14 Practical Tips For a Healthier Lifestyle

If you want to be happy and healthy, then you must live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some practical tips for a healthier lifestyle and healthy living.
14 Practical Tips For a Healthier Lifestyle

Dealing with health problems is always a drag. The sad truth, however, is that many of us are our own worst enemy in this regard.

A lot of the health issues and problems that we encounter are the result of lifestyle decisions and choices we have made.

Good health is something that we should not take for granted. Living a healthier lifestyle is a goal that many people have, but it is also a goal that many of us fail to achieve.

Are you doing everything that contributes to healthy living?

We are inundated with fast food, pre-packaged food, and simply too much food.

Leisure time usually involves becoming a couch potato in front of larger and larger TVs with hundreds of channels.

We allow stress to dwell inside of us without finding healthy ways to relieve it.

Eventually, knowingly or unknowingly, we choose the path to an unhealthy life.

This article presents a few tips about how to make choices that will result in a healthier lifestyle. These are of utmost importance in the times when we are surrounding by unhealthy temptations in our daily lives.


Tips for Making Healthy Choices for a Better Lifestyle

Finding ways to improve your health involves making a self-conscious effort to think about your choices and habits. Here are some essential tips to guide you along the way to a healthier lifestyle.

Choose Healthier Snacks

Junk food and snacks are omnipresent in our culture. We are inundated with television and billboard ads telling us about the latest new snack.

Grocery store shelves are packed with colorful and snazzy eye-catching packages that make it difficult to pass them by.

As a consequence, many homes, workplaces, and other public areas are full of all sorts of snack items. Imagine going to the movies theater without a candy counter.

Replacing sugary and salty snacks with healthier snacks such as fruits and vegetables will make a big difference in your health.

Practical Tips

1. Keep a bowl of fruit nearby. Research shows that people tend to eat what is near at hand. Keep carrots and fruits accessible, and put the unhealthy choices away from temptation.

According to a 2012 study by St. Bonaventure University, people eat snacks that are closer at hand than ones that are farther away. Individuals in the study group ate apples rather than make the extra effort to acquire something unhealthier.

In other words, limit the amount of unhealthy snacks you keep in the home and put them in harder to reach places.

2. Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. Nutritionists and doctors recommend eating five portions of fruit a day.

A healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, research shows, helps to lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

3. Apples, cranberries, and prunes contain ursolic acid that helps your body produce protein. Protein is the key to building muscle and burning calories.



Exercise is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, exercise gets put on the back burner for many of us.

Maintaining a regular exercise schedule is not as complicated as many people think. To a large extent, it is a matter of making it a habit.

Practical Tips

1. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Walking is one of the healthiest types of exercise.

One of the most important things you can do during the day to stay healthy and in shape is to exercise. It helps to burn calories, reduce stress, and take in fresh air.

Make a conscious effort to walk wherever and whenever you can. Take a stroll through the park during your lunch hour, walk up stairs rather than take the elevator.

2. Find an activity that you enjoy. Some individuals love running as their primary form of exercise. Other individuals, on the other hand, do not enjoy running whatsoever.

The important thing is to find a few activities that you enjoy doing. It may be going to the gym, playing on a softball team, working in the garden, or working out with a video.

3. Make an effort to work out at least three to four times a week for at least 20 minutes a day. Find a time that fits your schedule.

For some people, the best time is in the morning before work, while others find working out after work a better fit.

Drink More Water

One of the easiest things to do to improve your health is to simply drink more water. Staying hydrated is essential to good health. Water helps us to stay more energetic and lethargic.

You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Fruits such as oranges, watermelon, and grapes are also good sources of water.

Practical Tips

1. Drink a glass of water as soon as you get up.

2. Add a lemon dice for a little extra flavor. This may make the water more appealing. Lemons also have health benefits. They help to remove toxins from the liver.

3. Drinking water helps us to feel full, and makes us less likely to consume unnecessary calories.

Get Away

Stress and tension, unfortunately, are very much a part of the contemporary lifestyle.

