What Moves You

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What Moves You

What moves you and forces you out of bed in the morning- inspiring you to become a better you, a better friend, a better lover, or a better parent?

What is it that inspires you and keeps you MOVING?

What moves you and makes that place in your heart shine with a warm light that sometimes feels unbearable?

What fills you with the immediate knowing of magic, possibility, and God?

When your heart feels this way take good notes, as you might discover what in life is calling you!

 “The best ideas must move you before they can move someone else. And so you must begin at your core. Find that thing that causes a lump in your throat and moves you deeply—then work from there.”-Blaine Hogan (Untitled, Thoughts on the Creative Process)

I love this quote that is a call to inspire, a reminder to not go numb, instead to passionately create.

What at the end of the day touches your heart and refreshes you? Is it an object, a song, a quote, a memory, an action?

Or is it a good tune to start your day, a good read, a good movie, a sunny Sunday, a good walk, communicating with your loved one? What moves you to have that moment of inner peace, where you are able to connect to yourself?

Do what moves you and keep moving.” This simple statement inspires me and helps me remain focused on what will make me happy.

However, when I am moved, I am also able to help others (“do what moves them”) and get a sense of happiness that few ever experience.

Once you are able to empower yourself to accomplish what makes you happy, automatically the people around you are influenced and want to achieve the same.

Thus, when you make yourself a better person, you care about making those around you better.

I personally feel that what touches, inspires, or moves us is usually what we need to create more in our life. Connecting to what moves us on a daily basis helps bring meaning, purpose, and fulfillment into each passing day.

Your choices are yours alone and you need to follow what moves you. It causes a ripple effect in our energy field, generating the energy in others.

We are trained to think that we need to fit a traditional mold or follow a certain model in order to get a job, to make money, to get hired, to be successful.

We focus mainly on trying to fit others’ expectations that we hide our true colors, the ideas, and dreams that make us stand out and move us.

We fail to recognize that it’s exactly those unique things that make us who we are. They are what make people want to connect with us, like us, and work with us.

For me, I get moved by the smallest of things and though it is tough to mention all of them here- so just naming a few:

  • A tender look.
  • A gentle touch.
  • A loving smile.
  • A soft-caring heart.
  • Unexpected kindness.
  • Sharing quality family time and togetherness.
  • My mother’s memories.
  • My father’s care and love.
  • My husband’s undivided time, love, and attention.
  • My daughter turning back from her school just to wish me for my birthday.
  • My kids offering to cook up a meal and set me free.
  • My pet’s expressive eyes.
  • A pleasant surprise that gives you happiness.
  • A kind, generous, compassionate, caring, loving heart.
  • Simplicity and honesty of people.
  • Friends who take you for what you are.
  • And of course my writing and work!

At times there are other issues that move me like-

  • Poverty and seeing so many children and families living in hardships.
  • Animal cruelty where animals are neglected, ill-treated, or abandoned.
  • Environmental issues like the eco-system and global warming.
  • Places where women are still not treated well or at par with men.
  • Grief and problems of others undergoing hardships, pain, and traumas.

What moves you may be different from what moves me, but the philosophy behind it and the dedication to being your true self and living your best life, is the same.

Figure out how to share a part of yourself with the world, and go for it. Those that matter will love you for it. So, what moves you?


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  1. Tammy N Marshall

    2014-05-30 at 12:38 am

    Its so easy to get stuck in a habitual rut were you are just going through the motions, but I’ve learned the hard way that you have to thrive to survive. Its not enough to do your best; you must also tap into your values, your desires, your needs and your talents.

    One thing that moves me is writing. In most conversations my main objective was to listen and so I tried to talk only when invited to. Writing has reconnected me to my voice and my self-confidence. I’m a little rusty but it feel great expression yourself, especially now with the help of social media to make connections to people who appreciate your words.

    I like the topics you write about and honest approach. I think it puts people at ease and ready to open up, even if its only to themselves.

  2. Karen Hoyt

    2013-09-23 at 4:08 am


    Being moved by life is what keeps my passion alive. I’m fortunate to work in a job that moves me every single day. Watching my students become lifelong learners causes me to race to my job on most days! The gleam in a kiddos eye when they understand a concept is awesome. Having my hubby walk me to my car every day makes my heart just melt.

    There are times when I have to look for what moves me. I really try to be aware each moment of the day. When I sense distress physically, spiritually, or mentally – I stop and listen in order to reconnect with my passion for living.

    Your blogs are great because they always cause a moment’s reflection. Thank you for that!
    xo Karen:)

    • Harleena Singh

      2013-09-23 at 7:37 am

      Hi Karen,

      Glad you could relate so well this post 🙂

      Yes indeed, if your job becomes your passion as you love it so much, it does move you. I guess just to see your students become better by the day must be making you so proud.

      Hubby walk you to the car sounds so nice – you are indeed very lucky! I think if we sit and think about what moves us, we do find the answers because there is always something that does, doesn’t it? Every small thing matters I’d say.

      Thank you for saying that, and it’s when friend’s like you inspire and motivate me, that I’m able to carry on my path. I appreciate you 🙂

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What Moves You

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