Why Use Standing Desks Or Sit to Stand Workstation

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Man and woman happy about the Aha!NOW workstation giveaway

Do you remember the post I wrote on sitting is the new smoking? I wrote about it because sitting is killing and affects many of us.

That was indeed an upsetting post for some but it also made them aware about the harm that sitting for long duration can do to their health.

In that post many readers expressed their desire and interest to know about standing desks, which allows the computer users to work while standing.

But I know that I cannot always stand and write or work.

So, I set out to find the best “sit to stand” working option for people, who sit for long hours working on their computer or laptop. Guess what I found?

I won’t keep it a secret but it will be a surprise – I’ve a $600 worth sit to stand product as giveaway this month! Keep reading to know more about it. 🙂

The idea behind a sit-stand desk is to be able to stand whenever you feel like and still be able to continue working, as you can raise your computer or laptop level while standing and working.

Your sitting desk becomes a standing desk when you want it to be. Now, isn’t this amazing?

I was intrigued by this concept and wanted to check it out further. No, I am not the only one who is excited about a sit to stand desk or workstation.

I checked the Google Trends for “standing desk”, “sit stand workstation” and other related terms, and I saw a tremendous boost since the last few years in the interest for these terms among people.

Google Trends graph showing increased interest in standing desks

With such awareness about the harmful effects of leading a sedentary lifestyle and due to the increased necessity of long sitting, people are opting for stand up options.

My online research brought me to one stand up option that was most popular, talked about, and used – it’s the sit-stand workstations from Ergotron.

Before I talk about the stand up work solutions from Ergotron, I’d like to recap and review the results of my research about the sitting disease as mentioned in this post.

“Sit-stand for wellness and productivity” ~ Ergotron

How Does Excessive Sitting Harm You

Let me emphasize on this fact that sitting is not bad.

What could be bad is sitting continuously without any break, or any kind of physical activity or movement, for a long period of time.

Why? Because it promotes a sedentary lifestyle, which turns the body into a hub of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, chronic back pain etc.

Therefore, I’ll call it sedentary sitting.

The common problems that people with the sitting disease face are:

  • Restriction of blood circulation in legs
  • Deposition of cholesterol in arteries
  • Lower than required rate of body metabolism
  • Problems of fluid retention in the body due to lack of movement
  • Back injury and spine disk problems
  • Decreased electrical activity in legs

These problems are besides the usual neck, back, and body pain that you experience after continuously sitting for long hours. Here is some more detailed information about the bad effects of sedentary sitting.

Human body diagram showing harmful effects of long sitting on body organs.

Source: MindBodyGreen

As you see in the diagram above, edema or fluid retention can be a serious problem.

You also can suffer from the problems of piles, herniated disk, DVT, and pulmonary embolism if you’re engaged in excessive sitting.

DVT is Deep Vein Thrombosis. No leg movement and less fluid intake risks the formation of clots in legs. These clots can eventually travel to the lungs, heart, or brain and lead to cardiac arrest or brain stroke.

Sitting more also increase your chances of becoming obese, because you don’t burn much of calories while sitting.

Whether you believe it or not, if you don’t take these measures, you’re likely to harm yourself health wise, if your job or daily routine require long sitting hours:

1) Get up every 20 minutes. Do anything you like, or just stand. If not every 20 minutes, get up after every hour of sitting, walk around for about 10 minutes.

2) When you sit, don’t sit rigidly for long time. Keep exercising your body parts like the hands, wrists, legs, neck etc. Don’t let them get stiff.

3) Drink lot of fluid while working, especially when sitting for long hours. This helps in proper blood circulation.

4) Work on a standing desk for as much time as you can. If you don’t have one, make one, purchase it, or win it over here – the Aha!NOW giveaway!

“Yes, standing is a lot healthier than sitting. That is why a standing desk or sit-stand workstation is what you need for a healthier living.”

“Did you know that your  heart rate increases by 10 beats/min while standing with 50 extra calories burned per hour. If you stand for three hours a day for five days, that’s around 750 calories burned.” – BBC

Sitting Desk Vs. Standing Desk

A recent study published by the CDC indicates adjustable sit-to-stand products are an effective solution for reducing prolonged sitting.

