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Miracles happen when this angelic girl starts believing

Miracles happen, whether you believe it or not. Just the simple fact that you and I are here and alive, is in itself a miracle, isn’t it?

I’ve had a miraculous experience myself. I wonder if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I survived a major road accident two years back. I’ll come to that a little later.

I can’t help calling it a miracle, and agree with its dictionary meaning that it is really an event manifesting a supernatural act of a divine agent because it was against all odds that I survived!

Or, should I just treat it as an event that was really a coincidence that beats all probabilities.

Maybe I should term the word miracle as a rarest of rare happening, but those who believe in miracles think otherwise.

“Miracles only happen if you believe in miracles.” ~ Paulo Coelho


Are Miracles Divine

Don’t get me wrong – this post is not about magic or superstition.

However, good events that happen without any convincing explanation, or with unbelievable results, often force people to think of miracles in divine terms.

Someone is diagnosed with cancer, and the doctor gives them one month to live, but they live for more than five years. I’d say a miracle happened. Wouldn’t you feel the same way?

Somebody might have a tumor that needs to be removed surgically, but with prayers, that mass is gone!

What would you call it – a wrong diagnosis or perhaps a bad x-ray? I’d call it a miracle or a miraculous healing. Wouldn’t you too?

A man speaks a language he’s never ever learned. How does he do it? Miracle again!

Recently it was in the news that a man, who had drowned in a ship, was found alive and rescued after three days.

There are also cases of people coming out alive from the rumbles of buildings after many days of their collapse due to an earthquake in which hundreds die.

Even news of people surviving air crashes, or remaining alive and unhurt even after falling from great heights are incidents no less than a miracle.

You see so many cases, where perhaps the person who goes through such a lot was meant to die, but they survive. What would you call that? I’d say it was a miraculous escape.

“The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

A Miracle Happened in My Life Too

As I mentioned earlier – I survived a life threatening road accident when I was just a short distance away from home, while returning from a local tour.

We were traveling by car, with my husband driving and kids behind. I was sitting in front and it was a very normal journey, with lots of happy moments that we gathered from a week’s trip to a nearby city.

My husband didn’t notice that there was a patch of road under repairs, and before he could slow down, a sharp stone burst one of the tires of the car.

Because of the speed, the car got out of control and somersaulted a few times. The car landed a little distance off the road, on the driver’s side.

Fortunately, my kids and hubby were unhurt and intact in the car, but I had flown off and landed a few meters away and suffered a major head injury.


As luck would have it, my husband was safe and I received immediate help. I was transported to a nearby small country hospital in time.

I did get a few stitches to stop the bleeding, and I was unconscious for a long period of time before I was taken to the proper city hospital.

It took me about 2-3 months to fully recover. In the following months, I read of many similar road accidents, and in ALL such cases, people didn’t survive. Why me? Why did I survive? I still wonder!

I didn’t want to write about myself or all that I went through, but in my heart of hearts, I just know that a miracle happened that evening, which saved me to tell you the story.

My husband says that perhaps there was a guardian angel who wanted me to live – who pushed me safely to the side, because my work wasn’t complete in this world.

Or shall I say it was the power of my subconscious willpower to fight it all out and come back to life. Or maybe it was the prayers of my loved ones that brought me back.

I was gone – but I was pulled back because it was not my time to go perhaps, and here I am 🙂

What would you call it? Miracles happen, and this is my part of a real incident. What’s your miracle healing incident?

“I have found in life that if you want a miracle you first need to do whatever it is you can do – if that’s to plant, then plant; if it is to read, then read; if it is to change, then change; if it is to study, then study; if it is to work, then work; whatever you have to do. And then you will be well on your way of doing the labor that works miracles.” ~ Jim Rohn

How Miracles Happen in Real Life

Because you don’t have any control over the above-mentioned events, there’s nothing you can do about them except be grateful to life or some greater power.

However, there are miracles that you can create for yourself, in your life, by being in total control. You do that on a continual basis, in every phase of your life, in ways that seem normal to you.

Sometimes you feel lost, confused, and frustrated with life, and then something happens that changes your life. Well, that something happens because of your efforts as you actually do that yourself.

As the power to change your life also lies in your hand, that too is a miracle when you work towards making it happen.

Getting what you want is actually not an accident. Like it’s said that if you wish for something with all your heart and mind, even the Universe starts working that in your favor.

Things happen without and beyond your expectations, and you end up accomplishing the toughest tasks that you thought were impossible.

”Miracles happen every day. Not just in remote country villages or at holy sites halfway across the globe, but here, in our own lives.” ~ Deepak Chopra

When you see your life as a miracle, it becomes so precious

Notice the Miracles Happening in Your Life

Every moment of your life is actually a miracle. Right from the time you are born, to the time you live your life, isn’t each passing moment a miracle? How do you notice such miracles?

Try out these ways to see miracles occur in your life –

• Try to remember incidents that dramatically changed your life. It could be things like an accident, important meeting, some medical crisis, or even an adventure. Perhaps you survived such incidents or went through miracle healing.

• Recollect any weird but true experience you’ve gone through. Perhaps a book, song, or a stranger answered an important question that was on your mind. Or perhaps you had a dream one night that came true the next day.

• Look back at the time when you got married, or when you became a parent, or perhaps important events of your career. Perhaps help arrived suddenly just when you needed it.

• You were broke or lost, and suddenly you got financial help or found your way when you least expected it. What would you call all such sudden happenings that were beyond mere coincidence? I would just call them miracles!

You hear of miracles, but those are the ones in the form of physical healing, something that science cannot explain. However, each one of you can take control and make miracles happen in your life.

“Miracles don’t happen. You make them happen. They’re not wishes or dreams or candles on a cake. They’re not impossible. Reality is real. It’s totally and completely under my control.” ~ Julie Anne Peters

Making Miracles Happen

Here are a few steps to help you create your own miracle.

1. Be clear about the miracle you want

You need to clearly imagine or visualize the miracle you desire. You need to concentrate on the end result of what you desire, not how you will achieve that or the means to it.

2. Expect the best

You attract that which you fear, expect, or love. So, always expect the best, and the best will happen to you. Even when there are negative circumstances, keep thinking positive.

Remember, if you expect less than what you want, you will get less.

You need to expect that everything is working in your favor and highest good. That’s exactly how the law of attraction will work in your favor too.

3. Release your fears

Watch what you think. You need to let go of your fears and negative thoughts. When you think negatively, your mind will attract all negative energies, which will block your miracle.

Of course, being human, you cannot stop negative thoughts from entering your mind. But you need to start believing and thinking positively. This will make you feel empowered.

You also need to open your mind to all possibilities, without wishing for things as you want it.

4. Visualize yourself

You need to see yourself as how you’d like to be. If you wish to be wealthy, you need to see yourself as being a wealthy person and enjoying a wonderful lifestyle.

Be clear about your present situation, but think about what you want and desire. Leave aside what you don’t want or where you are presently.

Think ahead, and remain positive to make miracles happen in your life.

5. Keep your miracle a secret

You don’t have to talk about your miracle or share it with others. That’s because you never know how an envious or negative person might contribute negative energy to what you are thinking.

Share as little as possible, if at all, with just a handful of people if you want.

Check out this video about how miracles occur in your life  by Carrie Green, as she’s explained the various ways beautifully.

How To Make Miracles Happen ~ Carrie Green ~ YouTube Video

“There are two ways to live: You can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” ~ Albert Einstein

Life is all about the choices you make. Once you are clear about what you need or want, your mind becomes calmer and is focused.

Thus, you can take the right direction for your choices and a clear channel for your decisions about what to do, whether finding your soul mate, choosing the right doctor, or any other task.

And don’t forget to pray, whether for yourself or for others or being prayed for by others. They always help 🙂

Perhaps if you all look for a miracle to occur every day instead of listening to all the negativity around, you might find the miracle of faith, joy, and tranquility in your life.

“Don’t give up before the miracle happens.” ~ Fannie Flagg

So, what are you waiting for – go and make miracles happen in your life 🙂

Over to you

I would love to know about a miracle that might have occurred in your life, or perhaps in someone else’s you know of. Did it change your or their life? Do miracles happen in real life? Share your thoughts with us.

Photo Credit: Alice Popkorn

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  1. Miracles are often subjective experiences and can be interpreted differently by different individuals. Some people believe that miracles occur in real life, while others may attribute extraordinary events to coincidences or natural explanations. The concept of a miracle typically involves an event that goes beyond the ordinary laws of nature and is attributed to a divine or supernatural intervention.

    The examples you mentioned, such as surviving a life-threatening accident or experiencing unexpected healings, are often considered by some as miracles. These events may defy scientific explanation or statistical probabilities, leading people to interpret them as divine interventions or extraordinary occurrences.

    It’s important to note that personal beliefs and interpretations play a significant role in defining what constitutes a miracle. Some individuals may attribute such events to the power of prayer, fate, guardian angels, or their own willpower. Others may view them as chance happenings or instances where our limited understanding of natural phenomena falls short.

    While it is fascinating to contemplate the occurrence of miracles, it’s also essential to approach these discussions with an open mind and respect for diverse perspectives. Ultimately, the perception of miracles is subjective and varies from person to person based on their beliefs, experiences, and worldview.

  2. Yes there have been many miracles in my life. Some call them coincidence. I call them God’s answers to prayers. In 2016 there were so many that my pastor asked me to write them down and I did. “Miracles in my Life” is posted on my books webpage.

  3. Chopra is right: miracles happen every day, in fact all of the time. The trouble is we don’t usually see them as miracles. It’s a miracle that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west without fail. It’s a miracle we have oxygen to breathe and don’t have to think about breathing, we just breathe automatically. It’s miracle that our heart continues to beat, even when we’re sleeping. There are miracles in us and all around us.

  4. Really nice topic…!!!

    I personally believe in miracles as I have seen many incidents in my life too that tend me to think that miracles are really happening with us. Thanks for this inspiration topic, it was a great read for me.

  5. I also liked your five point guide to make miracles happen in your life – that is really very inspiring…

  6. That is a nice topic you discussed. I do not believe that miracles are because of some super natural power.I believe miracle are coincidence that beats all probabilities (as you have mentioned).And about that little girl with leukemia – it is the chemotherapy and not the Santa who cured her…The story has been told in emotional way to appear as if it is a miracle,actually leukemia is very much treatable…I liked the saying by Jim Rohn – “I have found in life that if you want a miracle you first need to do whatever it is you can do – if that’s to plant, then plant; if it is to read, then read; if it is to change, then change; if it is to study, then study; if it is to work, then work; whatever you have to do. And then you will be well on your way of doing the labor that works miracles.”