Trying to meet deadlines at work or school, making sure kids are happy and satisfied, dealing, with grumpy co-workers, neighbors, and in-laws can all take it toll after a while.

The stress and tension we encounter in daily life is riot only irritating; it is also very unhealthy as well. Stress can impair your immune system, and make you more susceptible to illness and disease.

A healthy lifestyle needs to find ways to relieve stress and tension.

1. Exercise is not only good for the body it is good for the mind as well.

2. The age of smartphones and computers is a blessing and a curse. Make a conscious effort to unplug from your electronic connection to the world at least one day every week or two. You will find the results refreshing and healthy.

3. Set aside time just for yourself. Relaxing with the family and kids is important, but many people need some alone time as well.

4. Explore different relaxation and meditation techniques. Yoga, meditation, and ancient practices that focus on the intimate connection between the body and the mind.

You do not have to be an acrobat to perform basic yoga exercises, and you do not have to dwell on top of a mountain to meditate.

5. Take a vacation. Vacations are a great way to physically and emotionally get away from the stress and tension of your ordinary life.

Vacations do not have to break the bank. Think about some of the places you would like to visit, and plan a trip that fits your budget.

Summing Up

To live a healthier lifestyle you need to adopt healthy food habits. The state of our health is in our hands and it depends a lot on our lifestyle.

Making healthy food choices, taking care of our body and mind, and keeping stress at bay can help you life a happy and healthy life.

Over to you –

What are your tips for a healthier lifestyle? Share in the comments.


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  1. Hey,Maggie Martin

    I love your style of writing indeed, please keep it up. I love my ideal lifestyle so much and i must tell you that I’m living a risk free and promising lifestyle indeed.

    Now, i don’t think it will be possible to have an universal lifestyle because you can’t live your life and live mine as well. We’re all created by one God, but we are guarded by different spirit.

    Therefore, we must all live our lifestyles based on what we think is good for us and is good for the people around us which will never be the same. We all view life in different perspective.

    Thanks for sharing dear.

  2. Hi Maggie, Great post. I have always advocated warm water therapy; it has zero calories, helps you stay hydrated and good for mild detox. Your tip on exercise especially walking is much appreciated. The word exercise puts people off so to make it look less of work I advocate walking as a way of staying away from the sedentary lifestyle. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks for your tips. I Drink More Water about 2l/day and try to drink in the morning. I’d love to eat fruit special banana, watermelon… But I don’t spend time doing exercise. I will try to do it in the near future 🙂

  4. I must confess, being an aspiring athlete, exercise, when done first thing in the morning, has great effects for the rest of the day, and allows you to sleep more peacefully as well. And I totally agree about the water, which is essential for healthy living. Thanks for posting

  5. Hi Harleena,

    Thanks for posting this article which has certainly raise my awareness on exercise. You are absolutely correct that exercise has too long been placed on the back burner. It is vital to exercise in order to keep our body in maximum condition.

    I really need to start exercising again and also be very consisting with it.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Hey Maggie,

    I never knew that water is that important for my organism. I will start consuming more water every day! Also, I will replace my current snacks with veggies and fruits. Wish me luck, please ! By the way, great article, as always!

  7. Hi Maggie. I definitely agree with convenience being a major factor in what snacks you eat. I’ve bought grapes twice this week and both times they only lasted about a day. The Oreos on top of the fridge, above our direct line of sight, lasted all week. Grapes taste better too, so that may have played a part too.

  8. Hey Maggie,

    Nice to meet you. All above tips are like a gold and diamonds. If we want to give a gift to our near ones then we should give tips like these. Because without better health we can not enjoy this beautiful world and tasty foods etc.

    Exercise is a good habit if we do not want any kind of health issues. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Yes, vacations are very important to bring a change in our monotonous life. I try to have at least 2 vacations every year. After all along with a good physical fitness, mental peace is also necessary to lead a peaceful and healthy life.

    Apart from this meditation and yoga can also do wonders to the body and mind.

    Good positive post, Maggie!

  10. Great tips. I would add that water should be pure, so use filtered or good quality bottled still water. If you are going to add lemon it should be organic so you do not add any toxic pesticide residue that can adhere to the skin.

