Teaching Kids To Do Their Home-Work

Have you ever wished that teaching kids to do their home-work was not an uphill task? It surely…
a kid wants to do homework while others enjoy

Have you ever wished that teaching kids to do their home-work was not an uphill task? It surely isn’t easy to teach kids, but it’s not something that you or me can’t do either.

It is a common sight nowadays to see kids returning home from school with a bag full of books. They are fatigued, hungry, and unwilling to get back to studies. They are loaded with home – work, assignments etc, which they are not willing to do.

With studies becoming tougher day by day, parents are required to teach their kids the correct way to study. Teaching kids the right way to do their homework is something that even the teachers should teach at school, especially if they don’t already. A correct method needs to be taught to the kids, helping them cope with tougher times ahead.

What then should be the correct way to teach kids? Every parent would have their own way of teaching their kids. However, teaching kids to follow a systematic, planned, disciplined and correct method of doing their homework is very important.


Tips for Teaching Kids to Do Their Home-Work

  1. Make them follow a daily schedule for studies.
  2. On returning from school, help them wash or bathe and change their clothes, followed by a light snack.
  3. Let them watch TV or play for a while if they want to relax and ease out a bit. Thereafter, they should switch the TV off, go and sit straight on a study table, with proper lighting and no other form of disturbance. Such kind of atmosphere is needed for them to concentrate in their home – work.
  4. Kids should not be helped with their homework. Many parents tend to hurry up the process by doing the homework for their children, not realizing that they are actually in turn harming them.
  5. Parents do not have the patience nowadays to sit with the kids and help them in their homework. Parents make the kids dependent on them for doing their homework. In later years, such kids are unable to complete the homework without their parents help.
  6. You do need to guide and help them, when the kids are in doubt or need your help. Let them try doing the homework on their own, and show it you. Encourage them for their good work and help them ascertain their mistakes and rectify them, which will help them learn instantly.
  7. While teaching kids, rather than scolding or demeaning them, spare a few moments and show them the correct way of doing their homework.
  8. Another important point parents tend to miss while teaching kids is revision. Kids need to revise all that they have learnt at school, once again at home. This ascertains proper learning and reinforcement. Whether learning work was given for homework or not, parents should assure their kids learn all that was done in the class. This could be done orally or by a written test. Moreover, when the kids grow up, weekly revision tests at home, help them fair well at school.

Simple things like correct posture, holding the pencil with a proper grip, correct manner of speaking and writing etc, all need guidance. We parents are the teachers at home, so take charge of your kids, love, and help them discover themselves.

Over to you –

Are you good at teaching kids to do their home-work? Do you help them with their home-work or let them do it themselves? Share in the comments below.

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  1. Again, I don’t have kids but I see my cousins struglle with their homework and it saddens me to see them doing it alone at times. I love how you integrate doing it together as the way out. The fact that I had two elder sisters; helped me a lot when I was doing my homework; though mom made it a point to help out, sometimes it is easier with siblings.

    So yes, if one had brothers or sisters around then it helps like a charm to do homework together. I miss those days! 🙂

    1. Glad you could resonate with the post Hajra!

      With times getting tough nowadays, kids are stressed out when they return from school and have to do their home-works. We as parents need to make things easier for them, not by helping them with their home-works but being beside them to help out if they get stuck, and also guiding them if they make mistakes.

      I speak from experience here that when my kids got back from school, they had a fixed routine of having lunch, resting for a while, finishing their home-work- while I cooked for dinner (thus being around them to supervise as well as work along), and then were free for play or watching TV before dinner. And they follow this routine to-date and have got so used to it, though the study areas now changed to their own respective study tables and I am no longer needed 🙂

      Yes, an elder sibling does make things easier for the younger one, provided they don’t fight!!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with everyone. 🙂

      1. We had the similar pattern – lunch, rest, homework with mom, play or watch TV!

        I miss those days terribly! 🙂

        1. Yes indeed, those were cherished memories and I also miss those days- though it’s comforting to see my kids re-live a few of those moments.