  7. Good article about miracles life,

    I do believe that as long as you have life in you, that’s indeed a miracle. The thing is everybody have their own view of miracle 🙂

    however Great work

  8. Hi Harleena mam.

    I’ve been a regular reader of your blog for quite some time now but I could never gather the courage to drop a comment. The reason I’m writing this comment is because thesedays I’m kind of suffering from my own thoughts. I have a disorder which you might have heard of i.e. OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder. It makes me obsess about things for no reasons. I’ve been dealing with this obsession for several months now. The thought is about something very good that happened to me , almost like a miracle, that changed my life. The obsession always pointed out to me about the whys. like why did it happen, what could happen after this. Does A miracle happening means a catastrophe is going to follow its occurrence, or just something bad. I was scared of my own happiness. After reading your post and with some of my own conclusions, I believe that I can just live with the fact that good things happen n bad things might follow too. But as far as our strength goes, we can only learn to live in the moment, enjoy that moment, and not let bad thoughts ruin our present.
    Cheers on the name of Miracles. 🙂

  9. This is an amazing article on miracles. People do believe in miracles but i believe in practical life. I mean there is nothing like miracles, everything what happens to us is inevitable or it has to be happen with us. Sometimes just we are not ready to believe it. At-last i can say “believe in yourself or believe in god”

  10. Hi Harleena,

    This is a Very interesting story, thank you very much for this article. And from now on I will frequently visit your website.

    Thank You Very Very Much !!!

  11. Harleena,

    This is a beautiful article on Miracles.

    I do believe in Miracles and personally feel that when one lives life as though everything is a miracle, life is more peaceful and happier.

    The 5 steps you have mentioned above is truly comprehensive. I do that in every day terms.

    Great work!

    Cheers, SV.

  12. Hi Harleena,

    Great post. Miracles do happen but again its all about our mind what thinking. Positive or negative, to be honest our Mind is a great platform for all our daily activities which happening.If we can have control over our mind then no doubt we are going to be happy each moment of our life.

  13. Miracles can happen to everyone, at any places and at anytime. We must beleive it. Why? because God can do anything. Whatever God wants must happen.
    I am happy to hear you were safe from the road accident.Thanks God…

  14. Harleena, this is a beautiful post. And your miracle story is… miraculous! I do believe in miracles, small and large. I believe in – and make use of – the self-healing ability we possess, and I share healing with other people. I believe in the power of prayer, and I believe in angels. I believe in the power of mind over matter. Also, as you pointed out so rightly, that we are alive in these magnificent vessels we call the body is a miracle all on its own.

  15. This time of year is a great time for miracles! It’s Christmas magic in the air! I think its also a time where people are open minded and listen with a open heart! Anything is possible with faith!

  16. Around us and around the world happens every day a miracle, but unfortunately we forgot to see all the miracles that take place around us.I’m not a religious person,i believe in the power of mind and people’s power to perform miracles helping other people when they need.

  17. I have seen too many things happen that seemed nearly impossible. I know they are in answer to prayers as it is very obvious. Do not neglect the power of prayer.

  18. Hello ma’am,

    Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful piece of work. Miracles are something which do not happen on a daily basis but whenever it happens, it gives you pleasure and brings new light to your life.
    Thanks a lot.


  19. Hi Harleena,

    I love the whole topic of miracles. My perspective is this:
    I view events that coincide, not as what are commonly called coincidence, but as divine orchestrations by the Master Conductor.

    I think life and everything in it is a living, breathing, magnificent, multi-faceted gem whose every aspect contains a miracle. Every reflection, every glimpse, every shadow of turning, whether it be a language, or that we can speak at all, or that we have faith to believe, are all miracles.

    I was in a car my Dad was driving when I was 12. It rolled end over end crossing the wrong side of a major highway. That none of the 8 of us stuffed in the car were killed is a miracle. I later had a near death experience that same year. Felt the out of body floating. Another miracle.

    That I survived a violent and abusive childhood in every form, and turned out to live by 4 words: BE LOVE TO OTHERS… a miracle.

    That I was pronounced dead at age 24, after 20 minutes of constant CPR by my doctor during an ambulance shortage, and was brought about by the heart surgeon’s last ditch effort of pressing his thumb as hard as he could into my left eye. Miracle.

    My best friend healed of cancer twice and still healthy 10 years later, a miracle. I could list plenty more. In this jurisdiction, the case is closed: Miracles are real. They happen every day.

    May your burdens be light and your blessings heavy!

  20. Hi Harleena,
    This post is inspiring. I am a miracle and I believe that you need to share your miracle. That is how you put the devil to shame – The words of your testimony. That is what my bible teaches me.

  21. Harleena,
    When I read your story, I think the word ‘Miracle’ surely match for both of us. Yes.! Let me explain. Before, Sorry to hear about your bad accident and its really great that you got escaped from the worst mishap. Really happy to hear that.

    In real world, If things happen beyond our imagination, that surely would drag us to the corners of Miracle since…unfilled answers! Quite common. I am a strong believer of Science & Nature. The reason is simple. Nature is 100% true and exist. Science is a wonderful phenomenon of human evolution which always helps to understand the nature. I simply Love it. To me, the word ‘Miracle’ adequately linked with many circumstances when we lack right answer or something beyond our imagination.

    Well. Back to topic. I had a similar situation like you, and met an terrible accident during 2004. When I was working at India. Pune for an IT company, one nice evening me and my friend went out to watch movie. We took Auto Rickshaw ride (Our great 3 wheeler 🙂 to theater and were stopped at signal on highway. We both were chatting and the driver was looking on sidewalks as by not concentrating on road.

    When signal got Green, He drove the Auto on full throttle, since our’s was the first vehicle at the traffic line. There were lot of Bus/Truck behind us. During ride, The Auto driver still didn’t concentrate on road, and drove by keep looking on sidewalks. Typical city driving! During chat, I just noticed there was medium size deep pit on our way, and he was just driving straight ahead on it since not looking the road consciously. I slowly shouted (As I don’t want him to get panic ) Watch out..! watch out..!! But, we reached the pit before he could slow down the auto…and he just turn the handle abruptly towards right-side of the road divider. Auto lost control completely. We straight hit the road divider and got dragged for almost 100 Mts on road with only 2 wheels on ground, and finally Auto got full upset on center of the road away from the divider!. HMG! Still I can feel the terrible moments.

    Driver got thrown away on road corner somewhere, My mobile wallet gone, and my friend got trapped under the auto body..and now the Miracle side….The moment I realize the situation. I was just standing on road and the Auto top roof has covered my backside. How we reach center of the road and how I got that standing position with that speed and moment..No answers. Now next Miracle.. When I realize, I just hear only a long horn sound that a Bus was coming fast just behind us (Since the Auto roof covered my backside, I didn’t see anything ) the one which follows from the signal. I just hold my ears and head at very tight anonymously and nothing else I couldn’t think that moment. My mind was realizing that…The Bus just going to pass on us as it was that pretty closer with that horn sound. Still I don’t know how it happened…The driver somehow pulled the bus just aside of the road and it just pass to corner. (My answer is…Only our parents prayers. Nothing much I can say !) When I open my eyes, my friend was screaming under the auto, and I jump out from the side bar and start pulling him out slowly.

    Meantime public arrived to the scene and all had been taken care. After few days I had a worst back pain and got slip disc issue. That’s a different and another long story. 🙂

    This incident I could never forgot in my life and ever remembered. Thanks for your time to read the long story Harleena

  22. Hi Harleena

    Gosh, I never knew about your accident either Harleena. That must have took some recovering from. Thankfully you came out of it the other side ok in the end.

    I’m pretty much of the same mind as Sue. I don’t believe that there’s a divine power that decides our fate. For me, either something happens or it doesn’t. Very black and white I know but then I’m not a religious person either.

    Interesting and very topical post Harleena. Something that will divide opinion, I think!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  23. I am reading your articles and found them very informative, well researched and attractive. In this article you have covered a very unique topic ‘Miracles’. I do believe that we all have this inner power within us to attract what we want. Keep on sharing and good luck

  24. Hi Harleena,

    I believe in miracles, I’m a living witness of so many.

    As a christian, I have since the ‘unbelievable’ happening. e.g a dead man jerking back to life, people getting delivered from real bondages ( seen this in my church and crusade grounds). A man that walks with clutches throwing it away and walking normally in a crusade ground, a blind man regaining his sight.

    Apart from this, being alive is a testimony that we live and breathe miracles.

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring post, it will help change the wrong mentality in naive people that don’t believe in miracles.

    Do have a nice weekend.

  25. I am so glad you are ok! I’m also appreciative that you put let go of your fears in the list of how to bring miracles into your life! 🙂

  26. Harleena,

    This one too is an awesome post.

    Someday, I will write about in details, but I must tell you that my wife was on a trip to Vaishno Devi. What happened there with her was a real miracle. I will write about that someday.

  27. Hi Harleena,

    OMG!!! What a great escape!!Indeed that is a Great miracle!!

    Thank God, you are here still with us to tell that Great story, I can very relate few such incidents in my life and few of my close relatives and friends life. Yes, as you said in the intro, our very presence on this earth itself is a great miracle, but we very seldom think about it or say about it. A very timely piece. The little girl’s story is really amazing!!! In the recent past i read few such miracle stories in the Readers Digest magazine.

    Let me repeat Albert Einstein’s quote

    There are two ways to live: You can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” ~ Albert Einstein ‘s
    PS: Harleena, pl.provide the G+ button below every post so that your readers can easily share, recently i aired a post in this subject in my blog.
    Best regards

  28. Hi Harleena,

    Wow… I had no clue about your experience of miracle dear 🙂 I recall once you told me about surviving an accident in a comment, but didn’t know it was miraculous. I’m really really glad you survived such a deadly accident and being among us. Else, from my end, I’d miss another miracle in my life. Oh My Gosh… That AGAIN reminds us how grateful we should be for our lives, isn’t it? 🙂

    The story of little girl is indeed miraculous and touching. I wish every parent in this World is like Santa in the story. You know, not to make miracles happen everytime but being loved so much in this complicated World is indeed a miracle for me 🙂

    I do believe in miracles dear! Mind you, I entertain the other possibilities from different perspectives too as I believe this life is not the first or last time of ours. But I almost experienced few miracles in my life. The one best miracle of my life is my sister coming back to life after months of unconsciousness 🙂

    No one thought she will make it. Even after survival, her brain was damaged and was blind. But now, she’s so normal and all senses are better than any of us in family. She did it and I just turned around to see her sleeping like a baby girl 🙂

    I agree with the quote you mentioned ~ “Miracles only happen if you believe in miracles.”. It makes me think that even if someone through your experience or my sister’s, he /she might ask “Why me?”. Not because they survived and grateful, but fed up of living or something negative going on in their mind. Different lives are always interesting to observe 🙂

    Ha ha… I’m good at visualizing miracles and keeping ’em as secrets Harleena 😉 They keep myself awake instead of letting me sleep. BTW I know the feeling of making miracles happen.

    I wish more miracles to be happen in your life Harleena 🙂 I believe you deserve more of ’em.

    Sorry for coming by late this time and you have a lovely weekend dear!


  29. Hey Harleena,

    You were definitely meant to be here! Or else I would never had met you 🙂

    But that was a great story although an accident isn’t all that great to be in. But definitely it wasn’t your time to go.