You can instantaneously sit or stand as you choose while working on your computer.

Check out this infographic that compares the advantages and disadvantages of standing and sitting desks.

Infographic showing Standing Desk vs. Sitting Desk comparison

Source:   Visual.ly

After going through all this information, aren’t you convinced to use standing desks or sit to stand desks?

Of course, you can’t be standing all the time, and you should not – it might hurt your back more.

You have to mix standing with sitting, so that you stand more and sit less, and this is what brings us to the Ergotron sit-stand workstation.

“Did you know that sitting for long hours on the chair can cut off the circulation at the back of your thighs. It helps to put a bed pillow or two under you as you sit.”

Ergotron Sit-Stand Solutions

If you visit the website of Ergotron, you will be amazed to see so many types of models and solutions to help you sit as well as stand while working.

I was particularly interested in the WorkFit sit-stand workstations of Ergotron.

All models of sit to stand products of Ergotron

Under the categorization of sit-stand solutions, you have stand up desks that can be in the form of desk mounts, full standing desks, or mobile carts.

You can attach the desk mounts to a worksurface, and full desks can be standalone with some type of computer setup that rests on top.

Before you get started to select your sit-stand solution, it would help if you ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to use my existing table and mount the sit-stand solution on to that?
  • Do I want a new sit-stand adjustable table?
  • Do I want to use it for my PC, Apple, laptop, or have it for multiple purpose?
  • Do I want or have room for maneuverability of monitor, keyboard, or both?
  • Do I want to abandon the table and mount the sit-stand computer unit on the wall?
  • Do I want to move the sit-stand workstation from one place to another?

Or you can find the sit-stand product that works best for you by visiting this page.

After a careful reviews of all the products and considering my requirements, and keeping in mind the necessity of all excessive computer users like bloggers, I zeroed down to Ergotron WorkFit A sit-stand workstation.

Here is the image of the WorkFit-A sit-stand workstation unit that I wanted to have for myself (and I got it too!).

Ergotron WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Workstation

Cool? It really is as sophisticated as it looks. This is the Model or Part Number 24-390-026.

You can learn all about the Ergotron WorkFit solutions from this information brochure.

“The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society has designated October as National Ergonomics Month (NEM). The purpose of NEM is to create awareness of human factors and ergonomics”

Ergotron WorkFit-A With Suspended Keyboard Model 24-390-026

I chose the model WorkFit-A with suspended keyboard because by using it I can:

a)  Sit on my existing normal table that is without a keyboard tray.

b)  Take and turn the entire workstation in any direction.

c)  Stand and move around easily while working.

d)  Have a work surface to my disposal.

e)  Swing the workstation away from the table when not in use.

I believe this way I can achieve complete work freedom and accessibility to various work positions using a single sit-stand workstation.

To help you understand and visualize what I’m talking about, I want you to see a video that really got me excited about the WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Workstation.


Ergotron WorkFit: Love the Way You Work ~ YouTube Video

Like it? Would you like to have one?

Well, I didn’t really get excited about the dancing while working part, but the flexibility did impress me. 🙂

Therefore, I didn‘t waste any time and contacted Ergotron, and they were kind enough to send me a review unit.

I was like “WOW” because Ergotron also offered to give one WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Workstation as a giveaway to one of the community members of Aha!NOW. Isn’t that fantastic news! 🙂

“Standing increases the metabolism rate, increases blood flow, burns more calories, as well as improves posture and tones the muscles.” ~ Ergotron

$600 Sit-Stand Workstation Giveaway at Aha!NOW

Now, YOU too can win the sit-stand workstation – the one that you just watched in the video, which Vinay is going to review in the next post – as he has started using it.

You know we love giving away to the Aha!NOW Blog Community (ABC) and this is going to be the biggest giveaway till now.

Why the biggest?

The retail cost of WorkFit-A sit-stand workstation with different variations and including the shipping cost is up to $600!

In spite of Ergotron being an American company, the good thing is that you need not be a resident of North America to win this giveaway. You can be living in any part of the world and still receive your sit-stand workstation free of cost!

