7 Things I Learned About Turning a House Into a Home

Owning a house gives a feeling of freedom and pride. Turning your house into a home brings more happiness. Here are some tips to turn your house into a home.
A new house to turn into a home

Owning a house gives a feeling of freedom and pride. Turning your house into a home brings more happiness. As a new homeowner, you’re responsible for adding various amenities and features to bring comfort and maintain them. Here are the various things you can do to turn your new house into a sweet cozy home that makes you feel good and happy. ~ Ed.

When I moved into a new house, it felt like an exciting experience, but there was a lot for me to learn and educate myself about as a homeowner.

Most new homeowners would probably relate to the sense of excitement felt by taking steps towards independence, but what really makes our houses feel like home?

Yes, you get to prep your rooms with furniture based on your taste and reflect your personality through your designs. However, we all know that a house is more than just a place to sleep and dine in; it’s our comfort zone and our haven away from the outside world.

So, here are seven things I learned about creating a home for myself during the process of moving.


7 Tips to Turn Your House into a Home

To make a house into your home, you need to make it adorable and cozy by fitting it with useful features, filling it with delightful furniture, taking care of regular maintenance, and much more.

Winters Can Be Harsh When Your Home’s Not Prepared

During the process of preparing my new home, I was advised by many people I know to make sure my space is ready for winter.

No matter what you may already know, there are a lot of things you need to look into to ensure your home is ready for the cold season, and most of the time we tend to overlook some pretty important ones. Like checking out if your windows are properly insulated.

You can easily search for guides on how to prepare your home for any weather, but the best blog post on winter should provide a few tricks on getting the most important parts of the house ready.

Just imagine the cold nights you can get to enjoy staying indoors, in the warmth of your own sanctuary.

Bed Bugs Are Not Easy to Get Rid of

Bedbugs are every homeowner’s nightmare, and my fear of them came in handy as I realized it prepared me for the worst. Following the advice of my friends and family, I learned that bedbugs require a lot of effort to get rid of, but it’s not impossible.

Luckily, I prepped my home with the right tools in case the bedbugs started coming by buying repellents and sprays.

Maintenance Cannot Be Ignored

Owning a home means making your repairs and keeping track of what needs to be maintained. Yes, buying non-essentials can be fun and exciting, but ignoring maintenance might mean putting my own life in danger. 

Pest infestations could also be a real pain to deal with as part of the maintenance, so make sure to take care of them beforehand by inspecting the entire house for pests.

The Perfect Lighting Made Me Feel at Home

Lighting changes everything! That’s why I referred to my designer friends to install some LED lights in my rooms. The house later radiated with warmth and looked more luxe than I could ever imagine.

Everyone who stepped inside felt the same way, while this change also made me look forward to going home every day. It even shed more light on certain furniture pieces and created a cozier atmosphere.

A Meditation Room Changed My Life

We live in a fast-paced world, and having that space where you can mentally relax and wash away the stress of your everyday life can go a long way. So I took it upon myself to include a meditation room where I could simply release all the stress. I used videos for inspiration, copied yogis and lit a few lavender-scented candles.

Weeks later, I realized my productivity was at its peak and my tolerance was improving. This was my own getaway and my favorite retreat.  It’s best if this room is filled with plants, too!

There Is No Need to Rush

When I used to picture how my house would look, I would imagine cute décor and lavish wallpaper, which created the vibrant atmosphere that I have always dreamed of. Later, I realized that it would not be realistic to have all of these things as soon as I move in.

What I noticed was that any house before it was completely set up was bound to look way worse than after I have moved in, and had the time to furnish it properly. So don’t expect things to look pretty during the first few months after you move in.


Instead, give yourself some time to settle in, and pay attention to every missing detail. Then ask yourself, “How can I make this look better?”

Doing this helped me a lot because as the years passed, my taste and style changed. This is why buying expensive décor that I was bound to replace with something else did not seem realistic. Luckily, I didn’t waste my money, and I went for pieces that I adored.

Storage Makes a Huge Difference

One great lesson I learned about becoming a homeowner was how to be functional and organized. Nothing can make me feel more anxious than a messy home.

However, with our lives being so hectic and busy, we are bound to fall into the trap of not being organized at all times. This is exactly why I gave storage a lot of thought when I was about to move in. This helped me avoid ending up with messy rooms that would just agitate me whenever I was spending time at home. This sometimes meant having to get rid of a few aesthetically pleasing designs just to opt for what was more functional and useful.

A few simple storage baskets in the bathroom, a cabinet in my room, and a pretty bookcase for my pile of books went a long way in making my home look more beautiful. Everything just fell into place right after.

Bonus Tip: Add More Life To Your Home

If you’re looking to make your home come to life, you need the art to be complete. Art adds elements to your home that make it feel unique to you, your interests and what you find beautiful.

And, thinking of what art design ideas best fit to fill my home, I personally find a custom metal art design at Creative Metal shop to choose from. You just have to pick what interests you most.

Wrapping Up

When I knew exactly what needs to be done and how to be prepared, the whole moving process felt smoother than ever.

The freedom I felt when I became a homeowner came with great responsibilities. Planning my finances and keeping track of what needs to be repaired or improved had to be essential in order for me to enjoy adulthood.

If you’re really taking serious steps towards owning a home, then hopefully these tips will be of great use to you!

Over to you

How did you turn your house into a home? Share your tips and experiences in the comments.


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  1. Hey Allen,

    A house provides shelter but a home is where you weather all of life’s little storms and revel in the sunshine.

    Most people desire good health and for most people, their home is the environment they are most often surrounded by.

    Everyone deserves to a live happy, healthy life and can start by creating a home environment optimal for health.

    Everyone creates space in their home as per their requirement but I like your ideas.

    Today, people wants a healthy life, but it starts from within – great idea to start from your home, making a room for yoga and exercises will be great.

    Eventually, thanks for exploring these informative ideas with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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