    I do believe that we all have this inner power within us to attract what we want. Whether it’s success or to get well. The power of hope and belief are divine in and of itself. We just have to tap into it, to make that the road to our higher self in order to achieve what we want.

    I can remember I had gotten a job which I was on probation for a year. Well only made it to 9months and they let me go, which I was glad because I really didn’t want to stay there. So I got on unemployment, depressed, but yet kept fighting it off because I knew I was going to get the job I want. 7 months later I was only my last unemployment check, but yet I was still positive about getting the job I wanted.

    Then all of a sudden, I got the job i wanted! It had to be on pure focus and tapping into my higher self that I got this job. On top of that, the job went beyond my expectations! In my previous job I was really restricted, and at the new job I was learning what I always wanted to learn and at the same time I was a lot more “free”. So I definitely thank the ONE above us and extension of the ONE within us!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Sherman,

      I so resonated with your story and I love the way you think about miracle. Let me put it in your own words: “I do believe that we all have this inner power within us to attract what we want. Whether it’s success or to get well. The power of hope and belief are divine in and of itself. We just have to tap into it, to make that the road to our higher self in order to achieve what we want.”

      Now that’s very powerful. Miracles will only happen if you strongly crave for it and it shed lights to the question of why Jesus always ask those guys he healed if the wanted to be heal or not. like he asked the blind Bartholomeus, “What do you want me to do for you?” He answered an said, “master, my eyes, I want to receive my sight”. And he answered saying, “receive your sight, your faith has made you whole” This means when we when we have faith, indeed we will move mountains thereby causing miracles to happen in our lives.

      I’m glad to read your comment brother, they always make sense!


  30. Miracle Happens to those who believe in miracle, I do believe, because me being alive today is a miracle, really a miracle, I remember when i was in school some years back, i fall ill, most people think he his not going to pass it by, even one of my teacher told me that, she is not sure i will make it, but here i am, its really a surprise to her, when i visited her…

    Miracle really happen, and you gave a perfect example about yourself….

    Miracle Happen every minutes, only for those who Understand..
    Kind Regards

  31. Hello Harleena,

    As Einstein said – “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I have tried both, for some time in my life I didn’t believe (or I should say refused to believe) that miracles exist and could happen.

    One story that strikes my mind is about a guy who had fallen down from a cliff and got rescued after 3 days by his own friend when the rescue party couldn’t find him, even then I never thought about the word miracle. Later I had to admit that the miracle does happen in our lives every now and then, either with or without our knowledge.

    When I started to think of all the incidents both good and bad that had happened to me then I started to realize how things work. So how to just stay focused on good things? I stumbled upon positive affirmations. Though it was something that my mind refused in the beginning, I started to see the good things in it. You just have to stay focused on the good things, simple!!! And Visualizations are a wonderful way to manifest your success.
    Both positive affirmations and visualizations have made remarkable changes in my life. I am happy to see that you have crafted such a beautiful post on this and also glad to hear that miracle has saved you and your family. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Indeed Sri Varshan, positive affirmations and strong visualization do work amazingly great wonders and that is what has gotten me to where I am today. I wouldn’t have thought myself to still be alive after several attempts of the Devil to kill me go null and void.

      Do enjoy the rest of your year man! 🙂


  32. Miracles of course do happen and I have of course had my share of miracles happening and sharing my miracles will of make my comment more or less like a mini-post.

    For God of course works in several miraculous ways! HE isn’t to be doubted in anyway.

  33. Yes Harleena, they happen & it happens with everyone. Everyone including me will be having some story to tell. And I don’t think miracles are limited to the life & death. They can even change the complete life of the people.

  34. Hey Harleena, it’s good to be here again today.

    What a great inspiration this is to me and I’m sure it has surely motivated many others too.

    I love Sarah’s story and I’m so sorry to hear about your accident, Harleena….it was very scary and for a moment I thought to myself, “Thanks goodness it didn’t resort to death after all” Cause the world would have missed such a great personality as you. I would not have been able to meet you let to talk of my dream to meet you in the future coming to a reality. Your insightful post I would not have been able to read and learn from. I would not have been able to learn the most vital lesson about blogging you taught me a few weeks ago while starting my blogging empire, and one that I now do with ease and joy. Aha! We would have missed a valiant virtuoso in you had it happen. Thank God it did not!

    Miraculously speaking, I beg to submit this madam Harleena that indeed miracle do happen. I mean what would you call this? At a particular time while my mom was yet alive. I was going to meet her at my aunt’s house and was walking on the railings of a railway….when this Train was heading towards me. Unknowing to me, or let’s say I wasn’t just aware of people’s wails and gestures towards me to leave the railway tracks as I was in a very deep thought of the suit to wear for my church’s drama night. Till today, Harleena I’m yet to fathom what took me from off that railings. Isn’t that a miracle?

    As if that is not enough, after my mom’s death, I was to go and meet one of her friends who had scheduled an appointment with me. On my way coming back, I boarded a minibike, that took the form of a car. We were five in that minibike and I can still remember that a hold-up had tied us down and all of a sudden, the driver had moved out of the traffic to overtake the other cars on the road. Little did we know that a trailer was heading straight at us and on clever attempt to sway away from this danger , he miscalculated and it resulted to an accident. I was to be the only one in that minibike who was literally unhurt. Another miracle!

    Trust me Queen Harleena, I can actually continue but I’m guessing it would be too long and I don’t want to bore you or anyone else reading it.

    I said all this to attest to the fact that miracles do happen.

    I like the tips you gave on creating our own miracle, they are potent yet simple techniques of creating our miracles.

    Being clear about what you want is the first step towards experiencing this miracle we are talking about, isn’t it? Visualizing it is also very important. And you must strike all fears, even the supreme being affirmed this that “he has given to us a sound mind and not of fear.” Expectation also plays a major role, the scriptures say “The expectations of the righteous shall not be cut short.” I’m not speaking as Christiane but this is all facts and ones that I truly and really resonated with through and through.

    Thanks so much Queen Harleena, for sharing with this great community this kind of masterpiece, it was really motivating and brought back memories. I bet I need to share these testimonies in church on Sunday morning. 🙂

    Do have a blessed and fun-filled time yonder okay.


    1. Hi Sam,

      It’s always good to have you back, and that too with such a lovely-long comment – just the way I like it 🙂

      I’m glad the post inspired you and others, though I was just sharing my own experiences with everyone here and wanting each one to create miracles in their lives.

      Ah…thank you for saying that – your words mean a lot to me, but we both know, I am no great personality, just another human who believes in miracles, more so after the little accident I had. Yes, had I not made it, perhaps this blog would have closed, or someone might have taken it over and shared a little more of inspiration with you all. If not me, my hubby perhaps, but I’ve never really sat back to think about what might have been as I live in the present, but you gave me a good idea for a future post perhaps on what might happen if…so thanks for that! Better note it down and keep it in mind. But nothing happened Sam, and I am with all of you, right here, sharing the little bit I know and making you all believe in yourselves and trying to inspire you all too, and when that happens, it inspires me in return too, so I should thank all of you as well as it’s because of YOU ALL that this blog exists, and so do I. Now, isn’t that a miracle in itself? 🙂

      Oh dear…just the thought of what could have happened had the train really come up on those railway tracks sends a shudder down my spine. Yes, anything could have happened, but with His grace and blessings, you were saved. Even though you were lost in thoughts, something within you alerted you to move away, and you did, and were saved. Pure miracle, or perhaps He became your guardian angel and pushed you on the side.

      Gosh! 5 on a minibike! That but of course would result in a disastrous accident – GOD! I sure am glad you were unhurt, or this world would have lost such an upcoming and awesome blogger too. Yes, a real miracle indeed. I think these just go to show the presence of a higher power and also tells us that perhaps our purpose on this earth isn’t yet done…we have many more miles to go before we sleep. 🙂

      Ah…I never get bored with your words and love to read ALL of your comments, so never feel that ways. Yes indeed, these tips as mentioned, and also the ones Carrie mentions in her video, if you managed to find time to see it, are all ways that we can create miracles in our lives, though I still need to get over my accidental miracle and try them out myself – I’m trying to.

      Thanks SO much for your wonderful and insightful comment, and I hope you keep visiting and sharing your experiences with all of us. I wonder if you managed to share these in church and what were the reactions you got. Have a miraculous day ahead, or else, make it one for yourself 🙂

      1. So this comment is much more lovely than mine no doubt but like you always say, “No competition”.

        You are right ma’am and I think it’s always good to live in the present and I don’t need to point out how important it is to live in the NOW.

        But I just feel nobody would have been able to provide as much of the value you produce here on a daily basis. Even if they will try it would cripple them save for your hubby as I’m sure you very well know each others too well for him not to carry on your legacy and quality but that’s if that accident had led to something more tragic and thank God that didn’t happen.

        Yeah…we all exist for each other and is good that you also are inspired by US. Indeed a miracle! 🙂

        Oh really the thought alone ma’am always makes me gasp. That was just God!

        Yes 5 ma’am. I actually didn’t want to board the bike but cause I had to quickly get home and fix some stuffs, I had no choice than to just hop-in.

        Now that incident was tragic as other four folks in the bike were all hurt except myself. A pure miracle. And I think you’re right about the purpose thing. God feels we still have a lot to accomplish for him here on earth that’s why I think he always make this miracles available in our lives.

        Awwwh…good to hear that ma’am. I’m glad you don’t get bored with my comments, I feel so because after leaving such comments on other blogs, they just say something like, “Thanks guy and keep coming”. And that just always piss me off big time!

        I haven’t yet seen Carie’s video owing to the fact that I blog from phone since December and it’s just impossible to watch videos via my phone. I will try my all to watch it though.

        Thanks for taking the time Queen, to reply my comment and for always providing value here at Aha-Now, trust me it’s the best you can offer your world. It’s much appreciate ma’am. Thanks and have not gotten the courage yet to go on that stage to share my testimony. I’m sure I will share them someday. 😀

        Best regards,

  35. A very touching post Harleena, You know, i felt like crying after reading this post because just as you mentioned, even our lives is a miracle.

    There are so many things that always occurs in life and, you will really believe that there is a being called GOD.

    The story of Sarah is indeed touching and both yours and hers is a remarkable example of our battles that God always fight which is a miracle.

    Anyone that does not believe in miracles is really dead. My mum went for a meeting 2 Sundays ago and around 6 PM, she was not yet home, this kept me worried and I had to start calling her phone number but she was not answering.

    I became more worried because, she is not used to staying outside late. Then, one hour later, a bike man droved inside our house carrying my mum and I saw that her face was covered with cloths.

    I was then told that she had a ghastly accident on her way back from the meeting and, she sustained so many injuries as a result of that including heating her head and the left side of her lungs on the road.

    In fact, a lot of people has had such accident but didn’t live to tell the story but by the special grace of God, my mum survived it. And, I called this a miracle. They didn’t take her to the hospital because my dad is medical doctor and, thank God I was around then, I traveled to see them so, both my dad, I and my siblings all joined hands to treat her.

    The one that aroused my fear most was how blood was oozing out of the wounds but, God in his infinite mercies later arrested the situation.