The result of this giveaway worth up to $600 will be announced on 3rd November, 2014.

How to Win The $600 Giveaway At Aha!NOW

It’s very easy and simple.

You do not have to perform tens of useless tasks that you probably do at a raffle giveaway. Instead, you have to do things that you love to do and that are going to be useful to you and others.

Okay, without mincing words , this is what you need to do to win this Sit-Stand Workstation giveaway worth up to $600:

1) Activate your membership – become an ABC member. Just fill up this form and register yourself.

2) Be active and participate in the community activities. All you need to do is read posts, comment, share your views, make friends, help others, and discuss issues!

3) Collect and earn maximum AhaPoints and top the Aha!NOW Blog Community Leaderboard (ABCL) that is displayed on the sidebar. Read this to know how you can earn AhaPoints.

That is all. As simple as ABC and as easy as 123, isn’t it? 🙂

“The Aha!NOW Blog Community member who wins the most AhaPoints will WIN the Sit-Stand Workstation Aha!NOW #Giveaway that is worth up to $600.”

He or she will be entitled to the Ergotron WorkFit-A Workstation. This unit will be sent to your home directly by Ergotron.

Logo of Ergotron

How is this sit-stand workstation – you might ask?

Well, I’ll tell you that Vinay has mainly been using it for some time now, and I can assure you through my personal experience that it is great and definitely very useful in making our working more healthier.

I highly recommend that you sit-stand while working, as it can positively benefit your health, from burning extra calories to improving your posture.

While Vinay is preparing the review post for the Ergotron WorkFit-A Workstation to acquaint you with all its aspects, I’d suggest that you waste no more time and do what is needed to win this AWESOME giveaway!

If you want to register yourself as an ABC member, please note the following:

  • The ABC is a real community of real people. We do not allow fake and faceless members, and even expel inactive members.
  • All members are required to have their recent photo in their member profile. Please simply use your “gravatar email” (you can create one at http://en.gravatar.com/). Please know that member registrations without profile picture will be deleted.
  • Use only the link of your personal blog in the member profile if you are a blogger. If you are not a blogger, do not leave any links – leave that field blank.
  • Do not misuse the features and facilities, nor try gaming the reward system with wrong intentions. Such practice will be counterproductive and you could risk termination of your ABC membership permanently.
  • Please go through the blog community page (http://www.aha-now.com/blog-community/) before starting anything.

However, if you are already an ABC member, then what’s stopping you. Get going!

Remember the early movers are surely going to benefit. But no worries, if you are starting late, you’ll get bonus registration points!

There are many other benefits of becoming an Aha!NOW Blog Community member, and you can read them all here.

So, aren’t you all keen to win this Ergotron Sit-Stand WorkFit-A workstation after reading this post? What are you waiting for – just go ahead and join the ABC NOW! 🙂

October is ergonomics month – let’s spread the word and share healthier working options to bring happiness into our life.

Share Your Thoughts –

What are your views about standing desks? Do you use one or would you like to own a sit-stand desk? Would you like to win the sit-stand workstation giveaway that is worth up to $600?

Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos, Ergotron


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  1. Philip V Ariel

    2019-03-31 at 3:14 am

    Hi Harleena,
    What a coincidence to be here again!
    Yes, this is indeed a great reminder!
    I made a mention of this educational post on my recently updated blog post, Sitting is killing on pvariel.com
    Keep sharing.
    ~ Phil

  2. Md Arman

    2016-03-26 at 1:27 pm

    This is such a comprehensive article!
    I must say that I am actually convinced now that this is a great option. So many people I know suffer with problems as a result of a relatively sedentary lifestyle. Its also so easy to just become so engrossed in your work that you end up sitting there in the same position not doing anything and not moving. This solves all of that. Its so important to protect the bodies we have, since we are stuck with them for quite a long time!
    I read your earlier post about “sitting is the new smoking” and completely agreed. This new way to stand up while working is awesome. I never heard of or saw such a thing but I can see where it could be really helpful.
    Thanks for giving such a list i was searching for. Thanks again. It will help us.

    md arman

  3. Sunday

    2015-08-17 at 3:56 pm

    Hi Harleena,
    This giveaway is awesome and I am just wondering why I have missed it. Standing while working can indeed help save us from a lot of stressors and health risks. The use of the right workstation can help us achieve more productivity.

