7 Ways to Feel Strong Postpartum

Being a mother is a blissful experience. However, after having your baby you may feel you’ve lost your sheen. But this is just a temporary passing phase and you can end up feeling like a new woman a lot quicker than you think.
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Being a mother is a blissful experience. However, after having your baby you may feel you’ve lost your sheen. But this is just a temporary passing phase and you can end up feeling like a new woman a lot quicker than you think. Here are some ways to bring your strong self back to life. ~ Ed.


After pushing out a baby, it’s easy to feel exhausted yet blissfully happy. On one hand, your new baby is finally here. You’ve been officially introduced to one of the newest loves of your life.

On the other hand, you feel like your body and brain have been taken over by aliens. The hormones are out of sorts and your bed is a foreign concept.

In the midst of this season, most mothers tend to feel delirious and zombie-like. The last thing on a new mother’s mind involves feeling strong again.

However, when you walk past a mirror and see your reflection, it can be discouraging to see dark under-eye circles, a few extra pounds and baby vomit all over your shirt.

Know that there are ways to bring your strong and sexy self back to life. Try these tips.


7 Ways to Feel Strong Postpartum

Getting back to your strong and sexy self is neither difficult nor impossible. Just try all or some of these ways and you’ll start feeling the positive change.

1. Nutritional Habits

Be intentional about your grocery list. Try to make a shift and consume healthy meals and snacks. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains will naturally make your body feel better and more energized.

Take one meal a day and replace it with a meal-replacement smoothie. Instead of snacking potato chips, enjoy air-popped popcorn. The caloric difference is significant, but the taste is still amazing.

If you want to speed the fat loss up you might decide to have liposuction or vaser liposuction. Luckily, the technology used today is revolutionary. Gentle body sculpting treatments won’t leave you with scars.

2. Well-fitting Clothing

Most women gain a few pounds during their pregnancies. Some gain more than others. As a result, many of the clothes in their closets don’t fit.

Don’t punish yourself by longingly staring at old pictures of your old body. Don’t torture yourself to fit into your old clothes. It took you over nine months to gain the weight. Give yourself time to lose it.

In the meantime, shop for clothes at your current size. Purchase clothes that will make you feel sexy, gorgeous and hot right now. Put on a Spanx and work with the body you’ve got.

3. Hairstyle

Sometimes, a new hairdo is the change a woman needs. Take a look at some of the hottest entertainers and look at the trending hairstyles.

Choose a cut and color that will add some pizzazz to your life. The ability to sit in a salon chair and let someone cater to you is enough for many women to feel strong again.

4. Water

Drink half of your body weight in ounces. If you currently weight 200 pounds, drink 100 ounces of water every day.

Water flushes out the toxins, helps the body thrive and allows you to remain hydrated.

5. Rest

Rest isn’t as frequent when you’re a mother in the post-partum season. However, it’s best to focus on getting quality rest when you can.

Sometimes, it’s worth it to hire a sitter to watch the baby while you get a few hours of sleep.

6. Makeup Routine, Manicures & Pedicures

Once you have the right products, it’s pretty easy to perfect a makeup routine that takes minutes to apply. You’d be surprised by what some under-eye concealer, mascara and a bright red lipstick can do to make you look effortlessly glamorous in the house.


While the husband is watching the baby, grab a cup of coffee and head over to the nail salon for a manicure and pedicure. It’s the perfect way to practice self-care. Plus, it’s a chance for you to get away and catch a breather.

7. Self-Acceptance

Don’t wish this postpartum season away. Sure, there are times when it’ll feel tough. However, cherish every moment with your baby and know that your strength is what got the baby here.

Strong is the new sexy so even on your worst day post-partum, accept yourself fully for who you are at the moment. Take it one step at a time. Be gentle with yourself as this is a challenging season filled with a range of emotions.

Know that you’re beautiful and you’re doing a noble and powerful work. Bringing life into the world is a superpower, but even superheroes need their rest.

8. Move a Little

I don’t think anyone will be expecting you to hit the gym, but it doesn’t mean you can’t move a little. Don’t make up excuses because you feel tired. Not only will exercising make you feel good about yourself, but it will also perk you up more than a double espresso.

Just wait until the endorphins are running through your body making you feel like a million bucks. Stand up and dance in your living room when your baby is lying down.

9. Book a Massage

A lovely massage will bring a smile to anybody’s face. When the masseuse is running her hands over your body the stress will begin to disappear within seconds. It will stay away for a lot longer than you think.

Even if you don’t have too much time a massage therapist will be able to visit your home.

10. Date Night At Home

You probably won’t want to leave your baby at home too often, but you can still go on date night. You’ll just need to arrange a special night in the comfort of your own home.

Don’t worry about how much your baby screams while you’re watching a movie. The important thing is spending quality time with your husband. It’s easy to feel like you’re not wanted after giving birth.

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Wrapping It Up

If you work hard, you’ll end up feeling like a new woman a lot quicker than you think.

You’ve just got to show enough grit to keep going. I think it’s important to point out a mistake some moms make once they reach their goal. It’s easy to start going in the opposite direction because you won’t have the same kind of desire.

Don’t let yourself yo-yo back and forth all the time. If you hate your appearance after slipping up, you’ll feel worse than you did straight after having your baby. You will no longer have a good excuse to make yourself feel better.

Over to You

I’m sure you’ve talked about this with some of your friends who have already given birth. Have they shared any fantastic tips with you? Hopefully, you’ll be able to share some of them with us today in the comments.


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  1. Good tips Andrej. These apply to any human being at any age wanting to feel good about themselves. Exercising for 1 hour daily and tossing in deep yin yoga for 1 hour daily too make me feel good because each keeps energy flowing. If energy flows you’re gonna feel amazing about yourself.

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