    This is just part of the many miracles that always happen in my life in fact, i will say THANK YOU JESUS.

    Its not that we’re the most righteous, irrespective of all our short comings, God is always there to fight our battles. Its really miraculous.

    Happy survival Harleena and, thanks for telling us about this. Have a pleasant weekend as well as more miraculous life ahead :).

    1. Hi Theodore ,

      Sorry for the tears, but you know I didn’t mean to 🙂

      That’s very true. He does exist and shows up whenever such life miracles happen, though we sometimes take them as mere incidents or accidents that come and go, without realizing what could have happened, if God or the supreme power wasn’t with us.

      I was touched by Sarah’s story too, and the combined prayers of Santa and her family, did bring results, isn’t it? All of this and my accident just goes to show that prayers have immense powers.

      Oh my goodness! That’s sure a lot your mom went through! I can just about visualize how everything must’ve occurred, and you all might have thought she’d return as she always does, but then to see her come back being carried this way with blood all over, must have shocked all of you a great deal. Yes, not everyone survives such accidents, that’s exactly the point! And those who do, will obviously call it nothing more than a miracle. It’s just the way I felt too after our accident, and after seeing so many similar cases occur for days after ours, it just made our belief stronger. I guess we are indeed His special people who yet have a lot more to accomplish on this earth – our work’s not done as yet 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your mom’s experiences with us. May God Bless her always, and you all too. Have a miraculous day ahead 🙂

  36. Hello Harleena!

    What an awesome piece of writing. You really touched me in a big way with this post.

    Miracles in my opinion is no accident. I believe that things do happen for a reason even when you are not looking at it from that angle. Sometimes as human beings, we get frustrated at the things that happen in our lives and wonder why they happened the way they did. Sometimes, we beat ourselves up for things that happen beyond our control.

    I’ve had accidents that has happened in my life where I didn’t understand why they happened at the time. It wasn’t till later in life, I figured out why things happened the way they did.

    Life always works out in mysterious ways. That is why my outlook on life is no accident. Miracles will happen, by chance, sometimes they happen when you least expect it.

    Really loved this one Harleena. 🙂

    1. Hi Nate,

      Glad to know that my post touched you in some way 🙂

      Absolutely! There is a reason for everything, and I keep thinking about this so often that perhaps that realization had to strike me too, about miracles happening in our lives and why we don’t appreciate them. Even the smallest of thing around is a miracle, isn’t it? But we don’t see those miracles happening in our daily lives, and as you mentioned we keep beating ourselves for things that aren’t in our control or try to run after things beyond us, without stopping to appreciate what we have.

      Yes indeed, we never realize the importance of things or incidents when they occur. Realization only strikes us later when we sit back to think about it, and then start believing in them. That’s just how it happened with me too. I think miracles occur each second, we just need those pair of eyes to see them each time 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words of appreciation 🙂

  37. Thank you for writing this article, Harleena.

    As usual, I am impressed by your positive attitude and zest for life. I am happy that you survived that horrible accident, and yes, it was truly a miracle. I have seen a few in my time as well, as a health care worker and Hospice volunteer. There truly is something greater than ourselves. Peace.

    1. Hi Jeanne,

      You are most welcome 🙂

      I just thought of sharing my experiences with everyone having gone through that rough phase of my life because I know miracles happen, just as they occurred that day for me. Similarly, you can create your own miracles too, just as the video says, though I still need to try her ways.

      I’m sure the miracles you’ve seen were amazing ones too, and perhaps they make you start believing in some higher power, isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views 🙂

  38. Yessirree – I’m a big believer! Sorry to hear you were in an accident. I am lucky I didn’t lose a leg from mine; I was inches short of getting it amputated a month after a snowmobiling accident.

    So many things around us are miraculous, actually – life in general and nature are miracles, too, in my mind. Wouldn’t you agree?

    1. Hi Lorraine,

      Nice to know that, so am I! I think the accident made us all believe in miracles – more so now 🙂

      I’m glad all went well with your accident too. Yes, I’d read about it a little on your blog and to imagine what all could’ve happened, just makes you believe more in the supreme power that saved you that day. Or was it your guardian angel too.

      Absolutely! Every little thing around us is a miracle that we need to appreciate and value. I wish more of us would do that.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us 🙂

  39. Wonderful post, Harleena 🙂

    I do believe in miracles – it’s still a miracle that we haven’t ‘eradicated’ things like lack of food or water (and that we still fight among ourselves, for petty reasons).

    Sorry about that, I just went into my ‘dark and gritty’ mode 😀

    Anyways, I have encountered several miracles on my own, for instance: I accidentally deleted one of my projects (before the day it was due), I was crying after that, didn’t know what to do, I came back few minutes later and looked – and the file is right there, on my desktop.

    I still am not sure whether it was a miracle or not, maybe I didn’t delete the file?

    But, I am glad things turned out for the better (I never could have finished the project in time).

    I think the best part about miracles is the hope that it gives, and that hope itself can motivate people to try harder (which may help them to overcome the obstacle :D).

    I won’t go into the spiritual aspect, because if I do, I would be complaining about why several problems haven’t been solved yet (like lack of food, for millions of people).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing the post, Harleena 🙂 Appreciate it!

    1. Hi Jeevan,

      No, you did mention the basic facts by saying that – yes, indeed a miracle 🙂

      Wow! I can just about imagine your state after you felt you’d deleted those files, it’s almost like all your hard work and efforts gone down the drain, and you know you had to meet deadlines and now how do you get it all back again. Heartbroken and stressful situation it becomes. But then when you see that the file was intact, somehow, you DO start believing it to be nothing more than a miracle, unless of course you overlooked that it was always there on your desktop from before but your eyes slipped that.

      You’re absolutely right about hope because that’s all we have and we all live on it. I think even the day you felt you’d lost those files, some hope was all that kept you going right till the end, isn’t it? Ah…we don’t have the solution to all the problems, and certain miracles are better left for Him to handle, the answers to which we wouldn’t know either.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us 🙂

      1. Yeah, I was crying, praying and thinking me how I would meet the deadline.

        Yes, indeed (I couldn’t believe it at all). Maybe it was a miracle, maybe I deleted some other file. I will never know (perhaps that is the best part!).

        Yes, indeed. I do question the existence of God (and the explanations various religions provide), but at the end of the day, I hope that a God (or Gods, or Goddess) does exist.

        And that’s why I like religion. For all the trouble it causes, it also helps to maintain that hope within people (and that hope can motivate people to do extraordinary things).

  40. Hello Harleena,

    Miracles do happen everyday…but more than everything, it is our believe in the miracles that make them come to pass.

    For me, even thee fact that I’m alive and typing this comment is a miracle!

    Thanks for sharing this supercharged post and inspiring your readers about miracles.

    Have a great day!

    – Terungwa

    1. Hi Terungwa,

      Oh yes…miracles happen daily, we just at times don’t see them with the same pair of eyes as we should 🙂

      Yes indeed, our belief is what keeps everything going, isn’t it? I think if we take every small thing as a miracle, things would be so beautiful and we’d learn to appreciate life as well so much more.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Have a nice day as well 🙂

  41. Wow, Harleena.

    I had no idea at all that you had survived a near-death experience so recently. That must have been so scary for you and your family. I’m so glad you survived and thrived and are here to share your amazing story with us.

    I’m not sure whether you can create miracles or not. It’s interesting though that every miracle I thought of when you asked were medical related. But as you point out, plenty of non-medical miracles happen too. I have witnessed medical miracles, but also have tried to create them when they didn’t happen.

    There is a saying, “be careful what you wish for.” What we may hope for may not be for the best and we don’t always get the miracles we want.

    Thanks so much for sharing your moving story with us, Harleena!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Yes, I did, and here I am – all in one piece. 🙂

      It was pretty scary, and a little of the scare still remains in them. I guess they are still scared of going for long drives, or would prefer we go for shorter ones near the house. It will take time, but we’re working on it.

      I agree with you there, and most of us relate miracles to those kind of medical related miracles we hear about mostly, but creating a few on your own is something I’ve yet to do as well. I think our accident was the greatest miracle that happened in our life, so never really had the time to sit and create any more 🙂

      You’re absolutely right about that phrase – you honestly have to wish for the right things, lest you get something you don’t like.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with us 🙂

  42. Hi Harleena,

    Wow, so much in this post, and that little girl story made me cry.

    Yes, yes, of course miracles do happen. Having studied how some people have be the object of miracles in their life I know that is linked to their deepest beliefs that whatever is going on with them, whatever disease they may be suffering from, they will get better and heal. When praying with the absolute belief that it will be so, it does work. When praying with no belief, it doesn’t.

    This has been proven time and time again.

    Oh dear, I don’t think I knew about your car accident. Indeed, what a miracle that you came out alive from this. It just wasn’t your time, and you are a walking miracle yourself.

    I’m glad that you mention some very important things here such releasing your fear, and visualizing, because they are essential to create miracle in our lives.

    Definitely excellent post.

    Have a great day 🙂

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      Sorry to bring tears to your eyes, but you know that wasn’t my intention 🙂

      I know you’d be right person to throw more light on this subject as it does have a lot to do with our subconscious mind too, isn’t it? If we really wish and want a miracle, or to heal, we can make the miracles happen in our lives ourselves. Belief is what keeps us going, and hope that it WILL work, and that’s where prayers play such a major part. I wish more people would understand such things.

      You bet I am! That was truly a narrow escape, or just not my time, or was it the willpower of my subconscious mind, or the presence of my guardian angel, or a combination of all of these things. But that evening was a miracle that occurred for me and my family, who were untouched by the accident too.

      I loved Carrie’s video, which goes on to explain how we can really create miracles in our own lives in a much better way than what I mentioned. Hope you liked it 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Have a nice weekend too 🙂

  43. Harleena, Thank God you’re still here. Like you said, it’s because you hadn’t fulfilled your purpose.

    I certainly believe in miracles. Five years ago on Christmas day we visited my daughter. After dinner, we drove home. Ten minutes later she called panicking. My six weeks old granddaughter wasn’t breathing properly. I rushed back to her house. She called the ambulance. They came, did some tests and took her to the hospital.

    Apparently she had bronchiolitis and it was affecting her breathing. She was put on oxygen and had all sorts of tubes attached to her body. Her condition got worse. They even told my daughter to christen her because they didn’t think she would survive.

    I’m a praying woman. So, I prayed and asked a pastor friend to pray as well. A couple of days later, I was resting. My eyes were closed. I saw a man going into a room. It looked like a hospital ward. He had bright light all around his chest area. The vision disappeared as suddenly as it appeared.

    I felt that God showed me that my granddaughter would be healed. Miraculously, a week later, she was transferred to our local hospital. She was in there for another four days. She is now a healthy, lively five year old girl.

    I knew it was a miracle because the pastor who was praying for her also saw a vision. But he saw her dead. He said he prayed hard and spoke out that she will not die, but she will live. And yes, she did live.