    Congratulations to the winner and but I wish I was the one! 😉

    I left the above comment in kingged.com

  4. Jeevan Jacob John

    2014-10-13 at 3:44 am

    Hey Harleena,

    I was planning to build myself a standing desk (well, more like adjusting my existing tables to suit the needs), but decided to abandon the idea after I learned that standing isn’t much better either (Well, it’s certainly better than sitting sedentary for a long time).

    Although I am becoming more and more skeptical of that. All these studies are just confusing me 😀

    So, these days I just try to get up every now and then and move my body (that helps, I suppose). Although I have got to try harder with this; I haven’t had a reminder system in some time. Got to set that up right away 🙂

    I do wish that we had short breaks in between my longer classes at college (I suppose I could just get up and go outside for a while, although I am not too keen on that idea).

    Anyways, thank you for this amazing post (and an amazing giveaway)! Appreciate it 🙂

  5. Kathy

    2014-10-11 at 8:47 am

    Hi Harleena, I read your earlier post about “sitting is the new smoking” and completely agreed. This new way to stand up while working is awesome. I never heard of or saw such a thing but I can see where it could be really helpful. Best of all you remind me to get up and move around RIGHT NOW! thank you! ~Kathy

  6. andrew spence

    2014-10-10 at 10:19 pm

    Hi there,

    This is such a comprehensive article!

    I must say that I am actually convinced now that this is a great option. So many people I know suffer with problems as a result of a relatively sedentary lifestyle. Its also so easy to just become so engrossed in your work that you end up sitting there in the same position not doing anything and not moving. This solves all of that. Its so important to protect the bodies we have, since we are stuck with them for quite a long time!

    Thanks for the great info!

  7. Jackson Nwachukwu

    2014-10-09 at 9:08 pm

    Hey Harleena,

    Should I call this a post or a Doctor’s report lol!

    This is really one of the most detailed posts I have ever read online. I love this article Harleena.

    While I don’t have any sitting challenge, I still deem this article fit and highly recommended for every blogger. You see the business blogging requires you spend some time either on your desktop or your PC, which ever one you use, there is always a fair amount of time awarded to it.

    I have wondered in the past how some bloggers overcome this challenge, but what I do basically is give myself break after a few hours and take a work or stroll round the office or the compound when at home. Most times you want to stand but you will always feel sitting will make you get faster in doing your job.

    I have above all learned something new today. And as for the giveaway, it’s very kind of you Harleena to share this with us. I am wishing all that have entered the giveaway luck as it goes on.

    To Harleena, thank you so much for this endless information.

    Have a wonderful day ahead!


  8. Bijaya kumar

    2014-10-09 at 9:06 pm

    Thanks for this Fit Health Awareness Post. It is best for all of our Blogger friends. I am also using tips provided by you in this post. Share It !

  9. Dr. Nicolas Rao

    2014-10-09 at 8:44 pm

    Great idea. I am a retired physician who spent years in Medical Transcription. It is a very demanding field and yes, I have diabetes now at almost 64. If I do not walk I feel ill.
    Apart from that, I have reduced sensation in the toe pads of both feet. A common neurologic effect of diabetes concerning blood flow in the lower extremities.

    To compound that drugs for hypertension reduce peripheral circulation to bring blood more centrally and that reduces the effort the heart has to put in to pump blood. Its a theory that works palliatively only. It does nothing to really improve overall circulation. To do that the third drug comes in. The cholesterol lowering ” statins.”.. the funniest part is statins are known to cause muscular pain and actually may be a cause for hypertensives to develop diabetes.

    Forgive me, it was not meant to be a lecture. I am suffering from those things. My hypertension started after my late son a staff sergeant in the US Army Aviation unit passed away in 2006.
    I was put on anti hypertensive medication…that spoiled my circulation. Then came the statins and then diabetes.

