How to Scale Your Small Business in 2022

Think about modifying your business plan, find better ways to engage your employees, and focus on automating the processes to scale your small business.
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New Year comes with new possibilities and new challenges as well. How we deal with them depends on our preparedness. You should be prepared to update your business plan and automate your processes so not only you increase efficiency and production; the circumstances as the one presented by the recent pandemic does not affect you much either. Learn how you can scale your business this year. ~ Ed.

How to Scale Your Small Business in 2022

Are you ready to see more significant returns for your business in 2022? There were many challenges at the start of the decade, but this year is bound to be different. You are ready to do anything necessary to increase your profits, productivity, and resources, right? You just need the right planning and advice to help you meet your goals.

We recommend starting with changing the way you think about expanding your business. Instead of aiming for growth, you want to scale.   

Many business owners are unaware that growth and scaling are not the same. Growth is defined as an increase in capacity, operations, and revenue, but this increase comes with a concurrent increase in costs for the company to earn more money. 

Scaling entails gradually and steadily expanding a business to sustain its growth over time. Your company is scalable if it can handle increased customer demand without significantly increasing its expenses to meet that demand. With scaling, you sacrifice less to get the same results. 

So, if you are to see improvements to your business this year without sacrificing your budget, keep reading for the best ways to scale your business in 2022.


3 Ways to Scale Your Small Business in 2022

Do you see changing trends in the market this year? Well then, change your business plan accordingly. Also, focus on employee engagement especially in this Covid-19 era, and automate your processes as much as possible.

Automate Processes 

Improving management, workflows, and internal processes is an overlooked aspect of scaling your company. Most businesses try to grow by putting out more products and increasing production, but that does no good if your operations can be improved to increase efficiency. 

Instead of expecting employees to churn out more products, the answer might be to automate certain processes.  

When you use automation to handle basic administrative tasks, you save time that you can put toward other aspects of your business.  

For example, you can free up your schedule and focus on growing your company by delegating a few tasks to a virtual assistant, or you can simply enjoy the freedom your company has provided you with to spend more time with family and friends.

Not sure where to look for a virtual assistant? Try to find an Amazon VA.

Employees Should Never Be Overlooked 

You may want to focus on customer support as you improve operations, and this is a good instinct. However, employees should never feel left out as the company focuses on customer retention. 

Your employees are your company’s main resource, and they represent the brand. Keep them engaged and interested by facilitating them with the tools and resources they need to be more effective and successful at work. 

According to a HubSpot survey, 69 percent of employees are willing to work harder if their efforts are recognized. Engaged employees are more productive and committed to contributing to the company’s success, whether it is through more team bonding activities or updating their work tools.  

Update Your Business Plan 

Keeping your business plan fresh is a great way to scale your business. You should update your company’s plan every month, week, and day; whenever things change, you should welcome changes that are designed to improve efficiency rather than cling to old habits.

It is likely that you have not seen your business plan in years, but scaling is an excellent time to revisit it and update it to reflect the new direction your company is taking. Business plans are critical to a company’s success and long-term viability, and we guarantee that revisiting your original plan will reinvigorate you and your company. 

In fact, there is a 30% probability of increased sales and a chance to double the company’s size if it has an updated and formal written business plan.  


When you shift your focus from growing to scaling, you will notice long-lasting solutions that improve productivity. Give your company a fair shot in 2022 by implementing a virtual assistant from Amazon, increasing employee engagement, or updating your business plan. 

Over to you


What are your ideas for scaling your business in this New Year? Share your tips in the comments section.


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  1. Hey Russell
    Good post but to scale a small business, you need to focus on three things: growth, efficiency, and profitability. First, focus on growing your customer base. Identify your target market and find ways to reach them. You can use online marketing tools like social media and email marketing, or traditional methods like advertising and PR.

  2. I really like the point on automation. I find this to be a lever that returns dividends to me in a couple ways. First, in order to automate, you really need to think about your business process. You have to identify what is critical and they best way to get it done. Second, once automated, you can reinvest that time in other activities to drive growth.

  3. I’ve been working on automation and outsourcing and it’s made the biggest impact for me in my business. I’m still on the fence about doing Facebook ads mainly because I worry people are leaving the platform but I do believe this is a viable step in automating and scaling. Outsourcing gives me so much relief and helps me do more of the high-level activities that bring in more income.

  4. Good job Russell. Automating your small business definitely leverages your presence. We can only do so much with our business as far as manual work. Automating gives you a sense of freedom and scale about your business. I usually automate tweets here and there to drive traffic to my blog around the clock. One needs to hand off some jobs to people or tools in order to actually have a life and to expand their presence without going crazy.

  5. In recent years, the rate of working from home has increased tremendously due to the pandemic. The e-commerce sector has gained great momentum. However, many sectors are also experiencing blood loss. Let’s see what else we will see.

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