    I’ve had three miraculous things happen to me as well. I can’t go into it now as this comment would take too long. But I had near death experiences three times. One also involved a car crash.

    Miracles are real. 🙂

    Thanks for posting this inspiring post.

    Have a great evening.:-)

    1. Hi June,

      Yes – still here! I know now that my purpose isn’t still accomplished and I need to just get down to it now 🙂

      Oh…that surely was a miracle that you experienced with your granddaughter! Once you sit back to think about things, it was such a lovely Christmas dinner that you were returning from, and the very next moment you hear about her ill health. And then her condition becomes so critical, the poor baby and her mother must be in such a state! With such a small baby it becomes all the more tough and to have tubes and tests being conducted, I can well imagine the condition.

      Prayers always help June, they always do. Your prayers were certainly answered after you saw the vision, and yes, that was the sign of His presence that might have healed your granddaughter. I wonder as to why the pastor had a different vision that he had to fight out and ask for her life, which she was eventually given. I guess each one of us experience different things, but miracles do happen, IF we believe they do, isn’t it? And your healthy and lively granddaughter is the living proof of it all.

      I wish you’d had more time to share about the other near death experiences you had with us, perhaps some other time. I’m sure that the simple fact that you made it through them all unharmed and are still here is a miracle in itself, which also shows that you too have an unaccomplished task with a purpose to achieve in life 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and inspiring us by sharing your experiences with our readers. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  44. Hi Harleena,

    Great post and what a lovely story! Personally I don’t believe in miracles but I believe in making our futures what we want!

    I am a big follower of Derren Brown who is a great person to make us question or lives and make our lives better by questioning and thinking about our lives!

    As for miracles lets take Jesus for instance and how he waled on water that one time! Yes I do believe he existed and that he was a great man but for the walking on water thing… Hmmm…Check out YouTube for Dynamo Walking on Water.

    I do believe that positive thoughts have the power to make our lives better and that accepting our negative thoughts for what they are is something we should also do and just not ignoring them!

    I always try and change my negative thoughts into positive ones and If I cannot I just accept them and not ignore them!

    Great post Harleena I really enjoyed reading it!

    – Phillip Dews

    1. Welcome to the blog Phillip!

      I’m glad you like the post and the story. 🙂

      I respect and value your beliefs – yes, we can and should try to make our future as per our specifications ourselves, as we’ve many, if not all, tools in our own hands. If all goes as per what we planned, there’s nothing like it, but even if it didn’t despite our perfect preparations and performance, well, we just have to accept it.

      Sometimes, we know the other opponent is weak in a game, yet something happens and that person wins, and we lose. The logical analysis is that either we made some faults, or the other person played better, or the other person adopted to the condition well, or maybe they were in his or her favor, and so on. That’s all fine for an event like a game. Even with regards to life, we like to keep everything logical and objective – scientific method is lovely – but not everything runs by logic if you come to think of it. Not everything can be analyzed, accounted for, and explained, unless we go to our depths and experience the unknown frontiers.

      What I’m trying to say Phillip is that I believe there’s a lot in life that we haven’t seen, known, or experienced. It’s a fact that science is progressing, but its reach is only like the spread of a torch light in a huge dark cave. The luminescence of spirituality does help us see things far beyond and understand concepts and events, which are beyond the scope of the torch light. Of course, these are my personal views, and I understand you may not agree, and that’s okay. Not everybody has to agree with everybody, right?

      I’ve read scholars comment that Jesus was a Yogi – a person who attained special powers to defy the physical laws of the world. If you Google and check out about Yogis, you’d be bewildered by what you see, read and hear. Yes, it all seems impossible and fake. Nobody believed man can walk on the Moon, until someone did. If we haven’t seen a UFO, it’s hard to believe they exist. Our life is as mysterious as the world – a few weeks ago I read in the news that a totally new species of insect were found in the depth of Antarctica that couldn’t even be thought of! There’s lot of “unknown” in the world and life, while it’s good to be skeptical to test and take in the right thing, I believe, we should let the doors of our mind be open for opportunities and possibilities.

      You’re right in that positive thoughts have power, and we can make our life with constructive thinking. Negative thoughts like skepticism also play an important part – it’s like the opposition party trying to put a check on the ruling party or the government. That’s an important lesson you mentioned – never to ignore your negative thoughts.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope our comments will give other readers more food for thought, and probably an answer to their questions. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  45. Super-awesome post, Madam!

    Even I believe in miracles. They do happen at least once in our lives! It is so nice of you to bring out the words from the depth of your heart and presenting them so beautifully. And yes, I am going to try how to make miracles happen!

    Thank You!

    1. Welcome to the blog Yashraj!

      Glad you liked the post 🙂

      Ah…I guess being a writer, I do write from my heart and this was a very close incident that happened in my life, which I thought to share it along with Sarah’s little story just to make people believe in miracles and make their own, if they aren’t already. Hope you manage to create miracles in your life too, and do see the video as that would surely help you with it.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views 🙂

  46. Wow Harleena,

    I never knew about your accident, that was truly a miracle how you survived and thrived! I’ve known a few in my life as well. I almost got hit by a large truck in my travels and thought my grandmother was my guardian angel that saved me from it.
    I also was very sick (menningitis) and was on morphine in the hospital. I kept thinking everyone I ever knew on morphine had died. I survived and fully recovered. I am so grateful for my health every day. I swore I’d never rush around again but of course years later I do and I try to remember back to that time and take a breath and slow down.

    It is harder to think about miracles when things go bad. But as long as we have hope and pray it can help guide us through.
    Great topic Harleena!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Yes, it surely was a miraculous escape, and here I am – all in one piece with all of you 🙂

      Oh dear…you could have really lost a great deal had that truck got to you, but you too did feel the presence of your guardian angel, and for you it was your grandmother. And yes, you did mention meningitis earlier and that can be pretty bad – you better take it easy and remind yourself to slow down too. But that doesn’t really seem to happen in our lives, does it? I am guilty of that myself, though each time some health issue comes up, I promise myself to take it easy, but am back to square one!

      Absolutely! We all live on hope, and prayers always help.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with all of us 🙂

  47. Hi Harleena !

    Its quite difficult for me to believe that miracles do happen as I haven’t experienced nor I have seen any miracle till date .But after reading real life experiences as the one’s you’ve shared through this post makes me think harder on this topic. BTW , I really like the tips that you’ve mentioned ..specially the 2nd and 3rd one . These 2 tips not only makes people think/stay positive but also helps them to stay confident . Thanks for sharing this awesome article .


    1. Hi Pramod,

      I don’t blame you for feeling that way, though perhaps they happen but you aren’t aware of them taking place in your life 🙂

      I guess after reading all about my accident, and even Angela’s, if you managed to see how bad an accident she survived, and so many others who have shared their experiences – you might change your mind. I think those who go through such events start believing more.

      Glad you liked the tips mentioned, and I hope you managed to see the video too, which explains these steps in a much better way and might help you to create miracles in your life too.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with us 🙂

  48. Hello Harleena,

    First of all it is great that you & your family survived a major accident. It is nice to know about Sarah too.

    And yes, I agree that many a times in life we are in a helpless situation and help from a known or unknown source.Even if I say about bloging,I was not into this but somewhere in my heart had a deep desire within me to write. I just come across few persons with the support and encouragement I have just started to learn blogging. So yes, you are right miracles happens in our lives small or big. We just have to recognize them and accept them.

    Thanks for such a nice post.

    1. Welcome to the blog Nitesh!

      Well, thank you for saying that – I think He’s been very kind to all of us 🙂

      I think a miracle is an event that is unexpected, unprecedented, and seems so unreal, which either makes a huge difference in your life and saves you from bigger problems or disasters, or saves you from the jaws of death. The other concept is about fate and the careers that we choose or what we become largely depend on that, apart from our own efforts. Blogging to me was my fate, but surviving that car accident was a miracle.

      I think your case sounds similar to Vinay’s, as I just replied to him where he mentioned how he didn’t even know how to switch on a computer and within three months, without anyone’s help and support he started his blog. So, if the drive and willpower is there, you can surely make miracles happen in your life, isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by, and congratulations on your new blog too 🙂

  49. Miracles happen. And they always happen for some good reason at right time, at right place. Getting great ideas in mind, I feel, is a miracle. Best idea to write a blog post, best way to promote them, how to get more traffic and profit, all these sounds miracles when I think from where all these ideas strike my mind.

    Miracles transform our lives. The way you escaped is a miraculous one, thank God else the world would have lost a great blogger like you! One question from my cousin changed everything around me. I was a boy who didn’t even know how to ON the computer and within 3 months, without anyone’s help and without any resources, mastered many things and now a blogger on the internet. A miracle indeed. Thanks to that miraculous question!

    1. Welcome to the blog Vinay!

      You are absolutely right about that, and they don’t happen to everyone too 🙂

      If you teat the whole life as a miracle, then ideas are miracles too, and everything you do or that happens is a miracle too. An idea that made you do something different which you never intended to do and if that thing changed the life for you… that idea was no less than a miracle.

      Oh yes…mine was a miraculous escape and when I think about it, anything could have happened that evening, whether to me or my kids and family. But thankfully they just had a few bruises and nothing else, and even though I was thrown out and landed far away, I was alive, and am here sharing the whole incident with all of you here!

      Yes, if you make up your mind, you can achieve great things in life, and in your case too it seems to be the same thing. You didn’t imagine you’d be able to switch on a computer, but here you are- handling a proper blog now, because you created a miracle for yourself by working on things.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us 🙂

  50. Hi, Harleena mam,

    You survive, that’s a miracle indeed. 🙂

    I do believe miracle happens. It is the power of hope and power of our sub-conscious mind which bring unusual thinks happen in human’s life. Subconscious mind inspired by our thoughts impulses, create burning desires and that burning desires backed by faith makes miracle.

    You had gone through a killer accident and hospitalized, it was nothing but your will power of life which becomes burning desire by backed faith of life. And see the miracle for you.

    I would also like to share a miracle. My friend named Jugal. One day he was in hurry to catch a bus. He was getting late for his office. In hurry of getting into bus, he felled down back sided. Actually, his mind became unconscious, in other words, his brain stop working at that time. He went in comma, a medical death. But after one week of struggle, he backed and with three month of medical treatment he is living a happy life. Even doctors say about this accident, it was a miracle.

    Not only in the field of medical, but each and every field of life miracle is bound to happen. It is no one but our mind who creates all miracles.
    We can define miracle as, when our mind meets with its infinite intelligence, creates miracle. Way to infinite intelligence starts with a thought and goes through fearless imagination.

    Thank You very much for sharing a wonderful post. 🙂
    Have a great day. 🙂

    1. Hi Kumar,

      Yes it is – I survived and am all in one piece 🙂

      That’s very true. The power of hope and our own willpower to fight it out and come back, is a major thing we cannot forget. I wonder what was on in my subconscious mind when I was unconscious. Perhaps my kids and family, and they might be the reason I was pulled back too.