    All that could have been avoided if I had to just de-stress and take walks.
    Since all that happened to me in the last 10 years. I think this is the best post I have seen in a long time.
    I would love to win that stand, but while I wait, walking whilst listening to music has becoming one of the joys of my life.

    Thanks for the post Harleena,
    Forgive me for the lecture.
    Doc Nicolas Rao

  10. Jennifer Kennedy

    2014-10-09 at 11:04 am

    Thanks for posting about this again, Harleena! Sitting for so long is so detrimental to your health. And, as bloggers and online entrepreneurs, we can get caught up in sitting for long periods of time.

    There are about 4 individuals at my office who have a stand-up desk. Matter of fact, they built it with furniture pieces from Ikea!

    I didn’t get a stand-up desk, but I make sure to build in time to get up and stretch. Perhaps, I’ll get a stand-up desk for my home office!

    Thanks for this post.

  11. Harshajyoti Das

    2014-10-09 at 8:20 am

    As soon as I saw this giveaway, I fell it love with it. I need the whole set up. My back is killing me. If I have to devote 2 hours daily and on post on Aha-now for 20 more days, I will do it. This is the best giveaway you could have hosted for bloggers and writers.

    To my fellow community members: I am a strong competitor, just so that you guys know. I can work for 20-25 hours straight without sleep. I will give you a run for your money.

    Harleena, a little bit confused about the product. Does the system come along or it’s just the stand? It got me thinking because $600 is too low for a computer. I saw the product on Amazon. Or does it come with a stand, monitor and keyboard but without the CPU?

    Thank you so much. I hope this giveaway is a big success for you and other community members.

    Cheers !


  12. Lorraine Reguly

    2014-10-09 at 4:30 am

    Great concept… and a great way to grow your community. I’d be more inclined to have a station for my bed, though. 😉

    • Nicolas Vincent Rao

      2014-10-09 at 9:04 pm

      Trust you are getting better. Cold and sore throat etc.
      You sound like I do. L for lazy when it comes to physical activity. I love walking though..its getting out the door thats the problem. 🙂
      Get well soon.

  13. Jens-Petter Berget

    2014-10-08 at 2:56 pm

    Hi Harleena,

    I’d love a standing desk. I have never tried it, and I’m not sure if it would work for me. But, I can see the benefits. I need to take breaks during the day to stand up and walk around. I am still most of the day, and that’s not something I like. But that’s how I’ve been working for years. Some of my colleagues at the University had standing desks because of their backs. They had pains, and needed to stand.


  14. Peter Kanayo

    2014-10-08 at 12:47 pm

    Harleena there is no Doubt that long sitting can be problematic.

    I don’t adhere strictly to the one hour time frame but I know I frequently stand up in between my sitting down to do a job.

    Perhaps when I mostly fail to adhere to your advice is when I watch movies, especially seasonal movies where I have collections of episode to keep me busy.

    To buttress your point about the huge importance of reducing the time frame in which we sit for a long period of time without getting up, I remember going close to 5 hours playing video games when I was doing my undergraduate studies and you know what happened? I fell severely ill.

    So I know how dangerous it can be.

    Really happy for going the extra length to provide this monumental offer to your teeming readers.

    Do have a wonderful day

  15. Chery Schmidt

    2014-10-08 at 9:46 am

    Hello Harleena, Wow Yes I did read your article about sitting to long and have been trying to get up and stretch every hour..Yikes!

    I love this desk, I have tryed to set up a desk at the counter so I could stand after I read this post.. I also tryed sitting on my exercise ball instead of my chair.. Neither worked to well for me.

    I do have to tell you this is one of the BEST give a ways I have ever seen before, I would love to win this but my chances I am sure are not very well.

    I did try to register for your community earlier today and did some back to give this yet another try tonight, but it is still telling me “Sorry, this username is invalid. Please choose another.” I have tryed about 4 different user names and always the same message.

    Perhaps I will try again another time I am now on your list so I will get a notice when you publish a new post..

    I am not sure how come it took me so long to do so LOL Thanks for the great post my friend.. Chery :))

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