reactions that make life seem stressful. And, you too have correctly diagnosed it that “it’s all in the mind”. 🙂

      I’m glad you like the tips. Thanks for your comment.

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