      Prayers and faith have great powers that we cannot deny as well, and more than our own prayers, it’s the prayers others do for us that benefit us, especially in times like this. I think it was my kids and family, as well as my Dad’s prayers that were strong enough and answered. You can never really say what it was, but we can’t deny the fact that there was a power greater than we can imagine that stopped this accident turning into a fatal one, isn’t it?

      Jugal’s story too goes to prove what we just mentioned – a miraculous escape for him too. More of coming back to life I would say. Remembering of falling on the back of the head, it happened with me too when I was in college and getting off a train that had started moving slowly at first, but by the time I came to the door to get off, it picked up speed, and I fell with my head flat and lost consciousness once again. It must have been for 10-15 minutes, but had my cousin with me who with the help of a few others placed me on the side bench, but I was back to my normal self within minutes. Not a miracle perhaps because people fall and get up daily, but when you become unconscious even for a few seconds, it’s not necessary you become conscious at all and often people go into coma if they don’t recover, like Jugal. I’m sure glad he’s fighting fit now.

      I liked your definition of a miracle and I think the video shared here, just goes to explain how we can create miracles in our own lives too. Nothing is impossible, if we set out to achieve it all, isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by and adding more value to the post. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  51. Hi Harleena,

    While I enjoyed the story of the little girl surviving I’m more thankful that you survived that horrible car crash. Oh my goodness, you and your family must have been so scared.

    I do believe in miracles. Gosh, I’m trying to remember who said it but I heard this just the other day that miracles don’t happen all the time which is why they’re called miracles.

    I watch a show on TV here in the US called Long Island Medium. The lady on the show is named Theresa and she talks to those who have crossed over. She did a reading for a couple and the husband really wanted to talk to his best friend. They had grown up together and had been in business together. He did connect with him but during that the best friend mentioned an incident where his kids were playing on the stairs. The wife said that her little three year old son was playing and lost his balance and started to fall backwards down the stairs. She was standing at the bottom fixing to run up and get him but all of a sudden it’s like someone caught him and stood him back up. It was the best friend who had passed away. He was his guardian angel watching over him. Now that’s a miracle.

    Why things happen to some people while not others? I guess we’ll find out once we go to heaven because there’s no way we’ll learn the answers here.

    Beautiful post and thank you for sharing your story. I’m so glad you made it through that one young lady. The world wouldn’t be as great a place without you in it.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Yes, I survived alright, without losing anything other than a few hours of consciousness and was very lucky to be back with all of my memory intact! The kid’s were very shaky for days after the accident, and to date, they just aren’t comfortable going out for such a long drive. I guess it will take them time to really get over it all 🙂

      I agree with you there, miracles don’t happen all the time, and they happen to certain people only, something that I noticed because for days after our accident, there were similar accident news and stories all over the newspapers, but no one survived in those. I wonder how that happened, and why me?!

      Isn’t that an amazing incident?! Imagine holding someone in thin air, and that boy survived all thanks to this friend. Oh…I do believe in guardian angels, and I think that day, my Mom was perhaps there for me – I just feel so sure about it, the more I think of it now. Sometimes when we are in trouble or in such a situation when there is no way out, they are the ones who really pull us out of there, and we don’t know about it there and then, but when you come to think of how it all occurred, you realize this fact. All of us have our angels, we just don’t see them 🙂

      You’re right about that…we really cannot figure it all out here, and would have to go to heaven to make that out. Ah…thank you for saying that! I think I had to share this story with everyone here, and still have so much unaccomplished work to do – my works certainly not done as yet.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  52. Wow Harleena…

    You are absolutely spared by God and His angels saved you from dying. You’re right. It’s prolly not your time yet. Just like what happened to me here:

    I wrote my story last December 6th and forgot about it till I saw your latest post about the Miracles.

    I am referring you to my personal journal coz the story is more than 500 words. I think I have submitted this to Angels Encounters website but I’m not sure if they even publish it. I just went ahead and jot down on my journal so I will never forget that day. It was indeed a MIRACLE for me…

    Right after our car jumped off the cliff and thought it was the END of my life. And little did we know, we landed on the snow. I dunno how deep is the cliff, it was TOO FAST when it happens. All I remember when we were tumbling around that cliff, it was like in SLOW MOTION. I’m not sure if it’s the trees slowed us down or is the angels slowed us down. Whatever it is we were unscatched. Not a bruise. Not a neck injury. Or even a scratch. Unbelievably AMAZING!!!! I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.

    Anyway, thank you for such an EXCELLENT post. I love reading stuff like this. I hope you have a great week my friend. I will talk to you later and will see you later.


    1. Hi Angela,

      That’s really the truth and exactly what must’ve happened that evening, or else there was NO way I would’ve been here 🙂

      Gosh! You seemed to have gone through a much worse accident as compared, and seeing the way your car was, it’s a miracle that happened to you too! One doesn’t see the snow in this picture, or perhaps it’s taken later, but had that not been there as a buffer, it would have been fatal. I wonder how things slowed down for you too, yes, perhaps the angels because the trees would have still torn the car apart as it was a steep cliff I think. It’s unbelievable that there was not a single injury nor bruise!! Yes, after reading your story (I left you a comment there too), I have no doubts whatsoever, Angela, and thank GOODNESS you were saved 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your miracle with us, which I am sure our readers would enjoy reading and will believe in it too, especially those who still have doubts. Have a nice weekend as well 🙂

  53. Hi Harleena,

    Wow! You did have a close call in that car accident. And your husband was right! You lived to share your story with us and to inspire others with your writing! You work is yet not finished for sure 🙂

    Speaking of miracles, I read an incredible book by my favorite Napoleon Hill named “You Can Make Your Own Miracles” a long time ago when I set an unrealistic business goal and claimed to my mentor that it is going to happen. He said, “Well, only miracle can do it” and I said, “Okay! If that is what it is going to take, so be it. But it must happen this month!”

    My mentor smiled at me and asked me to read this book. I did finish the book in next 36 hours and guess what, that miracle in my business, did happen the same month. The mission was accomplished! The conceived impossible became possible! People in my team still talk about that!

    So yes, miracles do happen and in fact, we can make it happen when we get determined!

    Thank you for sharing an incredibly inspirational story! Have a wonderful week!


    1. Hi Kumar,

      It was a very close call I’d say! Just glad to have made it back to the world in one piece! Yes, I had to be around to share my story with everyone here 🙂

      I’ve heard a lot about that book but not had the chance to read it as yet. I liked what your mentor said, truly motivational. And you did manage to read through so fast. The miracle had to occur when you did so much, and I think the positive energies worked in your favor that time, isn’t it?

      I agree with you there – if we are determined and have a strong willpower, we DO create miracles. I wish more of us would really understand this fact.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us. Hope you are having a great time this end with your loved ones. Enjoy your weekend too 🙂

  54. I do believe in miracles. I’ve experienced them. Once you recognize them it makes so much sense that it was what occurred.

    Miracles are incredible things that happen. Sometimes when everything could’ve gotten in the way, but didn’t.


    1. Welcome to the blog Lea!

      Glad to know that you are with most of us who believe in miracles too, and having gone through them makes you stronger in your belief in them, isn’t it? Yes indeed, if we think what all could have happened, but didn’t, you believe more in the higher power.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  55. Hi Harleena

    What an awful accident and I can only imagine that you all are counting your blessings that all turned out okay in the end. How scary!

    Miracles, yes, divine intervention, yes. I do believe we have guardian angels with us. At times if we feel alone, it seems if you call to ask for help you are enveloped with support from something you cannot see.

    Even when things feel like they are not going in our favor, I have asked for help and I can look back and see that things were not as bad as they seemed. Like always coming out much better than what it was appearing to be.

    If one never asks for help from what we can’t see, but feel, it does not surprise me that they never get help.

    Great post.


    1. Hi Mary,

      Absolutely! It was a miraculous escape, and we all remain ever so thankful to the Almighty for saving our lives 🙂

      Oh yes…my guardian angel was with me that evening who pulled me out, or perhaps pushed me safely to the side. I think it might have been my mom, I can never really say because I was unconscious, but that’s what I believe. You are right, sometimes we cannot see His power working, while at other times it works even when you don’t ask for it.

      I’ve experienced that too, and somewhere or the other the prayers are answered. If not immediately, after a while, but they are, for those who pray and believe. Yes indeed, asking for help is something we all do, or perhaps most of us who feel the need for it, and we are helped in more way than one. I wish more people would realize the miracles working in our favor.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us 🙂

  56. I am a firm believer in miracles and that it’s God’s intervention.

    I’ve read about a lot of what the media calls coincidences but to me they’re miracles. I heard about a gentleman who had sunk with the boat. I think it’s the same one…He was in an air pocket for three days reciting Psalms when a diver discovered him. That should convince anyone because the man was at the bottom of the ocean.

    As well as the story of the little girl. I have always believed in the power of prayer and that was the best gift anyone could receive…for Santa too 🙂

    My goodness Harleena. That was a horrible accident. It is truly a miracle you survived which tells me it wasn’t your time. There are big plans you haven’t fulfilled yet 🙂

    Another great post my friend! Thanks for sharing this and the video with us. I hope more folks will start to believe in miracles and not luck :).

    Hope you’re having a great week!

    1. Hi Corina,

      You are like me there because I too DO believe that without His intervention, miracles don’t happen 🙂

      Yes, that was the exact case about the person in an air pocket that I was referring to, and seeing his picture in the newspaper was like thanking the Almighty for his grace to save this guy! His oxygen supply from the air pocket wouldn’t have lasted long had he not been rescued in time.

      I think it surely was the best gift for Santa, Sarah, and her family as well. What more could one ask for, especially for Christmas. I agree with you there, I had to be around to share this story with all of you, so how could I go…lol…Jokes apart, I was unconscious for over 24 hours, and even after that, there were spells of going in and out of consciousness. Not to mention that the several CT Scans and tests carried out thereafter, just to ensure my top level was intact, and thankfully it was as I remember all that I used to earlier too. Just the fact that someone slips and has a bump on their head, and dies – while others have such major accidents and survive! There is obviously a reason, a purpose perhaps that I’ve yet to fulfill 🙂

      I hope people like this video where Carrie has explained things so well as to how you can create miracles for yourself.

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice week as well 🙂

      1. Oh yes, when I saw it I just couldn’t imagine being down there knowing one false move can mean life or death. I mean, even the nonbelievers should feeling a tingle of faith after reading that, how else can it be explained?

        I’ve been in a couple accidents but not as bad. And when I see an accident on the road I pray for everyone involved.

        The video was great. I’ll have to remember to Cosmic Order a parking space. :). She shared some wonderful suggestions and I wrote them down. I need to do more visualization. I already know what I want know I have to see it. 🙂

        Happy Friday Harleena. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a wonderful weekend!

  57. Harleena,

    I have witnessed miracles and do believe they can happen. I was resistant at first so I had to study parapsychology and quantum physics in order to make that stubborn left brain of mine understand! I’ve done this for years.

    I do believe in the power of prayer. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer with a two centimeter tumor growing out of his prostate gland. This meant that he would surely have cancer in his lymph nodes and so on. Two doctors diagnosed it this way.

