6 Latest Trends in Bathroom Design You Shouldn’t Miss

The bathroom is an important part of your house. With time, trends in the bathroom design change. Here are some popular bathroom design trends this year.
New trend of bathroom design with open spaces and wallpaper

The bathroom is an important part of your house that also increases its value. With time, the trends in the bathroom design change. While there are many trending concepts that you can incorporate, here are some of the most striking bathroom design trends for this New Year. ~ Ed.

With design-conscious minds taking over the world of interior design and décor, new trends are being rapidly introduced, some of which are here to stay.

Specific ideation on kitchen and bathroom design trends is sparking creativity in the year 2020.

Speaking of bathroom trends, new styles, materials, and elements have been introduced lately that are taking the design industry by storm.

Whether it’s renovating an old bathroom space or starting from scratch, interior designers are implementing one or more of these trends for a complete overhaul.

Read below to know more about these trending bathroom concepts if you’re curious.


Like the fashion trends, the bathroom design trends also change with time. Here are some that you can consider for your home renovations or new construction.

Decorative Wallpapers

Who said that wallpapers can only adorn the walls of your living room or bedroom?

Decorators now prefer statement wallpapers for bathrooms instead of paint to accentuate the entire look of the space. Paint is quite an old school now.

Depending on the décor theme of your bathroom, you can either choose wallpapers that are contrasting or carry bold patterns with floral or graphic prints.

Wallpapers haven’t been used in wet spaces like bathrooms until now due to their lack of durability and longevity on most surfaces. But modern techniques have resolved this issue.

Industrial Styled Fixtures

Decorators and homemakers are using exposed fixtures and plumbing to showcase a modern design theme. This robust and rustic look, if paired with monochrome wall and floor shades, or white marble, looks completely regal.

Exposed pipes portray an industrial look that makes your bathroom look utterly stylish and modern. The aesthetic is masculine and demands a heavier metal look.

Not only the fixtures, but the vanities and sinks can also be introduced in an industrial style. It’s actually not even trending this year; you would see a rise in demand for this style in the year 2020.

LED Shower Heads

Replace your normal showerhead with a trendy LED shower head to make showering a fun activity.

It is also used to check the water temperature without actually feeling it. In almost all showerhead designs, the blue color indicates cold water and a colorful display indicates varying degrees of warm water.

Design enthusiasts at Showering Center recommend choosing an LED shower head that functions on a generator instead of batteries, has a good build quality, and is affordable.

You also need to check the sturdiness of the showerhead in order to maintain its durability.

Not only are they easy to install, LED shower heads are easy to operate as well. They are also used to increase your house’s worth in case you’re planning to sell it.

Raw Finishes

Unpolished, raw and rustic surfaces are the new design statement that gives off a contemporary vibe.


Raw wooden surfaces were recently noted in a lot of design magazines. These are used for doors, cabinets, and shelves in bathrooms.

Darker shades in rough-sawn surfaces offer a stained style that looks completely natural and ideal for Scandinavian and Nordic interior décor themes.

To retain the natural texture, the look of the raw wood, you can also use porcelain tiles that look the same but are much cheaper and easy to install.

Open Space Design

Just like an open space kitchen or an island kitchen countertop, bathroom spaces are also included in this concept since 2019.

The main con to this concept is that it offers little privacy. If you live with your partner, this trend will be a hit. The open concept also allows more flexibility within the spaces and allows an easier organization.

To solve this problem of privacy, you can add a metal or glass barrier that blocks vision and some sound to an extent.

Marble Art

Marble is a timeless piece of stone that never fades and never goes wrong. It is more like art, amalgamating with the surroundings, it is placed in.

With gray and white colors being the popular choice in marble, this stone completely changes the look of the entire space. You can also choose more laid-back hues or add in a pop of color with the monochrome marble.

Choose among a wide range of Italian marble that offers various colors and textures. Consider covering the majority of your bathroom walls and floor with this stone.

Whether you’re aiming for a more traditional look or a modern aesthetic, marble stones work well with any kind of décor.

Wrapping Up

Other trending concepts include exposed concrete and the use of mosaic tiles to form art as highlights.

Smart toilets and tech-savvy bathrooms are also coming up, and their use probably would increase during the year 2020.

Pick one trend and incorporate it into your bathroom to give it a new look.

Over to you

What are your thoughts about these trends in bathroom design? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. I really like your blog, especially the idea of Decorative Wallpapers, as they can be fitted in every corner of the house. They give a very fresh look to your space. Very nice and informative article.

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