How to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

To help you reduce your carbon footprint, here are some tips about the eco-friendly lifestyle options you can use to live a responsible eco-friendly life.
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We should live an eco-friendly lifestyle to reduce our carbon footprint. Though howsoever we may intend and want to positively contribute towards taking care of our environment, our lack of awareness limits us. Not anymore because here are some tips about various eco-friendly lifestyle options that you can use to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle. ~ Ed.

The modern age comes with many modern problems. Among these problems is the concern for living a lifestyle that is conscious of waste and overuse.

Sometimes, it can feel hard to manage how much we spend, how much we eat, how much we use, throw away, or how much our carbon footprint has on the planet.

Certainly, there are things that are hard to control. Your car is going to emit pollution (yes, even electric cars), and some of your food packaging are going to end up in a landfill. But there are small ways we can help reduce that carbon footprint and live a more eco-friendly, environmentally aware lifestyle. These are some of those ways.

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Things You Can Do to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

How eco-friendly we can become depends upon how aware we are about the various eco-friendly options. Here some of them that range from the use of bags, clothes, cars, and more.

Reusable Grocery Bags

The amount of grocery bags that end up in garbage, landfills, and worse, in animals, is terribly high.

Luckily for us, more grocery chains and supermarkets are offering reusable cloth bags or fabric bags to let you bring your groceries to and from home in a responsible and eco-friendly way. These bags are useful for nearly any shopping and are often rather stylish as well.

Reduce Car Use

Cars are convenient so it is hard to say goodbye to them. You need it for a lot of commuting or functional purposes, so it would be unrealistic to remove your car or vehicle from your life.

However, you can consider ways in which your car use can be restricted for environmentally conscious options. Take the bike to work or for going out somewhere in town.

Especially on a weekend day when you have time to dilly dally, taking a bike or walking can give you some much needed time spent taking in your surroundings, and reducing vehicle emissions.

Shop Locally

Buying local products reduces the amount of waste from packaging and shipping that are required to get a product from a warehouse or mass-produced brand to your door. Shopping locally is good for all kinds of lifestyles, especially dog owners, because of dogs going through so many toys.

If you are struggling to figure out how to commit to an eco-friendly lifestyle as a dog owner, click here and see ways in which environmentally conscious is about more than ourselves. Even pet owners should have a commitment to reducing their waste and making sure that their impact on the environment can be reduced.

Buy Thrifted Clothing

Reused, recycled, thrifted, vintage; whatever you call it, it is a good way to live a simple, eco-friendly lifestyle. There are millions of tons of wasted clothing that get thrown into landfills yearly.

By purchasing second-hand clothing, you prevent much of this from ending up strewn across garbage sites, just waiting for it to decompose in a couple of hundred years. Similarly, if you donate your old clothing, you can help prevent some of your old clothing from suffering the same fate by donating it to thrift stores.

The amount of quality clothing you can find at a thrift store would surprise you, and the savings you will have by avoiding buying expensive, new clothing can be used for other lifestyle choices.


Gardening and composting are good ways to reduce your carbon footprint through food shopping. Using a reusable shopping bag is a good start, but growing your own vegetables is a great way to reduce store to table pollution and reduce the amount of packaging thrown away from food.

Not only is this a good way to reduce pollution, but it is also a cost-saving method that happens to be very eco-friendly. Growing your own food is sustainable, and a good hobby for mental health as well. You can even start selling or giving friends and family fresh vegetables and teach them about the effectiveness and need for environmentally sustainable practices. Simple, fun, and delicious!

Wrap Up

In our modern lives, we are surrounded by so many instances of waste and environmental irresponsibility. This can all seem concerning for trying to reduce our own carbon footprint and help manage how much we are affecting the environment, but it does not stop us from living a life that is enjoyable as well as responsible.

Eco-friendly lifestyle options are more present in our world now than ever before. From small steps like reusable grocery bags to larger, but simple changes like reducing car use or gardening, we can make a significant impact on our own environment and set good examples of how to live a life that does need to include enormous amounts of waste and negligence for the environment.

Over to you


Do you live an eco-friendly lifestyle? Share your tips and experiences in the comments to motivate others to adopt a lifestyle that is more eco-friendly.


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  1. Eco-friendly, short of environment-friendly, a term that is non-dangerous to our nature. In the case of dressings also, we can choose eco-friendly clothes.Many clothing is made from organic and eco-friendly resources that is sustainably-grown fibers from crops such as organic cotton, soy, bamboo and other recyclable materials.So let’s have a change in our dressing styles also.

  2. Absolutely right, the world needs this. Here I am living in the cleanest city in India and we have changed our way of living to achieve it. plastic bags are banned completely and the government has made strict rules for it. No one can throw garbage on the road otherwise the high penalty is there. The government has also made rules to recycle the garbage and the result is I have never seen the roads this clean in my life and I think the world should also follow some rules and imply strict regulations for effective implementation of the rules.

  3. What a better world will it be if we only practice these things more.

    Here in our city, plastic bags aren’t allowed so market goers have to bring their ‘ecobags’. Also I’m proud to say that we’re promoting our city, Baguio (Philippines), as a walkable city to reduce use of cars. 🙂

  4. Great Article Allen!!!! Go Green, Go Eco-Friendly is the best way for a healthy lifestyle. Opting to use naturally available materials while doing up your home is a healthy way of contributing to a healthy life.

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