          Thanks for adding to the conversation. 🙂

  2. I agree that consistency is critical- especially in the early years- and following it through as they grow up.But, I think the answer is dependent upon when the child returns to the roost.

    Assuming your child returns at 3, I could see some play time, a quick shower (no baths that take longer and also slow down the creative/energy levels). But, I would vote for milk and a snack at the work desk. To nosh as they tackle their work. That also means they are not “fullish” when dinner time rolls around.

    If the child returns at 5, then it’s a ‘whole nother bargain’. No play time. Start working with the same milk and snack. Dinner is now at 7. If homework is more than 2 hours, then they can return after dinner- and then enjoy TV/computer/video games or whatever. While they are relaxing after dinner, mom/dad review the homework. Query what seems off. Commend what is good. And, complain if it’s sloppy or incomplete- which means back to the “drawing board” for the child.

    1. Welcome to the blog Roy!

      Yes indeed, consistency and a proper routine or time-table, if followed right from the time kids are young, makes it a habit in kids to do the same as they grow. They no longer have to be told to do things. I can say this as I have raised and seen my kids grow and follow their own set routines.

      I agree that some things you can let go when kids are as young as three, though if it becomes a habit to only have a quick shower and not a proper scrubbed bath- it could lead them to believe that they can always get away with it 🙂

      It all depends what age your child is and how you manage to train or bring them up. For me, I have always followed a set routine with my kids, who are both grown teenagers now.

      They have always been doing their home-work after resting a while, when they returned from their school- right since they were 5-6 years old. The monitoring of their work was done soon after, and so were the corrections, which ensured that their work ended completely before other things took place. All other activities followed after that, followed by a fixed time for dinner and then reading time in bed, before sleeping off- again at a fixed time.

      But, as parents wanting our kids to have some freedom, we have always believed to set them totally free on weekends. That’s their time to have fun and change the routine a little as per what they like. It could be extending their TV time, or eating snacks or fast food, instead of the proper, well balanced meals etc.

      I guess each family is different, and what suits one family may not suit another. So, choose what is best suitable to you and your kids and its best to try and create a right kind of balance. The ultimate aim is that kids are taught how they can manage their time for homework as well as for other activities.

      Thanks for stopping-by. 🙂

  3. Hi Harleena,

    Just new to visit your site. You are right; it is very difficult to force your kids to do their homework in the rest of the day. As a parent, I’m really strict when he watches TV. In our house, I allot enough time for us family to read any kind of knowledgeable books than watching. Perhaps, I will try your suggestions; maybe it can help me to force my son to do homework.

    1. Welcome to the blog Tracy!

      Yes indeed, nowadays till parents make some deliberate efforts or take some strict measures, some children would just not sit down to do their homework.

      When my kids were small, I made sure they ended their homework before the TV was switched on, or before they went out to play. Each family is different and you would need to try out what works best with your child, though giving them some kind of reward for their effort does work well when they are young.

      Thanks for stopping-by. 🙂

  4. Hi Harleena,

    I thought it was only in my end of the woods, Nigeria that it seems the home work load is more than the class work. It has indeed become a global phenomenal that teachers send so much home work home. I have used different means to get the work done. When I tried your suggestion of allowing the kids some time out before doing their home work there was always a revolt because they had settled in front of the TV, so what I do now is to leave the TV off till later in the day when they would have done their home work. Parenting is always trying out new ways to get the kids to cooperate with us.
    But I love my role as a mother.

    1. Welcome to the blog Pamela!

      Yes indeed, the home-work problem and the burden of books is a global issue now, and something that needs to be worked upon to give a stress-free environment to our children. I guess as a parent you need to work on your children by using the best technique that works for you.

      While some children prefer ending their home-work and then going out to play or watch TV, some prefer it the other way around. But, as a parent, we need to take some actions or make some rules that they must follow, and they do- provided we remain determined.

      Nice to know that your technique did work, and thanks for stopping-by and sharing your experience with everyone 🙂

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