  11. Hello,
    I am glad here to connect with You. I am the first time at here and very happy. You post such as an awesome article on the healthy lifestyle. I am also managing a health niche blog. So understand very well that what you want to say. By the way excellent post thanks a lot for sharing it.

  12. This is a great read, Maggie.
    Each morning I wake up, I will drink a huge glass of water.
    It makes me feel refresh and productive. 🙂

  13. Hi maggie, Life is so busy people stop thinking about their health and busy in earning money and other daily stuff. These tips are very helpful and one must follow to get good health…thanks for sharing

  14. Hi Maggie. I definitely agree with convenience being a major factor in what snacks you eat. I’ve bought grapes twice this week and both times they only lasted about a day. The Oreos on top of the fridge, above our direct line of sight, lasted all week. Grapes taste better too, so that may have played a part too.

  15. I try to walk but often times the weather is such that I cannot walk outside, so I have a few “walking” DVD’s to workout with inside. I actually have a variety of them so I can alternate because I like the changes. I hate straight water so I add a bit of lemon juice but I’m looking at making fruit infused waters so I drink more water. I do like your tips.

  16. Hey Maggie,

    In today’s world of business and work, people neglect about living a healthy life. Though it’s not their fault. The pressure is quite high.

    But still, people should try to manage their health by some simple tips. You have mentioned some helpful tips here. Drinking more water is the best idea.

    Junk food tends to the weight gain. It’s good to avoid them and go for fruits and vegetables.

    Glad to read the article.
    Have a great day.

  17. Hi Maggie,
    It is good to see your post on Harleena Mam’s Blog.
    Having a healthy lifestyle is important in this fuzzy lifestyle. It helps to control weight, boost energy, reduce stress and helps to fight from various diseases.
    We all have been so busy with our work that we don’t pay attention to those things which matter most in our life i.e. – health.
    What is the benefit of earning $ Million dollar, If you are fighting with disease. We are in the rat race where we want to be first; on the way of being first we forget many things that may trouble us ahead.
    You cannot beat your friend in wealth, relationships, Car or Property but still you can beat him in fitness. Being fit will give you immense pleasure and satisfaction that you cannot get in other field.

    It was wonderful to read your post on healthy lifestyle. Your tips are amazing to follow.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    With regards,

  18. Hi Maggie, Hi Harleena,

    These are very doable tips. I’ll admit I haven’t been watching what I eat and my exercise went from four days to one day a week.

    Thanks for reminding me to get back on track. 🙂

    Passing this along to share with others.


  19. We all need reminders of Practical, Healthy Lifestyle choices, but more importantly articles like this set the framework for us.

    Establishing do-able, small, daily goals or habits will go a long way. It is sensible and smart to set yourself up for success over failure with smart strategy such as (1) having healthy snacks nearby.

    (3) Drinking more water is always a good health choice. It is better to ‘crowd out’ sodas then to use your energies and willpower to ‘cut them out’ — so just choose to drink more water and naturally the unhealthy choices are minimized.

    (4) Getting away is something we do not do enough each day. By MAKING time for ourselves to reflect, replenish & relax, it enables us to better server others, including those we love the most.

    Stress is our enemy. It does not go away on its own, but builds up; therefore, a daily effort to meditate, do yoga, exercise, or read positive material is essential to cut stress before the ‘stress overload’ hits you.

    For me, I like mindfulness via biofeedback, journal writing & reading of affirmations along with positive quotes each day. The total time is 30 minutes or less, but the lifetime of benefits are boundless.

    Thanks for a good framework to add to my daily healthy routines. It is always good to have an expert mind share what works as we build what we can do into our days to get what we all want: energy, productivity, peace and stress free living.

  20. Appreciate sharing of the information which is very useful.
    My practical experience….which I have followed for years……Half an brisk walk for 25 days in a month .
    Eat everything God has created but eat in moderation…If anything which edible has been created by God …How else can one explain seasonal veggies…..Dont bring work stress at home….Switch off when you leave place of work……
    Have a regular and happy sex life….
    Stay Healthy..

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