    Long story short, He was put on many prayer chains. We prayed like never before. He went in for robotic surgery and the doctor had told me that there was no tumor there. He came out fine and didn’t need any chemo or radiation. The doctors were shocked, but I wasn’t!

    I’ve witnessed many miracles in my life and do pray for them often. Not for myself, but for others. The success stories go on and on!

    I love the story about Santa. Goes to show Miracles do happen.

    Thank you for this inspirational post,


    P.S. I am sure glad a miracle had saved you girl!

    1. Hi Donna,

      You surely seem to have studied deep about miracles so would be able to guide us better and throw more light on what works 🙂

      Oh yes…prayers always DO work, just as you mentioned. With the prostate cancer the way it was, there was no way of it getting alright with the tumor that large and doctors also diagnosing it. Ah…so prayers DID work and he got alright without chemo or radiation! That’s pretty awesome, and sounds just like Sarah’s story in this post. Yes, prayers have great powers, especially for those who believe, which is most essentially – something that most people forget doing, isn’t it?

      You are absolutely right about praying for others, more than yourself, and those prayers are known to affect others instantly. It’s like someone was praying for me, so I was saved. It could have been my Dad, close ones, and even my kids and hubby that very moment. Whoever it was, prayers worked and some power was there that pulled me right through that incident.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us 🙂

  58. Hello,

    I truly enjoyed this post about miracles. It was thorough and addressed whether or not they happen how to recognize them and how to make them happen.

    I believe in miracles. There have been many times in my life where I was able to accomplish something or was saved from painful or dangerous situations by the kindness of strangers or some unforeseen act. During a summer training program for the blind a man named James Duncan came and spoke about his all blind scout troops. He had a drawing for two BSA caps. I won one. Later that year I joined his troop and eventually became the first blind eagle scout in the same Houston area council which covers the Houston Texas area. A police officer once gave me cab money when I had missed the last bus without knowing it and was in a bad neighborhood late when it was getting dark and cold. And God works behind the scenes a lot of times getting things ready for you. Am close to the sale of a train. The buyer contacted me months ago and was disappointed when i told them the owner of the train wouldn’t sell part of it so they could replace parts of their own train damaged by vandals. I had no way to know until a few weeks ago that they had been quietly lining up contributors to raise the money to buy the train. Currently I’m awaiting their inspection. I’m pretty positive that next year they will have a new or newer train.

    Thanks for the post. It’s important for people to know and to be reminded that miracles exist. Take care, max

    1. Hi Max,

      Nice to know that you liked the post about how miracles occur and how you can make them happen as well 🙂

      Ah…good to know that you join most of us in believing in miracles, because I strongly do think they happen for a reason. I guess you did win the first blind eagle scout and that must have made you so proud! Yes, the police officer surely seemed to be in the right place at the right time to help you out, or else you’d have been stranded for God knows how long! I’m sure even your trains will get new buyers. He has his way of working, sometimes on the quiet, and we can’t make that out till after a while, isn’t it?

      Yes indeed, miracles do exist and most of the time people don’t come to know about it because they just come and go without us having to notice them. I wish we would appreciate the smallest of miracles we come across in our lives 🙂

      Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

      1. Yes harleena; thanks for reminding me of the small quiet miracles too like a child’s laugh the way my dog barks or wags her tail when she sees me a beautiful sunset rainbows etc. And he does have more miracles in store for all of us. The question is can we stay faithful and live in a godly manner during those in between times the times when you can’t see his hand moving in your life. Will have to think more about the small miracles and notice them. They are part of our abundance and something else we can be grateful for. Love the posts. Take care, max

  59. Hi Harleena,

    I never knew you’d had such a serious accident – what an amazing escape for you and your family, and what a terrible trauma it must have been.

    I enjoyed this post, but I have to say I have a slight problem with the whole concept of miracles – the question that always comes to mind for me is, how come the other kid didn’t get miraculously cured? Why should the little girl in your lovely story get to survive while others, just as innocent and deserving, succumb to their illness, as many do, and die?

    I do think life itself is one huge “miracle”, inasmuch as it’s something even the smartest scientists still can’t wholly explain, and I wonder every day at the wonder of creation. But I can’t accept that there’s some divine power performing individual miracles that mean some people recover from fatal diseases or escape from hurricanes and floods while others are left to perish. It’s just not a philosophy I can subscribe to.

    I agree that we can and do, to some extent, create our own luck, in the ways you describe in the post, but then that’s not exactly ‘miraculous’, is it? That can be explained largely by what we know about human psychology and motivation – and even though the human mind and brain still aren’t completely understood, there’s at least the beginnings of a scientific explanation for why that should be. But when completely inexplicable good fortune, or bad, occurs, which can’t be accounted for by an individual’s own actions, I’m afraid I believe that’s often just down to chance, luck, kismet, fortune – call it what you will. I love stories about gods and devils, angels and demons, but I don’t actually believe in them.

    I realise, from the other comments you’ve received so far, that I’m very much in a minority of one on this subject – apart from Balroop, who admits to a little residual scepticism.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think life’s incredible and full of wonderful – and terrible – unexplained happenings (unexplained due to the limits of our scientific knowledge) – but I have to be honest about what I do and don’t believe, and I’m with Richard Dawkins on this one 😉

    1. Hi Sue,

      It was terrible and something that we all took a long time to get over, but we did, except that the kids still fear long drives now 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I understand your viewpoint, and believe me, I was at the same crossroads some time ago. I was skeptical and judgmental too, and looked for an order in the chaos. With time, I learned that the world is not uniform, there’s no one set of general rules that governs all, and not all live at the same levels. There are layers of many reasons and causes for the inequality we observe on the surface, and the different kinds of experience we have in life. Life and experiences of “A” need not be equal to the life and experiences of “B”. I want to emphasize that though all are created equal, in the sense of rights and opportunities, but it’s not necessary that we all will have the same fate.

      Why does one student get more marks than the other even though they had the same facilities and other conditions? There are various factors like mental ability, understanding, commitment, concentration, and the factor of chance that make the difference. With regards to life, we don’t know all the factors involved – everything is concealed. Imagine, how life would be if you knew all the secrets – boring, right? There would be no adventure, competition, excitement etc. I feel that even if we can’t understand life, we must go with what all facts we can afford and make a hypothesis based on our intuition, the guidance of inner self, and teachings of the enlightened ones.

      You’re right in that life itself is a big miracle. All of us are in trouble sometime and need out-of-the-world help to get out of them, but we’re not at the same mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. I don’t know the reason behind why miracles happen to select people, but I guess it’s got to do with their energy levels, spiritual index, past life, and even previous birth rewards – I know this sounds not scientific, but miracles really don’t have a scientific base. Yet, I’m a bit skeptical and undecided. On the other hand, I’m open to all propositions and theories – keeping all possibilities open.

      The fact is that miracles occur, but we can’t figure out why and how. As for that, there are many things in the world and our life that we don’t have much clue about either. As you mention, even the smartest scientists can’t decipher and explain everything about life. I read somewhere that spirituality takes on from where science ends. Even if we disregard the concept of the divine, benign power, and miracle, we can’t ignore the fact that there’s an enormous power and potential within us – in our mind and brain, and the mystery of our soul – and all that probably secretly work together to create a happening that we term as a miracle.

      It’s difficult for all of the humankind to follow the same philosophy, but the crux of life is that we all are here to experience, learn, and perform. The Indian philosophy has the concept of “karma”, which is intertwined with the theory of “rebirth”. I know this is getting too philosophical, and probably I’m not the best person to talk and explain such concepts, but the quote by Paulo Coelho does give the best clue that miracles only happen if you believe in miracles. I’d confess that I didn’t strongly believe before my accident as much as I do now.

      I wrote about what I think is the difference between faith and miracle in one of the comments above, but a miracle could be a part of your fate. We absolutely can’t create a miracle that can save us from death or hurt, and instantly change our life; it just happens.

      Life is good, and it’s okay to be skeptical – the wise say that there’s a time for everything. Keep learning, keep experiencing and probably the “Gods” will be happy with you and gift you a miracle! 😉

      Sorry for this looong rant, but honestly all of this just flowed in my attempt to reply to your insightful comment. Thanks for your thought-provoking and intelligent comment, and it really adds value to this post. Have a great miraculous day ahead! 🙂

  60. Wow Harleena, that is indeed a big miracle that happened in your life. Not all can survive such accident.

    I do believe that as long as you have life in you, that’s indeed a miracle. The thing is everybody have their own view of miracle :).
    Now here is a miracle that happened to me not too long ago… Back then before I started blogging, I was broke. I was broke to the point that I can’t pay for anything…I almost lost my family in that process and I gave up on life.

    Unfortunately, I secured a security job just to get my feet back on track. The only thing i had then was a little bit of hope…To cut the story short, I joined blogging and a miracle happened. Now I have my own office and people are working under me :).
    Now the miracle was the hope I had….

    Let me not talk too much dear. Do have a nice week ahead…

    1. Hi Babanature,

      You are absolutely right about that – not everyone survives such accidents. I guess I was one of the lucky ones 🙂

      Yes indeed, life IS a miracle. Just the simple fact that we are breathing, living, and doing what we do is a miracle in itself, isn’t it? And you are right as you can see from the comments, each one has had their own experience and see miracles in their lives and all that they’ve gone through.

      Hmm…I can just about imagine such a state and how it must have torn you apart, and all that you and your family must’ve undergone too. Yes – we live on hope, we all do, and that’s what actually keeps us going day in and day out, isn’t it? Just see how the tables turned for you, and it’s been your hard work, efforts, and of course the hope that made you reach where you are today. Yes, a miracle turnover I’d say because you never left hope.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us. Have a nice week as well 🙂

  61. Hi Harleena,

    This was a brilliant post!

    I never knew about your accident. It sounds like it was a very serious one, as were your injuries. Indeed, it is a miracle that you survived. I agree higher powers were operating and you had to get better, as you’re still needed. I’m so glad you recovered, my friend.

    Indeed, as you say, we can create miracles. When I went on my first meditation retreat, I experienced a miracle after about 5 days of meditating. I walked out the hall and experienced being in a state of pure consciousness with the ego completely dissolved for a short period.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Hiten,

      Glad you liked the post 🙂

      I don’t think I ever mentioned it, or perhaps just told a few people once I was a little better. Yes, it was a very serious one and just coping with the thought of all that could have happened also took all of us a lot of time. There were higher powers out there that helped me through it all and I have no second thoughts or doubts about it, or else I wouldn’t have been here with all of you, sharing my story.

      Ah…that sound pretty awesome too! To experience such bliss and be in such a state must be an experience in itself! I wonder if you felt like this later on, or ever again? Perhaps not, because such things happen once in a lifetime, isn’t it? But you can always create miracles in your life if you want.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views 🙂

  62. Hello Harleena,

    Yes.. Miracle is our part of life. It happens without notice. But after it happens, we feel relieved r happy. Most of time miracle happens for good cause. You shared some true experience on miracle. I have also some miracle experience in my life which help me to come in this position.

    I hope every miracle will be good for us. Happy day 🙂

    1. Hi Ahsan,

      Yes, miracles occur daily but only a few of us really notice them I think 🙂

      I do believe that miracles happen for a reason or perhaps because it was meant to be, or may be that is what was willed. Good to know that you also believe that your position now is nothing more than a miracle in your life.

      Thank you for your kind wishes, and for stopping by here today 🙂

  63. Wow Harleena! What great post. I still have tears in my eyes from reading yours and Sarah’s story. Truly inspiring.

    I believe miracles happen all around us. However, we can be too busy to notice them 🙂

    I’ve had plenty of close calls while driving. One in particular was in September 2007 when I blew out my master cylinder in Oklahoma while driving to Arizona. Of course, I didn’t know it was my master cylinder for sure. I continued on because I just wanted to get to Arizona. I gripped the steering wheel tightly as I drove on the winding mountainside roads in Arizona that I thought I would break it. 🙂 But by the grace of God, I made it to Mesa and Chandler, Arizona unharmed. I found an auto shop and had my care repaired.

    I’ve learned, as you’ve mentioned, to expect the best. In fact, I read something on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Facebook page that reiterates what you wrote. If you expect an unkind universe, you’ll attract unkind people and situations and prove yourself right. But if you expect the universe to be warm and supportive that’s what you’ll attract. Try it out. See for yourself.

    1. Hi Amandah,

      Sorry for the tears, though you know that wasn’t my intention. I guess the post moved you in some way, and yes, miracles happen every day but we fail to notice them 🙂

      Oh dear…that drive was surely a close one, and as you mention, it was on the winding mountainside road and that’s exactly where driving becomes even tougher. Driving in the hilly terrain is never easy, and to drive all tensed up knowing perhaps something is not right, is a worry on one’s mind all along. Glad you made it right through, and I’m sure once you reached the auto shop, you heaved a sigh of relief, thanking God, because anything could have happened, isn’t it?

      I think this is what the Law of Attraction is mainly about, so why not think and remain positive, so that the positive happens in our life, because we then attract only that to ourselves. I know it’s not all that easy to remain positive always, but that’s what life is all about – thinking and moving ahead, accepting the ups and downs, and just going on.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us 🙂

  64. I definitely believe in miracles. A few that have been in international spotlights are the two females that were shot in the head and completely recovered: Gabrielle Grifford & Malala Yousafzai. There recovery is nothing short of a miracle!

    Personally, a miracle occurred for me when my boyfriend and I were in the crosswalk, crossing the street. A driver, not paying attention, turned into the crosswalk where we were walking. The car stopped a foot away from my leg. I could literally put my hand on the car, that’s how close it stopped from running us over. (After that happened, I went to play the lottery! No miracle there though! 🙂 Ha.) But, I think about that every so often, just how fortunate I am to be alive.

    I do believe in the power of life and miracles. I believe in the power of positive thinking and action. Prayer definitely helps, and I wish I were more consistent with doing that. I’ve started a routine now in the morning, where I write down 5 things I’m grateful for and then a quick prayer/message that I want to reflect on during the day!

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I agree with you – those were truly miraculous wonders! Not to mention the many others that perhaps we don’t read about, but we do see them in our own lives or perhaps on TV.

      Oh yes…I can well relate to the car just stopping short of running over both of you! And then you think that anything could have happened had the driver not applied the brake on time or perhaps lost his control. One hears about so many pedestrians being run over by speeding vehicles every day – for no fault of theirs. Such is life, and those who live through it, create a miracle, just as you too did. Yeh…the lottery part perhaps you need to try harder for 😉

      Writing a gratitude journal does help to bring in those positive vibrations and energy in our lives, and I think it works wonders if you can manage to start your day off with one of those. It has a positive impact right through the day, isn’t it? Prayers always help, and this is one thing I keep telling my children too, or perhaps have seen my Granny and Mom do the same for their kids, and us, and seen the power of prayers in our lives.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us 🙂

  65. Hi Harleena,

    I never believed in the power of miracles…to me, they were the products of illogical, superstitious mind!

    But!! and what a coincidence! I too survived a near fatal accident, with my brand new car totally damaged, having gone into 3 somersaults…and believe me, I came out of the displaced rear glass, just with a few bruises, no fractures, took a lift to reach home and could walk into the hospital for first aid! That day MIRACLES explained themselves and God made His presence felt.

    I am still sceptical about making miracles happen… may be you can give it another name to make it sound more credible. When we are able to transform our life or we succeed in giving it another direction, the efforts are our own, our positive energy makes it happen. Some people may give credit to celestial blessings ( which could be with us) but definitely not a miracle.

    I really enjoyed reading this post, Harleena! Thank you for sharing it. I often wonder how your posts resonate so much with me that I can immediately relate to them. LOL!!

    Have a nice week!

    1. Hi Balroop,

      I was like you too, though many years ago. But as one hears and sees such cases, one just believes that there is someone out there taking care of it all 🙂

      Oh my!! That’s SO hard to believe! Your case sounds so similar to mine, though you walked to the hospital with a few bruises, while I had my whole left side bruised, back as well, besides the head injury, and an ankle that was gone, and still hasn’t healed properly after 2 years. I’m sure you started believing in miracles after that day – anyone would! And to imagine that anything could have happened to you…gosh! Glad you were safe!

      I understand what you mean, but if you hear the video, Carrie talks a lot of sense of how miracles work, and they have worked for her. I think when you think positive and you believe, you can achieve anything, and that’s where you start creating a miracle for yourself – just in a nutshell.

      Nice to know that my posts resonate so much with you, and yes, they do relate a lot, especially this one…:)

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us. 🙂

  66. Love this and Yes, Harleena I believe miracles do happen.

    For me when I was born I was very sick at 2 weeks old. The doctors had told my parents that I would not live through the night. As you see I guess you could call me a miracle. My hubby was in an accident when he was in his 20’s. He also had a head injury and was in a coma for 6 weeks. There again he was not suppose to live. He did of course.

    Miracles to me happen everyday we sometimes get too busy to see them. Anytime that something not so good happens and we find the positive side of it we can see the miracle unfold I believe. As for your husband saying an Angel was with you. Yes, I do believe we all have an Angel with us at all times.

    Thanks again for a great post as always. Hugs and I am sure glad that you were saved.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Nice to hear that, and I think you join the rest of us by saying that you do believe in miracles too 🙂

      Ah…you truly were a miracle baby I should say! Makes me wonder about those tiny and immature babies who have so many ailments when they are born, or need to be operated upon, where even the doctors give up hope – yet they make it. How does that happen? There is SO much to believe for, isn’t there?

      Oh dear…your husband surely seems to have gone through pretty much the same kind of an injury, though perhaps a major one and was in coma too – that’s pretty serious because not many come out of that stage. That’s exactly what the doctors told my husband while they were taking me to the hospital – to not let me sleep or get unconscious or it might have just led to that. I guess what’s meant to happen, does happen. Glad we made it!

      You are absolutely right – miracles happen each moment in our lives but we fail to notice them, nor do we appreciate life’s little moments that pass by so fast, which are all little miracles happening, aren’t they?

      I do believe perhaps it was my Mom who is my guardian angel, and she might have been the one sent to pull me through…I’ve always felt that.

      Thanks for saying that, Debbie. Hugs back for being right here, back into the world and with all of you 🙂

  67. Harleena,

    Lovely lovely post. It has raised so many questions in my mind. I have had many such experiences. At the moment these happened I never understood the significance, never really questioned and sometimes was afraid, totally shaken.

    While I never share these thinking what people might say, but I am surprised that people have been experiencing these.

    When such experiences happen you suddenly realize you can just let go and let GOD. You let loose all those strings you hold tightly and all those thoughts about I must make this work somehow. Suddenly you realize you never can really make it happen can you?

    1. Welcome to the blog Latha!

      Sorry if the post puzzled you, though if it just stirred your thoughts then it’s alright 🙂

      I can well relate to what you mentioned because we usually don’t sit to think much about such miracles happening in our daily lives, or perhaps we just read them and wonder for a while, and then forget about them. Or else, we start fearing them and are shaken, just as you mentioned.

      Oh yes…miracles have known to occur since ages, and one can read so much about them if we go out and research about it. People have been known to experience much more than what all I’ve mentioned here. I agree with you there, sometimes you just want to turn to the Almighty and leave certain unexplained things to him because you do believe that there exists a power greater than all of us and perhaps certain events are destined to happen in such a way. You cannot make things happen, that’s not in our hands. Yet, you can work things in your favor by thinking positive as the LOA is known to work for those who believe and think it will.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us 🙂

  68. Awesome article about how miracles happen in life..It is good to see that you have shared your real life experience in this post my friend. It is the belief which keeps most of us going and definitely most of us believe in miracles…

    1. Welcome to the blog Mohit!

      Nice to know that you liked this post. Yes, sharing one’s own experience if we have any is the best way to make others understand what we are trying to say, isn’t it? Belief is what makes us all going, and so does hope 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  69. Very interesting topic on miracles. Your accident story is certainly a miracle and shows some signs of divine intervention. I cannot say I have seen anything personally but its possible and there are some things that certainly point towards miracles. I remember a doctor relative of mine who said that a small boy was brought in the hospital where the boy was not recovering. 1 month later the grand father died and as soon as he died the boy started recovering. Just wondering if the boy’s granddad had made a pact with god.

    1. Hi Shalu,

      It sure does! At that moment though we were all shaken, but coming back to think about it, there was some kind of a divine intervention, or else I wouldn’t have been here. What surprises me was that for the next few months, we kept reading about similar accidents where no one survived! So it reaffirms the fact that there was something that held on to me.

      I’ve also heard similar incidents as you mentioned about the recovery of a person after the death of a relative, or the birth of a child after the demise of a near one and people take say the child is another form of that person. I wonder how much of all this is true, but it does make us think that there is something out there, isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us 🙂

  70. Hi Harleena,

    Quite an inspirational article! The accident you had sounds so scary to me. And thank God, you came out of it unscathed. It’s nothing but miracle in its truest sense.

    Personally, I too believe in miracles and I think every body should believe in them. Every waking moment is a miracle. The food we eat is a miracle. The air we breathe is a miracle.

    I agree that miracles are not to be equated with some magical concoctions. They don’t need to be quite obvious or pompous. They are sometimes subtle but they never fail to touch or change lives.

    A wonderful read!

    1. Hi Binny,

      Glad you liked the post, and yes, the accident was a pretty scary one for all of us! 🙂

      I think the children were in a daze for days even after it was all over. It takes time to get over such things, and I do believe it was a miracle for all of us too.

      Absolutely! I think every single moment that we are alive, is a miracle. All the more reason to be grateful for just being alive, isn’t it? Yes, it’s not magic, or I wouldn’t call it supernatural either. I think it goes much more beyond that, and as you mentioned it changes lives. It changed mine to make me value life much more and live with a purpose, which perhaps wasn’t as strong earlier.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us 🙂

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